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  1. Well spotted it’s a bottle of tribute ale
  2. I had one and honestly say the weber is better
  3. Perrywoods in Tiptree another massive garden centre Mainly Weber ! But millrace is better for deals and has more variety ! They will also price match
  4. In Marks tey there is Camperite (Camping shop ) they stock green olive co charcoal ! And other stuff as accessories. In Aldham there is Millrace garden centre is good for BbQ stuff https://www.millracegardencentre.co.uk Both Are near each other
  5. I’m getting or making a riser and rotisserie attachment some time this year . And the weber is perfect for camping trips I’m camping 10 th July at Sudbury where we hold the Anglia tailgate
  6. Oh no do you drink the same falling over juice as ice then ?
  7. This is my weber go anywhere bbq I’ve been mainly using this in lockdown! And have to say I’m really impressed with it . It cooks a fair volume of food on a reasonable amount of coals . so easy to carry around and I’ve achieved some good grill cooks . So much so that I’m tempted to get a rotisserie riser when funds permit . so for £75 I would recommend this as my go too portable bbq . And in all honesty I’ve used it for most of my major bbq cooks
  8. Greetings fellow Essex geezers
  9. Looks nice ! finally getting My smoking gear back Friday So will be more prevalent ! You lucky people
  10. Shred some pink lady apples into it
  11. Sourdough is easier in oven no need to knead
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