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  1. sub333

    Short ribs

    and most importantly, the missus liked it! I have a stack of sauce left over, so will probably freeze it in small quantities so I have it when I need it.
  2. sub333

    Short ribs

    Very pleased with the result. A hint of smoke, and the flavourful braising liquid did the trick. When I put the meat right over the coals, the flames leapt up, so got a bit more char than I was expecting, but overall, very happy. Here's a pic. Thank you @Justin for the recipe 🙂
  3. sub333

    Short ribs

    Thanks, Justin.
  4. sub333

    Short ribs

    Hi Justin, am reducing the sauce now. Once that's done, do you add the ketchup, treacle etc to the reduced sauce so it's all in the same pan?
  5. sub333

    Short ribs

    Thanks, everyone. Will report back 😀
  6. sub333

    Short ribs

    @Justin I like the sound of that! My missus says other meats I've done have been 'too smoky', so this might be ideal for her. Quick question: on my ProQ Frontier, should I add a stacker (or two), and smoke the ribs with a bit of distance between them and the heat for first part, then put them right on the grille above the coals? Also, for such a short cooking time (ie less than an hour), can I get away with much less charcoal than normally, or do I still need a fair bit to get the heat up? Seems a waste to fill the basket with charcoal for such a short cook (or can I use them again?)
  7. sub333

    Short ribs

    Going to have a crack at short ribs for the first time this weekend. Was planning oak and hickory mix, but minimal rub - probably just salt and pepper.
  8. sub333

    Cote de boeuf question

    Well, that was embarrassing. I got Farenheit muddled up with Centigrade yesterday 😳🤬😥 Set the beef for 122˚ and I wondered why it was miles away after three hours. Once I realised, the internal temp of the beef was 72˚C, so let it rest to allow any juices that were left to do their thing, then quick sear over the coals. The end product was very tasty, and still had a little moisture in, but was WAY more overcooked that I would have liked. Very frustrating, but a lesson learned!
  9. Thanks, Wade, good to know. Smoke leaks out of my ProQ Frontier, but only a little. When I read some of these posts I wondered if I needed to sort the seals out on the doors, but from what you've said, no need.
  10. Looks delicious 🙂
  11. That's a really good deal – thanks for letting us know. Just ordered 32kg for £31, and free delivery, too 😀
  12. sub333


    Is there a consensus on the best rubs for specific meats? Am reverse-searing a cote de boeuf this weekend, and am keen to keep it simple, so was just planning to use salt and coarsely ground black pepper. So far, I've used Bad Byron's Butt Rub as an all-purpose rub on a few different meats, and while I think it's fine, I want to narrow down the key ingredients depending on the meat I'm cooking. But it would be good to hear from others if you think that beef lends itself to a particular ingredient, and pork another etc
  13. sub333

    Cote de boeuf question

    Can you do that with briquettes? I thought you couldn't, because of what they're made of - I have lump, too, which is OK for 'dirty' BBQing, isn't it?
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