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  1. As this was my first attempt it’s a bit difficult to comment on if the various steps were really needed but all I can say is it was totally amazing! Vastly surpassed my expectations. I dont think the vinegar really affected the flavour but I’d imagine was more to stop the cureing process. I’d read other recipes that asked for the belly to be washed clean at that stage but didn’t like the idea of that.
  2. Thanks all. This was my first attempt and followed a River Cottage recipe. The flavour was fantastic, best bacon I’ve ever tried but it was a lot of work. I like the idea of vac packing so will give it a go next time.
  3. I’m having my first crack at making bacon at the moment having brought my self a pro q cold smoke generator. I’ve just finished 5 days of curing in a salt, demorera sugar, black pepper, bay and juniper berry mix. It’s now wrapped in muslin and hanging in my shed for a few days. Im planning to use some maple wood dust in the cold smoke. Does anyone have an idea how long it should smoke for? Cheers Neil
  4. Hi all I’m planning on attempting a Brisket for the first time next weekend. I’ve ordered a whole brisket (point and flat) from the butchers and am planning on keeping the cook simple for the first attempt. The plan is to rub Texas style with salt and pepper the smoke low and slow around 110c for 6 hours or so before wrapping in burgers paper and back on till it’s done. Is there anything anyone would recommend I do other than this? I don’t mind doing a bit of injecting. Cheers Neil
  5. @Wade this weekend I cooked up a whole shoulder of lamb over some birch coals. 10 hours all in at about 105. Wrapped in foil after the first five hours. There was so much left overs I made a shepherds pie on Sunday and stuck that in the egg as well to get a smokey crust on the mash! Both were damn good!
  6. @Raptor72we’re in Crouch End so just down the hill from your family!
  7. Hi all!! Just signed up! I’m currently smoking away with a large big green egg and loving it!! Living in North London and hoping to pick up a few tips and tricks! 👊
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