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  1. Certainly seems to have a good cooking space. Notice the grill is quite a bit below the lip of the bottom bowl, that give a good extra bit of height clearance that a lot of kettle type bbqs don't are lacking, along with the nice deep lid.
  2. I've left mine out in a a keter storage box and never had an issue when I've come to use it.
  3. How is it for temperature control etc?
  4. @Smokin Monkey Hi Steve Have you used this much, has it been a success?
  5. Oh thank you 🙂 Maybe next summer I'll have a South East & Anglia get together
  6. I'll probably end up heading to my parents for the day which I can't quite decide if that's better or worse than spending the day by myself...lol
  7. Hi All I recently had a holiday in Bulgaria and, although the resort was a typical tourist trap, i have to say I saw some cooking equipment at a few of the restaurants that I really rather liked, and I was constantly catching the glorious waft of meat cooking over wood and charcoal! A lovely charcoal kebab cooker the spits lay across the width and you can just about see the gearing that rotated them all. This place smelt wonderful! The next three pics are all actually different restaurants but with essentially the same kit in each of them, a water mill (via tap and hosepipe) powered Rotisserie Anyone up for making one of these in their garden? 🤩
  8. It's good enough for me, not that I had cut down anyway but this might make people a little less judgmental about eating meat!
  9. Nope, pulled pork and a schwarma spiced beef fattie Just me at home this year for xmas, my little man is with his Mum this year. Thank you, it was super yum! I'm pretty proud of my roast potatoes and one day I'll get my smoked roast potatoes as nice and crispy!
  10. As it was going to be a nice weekend, I decided to defrost two joints of meat that have been knocking about in the freezer for a while. A nice silverside of beef and a pork shoulder. I also figured as there would be space I'd also cook a pastrami style brisket I had from Morrisons. Only my second actual cook with the SmartFire (SF) and for this one I had actually already managed to get some playpit sand for the Callow, so my first time using sand instead of water. I setup the same as the previous testing and cooking. 7 lit Heatbeads added to the opposite side of the firebasket to the SF. the rest of the basket filled with Heatbeads and a nice couple of handfulls of fruitwood mix pellets. After about an hour the Callow was up to my desired 110C and in went the meat. As you can see from my SF graph things went pretty swimmingly really. A few points on the graph which look like they could be issues but are actually nothing to worry about. 1) temp drop caused by me changing probes having realised I'd used a food probe for the pit initially. 2) temp drop while lid off to put meat in the Callow 3) 4) & 5) spritzing meat with cider 6) Wrapping Food 3 (Brisket) 7) Removing brisket and Food 1 (Pork) Yep I did drop the food 1 probe into the really hot bit of fat on top of the foil of the sand hence the sudden big temp spike! 😎 wrapping Food 2 (Beef Joint) 9) All done After a good bit of resting I sliced and bagged up the beef and pork (and forgot to take photos!) Both were delicious! I did remember to take a couple of quick snaps of the brisket though. It was delicious, great texture and a very pleasing smoke ring!
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