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  1. My dear fellow, Im english I would never complain.. stiff upper lip and all that !
  2. I'm afraid it has affected it, its a b***h to light! Wouldn't light in the kettle, wouldn't light with my electric thing, in the end I've used a whole pile of kindling wood in the bottom of the grate and had a mini bonfire to get it going.
  3. I've just opened my first bag of CPL and the inside on the inner bag, ( made from god knows what) is really quite damp. Is this usual?
  4. cheers Wade, two other points i'd ask is why can't the charcoal basket have a larger diameter? and the middle section could do with brace to help it keep its shape. Seasoning with lumpwood now and hopefully the brickets will arrive tomorrow and I'll give it a should of pork as a starter Update: Having using it a couple of times now (and having added Nylock nuts and spring washers) it seems to perform well. One thing I would say though its very hard to judge/see the position of the bottom vents. I wish the tab that use use to open and close the vents were several inches longer ( ill try to extend them somehow) and maybe use some hi-temp paint to add some sort of sale on the body on the Callow .
  5. I built mine yesterday and I intend to use either blue loctite or high temp Nylock nuts. ( I'll also be adding some washers)
  6. Thanks for this, I'll give it a go, The only issue I can see is that I smoke outside, IYSWIM and I use a maze type cold smoker, so the temp is really just the outside temp.
  7. Guy's I've been asked by a friend who has to carefully control his salt intake if its possible to produce cold smoked salmon without using salt in the cure, or use the minimum amount possible. I usually go about 70/30 to 60/40 salt to sugar, but is it possible to go say 80/20 sugar to salt?
  8. My current Vacuum sealer is giving up the ghost, about 50% of the bags I'm sealing, leak within 4 weeks. Can anyone recommend a mid price sealer I'd like a roll cutter, and spend around £100-£150. cheers Martin
  9. I never smoked so i dont know what you mean. Coincidentally my wife is currently doing some work for Lol Creme, and we all know how 10cc got their name 😀
  10. I've shot by best ever benchrest rifle 50m groups, Dined on BBQ chicken, now eating home smoked nuts, having watched England bt Ireland, and now have Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd and the Doobie Brothers concerts on Sky Arts to watch whilst drinking my home made, beer and Sloe Gin. All that's missing, perhaps a Cohiba?
  11. Soory newbie alert, ( but a massive fan of Chicken Wings) whats a Vortex?
  12. martin_b


    Only thing i'm a bit confused about is with my method is.. You wet them to help the smoke to stick.. but then Im roasting them in the kitchen oven, so I assume they are fully dried, before they see smoke. Does that mean I should cold smoke them longer to get the full flavour of the smoke? cheers
  13. Guys I fancy doing a low and slow piece of meat.. From what I've read it seems to make sense to do a reasonably sized piece. However theres no way two of us would finish anything that big so my question is what's the best meat/joint to freeze once its cooked? ( not ribs I guess?)
  14. thanks for this, I'm already covered for cold smokers, I've got the small and the big ProQ already.. though i might try pellets soon as an experiment.
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