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  1. That’s one of the main reasons we have had to cancel the National BBQ Weekend, as the site will not be opening Toilets and Washing facilities.
  2. @Justin the season could be a total wipeout ☹️☹️☹️
  3. Mick, how much would you say this makes? Was it two foil dishes?
  4. Once again welcome to the Forum @Walt I think everyone will tell you to go as big as possible. Not much difference in running costs, but allows you to cook larger cuts of meat.
  5. Smokin Monkey

    Race Day Pork

    Don’t mind a Brioche Bun, if it’s toasted! Also great for making Bread & Butter Pudding if a few days old!
  6. Hi Chef Kevin, welcome to the Forum!
  7. Should of added mine all folds down to make it Portable. It’s made from two fire bowls.
  8. I made mine so I could attach a variety of “Tools” Rotisserie, Grill, Asado Rack, Plancha
  9. This is one I use at Tailgates. The ratchet lock is very basic, flat bar pointed at one end to fit into the cog, then pivoted on a bolt, leave the handle long then the weight pulls the lever down engaging the point, if that makes sense?
  10. Just measured mine, and yes it’s about 10’ 👍
  11. A covered are to Q is a great place to have!
  12. So we took the decision to cancel this event. I had a telephone call from the site this morning (first day back at work for them) they informed me that the event would have to be cancelled due to no facilities available, and we would not be able to conform with the Government’s COVID rules.
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