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  1. Tom @Bbq life uk is your man for Aldi Kamado and much more!
  2. Smokin Monkey


    Just had to share this video from a good friend of mine from South Africa. Just watch it to see how he cures Pork Belly for Pancetta!
  3. Least expensive cut of meat, I would go Spatchcock Chicken or Chicken Quarters. You will be eager to try it out, and eager to taste the food, this way it’s cheap and a relatively quick cook.
  4. Take your time in getting to know the temperature controls.
  5. Hi Tommy, welcome to the Forum!
  6. Welcome to the Forum soidogz! Always love a good build!
  7. So, a little bit of light at the end of the Tunnel! As it stands at the moment, gatherings outdoors can be attended by up to 30 people, so who’s up for the 1st Midland Tailgate?
  8. So today is the “Big Announcement” from Boris! From the leaks in the press, it could be a very slow release to normal life! I would certainly be up for some type of “Informal” gathering! I did have an Email back in January from The National Watersports Centre @ Nottingham, they still rolling over last years booking for me.
  9. Jill has gone on a Diet, so “Apparently” I have to go on a Diet as well!
  10. Smokin Monkey


    Haha, these are very similar to the Cypriot Grill. Are you looking at a manual turning type, or going fully automatic? There is a great automatic one, El Charro that a good friend of mine uses, but think they are only available in the USA🇺🇸
  11. That’s correct @Wade only took it to 67’C they blow torch out side to give a bit of char!
  12. Hi Viva, welcome to the Forum, where abouts in Derbyshire are you?
  13. Hi Scotty, welcome to the Forum. unless they are huge chunks, I would leave them as they are.
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