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  1. Thanks chaps. I'll post some pics under the kamado cooks however it goes! 🤞🏻
  2. Good evening all, I'm going in for my first long cook on the weekend which is all very exciting. I'm doing a recipe from the excellent Berber & Q. However it says to cover the shoulder (bone in) in rub but makes no reference to preparing the meat in advance. Should I be trimming it of thick fat and sinews? Picture of the beauty below. Thoughts please.
  3. Toucs


    Did someone say Makita... damn I clicked. The combi drill and impact driver set with 2x 5.0ah price is very good. The batteries alone are £50 ea.
  4. Finally got the AK out of the frame and onto some feet and received the Asado grill today. All ready for a wet weekend!
  5. Hello all, Thought I share what I've been up to recently as I know you all like pictures. Sadly since getting the AK it's been a little underused whilst my spare time has been consumed down the end of the garden. I was going to write a blog but, well, time pressed on and I never got around to it. So here's an update and I'll add to as it progresses. I've used a combination of new and reclaimed/old materials in the build and it's approx 3.4m x 3m. There's still a way to go, the right hand side needs some head scratching but that will house the kamado, a sunken pit for kebabs and a butlers sink to act as a beer/wine cooler. But it all serviceable now so the Project Director is happy - phew. As you can see she's added her finishing touches following a recent ram raid at TK Maxx. It's been a great experience and I've learnt a whole lot of stuff along the way, such as: brickwork is really hard, mortar is the last think you want to mix up when you get in from work, a tape measure has markers for 16" centres (don't roll your eyes), I now know what a centre is (I'm a metric millennial) and materials over 2.4m long aren't readily available at your local DIY store so plan ahead. I actually got the inspiration for the structure and roofing off this forum so thanks to you lot too. Next up render and tiling after my holiday. The back needs a rest...
  6. There you go @Smokin Monkey AK 2019...
  7. As suggested by @Smokin Monkey I'll start the ball rolling... I didn't get my weekend logistics sorted for my first low and slow, so sticking with the kebabs. Chicken Tikka and Paneer/vegetables all served up on fresh salad and coriander dressing. Really enjoying my weekend wander to the green grocers to see what colourful madness he has in. This week, bright yellow toms and courgettes. I tend to use thigh, but only had breast fillets in the freezer so really happy they weren't dry. Sadly can't recommend the Rockwell Skewer support (B&Q), spot weld has failed. It feels cheap, was cheap, is cheap. To be returned.
  8. So here's the chicken. I followed a recipe from the Pitt Cue recipe book. House rub mixed with chipotle paste, butter and roasted garlic paste. Had to substitute the chipotle for harissa as popping down the shops wasnt an option. Sadly I was low on charcoal so couldn't get the temp up to crisp it all up towards the end. Cooked and 150 for probably 90 minutes, 75 degrees on the probe. It was juicy and the flesh was turning pinkish with the smoking. Definitely more hot smoked than roasted. The left overs crisped up nicely in the oven the next day. First big lump off the grill, and I'll take that! Pulled pork this weekend...
  9. Played with mine this weekend following a quick call to Aldi to get a £50 refund. So far I've cooked lamb adana, vegetables and flat breads and roasted a chicken on Sunday. Really happy with the results. I'm not at the set and forget stage but control hasn't been too tricky. Just remember to remove the deflector when cranking it up..... live and learn, doh!
  10. Turned up yesterday, rushed home with a mixture of excitement/trepidation. 'Just' the two marks from what I can see. The worst being above the ash box opening. Looks very much like @MarkG pic. Back to customer services I go! Thanks for all the updates, handy to know what positions have been agreed. I'll let you know how I get on.
  11. Hello @JonC. Out of interest where is your Charcoal supplier located? I see you're West Kent, I'm Eastbourne so potentially interested if the distance isn't too far. Many thanks.
  12. Just waiting on delivery myself from Aldi...twiddles thumbs, paces up and down, checks tracking details (again)....
  13. Excellent, thank you from another interested party!
  14. Toucs

    Eastbourne here...

    Thanks all for the kind welcome and info @Smokin Monkey
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