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  2. Many thanks for your opinions. Thanks too to the person who posted about the Razzo being on sale on eBay. The 18" for £185 and the 22" for £225 (plus shipping). I'll probably go for the 18 in her, but the larger model for £225 sounds like a great buy. I also like the idea of smoking some trout using the hooks in the lid. Need to catch the fish rather than relying on Morrison's! Thanks again!
  3. You are a number! Colin39 😂😂😂😂
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  5. Yeah, I did think about that but I wanted a smaller smoker for things like bacon bombs that don’t take long to cook and uses less charcoal. My WSM takes a while to heat up and the amount of coal used for that can cook small stuff on its own in this little thing 😎 Not looking to get into curing, just things like cheese, nuts, coffee beans (I roast my own) and suchlike. Now on the lookout for a cold smoke generator. Thought about the proQ but am tempted at building a Venturi type system just so I can burn a few chips rather than dust.
  6. Hey Kevin, welcome. look forward to you joining in and jumping in on my posts Have fun Im in London
  7. "Danger Will Smith"...🤣 .....please think about how you go about this @Simon very carefully.......has she bought any shoes or new handbag of late???😎👌. Ice.
  8. Same here. We were old school on subscribing here.
  9. Will try my best to join in on this. Currently training for a new job so been pretty busy recently. Done a few pizzas on the bbq, but have only got to use the WSM 4 times since getting it. The wife is starting to question why I got it. Need to think of something to distract her. May have to get something else so she focuses on that 🤔
  10. +1 @sotv The flour I purchased from our mill as a protein of 14.3....I've just baked a crusty loaf....2nd one from this local flour, turned out fine.. will check out the link later..cheers. Ice.
  11. This website may or may not be useful to use, I used it for Strong Flour for Bread Making and helped me work with the Protein content of the flour for the UK Equivalents of US Flour in recipes. This page list the protein content of US All Purpose Flour as 10-11.5% whereas UK Plain Flour is usually <10% Couple of examples here from Morrisons for different Flours they sell if you look at the Nutrition Values listed for them Homepride Plain Flour 9.73g per 100g Morrisons Organic Plain Flour 11.8g per 100g Not saying buy the Morrisons one, just look online at the different flours or the side of the bag in the shop and if you see the protein value in the 10-11.5 range you will be getting closer to American all purpose flour.
  12. Where's my number I'm already there??🤣🤣..only joking. Ice.
  13. Very very interesting mate...I worked in our local bakery when I left school and that's what I was told, so all this time I believed was wrong...as I always say "your never to old to learn". A quote from the links is.. Is plain flour and all purpose flour the same thing? Difference between “All purpose Flour” “Plain Flour” and “Self Raising flour” ... The difference is not great it's only that in the Self-Raising Flour the is baking powder is already mixed in it ; and in the AP Flour ( normal maida) you have to mix it yourself. All purpose and Plain flour are one and same! It's all down to the baking powder???....so if you have plain flour give it a try??, but be prepared for the finished pastry to be "heavy" Ice.
  14. They look great 👍 You mentioned that you bought it to dabble with some cold smoking. Don't forget that you can cold smoke in the WSM too.
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  16. Post a picture of your trip, or food that you have eaten on the way!
  17. I do all my own prep cooking and cleaning...
  18. I'd love to but will be on a motorbike somewhere in Germany.
  19. Always defrost anything I am cooking, be that braai, smoker or in the oven. Never wash chicken as you risk contamination, it's better to just cook it as it comes.
  20. Had an issue with this, the plastic shroud which held the probe developed a crack which meant the probe came loose and rendered the thermometer unusable. I got in touch with Inkbird via their FB support page on Tuesday. Had a chat with Amy over Messenger and she sent me a new one out on Thursday which arrived today. Can't say fairer than that really, we'll see how the replacement does. I had been very happy with it's performance and function but did feel the build quality was not as good as my Thermapen 3.
  21. not had any issues with that so far. overall it's been great but the last software update and no longer getting up to top temp
  22. Those that have received welded auger etc are you using the ex4 or ex6?
  23. The only way i know of safely cooking from frozen is Sous Vide on chicken breast. But I never risk it.
  24. Brining is your friend. Cooked many bbqs impromptu and meat is still frozen. Strong brine solution for a few hours will keep you outta the dog house. Defrosts super fast and I’m convinced defrosting helps draw in flavour from the brine. Except beef, beef is always better slow defrosted in a dry rub if possible. Often freeze meat rubbed up so I can defrost it to draw in the flavour. Don’t ever cook frozen meat though... other than possible death you’re doing yourself an injustice, except 100% burgers 😉 On a side note... dunno why I always get a car park between sentences 🤷‍♂️
  25. In case anyone was interested.. cooked perfectly with the minimum of fuss 😎👍
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