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  1. Simon

    cooking over wood

    I had some beech wood when I was staying at a cottage in the summer. I used quite a few logs but probably only needed 4 or 5 chunks of wood if that.
  2. Simon

    cooking over wood

    I’ve cooked over wood before. It’s not easy and I used more than I should have but it was good fun.
  3. Simon

    Tandoori Chicken Kababs

    Looks good. I may have to try that soon.
  4. Simon

    New Member

    Nice to meet you.
  5. Simon

    Meater plus roast chicken

    If it is cooked then it’s cooked I suppose. As long as you can’t see pink then should be good to eat.
  6. Simon

    Another Newbie Alert - Barnsley

    Welcome mate. Good to see you on here.
  7. Simon

    Canadian Bacon

    Looks nice. Will have to try that some day
  8. Simon

    Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

    Just found you on YouTube and subscribed. I would do it if I had a bigger garden to get the setup I like.
  9. Simon

    Cococabanna Bricketts.

    I’ve just googled the Nature coconut shell briquettes and they don’t seem too expensive £5 for 4kg. Not a bad deal.
  10. Simon

    Lamb in Rosemary and Garlic

    Used a half shoulder of lamb I had in the freezer and decided to start the year as I intend to carry on: using the BBQ. I grabbed some rosemary from the herb garden, a couple of cloves of garlic, salt and pepper. Mixed them in the mortar and pestle then covered the lamb and left to marinade for a few hours. Put it on my Weber kettle with some cherry wood and served with potatoes, carrots, parsnips and broccoli.
  11. Simon

    Buying meat

    I was looking at the Coates butchers website. Was just looking at the C Humphrey's and son you recommend. The butchers at Brogdale is awesome. I got all my meat for Christmas from there this year. Always worth popping there at about 1500 on the day of one of Brogdale’s fairs because they sometimes have great deals. Their sausages are great and their chickens are a fantastic offer.
  12. Simon

    Buying meat

    Just had a look at their website and it looks good. I was lucky to come across a butchers in Ipswich last year that had a £50 freezer filler that was a huge mixture of chicken, beef and pork. I’m always happy to try other places.
  13. Simon

    Buying meat

    Morrisons is good, but I rarely get to a store. I’ve a decent butchers near me, but was checking if there was a really good online butchers because the ones I have seen are really expensive. I know sometimes you have to pay for quality but I don’t fancy remortgaging my house to get some steaks.
  14. Simon

    Buying meat

    Hi guys. Just wondering where people buy their meat, if they get it from supermarkets or butchers or online? I try not to get meat from Tesco as it’s never that great in my opinion. If I go to Brogdale I end up stocking up there.