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  1. Lovely thanks, the cider sounds interesting, not done it before
  2. Justin, that sounds great, and not too complicated, I am hoping to get back into brewing and this is perfect
  3. Will sort a raffle prize and happy to help in any demos also will have some pork loin to make some bacon
  4. Fermenter fridge? I will be picking your brains on this one
  5. Mick

    First brisket

    Remember you were cooking a completely different product from those guys, they are using USDA grain fed meat and you much leaner grass fed beef
  6. Lovely, thanks ice, I will bring the ingredients and hopefully will be a bit of room
  7. Im trying to finalise my menu but don't have enough BBQ space, will anyone have any spare for a large tray or two?
  8. I do but it's only a small difference
  9. A couple of my thoughts, you did a great job by the way, as SM said a smoke generator of some sort will give more smoke I use a tube but take it easy at first, grass fed briskets I always wrap in double foil tightly with some beef broth, and at this point there is no point in using pellets so your oven is just the same, I also inject mine but not necessary
  10. Barbequed a couple of squirrel last year, came out awful so tough, not sure if I over cooked them, wouldn't do again
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