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  1. Billy

    Quick question Wade. I have a cold smoke cabinet the same size as yours and have 2 x 200w frost heaters ready to install. Where is the best place to site the inkbird probe within the cabinet.

  2. There are so many different recipes for air drying and cold smoking duck. Unfortunately most of them result in an a product that is so salty that, even in thin slices, I find it unpalatable. The one in your link uses relatively little salt. I have not tried this recipe however I would be worried that the molasses would detract from the flavour of the duck itself. Also, from experience, you will notice little or no difference between using PDV salt against standard cooking salt. PDV salt is used mostly for things like seawater aquariums or salt purified pools and hot tubs - where other trace qu
  3. I have a 700 Litre stainless steel freezer that would make a great cold smoker. It is almost identical to the one that I converted and use as my commercial cold smoker. It has been a trusty freezer for some time but has been treated well and some of the original white shipping surface protection hasn't even been removed yet. I don't want anything for it but if you want it you will have to come and collect it. Cheers Wade
  4. Have replied to your question here Cheers Wade
  5. Hi Agatha and welcome to the forum Often the choice of smoker is down to an individual and, with regards to the end product, either of the ones that you mention will produce great BBQ. The main difference is often the skill of the person doing the BBQing (meat preparation, rub selection, coking times etc). Both of these brands are widely used at professional BBQ competitions, however so is the ProQ Excel. Often a competition team will have more than one brand of smoker running at the same time. WSMs and ProQs in adjacent stands at BBQ competition The Bristol Drum, ProQ an
  6. Yes it is a very capable entry level smoker. I have used several of them over the last couple of years for BBQ training courses. The temperature management is good and they are good for both hot and cold smoking. The only limitation is the size of the cooking racks. They size is fine for brisket, pulled pork, chicken etc. however you will need to cut a full rack if meaty ribs in half or cook them as a coil on edge. This is not a problem, merely an inconvenience. They are more than big enough to smoke the meat for a good size meal for a family and friends.
  7. Wade

    Alreet all

    Kielbasa is a good sausage to start with. Lots of variations of the recipe to choose from and straightforward to make. Tastes great too.
  8. Hi Edward and welcome to the forum. The ProQ smoker us an excellent place to start. It is versatile and easy to use. Before you use it for the first time look through the site for "Minion" to find out more about how best to control the temperature and you will be set to go. If you still have any credit available from the Bank of SWMBO you might see it would also stretch to a twin probe digital thermometer... she will enjoy the food you cook even more in the knowledge that you have all the equipment you need 😎
  9. It looks good and I am sure it will do a great job. The first couple of times you use it I would pop a couple of digital thermometer probes in (one at the top and the other at the bottom) to see what kind of temperature gradient you are getting with the smoke generator lit. The small ProQ maze smoker creates less heat than the Amazon pellet generator however it can cause a confined space to warm up quite quickly. The thin walls of the smoke chamber will hopefully dissipate this effectively. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it 👍
  10. Wade

    Alreet all

    Welcome to the forum Sean 👍
  11. That sounds good. 70 F (21 C) is the perfect temperature for cold smoking salmon. 75 F (24 C) is at the top end. Make sure you have a good air flow through the smoke chamber too. The smoking process is all about removing the water from the fish and this is done by passing warm air (including smoke) over the fish to dehydrate it.
  12. You do not need to use a lot of the cure. For a single side of salmon just make a mix if 250g salt and 250g sugar and mix well. Wash the salmon fillet and allow to drain dry for a few minutes. Cover both sides of the salmon with the mix and then lift it up and shake gently. What remains on the salmon surfaces is sufficient. Dont forget to place it on a wire rack in the fridge to cure to allow the brine produced to drain away. This prevents the final salmon from becoming too salty.
  13. Leave it in the fridge for 24 hours then rinse it off well. Wrap it back in film or vac pac and it can stay in the fridge for another 24 hours or so before smoking.
  14. Yes, they were relocated to a brand new building as part of the London Olympics construction. I used to go to college in that area 40 years ago and it was an area you did not want to walk around alone at night. What a transformation... it is a lovely area now. I learned my smoking and slicing from Daren - here he is being challenged to a salmon slicing contest by Gordon Ramsey
  15. Wade


    It is always good to start the day with a smile 😃
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