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  1. Hi Matt, have the AS300 version, I use the water pan but line it with foil first to aid cleaning. Not struggled with temp control. Tend to use a mix of lumpwood, same coconut briquettes & briquettes. Now try to keep smoker sheltered from the wind, to reduce the variables trying to control. Look at the Pro Q threads as basically the same unit..... See enough sand at work.......
  2. Grandadfatboy, when visiting Ruxley , cruise into Sidcup & check out the BBQ barn, have demos in normal times.check the website for idea of what they stock.....
  3. Cold smoking cheese tomorrow.Trout Monday Tritip on Monday aswell
  4. Napoleon do a kettle that you can adjust the height on. Ebay/Gumtree may open up more options for you. Drop 2 rings out of Napoleon Apollo/ProQ bullet smoker & have kettle all be it close to the ground when not smoking low & slow
  5. Cold smoking some trout at the moment...........saw free cheap kettle, appears this is first use, with cold smoke generator. Been on for 4 hours so far, probably pull them off often 6 as not huge fillets
  6. Morning Not used the Pro q ones but have used the Napoleon coconut briquettes, generally mixed with local lumpwood & Weber briquettes as like the results, roughly 60/20/20 % but not exact by eye/feel Coconut briquettes seem to have a long burn time, good heat, previously mentioned a lot of ash as a downside but this has subsided as I have persevered when doing long cooks.
  7. Was in similar situation, wanting bullet smoker, so went for what was available, Napoleon Apollo 300. Decent review on amazing ribs, mates in the US who are serious about BBQ including ones with BBQ businesses rate Napoleon product highly, it’s what they chose to use/buy themselves mainly but they are mainly gassers. Had no issues with the product, have got good results, modded it to take the temp probe, step drill took all of a minute, using fire seal to improve smoke retention but it wasn’t horrific to begin with, just one area on one ring, have tried different combinations of rings & place on the clock face to get the best fit. Would I get another Napoleon, YES, thinking about a 200 just for fish ....... Pay you money & take your choice, got mine with cover & 5kgs of charcoal from Beds BBQ
  8. Whole brisket ordered from local butcher, then visitors cancel, so decided to do just the flat and freeze the point. Salt & pepper rub prepared 3 days before, mix of coconut briquettes, Weber briquettes & lumpwood charcoal for 9 hours between 225/255f off at 200f. Wrapped in foil approx 90mins, full water pan served with spuds dug on the day, frozen peas and homemade bbq sauce
  9. Simon, if you are in the South East, decent fishmonger in Forest Row, https://www.veaseyandsons.co.uk/ Previous fishmonger of the year winner, mentioned on Radio 2 breakfast show when Chris Evans had Nigel Barden cooking on Thursdays a few years ago. run own boat out of Eastbourne(?) so normally slab has what it has caught, best John Dory ever had came from them
  10. Chin up, look at it as an opportunity to invite friends round and show off your creativity😀 seriously though, good luck storing it all before the new freezer can be used cost us about £100 15 years ago, mainly large Dover soles, halibuts steaks & turbot got a friendly butcher who could help you, know mine would, just a thought
  11. Welcome, as I only tend to smoke 1 large item at a time, I use a thermapen smoke, for about£80 on my Napoleon Apollo/ProQ have a look at the reviews on amazing ribs website. Mates over the water who BBQ for a living advised they are fair reviews/ratings Do you need all the options /features offered by these devices or does KISS apply, certainly does with me🤣
  12. What size is your kettle? If you find this ok for your current cooks & believe the 37WSM is large enough for your foreseeable needs then is the price one you are happy to pay? can always use the kettle in conjunction if saying doing ribs or pulled pork on the WSM and want to do fast and hot as well have a broil king gasser & Napoleon Apollo smoker so do use both when the non smoke crowd come round🤐🤐🤐 Apollo smoker is the bigger model but that was what was available when in the market to buy smoker, as availability of bullet smokers has been a bit scarce this season
  13. Welcome, ideas and tips abound just try what you appeals and change one thing and claim it as your own when posting😧 fair few quid invested in seasonings, personally make my own as do a lot of others, recipes shared on here & the web when trying amended/modified seasoning tend to only change 1 item or qty & note it for the next time have a basic rub that can used for 4 obvious rubs food looks go
  14. Apologies for originally posting this on the wrong thread apologies for the dodgy photo thickness of item being smoked and personal preference affect cook times and obviously temp
  15. Apologies for the dodgy photo showing probe and plank on gasser Next photo shows temp when put on, slow cook as management not ready if upper the heat, probably about 30mins, just one burner and partially on/off heat lit burner between plank and probe hope this helps with your planking journey remember thickness of steak etc being cooked and personal preference all affect cook times
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