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  1. Funny, big flat head screwdriver point in the crack, twist and it breaks ok. Never had chucks like I see pictures of on this forum thou
  2. Always lid on, close vents after cooking and colander shade all unburnt fuel and re-use, always have done this Removed the ash etc. End up with a load of really small bits, they are a pain, tiny. So put at the bottom with fule and burns, just keep doing it, its all burns in the end
  3. Really? I'm impressed wind or now wind !
  4. Adam makes sense thou for me, no holes that get blocked as in lid You can load up the base with the lighters are and it will burn, small of dust, just all add to the burn Big bits, got it and yeah that would be better, for me big is not much help and I screwdriver the chunks into small prices Only have a little bbq but does me and food great, maybe I need a drum next
  5. I can live with that, cant see it cut. If the outsides not what you like or want, scrap a bit off, enjoy. Tuck in. Next time be even better. Good on you
  6. Yep London a tad on a breeze BBQ lite now, easy as wind makes it ready fast and hot, so gotta keep eye on it. Peri chicken on and lid on be fine, nothing difficult now All adds the the fun, and mans gonna have his chicken Lid on to calm bbq down, temp down, lid off turn picks up lid on, with little gap and vents open, always been fine for me
  7. chillies no problem i have many really hot ones and stuff, some you cant really touch or will cause problems I don't do all hot now thou, more 50/50 and spice and cooking over heat. I used to pass vindaloos back and moan about Phails
  8. nice and simple for me, ill marinade a few cubes next time and try, thanks for that very kind
  9. A bit long I’m sorry but looking for help Been BBQs for 30 in my way, always been happy and since lurking on here, my food still the same, no changes in prep work or sauces, its just up abut 5 levels from such simple things So, from mall floor standing BBQs I have for donkeys and no garden so used to bbq 3 foot outside my door on the paths, even Christmas days bbq sausages in the rain, you can't beat it To round jobbies, and latest a weber round with lid (see I gone posh), which smell great of jerk thou don’t make all food taste jerked I cook mostly jerk and as late a bit peri-peri always chicken, sausages and odd burger and have venison. I’m not that adventurers, but I’m happy Seen so many, and don’t understand. I just layer fuel, grate that has coals on top, light, wait, cooking grill on and cook – lid on/off etc. Guess next step is a drum?
  10. So were talking wagyo ish as in its have a run down before hand.... still bit posh for me
  11. I make venison with Piripiri chicken, in fact will tonight even if it rains are you really sure venison with venison with Piripiri What venison with Piripiri you thinking of, nandos hot, mild ......... and any prep to the venison, marinade in Peri If you can post up what you do from venison out the fridge I would like to give this a go
  12. Missed that one, and never had wagyu. Might be a bit costly and posh for me I have bbq venison chunks and cubes, just plain, salt, pepper, bit oil and lightly cook. NEVER over gook or the foxes will even turn their noses up at it, under cook always Seen wagyu a few times, steaks is it any good thou on the BBQ or stick to the frying pan
  13. At the bottom of every bag there is dust, and fine chippings So what do you do with this dust, I been binning it for 30 years or more This week for fun, I added water and tried to make my own bricks, brilliant that worked really well amazed in fact, then just crumpled and useless So round to, blender (yes blender), dust add water to dry mix Mix with water in bowl, to tick paste like filler - brilliant much better - cant get out the mould, crimples Cling film bowl, same as before - BINGO nice bricks, any shape and size, I’m pleased. bit fragile and bit do crimple - trick is to really compact the dust, not that we can like a machine does On the BBQ burns fine, bit quick in truth, the heats there just not long ;lasting probable 25% the burn time of a bracket normally Not bad really for waste
  14. No one likes tiny pieces that’s for sure, in a bag you get all sorts, so why do I read a lot members please at big chunks etc. So why, and how do you use the biggest chunks, for me to big needs breaking up, I cant cook with anything thinker than say 1 1 ½ inch thick maybe two max, as I just cover the grill I have a round Weber with lid
  15. My call, any BBQ with a lid And always get the best restaurant lump wood charcoal you can buy/afford never regret it Oh tongs - never happy with any i have had, need a really good grip, best advise i can give on tongs
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