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  1. martin_b

    New Vacuum packer..

    My current Vacuum sealer is giving up the ghost, about 50% of the bags I'm sealing, leak within 4 weeks. Can anyone recommend a mid price sealer I'd like a roll cutter, and spend around £100-£150. cheers Martin
  2. martin_b

    perfect Saturday

    I never smoked so i dont know what you mean. Coincidentally my wife is currently doing some work for Lol Creme, and we all know how 10cc got their name 😀
  3. martin_b

    perfect Saturday

    I've shot by best ever benchrest rifle 50m groups, Dined on BBQ chicken, now eating home smoked nuts, having watched England bt Ireland, and now have Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd and the Doobie Brothers concerts on Sky Arts to watch whilst drinking my home made, beer and Sloe Gin. All that's missing, perhaps a Cohiba?
  4. martin_b

    Vortex Greek Chicken Drumsticks

  5. martin_b

    Vortex Greek Chicken Drumsticks

    Soory newbie alert, ( but a massive fan of Chicken Wings) whats a Vortex?
  6. martin_b


    Only thing i'm a bit confused about is with my method is.. You wet them to help the smoke to stick.. but then Im roasting them in the kitchen oven, so I assume they are fully dried, before they see smoke. Does that mean I should cold smoke them longer to get the full flavour of the smoke? cheers
  7. martin_b

    Which to freeze.

    Guys I fancy doing a low and slow piece of meat.. From what I've read it seems to make sense to do a reasonably sized piece. However theres no way two of us would finish anything that big so my question is what's the best meat/joint to freeze once its cooked? ( not ribs I guess?)
  8. martin_b

    Additional Smoker

    thanks for this, I'm already covered for cold smokers, I've got the small and the big ProQ already.. though i might try pellets soon as an experiment.
  9. martin_b

    Additional Smoker

    Thanks for this, I was looking at the ProQ earlier this morning it does seem to fit the bill. It’s also has a couple of features I’m not sure I’ll use often but are certainly nice to have. The fact it splits for storage in the shed, and that I could just have the bottom unit and use it as a grill on overnight fishing trips. The Frontier size looks about right add in a good wireless thermometer, and I'm still well under budget.
  10. martin_b

    Additional Smoker

    cheers.. anything that starts with a bottle opener in the "standard setup" is certainly on my wavelength.
  11. Could i ask for some advice.. I currently have a Weber kettle that I use as a grill and Im happy with in that role, I'd now like to get into the world of low and slow with a dedicated smoker but I stuck on what type to get, let alone what brand. A bullet, and Egg, an offset? I've not a clue! Other info that maybe salient is most of the time I'll be cooking for 2, 3 or 4 people, occasionally maybe 8 or so. and I was thinking of a budget of £500 but this could be flexible, "Cheap becomes expensive" is a saying i believe in. cheers Martin
  12. martin_b

    Beer clubs

    Not really brewing but its about beer.. Anyone any views on the plethora of subscription beer clubs that have recently appeared? I know its an expensive way to get beer you might not like, but it is convenient. I used to be a member of Beer52, but the beer choice was just to “exotic” for my conservative tastes. Beer should contain Hops Barley Yeast Water, ( and maybe a few other grain types) but certainly not.. Cinnamon, Chocolate, Coffee, lime juice, and a selection of various fruits. I now use Honestbrew.co.uk. which allows me to more tightly specify my preferred type of beer (IPA’s and Pale) and while I’ve had a few that have been just OK I’m yet to get anything truly undrinkable. Anyone else subscribe to any
  13. martin_b


    After hours of internet research (what else does one do at work on a Friday?) I had a go at making smoked nuts (cashews and Almonds) this weekend. I used the method I think musicians call a “mash up” of everything I’d read. So I soaked them for about 5 mins in a warm brine made with smoked salt. Roasted them in the oven with a bit of peanut oil and a knob of butter and more salt @ 150C for about 30mins.. I just kept eating one every 5 mins or so, it was obvious when they were done. Then in the cold smoker for a small ProQ’s worth of Hickory. Initial results are very promising, but I’ll vacuum a few small packs up tonight and elicit some non-biased opinions from collegues.
  14. martin_b


    I’ve only been on here a day but I’m already inspired to try something new, Nuts! Two questions Do you have a link to the trays you use to cold smoke them? And would it be a cardinal sin to roast them on the cooker before cold smoking? TIA Martin
  15. martin_b

    What Smoker Next?

    Thats my birthday list sorted!