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  1. sub333

    St Louis ribs

    Doing final rack of ribs from my pack today. Covered in Firefly Fiery Texas rub.
  2. sub333


    Ooh, you are in for a treat! Rich, meaty (not as daft as it sounds!), deeply savoury, soft texture, unctuous from the fat. And the burnt ends from the point are like the best bit of the Sunday roast.
  3. Bloody hell, what a ridiculous choice of brisket on johndavidsons! Some seriously tempting stuff on there *drools*
  4. I bought from Turner & George a few weeks ago - very, very impressed with the quality. Bought burgers, sausages and pork butt. The burgers and sausages were delicious! Smoking the butt this weekend 🙂
  5. Is that the key difference between the two, Simon? What I've read here seems to suggest: - Lumpwood - high heat, burns hotter but for less time - Briquettes - burns cooler but for much longer
  6. Hello, I'm keen to buy a selection of meat to tide us over for a while. I bought one of Gridiron's selection boxes a couple of months ago, and I've been very impressed with the quality. They're not doing them for the time being - are there any other companies that people could recommend?
  7. sub333

    St Louis ribs

    Well, they were better but still a bit dry. I did 2hr smoke, then honey and brown sugar in the wrap, 1hr 20 wrapped, then 40 mins sauced. The sugar really makes them go black - should I just wrap them as they are? Still tasty, though! 😀
  8. sub333

    St Louis ribs

    Having another crack today - perfect weather for it! Going to do 2hrs, then 2hrs wrapped and see how we go. Cherry and oak with the charcoal. Got a good Texas hot sauce to try, too.
  9. Thank you, Wade, good to know.
  10. sub333

    St Louis ribs

    I didn't use a probe in the ribs themselves – I've been advised against that, as they're so thin and the meat is so close to the bone. I cooked at 230-250F - and I checked that regularly. The display on the ProQ is not 100% reliable, I gather - it was saying 200F, but my probe that I poked through the eyelet said 240F most of the time. I guess there are so many variables: - it was incredibly windy yesterday (and still is today), so maybe that cranked up the airflow and heated things up? - the size/thickness of the ribs - the outside temp But I have a few more racks in the freezer, so I'll vary things a bit next time. @Justin - you did ribs for 4-4.5 hrs last time, didn't you? Perhaps I'll try that (mine were on for 6 yesterday).
  11. sub333

    St Louis ribs

    And here's how they turned out: They were tasty, but definitely overcooked. I think the final hour was too much for them - should have just sauced them and given them 5mins. One of the racks was cooked above the water pan, and those ones had brown sugar and honey on them while wrapped. The non-sugared ones were better tasting in my opinion, but maybe that was because they weren't so dark. A good benchmark, anyway - be keen to know what you all think about the 3-2-1 method, and any tweaks you'd suggest for next time.
  12. sub333

    St Louis ribs

    1st smoke of 2020! Got two racks of St Louis ribs from gridiron, going to smoke over cherry and hickory. More pics to follow...
  13. Thanks, Wade, good to know. Just concerned about spores etc lurking inside the smoker, but I put a full load of charcoal in and cranked up the heat for several hours, so am sure will be fine. The grates are not on the smoker - kept them in the kitchen over the winter. I still have a load of sand in the water pan - is there any need to replace that with a fresh lot after a long break? (or just skim off top layer?)
  14. Thanks, Justin - what kind of scraper? The ProQ is ceramic, so don't want to use a wire brush etc - you mean like something you'd de-ice your windscreen with?
  15. My Pro-Q smoker is seriously mouldy inside (haven't used it for a few months). On Amazing Ribs, it says to fire it up to kill all the mould, which I did last night. Is the only remaining step just plenty of hot soapy water? I'm leaving the cover off and keeping the vents open while it's sunny this week to make sure there's plenty of airflow. Any tips much appreciated!
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