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  1. I got mine from Grays, a welding supply place
  2. Mick

    Asian Pulled Pork

    Sounds great
  3. Mick


    I don't like the pellets as much
  4. Mick


    I have a London pride clone in the fermenter at the moment, recipe says 10 days and I am 6 days in, nothing to drink at the moment though
  5. Mick

    Skirt Steak

    Love a bit of skirt
  6. Mick

    Asian Pulled Pork

    Lovely, how much of the rub could you taste in the cooked pork?
  7. Mick

    Black Bacon.

    Thanks Wade totally understand, salt is salt at the end of the day 👍
  8. Mick

    Black Bacon.

    This is my order, pretty sure it is right
  9. Mick

    Black Bacon.

    Thanks for the advice, and thanks for the offer of the salt #1 I have actually ordered some today so hopefully it is the correct stuff
  10. Mick

    Black Bacon.

    Interesting I have ordered the curing salt and some kosher salt, might even use some home brew which will be ready in about 2 weeks
  11. Mick


    Very nice, what brews have you got on the go?
  12. Mick

    Black Bacon.

    Thanks ice, perfect
  13. Mick

    Black Bacon.

    Not made from scratch just from Wade's pre mixed packet, just add sugar and what ever flavour, I will find the spreadsheet Justin mentions
  14. Mick

    Black Bacon.

    Ok I shall get some ordered Cheers ice
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