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  1. Raptor72

    Cost of postage from USA

    Hi mate are you looking to get stuff from udsparts.com ?
  2. Raptor72

    UDS Build

    I thing wrong with that mate . As long as it does the job !
  3. Raptor72


    Was in Morrison’s today . And have to say they have an impressive range of pork shoulder, babyback ribs and other pork products . For low prices and looked good quality . They even had 650 g rump steak for £4.60 Will be returning next week to get some meat
  4. Raptor72

    Hi from the Midlands

    Hi mate and welcome
  5. Raptor72

    Piri Piri Rôtisserie Duck

    How did you make that lol the rotisserie
  6. Raptor72

    Hi All

  7. Raptor72

    Dry Age Bags...

    Yeah but what I meant was you cold slice it like the jambon ?
  8. Raptor72

    Dry Age Bags...

    Doh so like the iberico stuff
  9. Raptor72

    Dry Age Bags...

    Doh so like the iberico stuff
  10. Raptor72


  11. Raptor72

    Dry Age Bags...

    What will this end up being then ?
  12. I’ve always had problems with Von chef cast iron . No matter how I season it it sticks . And then rusts easily
  13. Raptor72

    Q-Mad welcome

    Welcome Q mad
  14. Raptor72

    Meater plus roast chicken

    It’s fine I placed a probe too near to one of the bars doh
  15. Raptor72

    Giveaway---Inkbird BBQ Thermometer IBT-2X

    I’ve got both the 2 probe one and 6 probe they are great and the app is easy to use . I won the 2 probe one on a Facebook forum. So discount me for this competition.