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  1. Hi Aaron and welcome to the forum. The Everdure looks like an amazing piece of kit - with a price tag to match. What have you cooked on it so far?
  2. Great photos - looks good. Made my mouth water looking at them
  3. It is good to learn the temperature control on your specific smoker using an inexpensive forgiving meat like chicken. Pork shoulder and ribs are good too - though pork shoulder will take quite a lot longer to cook. Have you got yourself a twin probe digital thermometer, as this will be important as you progress. They are not expensive and will tell you the temperature information you need without having to lift the lid. "If you are looking you are not cooking". If cooking the chicken do not try to cook it too low and slow. I find that about 140 C is good for chicken, whereas you are
  4. Hi Mo. The bullet smoker is the way to go as it is very versatile and is easy to control. It won't completely replace the kettle BBQ as sometimes we need to grill too. You can use the bullet smoker as a grill but it is not designed for doing that. Have you looked at the types of bullet smokers available? What will your price range be? Most professional BBQ competition teams use bullet smokers for their cooks. You would not regret getting one 👍
  5. I needed a new Themapen as I cracked the cover on one of mine over Christmas. I now have a couple of these on on order. Thanks for letting us know 👍
  6. The type of sealer that you need will really depend on what you will be using it for - not just the food to be packed but also where it is going. There are two main types of vacuum packer - (1) Side suck and (2) chamber The side suck vacuum packer is the most common type that is used at home as it is inexpensive and small. Its main drawback is that to use it you need the more expensive textured vacuum bags. These are readily available though and if you are not expecting to do a lot of packing then these usually work out more cost effective. These are typically around £40-£80 At the l
  7. Looking good so far. When are you expecting it to have its first run?
  8. That looks really good. Lovely colour and it had cooked well. How was the flavour?
  9. Hi Martin and welcome to the forum. Are you looking to hot smoke or cold smoke - or both. What have you tried so far and what else do you fancy trying? you mentioned that you have modified one BBQ into a smoker and are currently building a new wooden one. What have you done and what are you doing? We love to see what ideas othersmokers have - we love to see new ideas and are never too old to learn from others. 👍👍
  10. Transglutaminase (or "Meat Glue") is a common ingredient in processed foods. It allows manufacturers to take smaller off-cut pieces of meat that would probably be wasted and re-form them into larger, more practical size joints. It is also used to create novel combinations of meat. If you have eaten any of the deli-counter, perfectly round, sliced ham, or the pre-packed squares of sliced ham then they almost certainly contains meat glue. It is not only confined to gluing together meat. It can glue most foods that contain sufficient quantities of glutamine and lysine. What It's Used For
  11. It can be a challenge trying to fill your days during the pandemic lockdown, however if you are looking for something different to try and are at a loss as to what to do with all that "meat glue" that you have left in your fridge, then I have the perfect thing for you - High Tec Mushroom Burgers. The base recipe for these came from a chefs forum that I can highly recommend - www.chefsteps.com. Take 1.5 Kg of mushrooms (I used a tray of Portobello mushrooms from Bookers), clean thoroughly and bake in an oven for 20 minutes at 190 C. After roasting, the mushrooms will begin to shrivel
  12. The Callow is good for cold smoking too. The cold smoke generator that works well with it is the ProQ sawdust cold smoke generator https://blackboxbbq.co.uk/products/proq-cold-smoking-generator It produces little heat and sufficient smoke for the size of the smoker.
  13. If you have not included a twin probe digital thermometer in your Christmas list you may want to add it to your New Year's wish list. All of the low-and-slow cooking relies on good temperature control and so a thermometer is essential. One that you can check at a distance makes it easier. If you already have one that is great. If not let us know and we can suggest some tried and tested inexpensive ones for you.
  14. Hi Rob - Welcome to the forum. It is great that you have decided to start on your smoking journey and and we will give you all the help we can. It is fun to cook for the family but I know some chefs also use their smokers to create some distinctive touches for their menus. Do you know what you will be wanting to try smoking first?
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