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  1. Ice, did you buy the Pork Loin with the rind on, I bought it the last time I was in and it was fantastic when cooked, with the crispy rind!
  2. I really liked the Wagyu Burgers from Aldi.
  3. @Justin, if you do not want to remove the Daisy Wheel, then try @Wademethod, small stainless steel bowl with adaptor Wades Method.
  4. Hi Mike, thanks for posting this offer up, great to see you back on the Forum.
  5. That’s the same with the GMG, bellowing smoke on start up, my neighbour always complained when I started mine.
  6. Hi Ele, welcome to the Forum.
  7. There’s been a big increase with members purchasing Pellet Smokers on the Forum. I purchased a GMG Jim Bowie with the Stainless Steel Lid (non-Wi-fi) in August 2014. Used it regular for the first 2 years, then the novelty dropped off, this including some technical issues. Had problems with temperature control etc, igniter tube burning out, and some other problems I can’t remember! Been cleaning the BBQ Shack out today, and looked across at the GMG under its cover as it’s been for the last 6 years! And thought, let’s give it a go. Removed the cover and it looks pr
  8. Many years back, I looked at one of these as my first smoker, was soon put off buy the cost of the “Pucks” Another great tip is cut, some aluminum discs the same size as the Pucks, and put them into the chute, at the estimated time you want to finish your cook, these way you will save at least 2 Pucks per cook.
  9. @Wadewould be the best person to answer this question.
  10. 180’F seems low to me, the important temperature is the IT (Internal Temperature) Also what is your method of cooking, in terms of time, 3-2-1 method. What type of ribs are you cooking? Supermarket ribs, Butchers Ribs or Bookers Ribs, trying to gauge how thick they are.
  11. Hi Lambo, once again, welcome to the Forum. Its nice having some more “Northerns” in the forum! Its a shame but we should of be holding the Northern Tailgate mid September, but due to current situation, it’s not looking like it’s going ahead!
  12. Yes the rake is set at what looks like 45’ and there is also a rake to clean the racks.
  13. Always happens at the wrong time, but look on the bright side, could of broken down after you had stocked it, then you may of lost everything. The BBQ Gods where looking down on you!
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