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  1. Get some wild garlic But put in a separate pot as well . It’s great in stews braising etc
  2. I’ll be doing some different things hopefully. i won’t be doing ribs brisket or pulled pork at woodsmoke I may be doing orange and cranberry pork stuffing as one side though
  3. Hiya They do get hot on the outside . So don’t worry too much it’s normal .
  4. Yeah that is gonna spread. I know it’s not what you want to hear or do . But that doesn’t look like accidental damage
  5. I think if they follow smoking monkeys advice should be fine . But if you buy something for £2.99 and it breaks you might not be that upset . You spend £350 on something ! ...... especially a major interest.
  6. I still think £350 is still a substantial sum of money to receive a faulty product . And this is a brand new product .What happens if the crack increases ? You won’t get a replacement. I have have had my mini berghoff ceramic for 3-4 years with no cracks . Hopefully Aldi will have learned their lesson this year . But I simply don’t think it’s acceptable to sell faulty stuff to consumers .
  7. Me and mate Lee bell tent and one small quiet dog rusty the wife and son will follow next year 😂 luke and Scott may make it ! Depends on steve’s amnesia
  8. We all spend money but it’s something we love ! So clear conscience 😂 we are all constantly learning tips and sometimes you can alleviate any possible painful cooks by asking questions
  9. Yeah will plan out what to bring equipment wise probably doing a variety of skewered meats and one pot on tripod . setting mine up this week to practice
  10. Me and lee just booked and paid . So will be seeing you guys there ! Ta “ The Backwards Backwoods men “
  11. Welcome nice looking bacon
  12. Welcome Liam , and you will enjoy the fuel economy of the kamado .
  13. Excellent weekend and good company . Learned some new tips and ideas too
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