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  1. Disaster! Also be careful when cleaning your grills with wire brushes, seen the bristles come off on the grill, then get stuck on to food on the next cook.
  2. Hi Sam, once again welcome to the Forum. Your cooks looks great. Ask as many questions you like, someone on here will be able to answer them.
  3. Interested in the Cumbrian Tatty Pot, what’s the recipe? My family originate from Cumbria.
  4. I will get some cards and put names on them of members who have generously donate prizes.
  5. Will have to ask Joyce how much we changed last time. And for my two penneth worth, lets raise funds to put towards the running of the Forum
  6. A raffle will be ok. We are not running the national lottery! There will be no Raffle posters, no suppliers advertising apart from packaging. People will only be asked to buy a ticket who visit the cooking area and show an interest.
  7. Hi John, I am not aware of any competitions in Scotland, could be wrong. Could always have a look on KCBS Website
  8. I’ve got a Jumbuck 57cm BBQ still boxed, (a little battered) I will put that in. @Mack do you do gift vouchers, would be happy to give £20.00 on a voucher. I have a small Pork Loin we could cure for Bacon and let someone who is interested take it home. I wonder if we could get a signed book from Marcus? All Ideas.
  9. I am not sure what variety this is, bought it from a local plant store for 99p.
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