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  1. 2 things on this point... 1. Anyone know where I might have heard this - possibly an Aaron Franklin YouTube video? I feel like it was a trusted source but don't remember now. 2. Do you recon it's true? I have never tested the theory but don't tent to use wood chunks the whole cook(depending on cook time), just let them burn off and dont bother adding more. I was just thinking about this having just read a couple of things about people using fancy/expensive wood (exotic species or old whiskey barrels). If you are using it for the whole of an 8+ hour smoke you stand to save a lot! Thought's and opinions? I might do a bit of a test on this theory at some point
  2. And yeah, sorry, this got off topic somewhat Thanks for all the great help and advice though guys! This just shows what a friendly community it is, when a simple introduction hits page 2.
  3. Thanks @Raptor72that's really helpful. Think I need to do some maths on a 'no holding back' UDS and see how my vision compares to a purpose built WSM/ProQ 😊
  4. Yeah I looked at ProQ/smokey mountain but didn't think they were worth the extra £££ above a decent UDS. Many advantages over a UDS other than access to the fire? I have a 47 weber kettle but it's just a bit tight for space if I want to cook any more than a single item. And I'll keep it for hot n fast
  5. 1- Usually cook for just the family(Waaaaay more than we eat) but have parents and others over for a meal occasionally and I'd love to be able to cook up a brisket or a few rack of ribs. max 10 people is the short answer! 2- Meat.(and fish, I want to be able to try anything!) 3- Low but not too much of an issue. I like the idea of building from scratch but want to end up with a good quality dedicated smoker
  6. Yeah I was wondering about compatibility, worth an email though.
  7. Using a pre-made sauce to make a sauce just seems a bit half hearted. When I make something I want to know I have made it and that it doesn't have a load of extra salt/sugar/additives etc.
  8. Yeah they are pricey, but easy. Hadn't seen Dracarys stuff, thanks. How have you attached the right angles on the inside? Just with the nut that would come with?
  9. Oh, I should note, I do wonder if a lot of the american 'tomato sauce' in recipes is passata?
  10. That doesn't include ketchup! Anyone got a good recipe for a home made BBQ sauce, or even just abase/foundation for a sauce to experiment with? Everything I find online seems to include tomato sauce, which is cheating, and half the reason I want to make my own is so I know whats in it. Thanks
  11. Bucksend


  12. Thanks for the picture @Raptor72 Anyone used any parts from Big Poppas smokers, thoughts if so?
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