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  1. That takes half the fun out of getting some new gear if the other half agrees to it!
  2. The Piggy Bank has taken another hit!
  3. Could ask @Chriss to cut you one.
  4. Smokin Monkey


    That looks amazing.
  5. Smokin Monkey


    I have done a Corned Beef, Pastrami is one step further.
  6. I have the Costco Pit Boss from a couple of years ago. Great bit of kit!
  7. Looks great, and a 9 hour cook under your belt!
  8. If the chip is small and can be sealed I would take the risk. The reason I say seal it is, if it gets moisture into the Pot, then it freezes, the moisture will expand as it forms ice and could crack the Kamado.
  9. Me and my Shadow Motorhome, will be bringing Fridge Trailer, Tables, Gazebos etc. Might have a new toy to play with, give Lee a run for his money, oh and that bloke, Scott who tags along with him! Will put a spread sheet together so we know who is attending.
  10. Hi Drew, once again welcome to the Forum. @Wade is your man for Hot and Cold Smoked Fish.
  11. Just like to Thank @Justin & @Raptor72 for organising this weekends 1st Anglia Tailgate Weekend. We had a blast, good company and great food. At this event, there was only @Justin and myself who had attended such an event in the past, all other attendees where first timers. I think that I could speak for them and say they fully enjoyed it, even though it was a little damp at time, and dropped a bit cold at night, but the log burners kept us warm. If you could not make this event or thought you would not fit in, be sure to look In The Smoking & BBQ Weekend for forthcoming events. 👍 🍺 🍖 ⛺
  12. Hi Liam, once again welcome to the Forum and the Army of Kamado Cooks.
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