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  1. martin_b


    Just did my first BBQ on my new Napoleon. Very impressed with the grill especially the cast Iron grate, great char lines on the stake. I was even more impressed with the whole raw King prwans however they weren't cheap form the local Fishmongers. Can you achieve a similar result from raw shelled king prawns that I think i can get from the cash and carry. cheers Martin
  2. Yes, SNAFU and FUBAR'ed as well. Not the services but 40 years+ in IT have taught me the meaning of both!
  3. Ops.. After doing dozens of sides of cold smoked salmon over the years Ive made my first major screw up. ALl my fault I used a weber kettle instead of my smoking box, as I hadnt cleaned it from last year. Then I used my big pro q as I couldnt find the small one, next i didnt check the pro q has lit correctly, it had in two diferent places, and then finnaly not checking how things were going. the result a side of hot smoked salmon! not sure what to do with it now? it tastes OK if a bit salty, maybe flake it and use it in fish pies? any other suggestions?
  4. Its in a roasting dish, so i could put another on top, however the fridge is used exclusively for beer, and the odd bottle of milk so as you say I should be OK.
  5. When cureing the salmon do I really need to cover the salmon with cling film? ( as I've run out!) I can leave on its own it in a seperate fridge so the odour isnt a problem.
  6. So Im now a member at Bookers 😀 Easy to join and prices seen good, so just need a bit of Sun to try things out.
  7. Interesting.. I've got my own limited company, would that be good enough? Or would the fact I'm an IT consultant exclude me?
  8. Ops.. Somehow I missed the preceding post, that list seems a good place to start!
  9. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can buy on-line a BBQ meat selection pack? Or is Smithfields considered an essential journey?
  10. Thanks and got to say I agree, Im also thinking along the lines of a Napoleon rather than a Weber, I really want a hinged lid and a height adjustable grill.
  11. Hi all, I have a Callow that I use for Long and slow smoking and a Weber Kettle that get used for everthing else BBQ wise. The Weber is now due for replacement, (its about 8 years old and spent all its life outside.) I did fancy getting a Kamado type, but as a " casual" BBQer would i really gain anything over getting another Weber and saving a lot of money I could spend on meat?
  12. Thanks Ive got an inkbird so I'll use that and cook them together.
  13. Gents, The wife has got a couple of smallish <2kg supermarket joints one pork shoulder and a beef brisket. Is there any reason I couldn't slow cook them together, and save some heat beads?
  14. All done took about 8 hours.. had a few problems with the callow no longer been round, it got blow around over the winter so I need to attend to thoes beofre I try again. One quick question the pork was lovely and moist and I have some left. Whats the best way to reheat it with out drying it out?
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