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  1. I eventually managed to get myself a small Pro Q Ranger a couple of months back, and I've done a few cooks on it now. It's pretty perfect for a midweek barbecue for the family as it's nice and small, and doesn't require a massive amount of coals to cook for 6 or so hours. I've learnt that it doesn't hold enough coals to cook for much longer than 6 hours and keep a consistent temperature. Having done a couple of chickens and some ribs previously, I fancied doing something a bit different, and so I picked up some beef cheeks from the butchers at the weekend. It was a pretty simple co
  2. With the sun starting to shine a bit more, I've been dreaming about all the different barbecues that I want to buy. Two of which have really caught my eye, one a more realistic purchase than the other, are the Kamado Joe Kettle Joe and the Pellet Joe. I don't own a kettle, and have been eyeing up the Weber Master Touch series. I might still go that way because I want a rotisserie, but I do love anything Kamado. At £550 it also seems like a lot of money for a kettle, but just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or experience with kettles and this beauty. Similarly, the P
  3. I haven't done it that much but I did do ribs and a chicken on my WSM. Yes the ribs dripped a bit onto the chicken, but I figure that's just like a natural basting with extra delicious flavour, so not something that I was going to worry about. I guess if that's a concern, then you'd have to avoid having one piece of meat over the top of another one. That sounds like as good a reason as any to buy more barbecues...
  4. I cook at around 225F all the time on my bullet smokers, because that's smoking temperature. I don't own a kettle, but I guess if you're just trying to cook a chicken at "roasting" temperatures, then 325 - 350 is probably about roasting temperature. I did a spatchcock chicken in the week in my ProQ smoker, and it was fabulous, but it did take 3 1/2 hours, and got a nice smokey flavour. I used a rub called Feather Duster that I bought from Angus and Oink and it was incredible, had some really nice sweetness and spice in it. Definite winner for the future.
  5. I've also just watched this video which is good. I like this guy and watch a lot of his videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxMUiA5UCQM
  6. Stupid question perhaps, but what do you use something like this for? What it their niche? And second question, are these in-store only?
  7. Brown sugar, honey and agave sweetener topped off with peach mango juice! Is he making candied ribs? He also seems to be cooking ribs in the oven, so that immediately invalidates everything he might say 😄
  8. I've always put the wood on the top, mainly because I don't put it on right away. I figure if it's going to take my smoker 30 - 45 minutes to get up to temperature before I put the food on, I'm not going to chuck the wood on and have it smoking way with no food in there.
  9. https://www.bbqgourmet.co.uk/product/bbq-gourmet-peach-butchers-paper-750mm-x-50m/ This is a UK site. It's near enough the same length, but it's 750mm wide as opposed to 18" (450mm). And you can get a cool ass dispenser for it: https://www.bbqgourmet.co.uk/product/bbq-gourmet-30-butchers-peach-paper-dispenser/
  10. My parents live in Sidcup and I've driven past that place loads but never stopped to go in. Looks good though!
  11. I've seen people wrap in foil, and I've seen people wrap in paper. Foil is obviously best if you're going to add some sort of liquid, and I've occasionally added apple juice to the packet when I'm doing ribs. I don't have any butchers paper, so I've never used it, and you're not supposed to use waxed paper like baking parchment. I presume that has the benefit of being slightly porous, but I have no idea. I saw a video from Aaron Franklin where he did 3 briskets, one wrapped in paper, one wrapped in foil, and one unwrapped, and there were different results. This is the f
  12. The limitation of kettles seems to be that you can't raise the height of the coals if you want them closer to the cooking grate for some extra cooking. I do however have my eye on a Weber Master Touch because I want to get a rotisserie ring for it. I used to have one of these Landmann offset smokers - https://landmann.com/uk/product/kentucky-smoker-charcoal-barbecue/ It did me good for a few years. Plenty of space for some direct and indirect cooking, you can adjust the height of the coals (although it was quite rudimentary), and you can use the offset smoker to add a b
  13. A friend of mine had something like this - https://direct.asda.com/george/outdoor-garden/charcoal-bbqs/uniflame-classic-82cm-american-charcoal-grill/050077748,default,pd.html?cgid=D33M03G01C01 I think if you're only going to be using it for direct only, then it probably doesn't make too much difference. The cheaper models will have thinner steel and poorer seals, so won't be good for holding temperature for long cooks. You can certainly improve some of that insulation around the lid with some tape, but if you're just grilling up some chicken and burgers, then I think you can pick p
  14. I asked this same question in a different thread, and this was the answer I got there.
  15. There were 60 bids, so clearly more than one idiot.
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