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  1. @Wade Lamb, I never thought I'd see the day!! 🤣
  2. I've been away from home for the last week with my boy and my parents, been doing some bbqing and stuff during the week. This evening it's a quick dinner at my parents house on their cadak thingy. Tomorrow I'm hoping to be home and doing something with one of the smokers. 🤞
  3. A perfect scene for the British summer, a bbq, a chair in the sun and some booze, what could be better??
  4. I've been stupidly busy over the last few months and also lacking in motivation but yesterday I hit the buy button on a fresh new sack of hickory pellets and will be firing up a smoker at the weekend; it might be just the davy crockett...I'm undecided as yet but I can't wait to smell that lovely smoke and get some meat on the go! Roll on some nice weather and some free time! I hope you're all keeping well.
  5. The gel I'm fairly sure would be fine it's what I could package it in that I'm wondering about. My intention would be to have a package of it stuck to the lid of the container so it wouldn't actually be in contact with the rubs.
  6. I have a load of silica gel sachets which I have picked up from work (they come in the print toner cartridges, I generally give them to my parents as they stick them in a container out in there post-retirement-crisis sports car to control excess moisture during the winter when they're not using it much. However, I was wondering if I could repackage it into anything I've got at home already to pop into my jars of homemade bbq rubs to stop them getting damp and all stuck together. Anyone got any bright ideas? I know they are pretty much cheap as chips to but from amazon etc but I've not paid
  7. Hmmmm, do I need a second one....🤔
  8. Certainly seems to have a good cooking space. Notice the grill is quite a bit below the lip of the bottom bowl, that give a good extra bit of height clearance that a lot of kettle type bbqs don't are lacking, along with the nice deep lid.
  9. I've left mine out in a a keter storage box and never had an issue when I've come to use it.
  10. How is it for temperature control etc?
  11. @Smokin Monkey Hi Steve Have you used this much, has it been a success?
  12. Oh thank you 🙂 Maybe next summer I'll have a South East & Anglia get together
  13. I'll probably end up heading to my parents for the day which I can't quite decide if that's better or worse than spending the day by myself...lol
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