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  2. Small as in the 37cm version? The smallest version that they do? I don't have a smartfire or anything similar, but I do like the idea of something to automatically adjust temperatures. Part of me thinks, why not then just buy a pellet grill, but I guess that's mega-bucks in comparison. Did you get that in the UK? The Smartfire website seems to be US, Canada, and ANZ only.
  3. Hi I'm Tom and I'm a BBQ/Smoking enthusiast from the county of Shropshire. I first got into general BBQ about 8 years ago thanks to a book my wife got me as a birthday present. Since then I've gradually drifted more and more towards American style smoking in an offset. I started off with a Landman Grand Tennessee, which I unfortunately did not take good enough care of and it rusted right through in the firebox after 7-8 years. I'm now on an Oklahoma Joe Highland, which is a much better smoker in my opinion even though it really does seem to need those sealing modifications to be effective
  4. yeah, bbq was in the back yard ,only got a small terraced house, we had showers on and off , it was a bit scary, i was in and out the house checking the temp to make sure it wasnt fluctuating too much, ive watched a few vids online and noticed quite a few people mentioning too only use the 3 2 1 as a guide, im going o use the big k briqquettes tomorrow fingers crossed ๐Ÿคž
  5. You'll see & read about doing the 3=2=1 method on ribs...don't stick to this,it's not written in stone. Over time you'll come up with what suits you. I go for 2-1.5-1.5 that works for us. Most of the guys have their own timings on ribs. You had rain today?? was the BBQ out in the rain?? if it was you did a great job.....I setup my smoker under the garage door if it starts to rain. Ice.
  6. I have the small wsm, perfect for 2 to 6 people, more even you can get two chickens 6 ribs, two brisket etc on it easy. Combined with smartfire, set and forget, smoke away beauty.
  7. Difficult to decide when the short term future is so fluid and unknown, even this road map to 8th March is unknown , anything could happen to shoot it down. Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. Patience and wait see is best advice I think. Northern Tailgate seems to be best bet but can we do a contingent booking for the national for late June Early July? Just an idea
  8. thanks fellas yeah might have a go tomorrow at ribs , better weather tomorrow , its been raining on and off here all day which made me a bit more proud of my cook
  9. Well done dude looks good to me........glad everbody love it. Now you have the temp sorted maybe ribs next time?? Ice.
  10. Hi everyone, I managed too do my first ever proper cook today , it was only a spatchcock chicken on a second hand kettle but it was my first go at proper bbq, I was so pleased with the results and so were the kids, it all got eaten so it must of been good I used big k lumpwood charcoal , just over a chimney full , I managed too keep the temp over the chicken around a steady 275-300 which I achieved, first time at trying too regulate temp, The cook time was approx 2hr A big thank you too @Icefeverfor the help and advice I'm buzzing
  11. Hi folks - I'm looking for some advice on what my next barbecue should be. I moved house at the end of last year, and as a consequence, I thinned my barbecue collection down to a large Smokey Mountain, and a Weber Go Anywhere. I'm trying to decide what to get next. I really fancy the idea of something with a rotisserie option, but I'm also going to need something that can do more direct grilling that just the little portable. I was initially thinking about a Weber kettle, but that's largely because that's all I see in the shops. Any other thoughts or recommendations wou
  12. Maybe take some tin snips to 3 of the vents to make 3 larger triangular ones on both the inner and outer? Then youโ€™d have close to bullet/Weber controllability?
  13. 100% Rawce......that's what I thought when I looked at the photos....Big Joe will have to see how this test cook turns out, and if it needs it maybe drill out the slots on the outer vent to make them a little larger?? Ice.
  14. Thanks for the help @Icefever I think i will try and do a chicken first before I attempt ribs , The vents are together, one on the inside and one outside , they mirror each other , which confused me as they both have too be lined up to create the gap/ vent , I'm pretty sure just one would do the same job, that's why I posted incase I was missing something
  15. Based on what Wade has said on various bullet smoker threads, those vents look a little small to me. However, bullets tend to be higher than wider so the draw might be different than on a short/wide kettle.
  16. The next photo...Question, is this vent in this photo. the same vent as the next photo?? it looks like it to me from the pressing set into the lid?? If it is do they turn independently of each other? if they do that means your going to have to lift the lid off to set the inside one maybe in the middle of a cook and that lets out a load of heat that you don't want. Hope this helps matey?? without knowing the make of the BBQ it leaves us in the dark a little, but have a go and let us know how you get on. Ice.๐Ÿ‘
  17. Hi Bickus & welcome to the forum....looking at a photo of a PKGO it shows a grill plate, which looks like cast? why not have a plancha half the size that would just sit on the grill?. That way you are able to use it as one unit. It all depends on how much space you will need when the time comes and you have to cook a load of burgers... Ice.
  18. Ops.. Somehow I missed the preceding post, that list seems a good place to start!
  19. Last week
  20. Hi all Iโ€™m getting a grill/plancha made for my pkgo and debating wether to have full plancha or half plancha half grill Iโ€™ve never really used or cooked with a plancha before but after seeing numerous videos etc would like to for burgers etc any help or advice would be appreciated ๐Ÿ‘
  21. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can buy on-line a BBQ meat selection pack? Or is Smithfields considered an essential journey?
  22. any advice ?? im hoping to have a go at trying some ribs thursday
  23. I brewed a kit or two way back (about 20-25yrs ago) but gave it up when life got in the way. Now, retired and locked-down, hubby and I (mostly I) have got the bug again. We have just brewed a 5L batch of Citra Pale Ale using malt extract + speciality grains, hops etc. It was bottled today so still a few weeks to wait! We had a little taster and for warm, flat beer it seemed ok๐Ÿ˜, didn't detect any "homebrew twang" of kits from a bygone age. ๐Ÿคžit carbonates ok, the cheap and cheerful crown capper had it's issues.
  24. Wade

    New Year New Bacon

    Whenever you slice your bacon you usually end up with with off-cuts. Depending on how much bacon you make, these can usually be used as lardons. I usually freeze mine and when I have enough I add them to some belly pork (75% belly pork 25% bacon off-cuts) and make them in to bacon sausages. These are amazing and are great to make sausage toad or bangers and mash even more exciting. Bacon sausages on the right in the smoker. They were part of a 30 Kg batch of various kielbasa/sausages I made for Christmas.
  25. I hope we can have a get together before 2025 Simon ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ‘ Ice.
  26. Sounds like the standard cop-out phase they have used in the past. Blaming others for their own lack of clear decision making. Oops - do I sound cynical ??
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