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  1. Have you done a video showing all your kit and what it does? Could be a fun video.
  2. My wife has used our Dutch Oven and my skillet to bake bread in. She recently started making sour dough , so we continually have the starter in our fridge.
  3. I’m looking at getting some more bits, and was looking at UK made stuff, but the bits I’ve seen are expensive. If anyone knows decent priced UK made Cast Iron then give a shout.
  4. For the last week and a bit, me and the family have been camping in Norfolk, and now moved into Suffolk, which has been great fun as it seems London is becoming twinned with Atlantis at the moment 🌧. With this we have decided to avoid the usual poorly cook burgers/sausages on the makeshift bbq, and tried to get a few different meals in. So I decided to try to cook most nights on the Dutch oven, and I must admit the results have been pretty good. Must admit it would have been nice to have taken some more spices and tried to make a few more things from scratch, but I have enjoyed the hour each night sat by the coals and relaxing while dinner is cooking away. Wish I had taken some pictures of the results.
  5. Noted. Cheers guys
  6. Is there certain woods you shouldn’t use? I’ve got some sycamore trees and can get hold of some pine wood.
  7. Well done mate. Look good.
  8. My lawn was looking good but my wife has gone a bit crazy in the garden this year. Had dozens of pots from fruit and veg she had decided to grow.
  9. Apart from the week I had off camping in June, the weather really hasn’t been great my way, and as the job is shift work I’m not getting many days that are good to get the smoker out in. This weekend isn’t looking any better.
  10. I agree with the above post. Burgers can be cooked in six minutes depending on how thick they are, so I would them at the end of the cook (while the low n slow is resting). I put my coals over half of my Webber kettle, have the burgers over the coals and sausages and kebabs indirect with the lid on. It obviously depends on how much space you have in the grill as to how much you can cook. But I wouldn’t worry about it. Cooks never go to plan. That’s part of the fun
  11. Maybe worth a few smaller meet ups for those who are willing to try it. I can understand from the campsites that they are probably very busy this year.
  12. Hello 👋. The picture looks good. I’ve still yet to cook a brisket.
  13. How often have you used the WSM? Could it just be a bit of teething pains as it’s your first time doing brisket on the WSM?
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