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  1. Nah, just get another line with the same thing! And the third line!
  2. Still comes up with a row of, I think, exclamation marks and the words “Sorry. Error here” or some such, in the line under “United Kingdom”
  3. Can’t put address in!!
  4. Ah! Don’t quite need that high, but will get on and order an XXXL!
  5. Only seems to go up to XXL!
  6. I am starting to do some cold smoking beyond the basic cheese, salmon etc, and your commentsabove, Wade, are very useful. One question, though - accuracy of weight is obviously highly important, so can you recommend any scales that will measure to decimal points in grammes? TIA
  7. After a bit of correspondence with Debbie of Callow (I bought through Amazon, not directly with them) I received this morning a complete set of grills FOC! To say I’m impressed is an understatement! This company deserves all the plaudits it can get.
  8. Hi Wade, Yup, I do that, and never had a problem with the Weber. I think it’s just a combination of a limited vertical airflow because of the positions of the vents, together with slightly damp night air. Last night I turned the charcoal basket over and it worked fine, though I would still prefer to have the grate to prevent the CSG sliding off if I have to move the smoker. Valve90210 - I’ve sent them an email, and will wait to see what they come back with. Thanks for your replies Peter
  9. Hey ho, just after I’ve bought the earlier one! So far I’ve only used it for cold smoking with the ProQ CSG, so I don’t know about temp maintenance. One thing I do know, though - quite often I have to relight, which I very rarely had to do when using the Weber 57. I think it’s because of airflow restrictions with the existing charcoal basket. I thought of using one of the grates directly on top of the basket, which means sacrificing a grate for holding cheese etc. I’ve got it on the go right now, but had too much cheese for just one grate, so had another bright idea - turn the charcoal basket upside down so the vents are below it, so I can use both grates for the cheese. This seems to be working, but it was a right devil to get a good angle with my flamethrower, because it’s too near the top of the door-space. So, Wade, here’s the question - do you know if it’s possible to get spare grates, so I can have all three in the smoker?
  10. Liomer

    Christmas ham.

    The way I do it, using my Slow ‘n’ Sear, but I imagine 2-zone’s fine. I use maple syrup glaze, but not too heavy - it doesn’t come out over sweet. This is Kelly’s recipe, slightly adapted for SnS 2 kilo gammon, skin off, as much fat as poss. Soak in cold water all day, changing water every 3 - 4 hours. Then soak in milk overnight. Drain off, and using kitchen paper make sure it’s as dry as poss. Criss-cross fat with a sharp knife, and cover with maple syrup. Most will run off, but some will stay. Light around 14 good briquettes, and place in corner of charcoal reservoir when ashed over. Add a chimney of unlit briquettes plus 2 cherry wood blocks, then 1.5 litres hot water to the water reservoir. Let heat come up to around 250F, place gammon on cool side and let cook to 160F IT. Cooking temp can vary from 225F to 300F without problem. I now have to do this about every 2 - 3 weeks!
  11. Came out OK.......ish. Used 8 fairly large boneless thighs - bought at Brogdale on Saturday. Doubled the marinade, but I think I will quadruple it for this number, as it didn’t really add much in the way of citrus flavour. Perhaps because thighs have more intrinsic chicken flavour than do breasts, and the chicken won. Will do it again, though.
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