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  1. Afternoon, having just done my first pork shoulder last weekend, see pulled pork and the wind elsewhere, found the finished item to be moist and not needing any additional moisture. suggest you try without first and just drink the cider while chilling during the smoke....I was using the attached as a sort of guide from Meathead of Amazing Ribs and trawled various videos. I didn’t dry brine but did use a home made rub & a mix of water & cider vinegar to spritz. Didn’t spritz for the first 3 hours, did wrap in foil after about 5 and a bit hours and struggling with the wind using a bullet smoker. Just my experience based on one success.
  2. Cheers for the advice, had used an old beach style wind break to try and shelter it but wind direction was erratic
  3. Cheers, so was management Hard part is replicating it going forward....
  4. Thanks, trick is to be able to repeat it..................
  5. Could meet you at Cobham services..............🤣🤣🤣👺👺
  6. Impressive Mine took long battling the wind, home made rub, Apollo/ProQ was shooting for 135 but more like a shotgun blast than a snipers rifle in range, well pleased with the result for first attempt. Used the water pan with water served with homemade potato salad and bbq sauce. Plenty of leftovers
  7. Same photo, different lighting😂😂🤣🤣
  8. Or a Traeger or an ole hickory or......... i use a Napoleon Apollo, same as a ProQ, also have Broil King Gasser for when time is against but want enjoy BBQ
  9. Sure someone (Gaza the instructor) will correct me if I am wrong but if a bullet smoker, I have Napoleon version, look at Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) , Pro Q on here as basic principles will be the same. Had mine about a month, followed a Pitmaster x video on YouTube for the ProQ for a guide. Practice is what you need. If cooking for a family group, suggest smoke some of your favourite sausages with a different wood each time to understand which smoke flavours are preferred. Then try pork chops and work up from there. I smoked a brisket flat rather than a whole brisket and just done Boston butt today, see below. Smoked cauliflower is also worth a try really surprising
  10. Well kept on preserving in the wind, on first pulled pork . Photo attached as it’s resting.
  11. Oh yes take the necessary precautions when handling chillies, normal use between 6/12 depending on type and heat when tested. Normally got from Tesco’s as heat seems consistent
  12. Never sure on the authenticity of Wagu beef unless it’s Japanese and normally best part of a monthly car/mortgage payment a kilo. Try venison with Piripiri, usually as a kebab. Use a basic piripiri receipe off the web, obviously regulate heat with number and type of chilliest, bbc good food receipe works well for me. Cube suitable venison around25/35mm then chuck it in a bowl and coat with sauce, normally leave minimum overnight but that’s just me, thread on to skewers either wooden or steel, have in the past even used woody Rosemary stalks stripped down as skewers, then grill some times with woodsmoke sometimes without. Good luck tonight as no rain here in West Kent but windy which is causing frustration with timings on the pulled pork.
  13. Never sure on the authenticity of Wagu beef unless it’s Japanese and normally best part of a monthly car/mortgage payment a kilo. Try venison with Piripiri, usually as a kebab.
  14. Part of the broadbean harvest
  15. Is anyone else having problems with the wind today? One moment completely still next moving tree I gauge wind by about like it’s a kids toy!! temp going up and down like a yo-yo, all timings shot, best I stick another couple of bottles of rose in the cooler for management 🤞🤞 also running Napoleon coconut briquettes , good heat but a lot of ash, burn rate ok but need to riddle the fire box to keep temp in range more often than expected unless it’s the wind......
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