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  1. Been putting in two liter bottle with half water, when gets a bit thick add water to pour out Get some soil and mix and replace and water in, i guess if you water in its the same One tip, I guess lumps wont hurt as is burnt wood after all, thou i watch all mine through a collider to save old coals that i can re-burn etc so its all fine and dust really No idea if it does any good but cant harm and easier to get rid off Now - i just funnel into 1 litre plastic bottle add water and pour on to the plants - easy
  2. Impressive, really good job...
  3. Not seen this before, and Im in need of a good bag, any thoughts Big K Restaurant Grade 12kg Apple Wood Lumpwood Charcoal @ £22 all in https://www.amazon.co.uk/Big-Restaurant-Grade-Lumpwood-Charcoal/dp/B08C1Q7S24/ref=sr_1_58?dchild=1&keywords=restaurant+charcoal&qid=1600514365&sr=8-58
  4. BBQ bananas are great, very soft and the most amazing level of sweet and so much juice, careful when you pick them up soft and dont wanna loose any of the good stuff Pineapple works, and great brushed with jerk sauce Peach, Is a bit mad but works really well
  5. sounds good and the answer, thank you everyone out of interest on the grass any good
  6. Now here’s a thought, all the ash what to do with it or just bin it, well plastic bag issue got me thinks Lump wood, bricks, leaves, chunks of general wood etc all the normal leftovers I run all through a colander, and a bit of ash, maybe ½ a teacup and very small black chippings, guess could run that through a fine sieve to catch these bits, and reuse what I can What to do with it, any ideas?
  7. cornstarch brilliant thank you will try this
  8. Hey Kevin, welcome. look forward to you joining in and jumping in on my posts Have fun Im in London
  9. Adi thank you great information. I think you and I have much to discuss Would love to see some pictures.. of the rub and once the chicken has been rubbed I have now a couple of rubs, one pretty well known, forget the name, ill check and post back. and I have two secret rubs. I say that ones browner and ones orange, both bought week or two ago from a stall in Brixton, South London from Jamaican sells. If you try the rub itself it is oh my word, amazing - just can't get on with it The brine I find can overpower, maybe I'm going to strong thou good a better piece of chicken as reta
  10. Funny, big flat head screwdriver point in the crack, twist and it breaks ok. Never had chucks like I see pictures of on this forum thou
  11. Always lid on, close vents after cooking and colander shade all unburnt fuel and re-use, always have done this Removed the ash etc. End up with a load of really small bits, they are a pain, tiny. So put at the bottom with fule and burns, just keep doing it, its all burns in the end
  12. Really? I'm impressed wind or now wind !
  13. Adam makes sense thou for me, no holes that get blocked as in lid You can load up the base with the lighters are and it will burn, small of dust, just all add to the burn Big bits, got it and yeah that would be better, for me big is not much help and I screwdriver the chunks into small prices Only have a little bbq but does me and food great, maybe I need a drum next
  14. I can live with that, cant see it cut. If the outsides not what you like or want, scrap a bit off, enjoy. Tuck in. Next time be even better. Good on you
  15. Yep London a tad on a breeze BBQ lite now, easy as wind makes it ready fast and hot, so gotta keep eye on it. Peri chicken on and lid on be fine, nothing difficult now All adds the the fun, and mans gonna have his chicken Lid on to calm bbq down, temp down, lid off turn picks up lid on, with little gap and vents open, always been fine for me
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