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  1. Had to wrap it after about 6 hours to finish it on time but I think it turned out well! Tasted great, probably could have done with another 30 mins in the foil to get it really tender - some pics below
  2. ProQFrontier

    Bone marrow

    I’ve got some beef bone marrow shafts to put in smoker whilst the short ribs cook tomorrow - anyone cooked marrow in a smoker before and have any tips? Was thinking just a bit of salt and pepper and hopefully only take an hour or so? Just want it to spread on a bit of bread. cheers
  3. I’ve trimmed them up, rubbed a bit of frenchies mustard in and then salt and pepper ready for the morning
  4. Look good mate! Nice dark crust as well - just out of interest, what temp did you cook these at? Was it also 275?
  5. Thanks will do that too if I am doing whole cook unwrapped, just need to figure out how to keep the Pro Q steady at 275f!
  6. These look superb mate, that’s the sort of bark i would like on them. I won’t wrap them then! I see both of you cooked at higher temp, around 135c, as opposed to my 110c, might have to leave the water pan dry to get to that temp as usually around 110 with full water pan. sounds like I might be up a wee bit earlier than anticipated on Sunday morning
  7. 12 hours! What internal temperature did you cook to? I wonder why they took twice as long as the ones I did (was cooking at 110c)? thanks for this, was about to spend 30 quid on 2.5kg From turner and George!
  8. Going to have a second try at some beef short ribs this weekend (a rack of 4 as opposed to the two singles I did last time). I was happy with them last time apart from the “bark” was not particular dark or “bark like”. Videos and photos I’ve seen seem to have a completely black relatively thick crust. I have attached a photo from last time - method was roughly 3-4 hours unwrapped followed by 2 hours wrapped with some beef stock added in the foil until I reached temperature. Any tips on getting a darker/thicker crust would be very welcome. Thanks!
  9. Thanks - good to hear. Hopefully a 5 ish kg bit will fit when I have enough people to feed.
  10. ProQFrontier


  11. Noted on the chuck roast - that’s worth a go. Cheers!
  12. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction (pardon the pun). 7kg that is a monster! I think maybe I should try the point or a flat first rather than the full thing. Although that’s a good idea to split them and cook on each level, still worry the flat might be too long for frontier but I guess you can always trim up as necessary. itching to try a brisket of some sort - 7kg of meat might be excessive for 2 of us tho haha, need a post lockdown bbq desperately. How did your point come out @sotv?
  13. Hi all Might be a daft question but what are the rough dimensions of a full packer brisket? Aware usually 5-6kg, just wondering on size and whether it’ll fit on a Pro Q Frontier? Thanks in advance!!
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