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  1. There are two things that you need to do to stop this Chill the bacon slab before you slice Make the thickness of the slice a little thicker - increase the thickness by 1/2 a point until it no longer produces any "tails". It goes without saying that you need to ensure the blade is sharp
  2. Easy to do and they taste even better if you have caught them yourself
  3. They look great 👍 You mentioned that you bought it to dabble with some cold smoking. Don't forget that you can cold smoke in the WSM too.
  4. The bark will not usually cause a problem. The general rule of thumb is that if it pulls off easily then discard it - if not then leave it on.
  5. Hi Kevin - This is a fairly new brand of bullet smoker to hit the UK market. It is very similar to the ProQ Frontier/Elite and All advice on using these will also be appropriate for the Fornetto. If you are new to smoking then I congratulate you on selecting a bullet smoker as these are very easy to use and are the type of smoker that are used widely in competition BBQ. The first think to remember is that you need to control the heat of the coals in the fire basket right from the beginning. Unlike a BBQ grill (where you start off with a chimney full of hot coals) for the bullet smokers you place mainly unlit charcoal/briquettes in the fire basket and only 9 or 10 fully lit ones in the centre. Keep the top vents open at all times. Open the bottom vents fully. Monitor the temperature until it reaches about 2/3 of where you need it to be and then start to close down the bottom vents. As the temperature approaches the desired temperature close down the bottom vents further until it stabilises where you need it. It is likely that the bottom vents will end up ALMOST completely closed - but they should not be closed completely. The charcoal/briquettes will then continue to burn slowly generating just enough heat to keep the smoker at the required temperature. One load of good quality briquettes in the fire basket is likely to last 8+ hours. Use the temperature gauge in the lid as a guide only - they are notoriously inaccurate. It would be worth you investing in a twin probe digital BBQ thermometer - they are not expensive. While you are getting used to the temperature control, start by smoking something inexpensive and forgiving. A chicken or a pack of sausages are great - or if you feel more adventurous a rack of meaty ribs. Great to have you on the Forum and don't forget - we like will love to see your photos
  6. Where did you see that Justin? The top air vents look different and so do the hinges. Also the bottom legs.
  7. They are very similar yes though there are subtle differences. I guess it is tough to design a bullet smoker that would look much different. The Napoleon 300 and the ProQ Excel are similar sizes and there is only about £15 pounds difference in the RRP so it will all come down to the build quality. From the video it looks as if the quality of the Napoleon is quite good but you can only tell after having used it for a while. The ProQ Excel does have reinforced legs, which the AS300 does not. It is probably a case of you pay your money and make your choice...
  8. What are you trying to cook? Are you wanting low-and slow or more of a smoke roast? Or maybe you are grilling. Unfortunately the Tennessee is really designed for grilling (what the Americans call "broiling") however by ensuring that the ash tray has a good seal and really closing the vent down you should be able to get some temperature control. You have not said how many coals you are using and how fast they are burning, however I get the idea that they are burning much faster than you are expecting. In the Tennessee for the coals to be burning that fast the heat can only be going upwards into the cooking chamber. What was the temperature in your cooking chamber? If you find that even with the vents almost closed the coals are still racing away, try using some high temperature silicone grease under the air vent and/or sealing part of the air vent completely with aluminium tape. The important think is to get that air flow over the coals as controllable as possible.
  9. Wade


    I get most of my spices from them too. I have always found them to be good.
  10. Wade

    Hi from Colchester

    Hi Deano and welcome. Yes, many start with offsets and the lower end models can take a lot of mods. Once you have mastered the vertical smoker you will realise just how much additional time and effort the offsets are. With the Fornetto you should find the temperature in the cooking chamber much more even and easier to maintain. Cheers, Wade
  11. Well it seems that people are back out fishing in force. This is my third batch of Trout from local farmers since the self-isolation rules were relaxed
  12. I am in the no-foil camp - but I am not expecting to cook food in my water pan.
  13. Wade

    BBQ Seasoning

    Yep - No point seasoning repeatedly. The initial season is mostly done to burn off any manufacturing residue.
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