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  1. Wow that really is a butchering of those baby back ribs, he didn't even take the membrane off!!
  2. I didn't actually think about looking to see if there were such specific products....lol I've not ordered this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B089NF2Y7B/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and will report back when I get a chance to use it when the weather picks up again.
  3. Hi All On Friday I cooked steak over a starter chimney for the first time and it was amazing, however, it started to cause the grill I was using (from my Callow) to distort... does anyone have any suggestions for a sturdy grill that will fit nicely over a starter chimney and stand up to the heat?
  4. Anyone that has seen me at one of the smoking weekends will know that I use a bargain basement cheapo supermarket kettle type bbq and get some great results from it. I picked mine up second hand for £15 including a load of charcoal. Looking at it I think it was about £25 when it was new (probably be about £40 or so now) so nothing special about it at all. However, it has a vent at the bottom and one at the top and I can get it to temperature nicely and it stays there easily enough for a good few hours. So a super cheap entry to the world of smoking is certainly possible.
  5. Hi all, I know the weber one touch etc are fabulous for smoking but I've not really seen anything about the Bar-B-Kettle. My brother is in the market for a smoker that he can also use for grilling and having seen the 57cm at a great price in go outdoors: https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15982670/weber-bar-b-kettle-charcoal-bbq-57cm-15982670 It seems to be much the same shape as the webers I've seen and used in the past but I wanted to check before I recommended it to him.
  6. Seems there was a problem with a huge chunk of the internet that was causing problems with loads of website including amazon, the guardian, the uk government etc and also smartfire it seems. all back up and running now it seems.
  7. Hi all, First time posting for a while, been a busy year for me so far and I've not had much chance to do any smokes but today I'm doing a bug pork joint for my neighbour. Using my SmartFire with my gen 1 Callow (with modded firebasket courtesy of @Wade). I was hoping to be able to monitor things in a browser as I have done before but the webapp seems to not be working, I'm just getting a 503 error and strangely the SmartFire website is also not loading properly for me. Does anyone know if it is still possible to monitor via a web browser?
  8. Just saw this and thought I'd share: https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/c/grillmeister-mini-kamado-barbecue/c1860 Coming from 22nd April, will no doubt sell out fast.
  9. @Wade Lamb, I never thought I'd see the day!! 🤣
  10. I've been away from home for the last week with my boy and my parents, been doing some bbqing and stuff during the week. This evening it's a quick dinner at my parents house on their cadak thingy. Tomorrow I'm hoping to be home and doing something with one of the smokers. 🤞
  11. A perfect scene for the British summer, a bbq, a chair in the sun and some booze, what could be better??
  12. I've been stupidly busy over the last few months and also lacking in motivation but yesterday I hit the buy button on a fresh new sack of hickory pellets and will be firing up a smoker at the weekend; it might be just the davy crockett...I'm undecided as yet but I can't wait to smell that lovely smoke and get some meat on the go! Roll on some nice weather and some free time! I hope you're all keeping well.
  13. The gel I'm fairly sure would be fine it's what I could package it in that I'm wondering about. My intention would be to have a package of it stuck to the lid of the container so it wouldn't actually be in contact with the rubs.
  14. I have a load of silica gel sachets which I have picked up from work (they come in the print toner cartridges, I generally give them to my parents as they stick them in a container out in there post-retirement-crisis sports car to control excess moisture during the winter when they're not using it much. However, I was wondering if I could repackage it into anything I've got at home already to pop into my jars of homemade bbq rubs to stop them getting damp and all stuck together. Anyone got any bright ideas? I know they are pretty much cheap as chips to but from amazon etc but I've not paid anything for the gel I have at the moment and if there' something I might already have at home that I could use then I might as well save a few pennies where i can...
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