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  2. Sorry no one got to try my gammon, but it didn't finish cooking till nearly 7pm and everybody seemed to have had their fill by then ๐Ÿ˜€. So bought it home and got enough to last the week, had it with chips and beans last night and it was very tasty. Just got to think of a few other meals for it now, as it is a big piece
  3. With some help and guidance from Brian at the Woodsmoke festival, sealed my ProQ up and the Smartfire worked great for me after sealing over a 12 hour cook, cooking on 2 levels. The fan had to work hard during that time though, but it was quite windy during the day and had to open a vent fully as well, But sure on a more benign day, the usual recommended vent system set-up would have worked Aimed for 230F for most of the cook and ramped it up to 300F for the last 1 hour and it reached that and maintained it under 15 minutes Few temp fluctuations, but cooking 2 different pieces of meat on 2 levels and had to open the lid a few times during the cook, to access the meat. Quite a windy day which is why the fan worked so hard, but it did what I asked it to, so very happy Couldn't get the hotspot to work between 2 phones, but the bluetooth worked fine and just set the smartfire app on a second phone, signed in and was able to read the temps on the second phone from nearly a mile away. Needed a few lid opens during the cook so a few fluctuations in pit temp, but if I had left it alone, it would have maintained the temp constantly for the cook, I am sure. One other thing, with gammon, I found out it has a big stall on it during lo&slo nearly 5 hours on a 5kg piece, hence the ramp in temp.
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  5. Whenever I use chunks or chips I prefer to soak the Chef in beer or Whisky ๐Ÿ˜€. I've never soaked chunks as they are too dense to absorb water. I have soaked chips before foiling but I also throw on a handful dry to the coals. I figure they'll catch straightaway and the ones foil will dry off before catching to prolong the smoke time. I'd say if it ain't broke don't fix it. If it's been working for you then why change.
  6. Good meeting you and Rosie finally !! Yeah Iโ€™m recovered now . But yes it was as definitely a beer virus or red wineitis
  7. Raptor72

    Holy smokes!

    Good little build
  8. Lots of new members now mate so next year maybe more uptake
  9. After talking to @Smokin Monkey about the low take up on the Midland Tailgate it has been decided to cancel the event. I will be ringing the site tomorrow to inform the owner so that she can now use the pitches. Icefever.
  10. I think maybe we can achieve this. Has venue been checked out. Last weekend in November?
  11. A gentle question. How much did we raise in the raffle? I remember some said almost enough to pay for a new gazebo. If do how much short please? Thank you for organising it. Was a good addition to the tailgate.
  12. Welcome to the forum @Quartermaster you do in deed have everything.... Ice.
  13. Therw some cider in my coolbox which i left in the chiller trailer. You can enjoy that too if you want.
  14. I donโ€™t want to rub it in guys but weโ€™re still here enjoying leeโ€™s stew and left over salads. Chewing the fat with new and old friends. Weโ€™ve had a fab weekend and look forward to woodsmoke 20
  15. Mentioned i would join the forum after the East anglia weekend and finally got round to it this weekend. I'm Lee and have been awarded the title of Quartermaster by @Smokin Monkey @Mick, @Raptor72 and @Walksha1. Apparently i have everything. Great weekend cooking, drinking and eating with @Icefever, @Ice Ice Lady, @Wade, @Steve j, @Thenegativeone, @sotv, @valve90210, @Justin and @Jilly Billy. Stoofvlees seems to have gone down well and looking forward to the last night but some and started earlier than other on the liquid refreshment. Two great trips under my belt so bring on the next.
  16. Had an amazing time once again! Great to see everyone, familiar and new! Huge thanks to @Wade and @Smokin Monkey as well as Joyce and Jill for organising the whole thing again and putting so much work in, and of course a huge thanks to everyone who turned up to break bread and share drinks, stories, laughs and knowledge! Heres to another great year and more to come. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿบ
  17. I'm always careful of naming folks online...some don't like it....really glad you went with the ProQ... Ice.
  18. @Raptor72 We sent our goodbys via Lee, we asked where you where and he said you were feeling a little tender this morning, I wonder what that can be???? maybe man flu...๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ–– Ice.
  19. That was me, and this was the exact smoker I was looking at before as had a decent thickness to the steel, but absolutely dont regret choosing the proq elite over it
  20. That is one way of saving the build cost but then you finish up with a smoker that does not retain heat as well has a better built one. This is a good responce, we had a new member only the other week asking the same question, from the info he got he dropped the idea of an offset and went with a ProQ bullett. Ice.
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