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  1. Ok, carrying on from what now seems to be a bit of a tradition, Belly Pork, but Chinese Siu Yuk Crispy Belly Pork?
  2. Growing Up? Did not realise you had
  3. Yes it is solid Stainless Steel under the firebricks, and its 700mm x 450mm so pretty much the same. They have several models available.
  4. Hi @Diggerg, i have the BBQ Mates version, I do like the idea of the Rôtisserie over the Fire Box, got me thinking now!
  5. I have made several “Fun” bbqs from gas cylinders, but never a offset. Are you looking to do a reverse flow? As I think you might be tight for space. Are you looking to use a smaller cylinder for the fire box? You will need to use a calculator suggest as Feldons to get the correct size fire box to main chamber size, stack size etc.
  6. ? It should be open to all. Take a screen shot and send it to me by PM.
  7. No, just go with mild steel. Season it with a coating of veg oil, burn in. It will not rust.
  8. Yes use mild steel for the interior, I thought Stainless would be easier to keep clean, but it was a nightmare fitting as it expanded and twisted with the heat from welding.
  9. I have the plans, but I am away at the moment, but if I can find them easy I will send them to you. If you use the search tool at the top of the page, type in Gravity Feed, and there is post from me and @Diggerg who has just built one.
  10. I have the plans for a larger unit, but I scaled it down to make the Table Top version. I can let you have the plans for the larger unit, and let you have the dimensions for the table top unit?
  11. Welcome to the Forum Floridaboy. Used to own a Hog Roast company!
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