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  1. I have several new gadgets donated by Callow that I can bring And some Oregano and Thyme smoking pellets
  2. You would need to offer cash (as well as trophies) to attract some of the best known teams. And you would need to choose your weekend carefully so that id did not clash with another European BBQ competition - see the KCBS web site for 2020 competition dates. Many teams book up a year in advance. It is certainly do-able, but you have a better chance of success if it does not clash with an existing, already established, event.
  3. We have suggested this in previous years but have never quite got our act together to actually do it... Would anyone be interested in any demonstrations (watching or giving) for the Saturday. We could even open these up to others on the campsite. The ones I could suggest are: Home made smoked salmon Home bacon curing Smoking nuts Preparing a fatty (sausage bomb) I am happy to do any/all of the above but am happy is someone else is keen too Any other suggestions/volunteers for demos? Just remember that the Saturday can be quite hectic for people preparing their meats (I extend this to the whole week before in Justin's case 😀 ) so don't feel pressurised. If we don't feel that there is sufficient interest then we can spend more time drinking beer . Also - thoughts on possibly holding a raffle for Charity? Maybe the "let us cover some of the costs of running the Forum" charity... Seriously, We have held a raffle before when one of our fellow Forum administrator's (from SMF) wife died of cancer. All the money we raised went to Cancer Research. We could look to do something similar for another charity this year. Again, no pressure - just a suggestion. If we were to do this then donated prizes would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I will be bringing some Christmas spiced Gammon which I will roast. It will go well with the Madera Glaze gammon
  5. Excellent. The concepts are simple but the results are amazing
  6. I will be bringing a couple of spare smokers. There will be space for you - dependant on the size of the pan of course ...
  7. Wade

    pork shoulder prep

    I agree. I always trim off the skin as it acts as a barrier to any rub that you apply. Leave the fat on though as it cooks as it will kelp to keep the meat moist but discard any large lumps of fat as you pull it.
  8. Be careful if you are going to inject. Too much injected marinade can often turn it into a pastrami rather than a brisket and it can also end up giving an "ammonia" edge to the flavour. Personally I prefer just using a rub or just salt and pepper and then vac packing it overnight. Your proposed timings will be fine but please take note of what I said above. A little injection goes a long way.
  9. While it is still hot, wrap it in foil and then some old towels before placing it in the cool box. It collagen will continue to break down during this period.
  10. As well as rain the other things that can affect the temperature are wind and (would you believe it...) the sun Try to position your smoker in a sheltered spot as a wind will quickly cause the temperature to drop. Also if you start your smoker in the shade and the sun moves round so that it puts the smoker in full sun, you can see the internal temperature increase by as much as 20 C.
  11. I use both offset and bullet smokers and to be honest the offset smokers designed for home use are more style than substance. As has been mentioned above they usually need some tweaks out of the box, they tend to be harder to maintain a steady temperature over long periods and there is usually a significant heat gradient within the cooking chamber. The large catering size offsets are a different matter - but would almost certainly be too large for you. I am a KCBS BBQ judge and so attend many BBQ cooking events. The smokers that you will see there in abundance are the bullet smokers and you will almost never see a small offset. The ProQ and Weber Smoky Mountain are probably the most versatile smokers that you can buy and they come in a couple of sizes. From what you describe the ProQ Frontier Elite is the best size for you - however it does cost ~£300. The WSMs are even more expensive - but you are paying for the Weber name. Another option is the Callow Premium Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grill. This is an entry level smoker at ~£100 but it cooks well and is very controllable. It can be a little limiting on space though when cooking for larger groups. The main advantage of a bullet smoker is its versatility. It can be used to hot roast, hot smoke, cold smoke and grill. A good combination for any home BBQ is a bullet smoker for the Low and slow and a kettle BBQ for grilling.
  12. Wade

    Probe test.

    Just dont let them touch the bottom of the pan during the test - but I am sure you know that
  13. I had some while I was working in the US a few years ago - they are apparently a staple woodsman meat. The US squirrels are quite a bit bigger than the ones we have over here though. It tasted like... not quite chicken and not quite rabbit. It tasted fine.
  14. Wade

    Smoke Bacon started

    The additional shelf life is mainly down to the lower water content in the Dry Cure bacon. When you use an immersion cure the meat will actually take on an additional 10-12% water which is not lost during the smoking.
  15. Don't worry about slight leaks - they add to the wow-effect when the neighbours look over the fence It wont be so long as you use your cure calculator correctly ☠️
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