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  1. Thanks Ive got an inkbird so I'll use that and cook them together.
  2. Gents, The wife has got a couple of smallish <2kg supermarket joints one pork shoulder and a beef brisket. Is there any reason I couldn't slow cook them together, and save some heat beads?
  3. All done took about 8 hours.. had a few problems with the callow no longer been round, it got blow around over the winter so I need to attend to thoes beofre I try again. One quick question the pork was lovely and moist and I have some left. Whats the best way to reheat it with out drying it out?
  4. Hi Guys Ive got a small pork shoulder joint, ( 1.8kg fat removed) that I'd like to slow cook for pulled pork. Are there any special considerations when doing a joint this small? Ive done large bone in joints before but not one this small.
  5. martin_b


    Hi Chap's Not smoking I know but does anyone here make Biltong? My first attempt was a disaster, and I need help with the cure. (way to much vinegar in my first effort)
  6. No Iodine sea salt. ( also used for the table salt mills as well as for the Salmon)
  7. Guy's, Ive always bought my curing salt in 25KG bags, but my sugar in .5kg bags from the local supermarket. Can anyone rcommend a good supplier and brand of bulk sugar? TIA
  8. Looks fine, but its now in the freezer. Just two supplementary questions, is it ok to smoke overnight for 12 hours, then store in the fridge and smoke a second time.? and what do you recommend doing in winter? ( add heat artificially?) cheers Martin
  9. Many thanks Wade , very useful. As it happens I did smoke overnight and according to my thermo' we started at 22C and finished at 19C the following morning.
  10. OK is it Ok to do this.. Freeze the trout now, its been cured. Then when the british summer returns smoke the trout, but then normally I would cut it a freeze what I don't immediately need. so in effect I'll freeze it, smoke it, freeze it.
  11. I've got a side of Salmon I need to cold smoke this weekend. With daytime temps predicted to be around 30C not the best time to do it! So I plan to use my Callow with the water tray full of Ice( should i add salt?), rather than much much larger cold smoking cabinet. then start it off around 6pm and then Smoke through the night. using a big Pro Q generator. Should I also be adding wet towels and any other tips, also as it will still be warm at 6pm is this the best time to start? would say midnight to mid-day be better? TIA Martin
  12. Have you tried soaking them in water for a while before hand?
  13. This evening my wife is entertaining the members of her local opera club, I was on BBQ duty, the food was a great success but to my eternal embarrassment one of the meals contained a little extra iron in the form of a screw from my tongs. I was never that happy with the set i had so can anyone recomend a good set of tools, I'd rather have quality over quantity.
  14. you should always leave room for improvement!
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