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  1. Well said SOTV. I find it funny that people are Weber Haters. If I get a product from a company that wasn’t good I’ll send a complaint to the company, see how they act. If they are rude and unhelpful I never use them again, but I don’t spend my time complaining about them.
  2. Simon

    Another batch.

    When should you take the skin off? Before or after the curing process.
  3. At least you’ve given it a try. They look great.
  4. I use a pizza stone and have heard about them cracking. I heard a couple of reasons this can happen. The pizza stone will crack if wet, it takes a good bit of time to dry properly, 12 hours is what I give it. If heated up too quickly. I put the stone on while the lid is open for a couple of minutes letting the stone slowly warm up before closing the lid. I hope this helps.
  5. Simon


    That’s so true. The amount of times I walk out to the cook and check the temperature even though it’s on my phone. When I first started longer cooks I had to stop myself from opening to check.
  6. Simon

    Today's Breakfast

    Thanks for that. I’ll give it another try.
  7. Simon

    Today's Breakfast

    That sounds great. The bay leaves sound a great idea, I will try that on my next batch. I’ve done two lots with loin and one with belly, and found the belly a bit tough. Have you noticed that at all or had I just got a bad cut for the belly?
  8. Simon


    Well you did it on the right day Mick. The heavens have opened today. Even my dogs looked at me to ask: “we don’t have to go out in that do we?”
  9. Simon


    Looking good Mick. Is that the first smoke of the year?
  10. Simon


    Looking good mate. Hope the weather holds out for you.
  11. looking forward to seeing the cook. I think I’ll make sure I get a bit more practice before I give it a go.
  12. I’m going to guess no one is going for it in the weather we are having. I usually go for a good run on a Sunday, but funnily enough I decided to give it a rest this morning.
  13. Hi Paul i would say a good kettle bbq is very versatile and useful for those people who don’t have a lot of space. I have a Weber Kettle and with the new grill they have had a small section that can be swapped out for other parts - skillet, pizza stone, wok, Dutch oven, and others I can’t remember off the top of my head. I have the pizza stone and skillet that I’ve used countless times. Long cooks are fine on it as well. I’ve cooked for over 9 hours, and there are a couple of posts showing how to set the kettle up for long cooks. They can be used for pretty much everything from what I’ve read. I’ve always advised people who are looking for a basic bbq to get a Weber Kettle as they have so many uses. hope this helps. By all means ask more questions.
  14. They have a good choice but it is sadly quite expensive.
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