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  1. Yeah, same here not sure why. @Wade ?
  2. Should of put an IPad on the door
  3. Smokin Monkey

    Beef cheeks

    They look great. Got some in the freezer I must get around to cooking.
  4. Well said @Mick 👍like an old married couple, if one says it’s Black the other would swear it’s White.
  5. There you go Fella, The side door for the ash/air in is 50mm but I would shorten the charcoal chute slightly and have a bigger door as it is difficult getting ash tray in and out.
  6. Unfortunately Swimbo has put her foot down, no smoke food at Christmas unless it’s Salmon! One problem, I can not stand the smell of Salmon, raw or cooked and even worse if I ate it it’s like I am having an Heart Attack!!! Oh and another point, got the 94 year old in-laws coming for Christmas dinner, and the most exotic thing they eat Pigs in Blankets!
  7. I did say to Wade, we would need to get a good butcher that could supply Steaks that are uniformed. If they are good we could look at them.
  8. ******Basic Rules****** We will issue a full list of rules nearer the time. WoodSmoke 20 will provide all the ribeye steaks for the event in order to create a level playing field. Steak may be cooked on any fire or heat source. Cooks may only enter one entry. No other ribeye steaks other than the ones provided are to be present at cook sites. Steaks should be cooked Medium (warm pink center). Steaks may be lightly trimmed before, but not after cooking. Steaks may not be marked or branded in any way. (Grill marks are not considered marking). Turn in one steak, whole and uncut. No sauce or garnish is allowed in the steak turn in box. A compound butter is allowed, as long as it is melted on the steak. There are no size standards for the seasonings on the steak. Pooling of natural juices in the box is acceptable. Steaks are judged on Appearance, Doneness, Taste, Texture and Overall Impression. Tie breaker: Taste, Doneness, Texture, Appearance, and Overall Impression. Reasons for DQ in steak: Any foreign object found in the turn in box. (String, Toothpick, Skewer, etc.) Ribeye steaks other than the ones provided. A marked steak. Steak turned in after the turn in window has expired.
  9. ******NEWS FLASH****** How would folks attending WoodSmoke 20 like a bit of a competition? Yes a competition at a WoodSmoke event! STEAK OFF 20 Everyone wishing to enter is given a Steak (Ribeye) and it will be blind judged on taste. There will be a small fee to enter to cover the cost of the meat. This will take place on the Saturday dinner time, 12.30.
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