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  1. Iceman fed up with the other one Bees, sheep, goats, polly tunnels, but no Distillin' and I really don't smoke in the Winter. I roast Coffee ,make a lot of Rum and Vodka etc and try to get nursey's knicks down Ha Ha!!
  2. Sorry Mick I drunk all the dark stuff
  3. You have been talking to Mash to much and he is the only man I have met who can peel an Orange in his pocket, with Boxing Gloves on in 30 seconds flat.😁
  4. In a word sotv MONEY which equals power in our crooked society. Horseracing is not a Sport, you can't just do it like you can Golf. It's Money and criminals and money laundering etc. They call it a Sport because you have to pay tax on a sport. If Darts was classed as a past time a certain Mr Taylor would be owed millions in back tax, so it's a sport.
  5. The problem is Ice, noone is drinking enough strong Alcohol to kill these blasted germs off.
  6. Oh been reading and thinkin', bad for someone in my mental state. Going to buy a Masterbuilt 650 smoke/sear. Just waiting for the Winter Sales.❄️
  7. I don't mine it ,But thought you could go into Kentucky Chicken for free. Or is this the posh one Ice, where they give you a knife and fork? Or in my case a Shovel and pusher!!
  8. Thas just makin' me hungry Wade. Nice one
  9. Yummmmie just love them there ribs boys!!
  10. Well makes sense cause you can't save that charcoal, its a gonna. It was great fun and feeding 50 people and well for£1 each was great value.
  11. It all started in the pub about 4 weeks ago. My bro was 55 last Saturday. Music ,lights, a band booze and food. Ok should only be 10 people, in honesty there were a few more!!! What food?? Pulled Pork and Sausages and burgers on the grill. Well can we talk about Pork Butts?? Costcos sell them about 2kg a piece boned and trimmed £8. So bought 4 and at 6 on Saturday morning lit the WSM, minion method 9kg head beads, water pan full and after 25 mins added 4 butts in deep foil trays and 3 fist sized oak chunks. Great smoking under a canopy rain falling adjusted vents
  12. In actual fact it was Date and nana with a schmursh of Maple Syrup. Goes down well with a smoked pulled pork wrap with secret BBq sauce, but that is another story.
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