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  2. Did you buy a YNNI / Topq 20" rotisserie? Would be good to know what unit to avoid.
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  4. Will this work with the Aldi Kamado I just ordered, I almost got a classic 2 last week, glad i held off tbh 3 Layer Cooking Grid for 18" Kamado Egg BBQ 3TIEREGG | Appliances Direct
  5. Gents, want to get myself an inkbird as my dial one has died, but so many options. any recommendations, seen comments about getting the wifi so you don't lose the historical tracking if bluetooth is lost. or should I just save myself a chunk of cash and go with the bluetooth one. Also any manual dial replacements that fit straight in? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Inkbird-Bluetooth-Thermometer-Rechargeable-Calibration/dp/B08NJZNFWS/ref=sr_1_10?crid=3BEH3R8E8J01X&dchild=1&keywords=inkbird&qid=1621247151&s=outdoors&sprefix=inkb,outdoor,149&sr=1-10
  6. I like it when you don't rush into things Smokin........🤣🤣🤣... Ice.
  7. I bought one but it was the wrong size and doesn’t sit flush on the egg. Still worked but had to adjust vents as not tightly sealed. Chicken still came very good but the rotisserie damaged my seal. New KJ style seal on way and may look at ordering a bigger rotisserie
  8. I don't think there is a rotisserie accessory for the AK yet.
  9. Does the Aldi Kamado have the facility to do rotisserie chicken? Thanks
  10. I find living in the centre of 5 terrace houses with 6 fences they would have to climb over is usually a good deterrent.
  11. Hi All, I'm (relatively) new to the forums, I have met a couple people already who have been very helpful. I received my Landmann Kentucky offset last week and assembled it over the weekend, I have read the large thread with regards to the smoker I have so I am awaiting my stove rope for the recommended mods. I have a fair gap (2-3mm) around the chimney joint to the main lid so was looking for a sealant and found this https://shop.vitcas.com/heat-resistant-silicone-sealant-310ml.html if anyone has any comments or suggestions? Should I also invest in a charcoal chimney starter t
  12. Thanks Tedmus, I'm going to pickup a Inkbird IBT-4XC on amazon which has a 20% off voucher at the moment
  13. I have garden equipment covered as part of my home insurance. But I snore, so the Mrs usually makes me sleep outside most nights...😁
  14. Hi and . I like the Pl(K)amado you got.🤓 I remember watching this video on a homemade Kamado. and was amazed at the detail.
  15. Depends on how much they are charging for it. Most of them are just trying to rip people off so I'd rather leave them to their smashed ceramics.
  16. Preview video out today on How To BBQ a Tri Tip. Full video released 19th May. And yes @Icefever it’s the Tri Tip I won in the Raffle @woodsmoke 19!!!!!!!
  17. Hi Frank, welcome to the Forum, and the East Midlands Group. Where about in the East Midlands are you?
  18. I have now used both the Green Olive Briquttes and Heat Beads and still prefer the Heat Beads. Dawsoms has them back in stock. Not cheap but I really like the Heat Beads. I plan on mixing the Heat Beads and Green Olive Briquttes going forward.
  19. I notice they are back in stock online this morning if anyone is interested and missed out before
  20. jackpigr


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  22. welcome to the forum! Thats pretty impressive with the flower pots😁🍻
  23. same as chairmaker....also bought the most ugliest/cheapest looking cover I could find and store it in the corner of the garden😁👍
  24. A big chain. Or insurance cover for items in the garden. M&S insurance is good for this, I have found.
  25. it dawned on me that shortly i'd have half-a-grand just sitting in the garden...albeit 80kgs of it. What have you all done to deter/prevent theft, and is this something we can add to home insurance?
  26. forgot: to mention i'm from essex, i do some..."computer stuff". and this is my current equipment:
  27. been doing bbq for years, but never tried smoking before...well, before today when my double flower-pot+bbq beach bucket "almost" kamado produced some pulled pork after 5 hours. I managed to place an order for the aldi variant this a.m. so hoping it gets here in one piece and then can start my journey to smoking.
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