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Forum members in the South East to chat to one and other, recommend good butchers, charcoal suppliers even BBQ Restaurants.
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  2. Welcome, Justin normally posts about charcoal deals along with others. In Devon last year found an artisan local charcoal which I really liked for fast cooks so stocked up with 10 bags. For low & slow cooks use a mixture of coconut briquettes, weber briquettes & artisan charcoal in approx equal measure. Have access to oak for smoke. I experimented & noted down what we liked & what we didn't like. If you're in TWells,7oaks, East Grinstead area local charcoal available at Nick the Butcher in Hartfield.
  3. Hello All , nice to meet you all btw I just wanna know , whats price for coconut shell charcoal briquettes for BBQ ? just make it sure charcoal that I Bought was not over-price
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  5. Use a decent butcher in Nick the Butcher, Hartfield East Sussex, Winnie the Pooh country
  6. I was hoping to maybe see some Southeast members coming to the Spring tailgate this year but we do have a good crowd of of enthusiastic people from the Anglia contingent. There is still time to some along . The event is next weekend. Message me if you fancy joining in cooking drinking eating whatever you will be welcome,
  7. All this is organised for your benefit so if you are in the South East region and you have not let me know, please do. please try, in 2020 I may organise it in south Essex or Kent and alternate to make travel more balanced. but it really is not that far compared to the other tailgates that are organised. Come enjoy the chat drinks and food. It will be fun and relaxing time out form our busy lifestyle. The gazebos and prep tables will all be provided and there may be a few its come first served BBQs for anyone that needs one to try out and most definitely the ability to share some cooking too, Do as much or as little as you wish.
  8. Yeah I hear you .im talking to a few people I know about it . Always up for quality over . Should be able to hang stuff in pit barrel
  9. Nice, We will have to work out how many people will be there, If is 9 or 10 peeps as it is now (ex the various family members that might turn up. If we can get a firm grip on numbers then we can cook accordingly..., cooking loads is a bit of a waste. If that is the case then quality over quantity. That is why I am trying to get more people. It will take off nearer the time i think
  10. That is cool. I need get some more to do some more smoked fish as i have given quite a lot of the salmon i have did last week away as gifts and do not have much left for ourselves
  11. There is a Sainsbury’s and Aldi in Sudbury 8 min drive from the site
  12. All, we have good representation of Anglia at this event but not east. Please consider coming along to this event which is being organised for this group as well. thank you.
  13. Please do consider coming to this event . The venue really is tip top and is being set up for your benefit too. Any questions then please ask and we will answer and assure you on the amount of fun it is.

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