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  2. Amazing deal, I would buy but with two of us it is not suitable....
  3. In the supermarket today and decided to ask the butcher if (by any chance) he had any ox tails....yes he said...we came away with 2 kgs. We've not had these for many a year...now we know where we can get them any time...."happy days are here again" Ice.
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  5. Its all going to well guy's. My latest White Rum is yummy. Have infused some with Pineapple and Mango. That should drop some knickers over Xmas. The other one is Date, Banana and Coffee, very sweet and well.....sweet!!
  6. Plenty of recipe kits on malt milller for example.
  7. I find the pressure really helps to clear the beer clarity and also easier to bottle and keg as closed transfers, eliminates risk of introducing oxygen so lasts longer and less risk of funky flavours. Less mess too
  8. Nice, fancy a swap mate? Got a german pilsner and a hobgoblin clone
  9. Thanks Amy. That is interesting
  10. Brilliant thanks Justin. I will try that
  11. Last week
  12. You can make a pocket out of foil. Put 1/3rd cup of pellets in seal and pierce small hole in foil parcel to let smoke out of it. That will give you a initial smoke. Not too strong but good flavour.
  13. The best steak that I have in a long time came from Bone and Block in Liverpool. A 1Kg ribeye from old ex-dairy cows. Pricey, but worth every penny. https://www.boneandblock.com/collections/ex-dairy-beef 60 day aging is perfect for my tastes. I've aged ribeyes to 100 days and they start getting a touch too funky for me at that point, but 60 days gives a lovely balance between the aging and the beef taste. Highly recommended.
  14. I'm not sure if this is the place but here goes... I run a small business based in Suffolk dealing in oak barrels and timber. We often have barrel offcuts and staves available that may be suitable for smoker fuel. If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me. Thanks James JP Services 07970559251.
  15. Got around to bottling the first banana wine from the DJ, then first time rack of the 2nd banana wine finised up with around 15 litres. While I had the kitchen to myself I decided to rack the apple as well...there's about 20 litres. Ice.
  16. Nice! Wish I had some spare cash kicking about. Next year!
  17. Welcome to the forum! If you are looking for a Traeger, I'd suggest you read this grill review first. Some interesting details could grab your attention.
  18. You can get the Meater+ Brown Sugar limited edition Single for £72.32 and the 4 pack Block for £189 with the code FILLET direct from themselves Works on all other products as well
  19. They have direct from Meater you can get the Meater+ Brown Sugar limited edition Single for £72.32 and the 4 pack Block for £189 with the code FILLET The code works on all products as well, but these seem by the far the best value
  20. Masterbiilt 1050 on prosmoke website 200 quid...what a deal. Too good to be true?
  21. Hi Guys Massively late to this conversation so apologies if this has come up somewhere before. This thread just came up when i searched fr GMG grills. Ive just seen these offers from Buff BBQ- https://buffbbq.com/ for GMG Grills in the UK. https://buffbbq.com/collections/green-mountain-grills Has anyone shopped with these guys before, has anyone got any better pricing anywhere else ?
  22. Hi, its a Barrel smoker I would presume. Not the best but starting out at the min. Do have my eye on a Masterbuilt 560 🙂 I have started on lumpwood and I know its a hotter faster burn. However I've tried snake method but it burned out to quick and have tried the minion twice but the whole lot of lump seems to ignite too fast. I've tried closing the intake and exhaust as its building heat but it still overshoots all the time and doesn't hold temp on my target temp. John.
  23. Hi CheshireSmoker, welcome to the forum. We are only to happy to answer questions. First off, if you could put photos up of your set up, then it would be easier to comment. Most people who use those methods use Briquettes, which tend to be harder/take more time to catch light. If you can get hold of a cheap bag of Briquettes and try them and see what the difference is.
  24. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the cold smoking temperatures though some are practical maximums and others are safety maximums. Some are a combination of both. Butter - thgis needs to be smoked at a temperature where the butter does not soften enough to melt through the grate. Anywhere from 8 C to about 12 C is fine. Be careful though where you place the smoke generator as it does produce quite a bit of heat in a confined space and can quickly raise the temperature by several degrees. Cheese - fine up to about 15 C. Much above that and it may start to sweat Bacon - bes
  25. New to smoking.. Done a few cooks with a barrel smoker from Argos. Its similar to the cosmo bbq type smoker but has the chimney.. My question is I've tried snake and minion method with Big K lumpwood. However it always seems to ignite the whole amount of lumpwood amd therefore I hit temps of 250c. I shut my intake to a tiny gap at 70c and my exhaust to 3/4 shut but still seems to fully ignite. I've sealed the smoker best I can. I'm wondering if I've to much in the chimney to start with? I usually light half a chimney. Sorry for the big questions... Cheers folks..
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