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  1. This is my One Pan Breakfast Skillet cooked in a Wood Fired Oven, using Cast Iron.
  2. Any feedback on the Masterbuilt range of Pellet Smokers, would be appreciated! Friend from Australia wants to buy a Pellet Smoker for her son here in the UK, so looking for advise. Any good suppliers? Discount Codes?
  3. Sadly not Justin, tried to organise something but no interest! Think we will leave it to the 2022 Season! 👍 Hopefully we can get a full program running for next year, with lots of new members attending! Looks like you had fun & Smoke On The Waters!
  4. Yes folks, let’s start thinking about separate threads for Aldi Kamado cooks etc.
  5. It’s at Quite Waters Farm I think it’s sold out anyway, think they are rolling 2020 tickets over.
  6. These are the plans, I will also send them to you in a PM, the measurements are in Inches as it is American!
  7. Hi Deano, I have the plans for the full size version as well.
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