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  1. Good meeting you and Rosie finally !! Yeah I’m recovered now . But yes it was as definitely a beer virus or red wineitis
  2. Raptor72

    Holy smokes!

    Good little build
  3. Love the slight nutty taste. Will have to do more soon I use it with beef cheeks or ox tail stews
  4. Welcome to the group Excellent setup and welcome to the group love that kamado I was gonna get one . But still got my mini one .
  5. Not to be a killjoy . But in this day and age probably advertising a raffle at something like this could infringe on something
  6. Preparing a fatty would be a good one
  7. It’s honestly the best Greek rub I’ve used . I’m thinking of taking some to paleokistratsa Corfu in August
  8. Ok so lee and I are doing pizzas on wood fired oven . I’m cooking some Guyanese garlic and onion roti flatbreads . That will complement Steve’s kellybab . Possibly hot habenero lime chicken wings
  9. Aye I use the self adhesive tape and it’s easier to put on and use. Just try it if you F*%k it up its easier to rectify.
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