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  1. James Hocking

    Inkbird IBT-4XS Review Part 1

    "It's quite good" I love that! Nice one on the review, are there probe thermometers Ink Bird or not, that can take more heat than these?
  2. James Hocking

    New Member East Mids

    Welcome! There’s loads of help on here for choosing the right bit of kit! Everyone is happy to answer your your questions too! Have you got anything in mind at the moment? Any recipes you would want to try out?
  3. James Hocking

    Birthday bacon cake!

    I held a little birthday smoke/bbq shindig over the weekend for friends to come over and try out some smoked food! Quite a few don’t attend too many bbqs so, I thought I’d try something easy but not necessarily inside the box! So, I created the Birthday bacon cake! Now... I know it is called other names (bacon explosion, sausage roll etc.) but, this is my name for it! When I do it again it’ll just be “BBQ bacon cake” or similar! So! Bacon weave wrapped around sausage meat with mozzarella, cheddar and an Italian tomato sauce (Italian herbs mixed with passata) it went down an absolute treat! And cooked well above a beer can chicken in my little callow! it was a pretty windy day on sunday! AND! just as I was getting the charcoal ready for the kettle bbq (skewers and burgers) the skies opened up with hail! It didn’t stop us though and we even found a solution to the wind! This is an old ikea coffee table that I couldn’t flog at a car boot last year! Food was well received and I’m really starting to love smoking! It’s been a while since I’ve had a hobby to get myself outside and away from screens/away from the daily grind. I really feel I’m on to something here! Here’s the finished product!
  4. James Hocking

    sussex woodsman

    Welcome Steve!
  5. James Hocking

    Lamb on a Kadai

    If you’re going to cook lamb like Marcus, you’ll want a still day or have the kadai sheltered, standard grilling would be fine, just like a Weber at a lower level. The tripods are pretty good, once they’ve got a hold on the bowl it takes some pulling to release them! Although as I’ve found with a couple of display models, because you may have to bend the Teeth to get them to fit the bowl!
  6. James Hocking

    Lamb on a Kadai

    I don’t own a Kadai but I do have them in my bbq range at work! They’ve grown in popularity and are really cool bits of kit, either as just a fire pit or for versatile outdoor cooking and there’s LOADS of accessories for the tripod! If if you’ve got any questions give me a shout!
  7. James Hocking

    Spatchcock Chicken Cooked On Argentinian Grill

    Great video! I’m think of doing something a similar thing when I’m a bit more comfortable with my Cooks! your shelter set up looks awesome!
  8. James Hocking

    First attempt at a brisket...

    I'm going to work my way up to a brisket but i will be interested to see how you get on! Good Luck Neil!
  9. James Hocking

    Beer can chicken

    So I got it all fired up using the minion method, with all vents open, took it up to 120 then closed vents to a screwdrivers width (didn’t have a pencil to hand) there’s the cook, any drops are opening to put chicken in or to check chicken temp as I only have 1 probe with my igrill mini!
  10. James Hocking

    Beer can chicken

    Thank you for the clarification wade! I ended up using water and I’m glad I did, because the chicken is super moist! Even with the water I struggled keeping temperatures down, most of the cook was at around 130C and that was with all bottom vents clothes and top vents part closed!
  11. James Hocking

    Beer can chicken

    That’ll be the plan for next time, whilst I was applying it I had the the thought but just wanted to get on with the cook! Having a a few people over next weekend and we’re going to try a bacon explosion!
  12. James Hocking

    Beer can chicken

    Pre-cook, do you need to score the meat when using this sort of rub/marinade? The tandoori flavour is fairly non existent! But the beer and hickory smoke may just be over powering! All done and tasting great! I’ll need to invest in a dual probe thermometer though, I had to use my singular probe for ambient and meat. That’ll teach me for not researching things before hand! I think the inkbird 30% deal will be a winner!
  13. James Hocking

    Beer can chicken

    So I’m going to try a beer can chicken today, it’s pretty cold out today so would it be best to avoid putting water in the smoker today? Ive got the smoker in an alcove so hopefully it will keep the heat protected Or or do I try get up to temp with water and if no luck remove the water? Im going to use a variation of one of @Smokin Monkey‘s recipes with some natural yoghurt and tandoori rub we picked up from Aldi a while ago!
  14. James Hocking

    News Letters

    Recipe of the month/quarter and that could tie in with seasonality! Maybe a tips and tricks section?
  15. James Hocking

    Whisky ribs

    2:2:1 is that cooking stages in hours?