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  1. Ok : when I wasn’t as tall as I am now . When I had darker hair than I have now When I was definitely 3 stone lighter And when I Knew slightly less about a woman’s G spot
  2. Yeah no worries when you are ready we will order some
  3. Yeah they just had a sale on before Xmas £79 for the big one . So thought what the heck . let me know what the mutton’s like and prices
  4. I’ve got an 8 quart litre one yeah I want to get some mutton or goat too
  5. I’ve got an instantpot pressure cooker I’m looking at smoking meat then pressure cooking
  6. Growing up my gran would make goat or mutton curry https://www.realniceguyana.com/recipes/goat-curry/
  7. I’ve got similar setup to wade definitely need armour cable and Additional RCD box at the end point
  8. It won’t be ruined commercial bacon probably has the same amount . Be great with chips and eggs .
  9. Raptor72

    Sausage Stuffer

    Reminds me when the wife and I were drunk making sausages . I told her she should be used to holding something long and thick in her hands !! she replied “ I do but my boyfriend isn’t here !”
  10. Raptor72

    Hi again!

    Thanks dude was touch and go for a bit there
  11. Raptor72

    Hi again!

    I had a split nail last week but I’ve recovered now !
  12. I know it sounds daft but why do you need to raise the temps?
  13. I’ll think I’ll wait until the wife is really really drunk and get a commitment
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