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  1. Smokin Monkey

    Gravity Feed Smoker Plans

    The exhaust diameter and height I will measure tomorrow and post up.
  2. Smokin Monkey

    Hi there

    Hi Diggerg, welcome to the Forum, finally got you signed up!
  3. Smokin Monkey

    New members

    Checked registrations and can not see his registration?
  4. Smokin Monkey

    New members

    ? Not sure why this is happening! @Wade any ideas. If he lets us have his email,address, we can set the account up then he can change his password.
  5. Smokin Monkey


    Great information Graham
  6. Smokin Monkey

    Have you considered becoming a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge

    This will definitely sell.
  7. Smokin Monkey

    Have you considered becoming a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge

    That’s a shame Justin, but there will be another chance, you may not get the chance to do the road trip again.
  8. Smokin Monkey

    Bbq pan

    Never looked in TKmaxx, to be honest do not go shopping that often!
  9. Smokin Monkey

    Just started a Stilton.

    Looks like it’s going to be a Strong Flavour!
  10. Smokin Monkey


    Yes, can not see why it would not smoke successfully. Homemade Mozzarella Ice, wounds good to me!
  11. Smokin Monkey

    Evenin' all...

    Welcome to the Forum Sheena. You have certainly come to the correct place for everything Smoked, cold smoked or hot smoked. Most folk on here cure and smoke their own Bacon, Salmon etc. I enjoy designing and building a lot of my own equipment.
  12. Smokin Monkey


    Hi Martyn, @Wade will be able to answer this question.
  13. Smokin Monkey

    Nuts Hot or Cold Smoked?

    That’s funny, the light rain was fine! (Only joking) 😁
  14. Smokin Monkey


    One again, welcome to the Forum Ryan.
  15. Smokin Monkey

    Not Smoked For Awhile

    Not Smoked anything for some time now, so the wife is away Christmas shopping, (my Meater + is already here!) So last night while warming the Table Top Gravity Feed Smoker I popped some ribs in for Tea. 23.00 in went a Pork Collar from Bookers, rubbed with this, Picked this up while in Tenerife, mixture of Granulated Garlic, Paprika Flakes, Oregano, Ground Cumin, Sweet Paprika and Thyme. Hit the IT of 88’C at 10.00 this morning. It is so juicy and falling apart. Wrapped in foil and resting in a nice towel in the Cool Box.