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  1. That’s amazing. You have a great collection there.
  2. Great video. Where did you find the rotisserie
  3. I’ve just been here today and you guys are right about spending a fortune if not careful. I walked my little boy round to look at the cows which he loved. Have you tried their sausage rolls and steakbake? We had some for lunch today.
  4. I’m gonna try to head over there Monday. I would have gone tomorrow but it’s closed.
  5. It looked great mate. Made me interested in going there.
  6. Hi Rob welcome to the group.
  7. Cheers Phil. I’m trying to find a good place nearby that delivers local meats. The butchers near me is ok but isn’t the best, it depends who serves you, some of them don’t seem that helpful.
  8. What farm shop is that?
  9. That’s a good price. Where did you find that one?
  10. Looks lovely mate. I already wish I was back on holiday.
  11. So after a morning out I got home and started the pizzas. Some worked out better than others but SWMBO is determined that the base recipe she knows is the best...it’s ok but not the best. I then made some meatballs in a tomato sauce for dinner tomorrow. I used 20% fat mince with some oregano and pepper and put them on the skillet to cook. Added the sauce and smoked some apple chips for flavour. Now I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening.
  12. I’ll do that soon but the little one will want to eat it as he loves bananas. However at least it will mean he’ll sleep at night.
  13. Gonna have a try at this as well today.
  14. No pics sadly but just finished a sirloin steak with corn on the cob and wedges all off the bbq. so as not to waste I put some apple and bananas in a try and baked in a bit of sugar and cinnamon and served with ice cream. Not a bad day at all. Pizza for tomorrow 🤤
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