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  1. Put it up on fbook as well mate
  2. Raptor72

    Hi there

    It was quite good this year . Big event I’d love to enter a team for competition there my old band members were in the status quo tribute band
  3. Raptor72

    Hi there

    I love pastrami mate so please let us know how you get on and tips as mentioned if your free next may we have the anglia tailgate
  4. Raptor72

    Hi there

    Yo paul Spencer here
  5. Raptor72

    New members

    Have sent pm with his details
  6. Raptor72

    New members

    When I try to register an account I fill in all details and then nothing happens. Tried several times. Also my address bar says that the connection is not secure to the web address
  7. Raptor72

    New members

    Hey guys I received this from a Facebook member I know Paul Garcia Hi. I see you're a member of woodsmoke forum. I keep trying to sign up but it won't let me. Any ideas?
  8. Raptor72

    Bbq pan

    Bloody TK Maxx is so addictive
  9. Raptor72


    Add lemon juice and white wine vinegar to the salad .
  10. Raptor72

    Pellet tubes

    Yeah these look good wondering whether to go 6 or 12 inch
  11. Raptor72

    Bbq pan

    Managed to nab this for £5 from TKMaxx
  12. Raptor72


  13. Raptor72

    Evenin' all...

    Yeah and teach us some builds Sheena !!
  14. Drawn a design ? I wing it lol I’ll give you a call let’s get it done . We would use it