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  1. sub333

    Lamb shoulder

    Today's effort was delicious! 😀 Hot-smoked it for 8.5hrs with lumpwood and some cherrywood chunks. Never used lumpwood before – the temp dropped a bit after 6hrs, so added another chimney's worth and that did the trick. While the lamb was resting, popped some corn on the smoker as it had plenty of heat left, and after 40mins whacked right over the coals to finish it off. Very happy with the meat. It fell apart and had good flavour. Wasn't sure if I should have wrapped it in foil once I was happy with the crust – any suggestions welcome.
  2. sub333

    Marinade or Rub

    Looks great - just done that on the shoulder I'm smoking on Sunday 🙂
  3. But not with lumpwood? (that's what I'm using this weekend)
  4. Would minion method still work?
  5. Am going to try some of this charcoal this weekend. Have never used lumpwood before. Am I right in thinking that it burns hotter than briquettes but not as long? If I'm cooking lamb slow for 6-8hrs, will one load of lumpwood be enough? (have a ProQ Frontier)
  6. sub333

    Lamb shoulder

    Am having another crack this Sunday. No brining or cold-smoking this time, just a good rub and a long hot smoke 😋
  7. sub333


    Gotcha, thank you.
  8. sub333


    But would it be OK cooked in two stages, ie two lots of 4hrs? Or did you mean do it all the way through then reheat it?
  9. We're having friends over in a few weeks time at lunchtime, and I'd like to cook some meat on the ProQ. When I did pulled pork recently, it was delicious, but it took 8-9hrs + resting time, so realistically this would mean lighting the smoker at midnight/1am, getting it up to temp then smoking the meat through the night. I don't really want to get up every few hours to check it, so I was wondering if you can hot-smoke in two stages, ie give it 4-5hrs, let it cool, then finish it off on the day people are coming over. Would that work? Any advice gratefully received.
  10. sub333

    1st Cold Smoke.

    Thanks! Am very happy with experiments so far. The amount of smokiness after 3hrs seems to be spot on. Have only tried oak dust so far; will try a couple of others next time 🙂
  11. sub333

    1st Cold Smoke.

    Is there an ideal size of cheese to smoke? When I've done Cheddar, I've cut it into two or three pieces based on some of the pics above. But if I put a big block on without cutting it, would you get an even penetration of smoke all the way through?
  12. One article I saw recommended 12 hours of cold smoking, but I tried cold-smoking them for about 3 hrs (while I was doing some cheese), and they turned out really well. Have mellowed slightly but still have lovely aroma.
  13. I bought the same one a few weeks ago – very happy with it. Welcome to the forum, too. There are some seriously knowledgeable people on here for rookies like me 😀
  14. When I've looked online, the only ones I've seen are metal ones or glorified sugar shakers. Am trying to find a clear plastic one with decent-sized holes in the top (ie bigger than a salt shaker) - any ideas? Might be worth me just making my own with a plastic food container etc?
  15. sub333

    Lamb shoulder

    Thanks, Wade. In hindsight that all makes perfect sense!
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