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  1. Yesterday
  2. I find that when I make my pizza dough (4 balls) the second batch is much better. I think it's the extra time proofing in the fridge as i freeze my dough and defrost in the fridge.
  3. The pizza wasn’t that great yesterday but we had more dough for today and it’s much better today. Also dryer here today so the umbrella isn’t needed.
  4. Aye right, "the Wifes" Umbrella 😁. Always nice to see wee helpers in training. How was the Pizza?
  5. If we do make it, it will be for one night ( Fri) maybe in a hotel or B&B. Ice.
  6. Link for you Mick.... https://www.heatherintheparkfestival.co.uk/camping Ice.
  7. Yes mate, I try not to over commit in May, because there is so much going on. I tend to prioritise going to the tailgates but that is my choice. As long as you have good fun doing what you do.
  8. We're just working it all out in May...it's crazy. We have tickets for the Fire cook on the 2nd.....then this on the 8th if we can work it out with work, (the gardens will be open for the National Gardens this year and I have ton of work on with new beds)......Then Brew n Q on the 22nd....which is now paid for. Ice.
  9. No not seen that, will check it out thanks 👍
  10. Brilliant....will update the list. Ice.
  11. Same here I hope?? have you booked camping yet?? they are doing a weekend for £15. Ice.
  12. We will probably come Friday, Mac & cheese no problem
  13. Mick


    We have this cut regularly, fantastic flavour we always get Uruguayan grain fed, get a whole one and cut up into 3 and freeze, must render the fat cap well and we have it medium
  14. Please let me know if you are wanting to come and you are not on this list
  15. Ok : when I wasn’t as tall as I am now . When I had darker hair than I have now When I was definitely 3 stone lighter And when I Knew slightly less about a woman’s G spot
  16. Ok, carrying on from what now seems to be a bit of a tradition, Belly Pork, but Chinese Siu Yuk Crispy Belly Pork?
  17. Justin


    Did any of us to be fair!
  18. Growing Up? Did not realise you had
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