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  1. Raptor72

    Lamb Shank Curry

    Looks lovely I’m gonna do this sans hoodie and rape kit ready gloves
  2. Raptor72


    I definitely think some salt or brining helps
  3. It’s 2-3 large aubergines 3-4 medium/large ripe tomatoes and tomato passata Sweet pointed pepper 1 large onion 3-4 cloves of garlic 2-3 stalks of basil and parsley 1 tsp of tomato paste a pinch of sugar 150 gr feta cheese And some cheddar salt and pepper to taste (take it easy on the salt, there is feta cheese) olive oil Greek herb mix nutmeg oregano thyme ( Add some fresh chilli if you like it spicy) Sliced the aubergine up added olive oil and sprinkled salt . baked for 10-15 mins on 180c Then used other ingredients to make a tomato garlic pepper sauce (add some water ) Next put the cooked soft aubergine into a high sided oven pan . Proceed to pour over the sauce . Adding parsley and basil and finally crumble feta and cheddar Bake for 20 mins Then take out and crumble cheese on top
  4. Oooh ok not down the road then lol https://www.beckysbutchers.co.uk/offers looks good
  5. Mick I’ll ask them
  6. Back home now unfortunately
  7. Bone marrow with prawns and sea bass chicken fillet and chicken leg glazed seafood linguine
  8. Digger your near Colchester Way ? C Humphrey’s and sons are over near great Leigh’s
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