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  1. Got a Rabbit in the freezer, if food gets desperate, might have to do a Cassoulet! 🐇🐇🐇
  2. It was a dig at anyone! I know you and Rosie, are tucked up nice a safe!
  3. Smokin Monkey

    Whole belly

    That looks amazing!!! As everyone knows who attend BBQ/Tailgate Weekends, Belly Pork is my Favorite meat to cook!
  4. Sounds like you Guys are having some fun and games with these pellet Smokers, not really what you want with a new Toy!
  5. Hi Steve, hope you are feeling better. Just looked at the Echozoom, it’s identical to the Petromax, so search for that. The Joy Stove is very versatile, it comes with a grilling rack and the pot rings which can be removed for larger pots. Another thing you get with it, is what looks like a Vortex ring, but it’s sides are parallel instead of sloped. This is a Charcoal saver, so if you only using a small pot there’s no need to fill the whole stove. Temperature control 🤔 there is temperature control via sliding inner ring that covers the airways, but it’s not that good. A good handful of Lump wood burns for about 30 minutes, but that’s only a guess. If you look at the picture of the stove, the square section at the bottom of the picture is a handle, one each side, but these open so you can add charcoal, without moving the grate. You can also buy a Oven Top for the Stove to make it totally versatile. Just cooked some Curry Sauce on mine 👳🏽‍♂️
  6. The only real portable Pellet Smoker is the GMG Davy Crockett.
  7. They look great Nick 👍
  8. Smokin Monkey


    Hi Li-T, once again welcome to the Forum. You are in Australia?
  9. Chicken looks great, nice colour, super juicy, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.
  10. I have had a dry cough for 3 weeks now, since returning from France. No other symptoms.
  11. I have never used on of these. A picture of what’s in the fire box and temperature might help people figure this out.
  12. Yes, Anglia 100% off I would say, Midland 90% off, National 50-50 best bet Northern?
  13. Smokin Monkey

    St Louis ribs

    3-2-1 is only a guide. If they are not meaty ribs you will have to alter the times.
  14. Those look great Justin, thanks for sharing! Stay Safe
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