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  1. Sorry just seen this, I don't get notifications for everything so I miss a bit, no I haven't started yet, I have all the ingredients and bits so just need a bit of time now
  2. Lovely, we have been doing this Tom kerridge recipe for a while now always great
  3. Mick

    Hello to all

    They all look great
  4. Mick

    Hello to all

    Hi, the wsm will be easy after the offset and I am sure your food will improve, you will get lots of good advice here
  5. Mick

    Maldon 2020

    Yeah so not all bad🤣
  6. Was there ever a time when you two got on, do you think some sort of marriage guidance would help
  7. Mick

    Maldon 2020

    And remember teams are there 3 days Fri to Sunday 6pm approx
  8. Mick

    Maldon 2020

    Basic list it help me I of course like to take more shit than needed but that’s just the all smoke no knickers way Equipment bits Smokers & open pit grill Table / bench X3 Fire starter & cubes Wood Charcoal Disposable gloves Heat gloves Foil tray Chopping boards red /yellow /white BBQ guru x2 & all bits Blue roll Cloths Knives Cooler box & freezer packs Camping shit if camping Led lights for camp etc JD & beer alcohol lots of injections Sauce Bush lead for iPod iPod Deck chair Parsley Meat Cooling racks Power leads x2 Cleaning stuff Coffee makes & rest of the shit Tin foil Zip bag Gazebo Gazebo lights Clock Competition notes Rubs sauces injections Phone charger/light charger And don’t forget your sponsors banners
  9. Mick

    Maldon 2020

    Oh yeah I forgot 😁
  10. Looks fantastic, so only oats in the recipe?
  11. Mick

    Maldon 2020

    Yes good idea on the open forum
  12. Mick

    Maldon 2020

    Look good, if we get another 4 I would be interested in joining a team and foregoing judging, my advice would be to choose a round each and try to perfect that at home and not interfere with, just help each other with their round.
  13. Mick

    Maldon 2020

    Spot on, teams are cooking for the judges who are in turn judging against the kcbs standard
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