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  1. Everdure’s answer to the big green egg, It really is a cool bit of kit! It’s new to the market this year, it’s been an exclusive to John Lewis for the last few months. But as of Monday it is available to all stockists! Annoyingly I was too excited by it all that I didn’t get any of my own photos!
  2. Ice, exactly! I guess if you cook as soon as you get there and are there for quite a while then it’d be great but for a quick sit and bite to eat then a gas equivalent would probably be better! It'd be great for camping and caravaning though!
  3. First cook today! Salt n pepper steak with peppers! (A couple of the peppers ended up dirty cooked) And desert! Bacon wrapped bananas! the only problem I can see myself having is If we’re down the beach or on a walk, cooling the cube down in time to pack away and seems like a pain in the bum! Or a long old wait!
  4. No Heston he was meant to be there last year but had a car crash a few days before! Brilliant day though! Very basic cooking, but some great information to take back to the store. Lots of people think that it’s just a name, but the fat duck group and chefs are brilliant and have all worked on the range to ensure they do exactly what they’re meant to! They all vigorously test them months in advance of them hitting shelves. The 4K is one to watch! I thought it was just a smoker but actually it’s a rival to the big green eggs and kamado joes! The vent system is simple and easy to use, just one on he body and one on the Lid. the built in digital thermometer has 2 fixed internal probes and then 4 to be used at grill level or in food. All hooks up to the Everdure app. And eventually will work like the Weber app where you can upload recipes and it will track the cook according to the recipe. Out of the box it includes a pizza stone, warming rack, charcoal tings, half moon griddle and cover. So you don’t really need to spend more on extra accessories. AND!!!! I won a cube bbq!!!
  5. Morning all! Im headed to an Everdure event this afternoon at the crown in bray! Therell be loads of pictures later, And i’ll Finally be able to get hands on with a 4K! Been excited about this one for a while now!
  6. I’ve always used Weber, but may try the heatbeads next week to see how they are!
  7. The range have heatbeads in at £6.99 for 2kg, seemed expensive in the shop but actually it’s about inline with amazon prices
  8. Thank you guys! I'm going to try and get hold of some fresh chilli's from the Father in law this weekend and hopefully get some smoked next week! I had planned on doing that today but time got away from me! Just another couple of "Bacon cake's" for me today!
  9. Thanks for the info! And welcome to the forum! I was hoping smoking may cut out the drying process, as a dehydrator is just 1 more bit of kit added to the never ending list of smoking gadgets haha! Do you think they would need to be dried if we were to use them for infusing?
  10. My father in law is a bee keeper and keen gardener, has started infusing his honey with his home grown chillies, the first attempt was a little hot! I want to infuse his honey with smoked chipotle chillies and then turn that into a bbq sauce do you hot smoke chillies or cold smoke them?
  11. definitely money well spent! Got it working on a pork shoulder for tonight’s dinner! All seems to be going well!
  12. James Hocking


    Looks like https://www.wowbbq.co.uk/ are having a bit of a sale on the website! 8kg Briquettes for £11. Considering Webers usually pretty non-existent margins! there are a few good prices on here!
  13. Received mine Saturday! Will testing it out tomorrow! Very excited!!
  14. Hi guys I’m not sure if this type of thing is ok BUT! I’ll just let you know, for anyone in or around Surrey, Squires Garden centre’s have just started their pre-season sale, so it’s 15% off all bbqs, until the 3rd March, so if anyone is in the market at the moment then it might be worth a look!
  15. Hi! Welcome to the forum! Im new around here too and actually started with the same question as you did! And here’s what I got from everyone here summarised! What I I would suggest Is read through all of @Wade‘s reviews for the cool4all/callow original smoker so you’ve got an idea of what you’re going for! with your £200 definitely go for the callow cook4all, buy it from their website “garden gift shop” that way you’ll get the most up to date version and there is a 10% voucher code “smoke10” (this was due to Wade’s work in making the smoker better)! and then grab yourself a good quality probe thermometer going for at least 2 probes! Inkbird is a good place to look! If if you’re just starting out and aren’t sure if smoking is for you then spending less on gear is better! You can always upgrade in the future! Ive done 2 cooks on my callow and have fallen in love with it! I know I will upgrade eventually as i’ll Want a larger cooking area but for now, I’m just experimenting with things and seeing how it works!
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