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  1. Looks great ice, glad you are doing better with your back, first time I have had a good look at that smoker but sure is nice, definitely right choice on the larger one I would say 👍
  2. Welcome, hopefully not long now till we can start again, it's all very relaxed, sure to enjoy it
  3. Mick

    Hi from Essex

    Hi, there are a few of us from Essex, hopefully will all be able to get together for a tailgate
  4. Thanks ice and smokeytom, does look nice and fancy a go at it
  5. Oh didn't know you had one ice, I am looking at venturing into it, been looking around and chatted with Oliver at pro smoke, was just wondering what to get how big etc as only for 2 of us and a family get together maybe every month, are the larger diameter easier to control etc, really wanted a used one to try first then maybe upgrade later, but could wait ages, do you enjoy yours? What model do you have?
  6. No I have never competed, I judge kcbs comps same as icefever, best thing is to go to a comp and speak to the teams, have a look and taste the food, if you are interested a lot of teams are happy to share left overs with you, it is a very friendly environment and all teams are happy to chat if not busy, What area are you?
  7. Does anyone use an offset? And could advise me cheers
  8. Hi, Teams can be single or many, not sure how many kcbs comps there will be this year unfortunately I think 2 have been cancelled. There is a new comp in Colchester this year
  9. Mick

    First Sous Vide

    I am struggling with the searing, we both agreed that the steak needs better searing, I shall have to get the blowtorch out but would prefer to try charcoal, once I get a bbq Drying it first with paper towel is a must
  10. Adult rides sounds great but will you get a BBQ and tent in the boot?
  11. We have also gone over to bags as apposed to the rolls
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