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  1. I had family over yesterday and made vegetable spag-bowl in the cast iron. Might try some ribs on Monday.
  2. It’s not as warm as last year, but anyone getting out in the garden to cook something up.
  3. Made a roast yesterday with a joint I got from a butchers at Romford Market, and today made a jalfrezi in the Dutch Oven following @Dutchy video he posted earlier in the week. Really nice taste and definitely going to try it again in the next week or two.
  4. Don’t forget to get some pictures. Look forward to seeing it.
  5. Simon

    First smoker outing

    Not perfect ribs but they were still nice and tasty. Cooked on the 3-2-1 method. No complaints from the family. Served with broccoli and chips. Great Thursday meal.
  6. I wish. No space in the kitchen at the moment
  7. Got the Dutch Oven out today and actually remembered to take a pic of the finished product. Going to be doing a lot of cast iron cooking when camping this year so getting some practice in.
  8. I’ve still got about 10 bags of green olive briquettes.
  9. Simon

    Fire Pits

    Cheers for that.
  10. Green olive firewood isn’t a bad call to have a look at.
  11. Hi everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. Was just wondering if anyone knows of any good firepits that aren’t too expensive to get?
  12. After working all night long and with 3 hours sleep I’ve decided to go for something simple. Burgers and potato wedges.
  13. By the way the news is playing it it seems they want everything up from June. Sadly it depends on the British public following government guidelines...see you all in 2025 then
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