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  1. Good going. Looks great.
  2. Looks good. Might have to give that another go.
  3. Burgers tonight. Tomorrow chicken gyros and some pannier burgers Got some people over before the restrictions come into play. And Sunday...probably leftovers.
  4. I started watching last night when I got home from work. I got hungry at 2300, didn’t help me want to sleep.
  5. Last official day of summer and with the last August bank holiday I’m gonna have off in ages I’ve decided to get the ribs on the BBQ. Simple 3-2-1 method which worked well. Temperature remained around 230-250 a couple of flare ups, not sure why. Served with wedges, avocado and carrot sticks. A nice end to one of the most normal weekends the family and I have had in months. Here’s to a better summer in 2021.
  6. Simon

    New to WSF

    Looks great from here.
  7. I’ve got Green Olive this year. They have worked out so far and if you buy in bulk they are not too expensive. The CO2 neutral Nature brand that Wade mentioned was unavailable when I last looked (4 weeks ago).
  8. Got an UNO Casa cast iron Dutch Oven. Brought it for when me and the family go camping, and got to use it a couple of times so far at home. Really great but if kit. I brought a cast iron skillet a couple of years ago now and have used that pretty often. Made chicken fajitas last night on it, another big of kit well worth the price. Sorry. No pics of the meal last night, I’ve been pretty slack this year.
  9. Looks great. Always wish I tried more seafood dishes, but need to find a good fishmonger near me.
  10. I’m hoping the weekend won’t be as bad but looking at the reports I’m not holding my breath.
  11. Simon

    Chicken Shawarma

    Fantastic job. It’s one of my favourite meals. I sometimes carve it off and cook on a skillet for the chicken donner feel.
  12. I wish I had the space in my garden to set up a shed. I decided to do some ribs yesterday and halfway through the downpour hit. 🙄. Fortunately they still turned out ok.
  13. I think for that price it is worth it. I have a 37 and it suits me fine for the time being. They aren’t too difficult to use, I messed up on the first three or four times, but practice makes perfect, and there is a lot of help on the forum. The end of the day the two important questions for yourself are: can you afford it? Do you have space for it? If both answers are yes then I would say go for it.
  14. Well After a long walk today I did the steak. Forgot to take any pictures during the cook and the family were So hungry I only managed a snap near the end. As you can see. No complaints.
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