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  1. Wade

    Cost of postage from USA

    So, let me get this straight... when we need something that is not actually made by anyone in the UK, all we have to do is let you know and you will arrange to have it manufactured here for us??
  2. Wade

    Dry Age Bags...

    The dry ageing process for steaks is different to the dry curing process used in things like Bresaola and salamis. It is a process where the meat is allowed to begin to break itself down (autolyse) in a controlled way in order to provide a greater depth of flavour. Yes eventually, if taken too far, the meat will get to a point where it will be described as having "gone off".
  3. Wade

    Cost of postage from USA

    The biggest problem with price from items shipped from the USA is that the UK Customs and Excise are now much stricter in applying the import duty on small items than they used to be. If the item is over £135 in value including postage (and the weaker pound recently has meant that US items are more expensive) then you will have to pay import duty - which is usually 2.5%. If the value of the item is greater than £18 then you will also have to pay VAT on top of the import duty - which is usually 20%. On top of this the company importing the goods into the UK can add a handling charge for dealing with the customs payments. With Royal Mail this charge is £8. So you see, all these put the costs right up. After Brexit we may also face similar levels of duty and charges when buying things from Europe too.
  4. Wade

    New Member

    Hi David and welcome to the forum The Weber Kettle is one of the most versatile all-round smokers that you can start with. It will hold steady temperatures foe long periods of time and id great for grilling, hot roasting, hot smoking and cold smoking. I have had a play with the Weber Summit but the price has been the barrier to me owning one so far. The Smokenator came a little too late for me as I had already developed my techniques for low-and-slow in the Kettle, though I have used one and it worked well. Do you have any photos of it in action? As you will have already discovered the quality of the meat plays a big part in the end result. Will you be getting your brisket from a local producer/butcher. Have you had thoughts of how you are going to prepare it? A whole brisket is A LOT of meat. Let me know if you need someone to help you eat it once it is smoked 😀. As you will have seen, we have some very keen Sous Viders here and it will be great to hear what you have cooked so far. Don't forget - it is not only what has turned out well but it is also good to hear about the things that have not. Learning from others bad experiences is just as important.
  5. That short delay will not be a problem
  6. Wade


    10:20am here and it is just getting light... You are doing nothing wrong. This is the natural colour of the fish lateral line. It is fine to eat, however I remove it for aesthetic reasons when I package it for selling.
  7. Wade

    Dry Age Bags...

    Mould spores are in the air all around us and need very little nutrient to grow on. It will grow at room temperature quite readily and will even grow (much more slowly) at fridge temperatures. There were either some juices that were left on the surface of the bag during the preparation process or some of the juices from inside have found their way through the bag at that point. The bags are semi-permeable and so are designed to let water out.
  8. Wade


    I would leave this one unsmoked and smoke your next one
  9. Wade


    Typically you will smoke the meat almost as soon as it has finished curing. Once cured though the shelf life counter will begin to tick. With the cooler temperatures this time of year (<8 C) you can happily smoke for 24+ hours in one go. When the weather warms up then you are best to smoke overnight when it is cooler and refrigerate during the day. This can be done over 3 or 4 nights
  10. Wade


  11. Wade

    Cold Smoke

    Don't forger that it does not have to look "smoked" to be smoked. Some commercial smoked cheese use paprika to give it colour. The smoked cheese I sell does not have any colour at all apart from the natural cheese colour.
  12. Wade

    Cold Smoke

    Don't be to hard on yourself about that... We have all done it a some point
  13. Wade

    Has it spoiled?

    The different muscles will take up water to differing degree and also will have differing amounts of myoglobin. Often the waterlogged muscle (from the brine released by the salt) combined with the watered down red colour, that is produced when Nitrite reacts with the myoglobin, makes the muscles look a washed out brown colour.