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  1. Restricting the air flow to the smoke generator is a delicate balance and I have found that it isn't generally necessary. If you try to restruct the air to extend the burn then it is much more likely that the burn will go out before it is complete - especially as the air cools overnight. Providing a charge of dust/pellets lasts for at least 8 hours then that will be sufficient to get you through the night. You can then reload it in the morning if necessary.
  2. They come in different sizes so make sure you order the large ones.
  3. Sorry guys but I will not be able to make this one 😞
  4. The Skoo arrived yesterday and it looks to be a very reasonable tube smoke generator. It comes with a cleaning brush and a hook to pick it up with when it is hot. Its size is almost identical to the A-maze-n 12" tube smokers It also holds the same weight of pellets as the 12" A-maze-n tube smoker so I would expect it to produce smoke for the same amount of time under identical conditions One advantage it does have over the A-maze-n is that it it is hexagonal and so will be less prone to roll in the smoker/grill For £16 it looks to be good value - sig
  5. Hi Mark and welcome to the forum. The combination of a grill and a smoker will give you what you need to feed family and friends
  6. I can get 6 x 10Kg bags of pellets in each box - 4 standing upright and 2 laying flat on the top They also stack well. Excuse the project wood laying on the top - that will soon be turned into garden planters for SWMBO
  7. Yes it has a bottom with holes in it. On the first picture you can see them either side of the tube smoke generator. In the third picture they are obscured by the water pan which is sitting on a couple of bricks inside the incinerator. The water pan is only needed if the smoke chamber is getting too warm - not usually a problem this time of year. The maze/spiral smoker creates less heat than the tube smoker so it will be fine inside the incinerator. Depending on the type of incinerator it could have holes at the top and down the sides too. Look at the different types and look for ones wi
  8. You will almost certainly have the mark 3 (the latest). The way to tell is by looking at the fire basket- if it has wire rods as its base it is a mark 3. If it is pressed steel with punched holes then it will be a mark 1 or 2. The redesign of the fire basket was one of the main design changes for the mark 3.
  9. I use these from B&Q. The pellets stay outside in them all year round and the pellets are fine. Keep the pellets in their plastic bags in the boxes and wrap down the necks of the bags if they have been opened. Weatherproof, stackable and only £16.50 each https://www.diy.com/departments/form-skyda-heavy-duty-black-149l-plastic-nestable-storage-trunk/3663602763505_BQ.prd
  10. I think that during one of the forum software updates they changed the way that the photos were stored. I am sorry that some of the old photos are no longer available but it is something that is out of our control. If you have any in particular you are interested in then we can try to upload them again (or similar). Or we can restart a new thread.
  11. You will almost certainly have the mark 3 - as the mark 2 has not been imported for at least the last 2 years. The easiest way to check is with the fire basket. If the fire basket has a thick wire/rod bottom then it is a mark 3. The marks 1 and 2 had a pressed steel fire basket with punched holes in the bottom.
  12. I have just come across a Skoo Pellet tube smoke generator that I hadn't seen before that is similar to the original Amazn tube smokers. Has anyone already used one? At £16 is must be worth a try so I have one on order and it should be delivered today. I will let you know how it compares. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07SRC1ZYZ
  13. You do not want to slow the air flow over the meat too much as that is likely to end up with the heavier tars from the smoke condensing on the surface of the meat, making it bitter. If you need more space at a budget price why not increase your capacity with an incinerator smoker. They are cheap and are very effective. Tube generator inside the incinerator - but this could be a maze generator. Canes are slid through top holes to support the hanging meat or a wire BBQ rack. Any unnecessary hole are covered with aluminium tape. If you need to run the smoker a little cooler t
  14. With some premium brands the minumum sale price is often determined by the manufacturer as part of their trade contract. I recall this being so ridged that even Weber UK themselves (at their training courses) were not permitted to sell to the public at less than full RRP. With the less restricted brands I think the markup is often down to the overheads of operating the company. A larger company has to make a minimum %age to cover all their costs, whereas a small one-person-band operating from home through an E-bay shop can afford to make only a small profit and hope that they do not have
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