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  1. Raptor72


    Definitely intrigued
  2. I’m looking for a cherry pecan rub
  3. It’s arrived . More substantial than my old one will try it out this week
  4. You could try the chimney starter for the sear lol
  5. Aye I’ve always said this . The wife still wants gas . Over my dead body
  6. Raptor72

    3rd round bacon.

    How many hours though is it before smoking becomes ineffective via absorption?
  7. Raptor72

    Bacon for beginners

    Where are pictures
  8. This looks interesting for kebabs https://m.dhgate.com/product/6pcs-skewers-indoor-smokeless-autorotation/409857444.html?invitorid=Bf22Qv47
  9. There will be two on my pitch . My mate lee is joining us
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