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    My ProQ Hints & Tips

    It works really well for me if looking to grill/roast meat rather than lo&slo as it cooks around 100F higher than with the water pan with water in. I cooked this duck the first time and have since cooked a whole chicken and a salmon cut piece of beef and done a couple of sea bass on it putting them in fish baskets and placing them on the plancha then finishing them over the coals to crisp the skin All the meats and fish tasted good and cooked through properly. The plancha has enabled me to cook on it around 325-340 F depending on outside conditions and fuel used. I haven't tried to get the temperature any lower or higher than this with it.. As it has always settled around this sort of temp with it. Not as ideal as a Wood pellet or Kamado type of grill for cooking at higher temps. But as good as i have personally managed with a Proq, I am sure there are other ways of cooking at more than 225F with it, I just haven't discovered them yet, that give me a stable temp as I find an empty water pan the temp can fluctuate quite a bit over several hours.. Using it as what it meant for, I have done a couple of lovely breakfasts including pancakes on it. Very heavy bit of kit, cleans up easily enough after use as well. Would recommend a drip tray on it, if using as a heat deflector as I found out with the duck, the fat finds every place it can to seep out of the ProQ itself, if not. 😁
  3. If you want to become a certified SCA judge then you have a chance at this Years Brew 'n' Q. They are holding 2 courses - one on Friday and the other on Saturday. The cost is £60 plus you need to have joined the SCA online ($40 US). http://steakcookoffs.com to register for the SCA Contact scott@brewnq.co.uk to get yourself booked on the course. Looking forward to seeing you at Brew 'n' Q this weekend (24th -26th May 2019) BrewnQ.co.uk
  4. This is 9Kw (that’s 9 Single bar electric fires) Boiling Ring but it’s the best part of £300.00
  5. Thanks for your reply. I am going to use this at home. I wanted to get a jet flame for power so it could be used in the garden and would cook fast along side Bbq stuff.
  6. I would go with something like this. LPG Burner I used them for out outside catering business. (Got two left actually) If you are worried about it blowing out, get a three sided folding screen to protect it from the wind. If you are looking for a serious bit of kit it’s would cost you £250.00 that’s for a Wok Burner, But would be overkill for a camping trip.
  7. Just paid my balance and booked Sunday night as well for relaxing after the madness is all over. They will not cancel your booking if it’s not paid today (20/05/2019) but I would not leave it too long.
  8. Definitely lpg. I think propane would be best as the bottled gas is all weather.
  9. @sotv, How do you get on when using the plancha as a heat deflector? If I prefer to cook without water, is this worth considering? Got to admit, a smash burger or two sounds awesome too. Thanks, Phil.
  10. Potted in this, then into the planter.
  11. We’ve all been there, and it’s good to see folks posting about a disaster, and not always banging their chest and saying look what I have mastered up. 👍
  12. Welcome to the Forum. Is it LPG Stove you are looking at or Wood/Charcoal fed?
  13. Looks like I am off to Bookers in a couple of weeks then. Two foot long? Wow, might not even fit any the freezer! Thanks gents.
  14. @Phlashster, Ice has put you on the right track. Bookers is generally good for meats. Meaty Ribs in the yellow boxes are good, usually get five Ribs per box, they are a good two foot long. Have a look at the frozen Pork Collars, I use these for things like Pulled Pork etc. Talked to the butcher in May local Bookers (Mansfield) and he seemed confident he could get most cuts if you give him enough warning. When I was in there, he was butchering a whole Lamb, so I had both Rib Sections which included the Breast.
  15. Just paid my balance. It does say no reminders sent on the payment page. So it is up to you to remember to pay the balance by today.Not sure (outside of camping) whether you risk losing lodge/caravan if booked one of them. if not paid by today?
  16. Mine is rosemary thyme majoram chiveas as they are all hardy. Grow basil on the kitchen window as not too much sun and near tap. Basil loves water.
  17. Thanks Markie & Wade, that makes sense! I've got a UDS, and the pit probe is usually lying on the grill generally wedged under some meat! I'm failing on 2 counts there potentially. To the drawing board for a pit probe holder thingie
  18. Need to get my eyes tested. Opened thread up thinking I was going to read about Incredible Chicken Wings and after reading your story was a bit confused till I took a second look. 😁
  19. Don't grow my own herbs, help myself to next doors, with their blessing😁 I have used dry lemon grass in a very aromatic and flavourful Asian Pork Butt recipe I found. Tastes lovely with the Star Anise and other ingredients
  20. My nephew recommends his local farmshop to me in Nuneaton Tomlinson Farm Shop haven't been over there yet, hoping to in the next few weeks. But assures me there Dexter beef is fabulous. If you fancy it and worth the travel?, may be worth giving them a ring to see if they have the meat you want? Prices seem very comparable with a high street butchers and may have other cuts available to what they show online, if you are looking for something specific. Also was in Costco in Brum today and very impressed with the Brisket and Pork Loin, shoulders and loin ribs they had available. Some very good cuts and sizes. Just not what I was looking for today though. 😞
  21. I've just started lemongrass off, bought 2 packs (4 pieces) from the supermarket last week. Throw them into a glass of water pop on the kitchen window, change the water every 2nr/3rd day, so far I have 2 that have good strong roots starting, will pot them up over this weekend. Ice.
  22. Ah, might be worth a trip over then. I can see a few folk talking about these now. The ribs, are they frozen and wrapped in individual racks? I have actually never cooking tried Pork ribs yet! 😒 Does anyone have a rough size? I would need to be confident of freezer space before i bought a 10KG box. Thanks Ice, Phil.
  23. This is my herb garden. I would like to get some wild garlic at some point, I think the smell would be amazing. The basil has been attacked by snails but is still holding out. My mint and marjoram had to be put in separate pots as they started growing insane.
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