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  1. Any pellets would work in the Uuni, even the heating pellets, as you are not looking for smoke only heat.
  2. Smokin Monkey


    Will be watching this one 👀 👀 👅💦
  3. Hi Justin, do you want me to move this and all threads below to a new thread? Or if you make a new thread I can move them over?
  4. How are you cooking the Hot Cross Buns? Low & Slow? 🤣 🤣 🤣
  5. Hi Redbeck, once again welcome to the Forum. There is a calculation for this, Faldons. Has Ice has said, difficult to to weld Cast Iron. One idea is to use the Chimney port as the feed?
  6. Not good advertising one size, then supplying a smaller unit. Absolutely appalled at the cheap trick they tried to pull on the website. You should of told them that you was going to post this on a UK BBQ Forum to alert others to their practice.
  7. Could we come along to Billing this year to show off our smokers and over 20 natural woodchips for smoking and if so, how do we do it, we have a promo horse box catering trailer from which we cook wonders.


    trailer 1.jpg

  8. Looks like Ice has got you sorted on this one.
  9. No, did not go with any Chilli, but you can add some.
  10. As all ways, a very in depth and easy to understand explanation by @Wade 👍
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