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  1. I only use the lumpwood for burgers and basic bbqing. What do other people use it for?
  2. Heatbeads seem to be the popular choice for people. I must admit the C02 Neutral briquettes seem to do the job for myself at the moment.
  3. Simon

    Korean BBQ

    I don’t blame you there. I’m hoping to get it lit today but all depending on the weather. That looks tasty, my wife has been hassling me to eat out.
  4. Just had the wife go to the local butchers for some chicken breasts and got 5kg for £22. Not a bad deal and really nice staff who are always friendly and helpful. They also give a couple of chicken legs for free to my son.
  5. I finished early yesterday and we had a chicken that needed cooking so I thought that I would get the Kettle out because why not. I prepared the chicken in a seasoning, and then started to prep the BBQ. It was when I tried lighting the firelighters that I realised the wind was blowing a bit, but decided like University Challenge: I started so I’ll finish. I used a bit too much charcoal briquettes but that was because I had set it for low n slow but the wind had other ideas. Overall though it turned out ok. It may have been cooking a bit higher that I would have liked but it stayed fairly succulent considering it was a Tesco Value chicken. I am hoping to try some chicken kebabs at the weekend.
  6. It doesn’t seem very consumer friendly.
  7. My brother has a gas BBQ and was asking how much better charcoal is. I’ve invited him over so I can smoke something for him. I do prefer charcoal. The challenge of keeping the a set temperature is definitely part of the fun.
  8. Found this link That might be helpful. Sorry for turning this thread into a potato one. https://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/the-ultimate-potato-guide/
  9. Hi. Welcome to the group. Always good to have a new person on the group. Those smokers look good. I thought about getting an old fridge converted into a smoker and the wife flat out said no old fridge in the garden.
  10. That looks great. How do you make your potatoes? I often get mine to crisp up by part-boiling and then putting some olive oil over them before roasting for 45min. Where did you cook the Pork?
  11. I didn’t know it was. Now I do I’ll have to change dinner plans.
  12. Simon


    How did you brew at home? I have a friend who’s interested but not sure how to start and what to use to brew it in.
  13. Simon

    Topside joint on Kettle

    So all finished now and no complaints from the family. The little one certainly like it. The only seasoning I did was a small bit of oil and then salt and pepper and left for a few hours. At around 1200 I lit the coals. I kept the temp at around 130 and then put the Inkbird probe in set for medium rare. I left it for 2.5 hrs until the joint reached temperature and prepped the rest of the food. Served with roast potatoes, honey roasted carrots and parsnips, broccoli, and Yorkshire pud (I wasn’t brave enough to try them on the bbq this time.
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