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  1. No not seen that, will check it out thanks 👍
  2. We will probably come Friday, Mac & cheese no problem
  3. Mick


    We have this cut regularly, fantastic flavour we always get Uruguayan grain fed, get a whole one and cut up into 3 and freeze, must render the fat cap well and we have it medium
  4. Sue and me, motorhome please possible 2 dogs
  5. Mick

    New find.

    I have dealt with them, very good
  6. Mick

    Beef Sausages.

    Sounds good, are you going to add extra fat to the Chuck?
  7. It is in a keg so can't send but you are welcome to pop over, might be better to wait until next brew as that will be a more mainstream type, this one is a neipa and I would say love or hate type
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