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  1. Simon

    Beef cheeks

    Looks great. And yet another meal I would love to try making.
  2. If weather permits then I’m going to do my turkey in the weather.
  3. Anyone know a good way to cook them. Looking forward to cooking them with the kid, as it’s soon to be the Silly Season. By the look of the weather, Jack Frost will be nipping at our toes soon.
  4. Simon


    Hi and welcome to the group. What distillery do you work at. I’ve been to a couple in Kent now. I do love the county, just wish I didn’t have to deal with the Dartford crossing every time I go there.
  5. Simon

    Maldon 2020

    It might also be a good idea to put the judging advice on a different thread as it could get this thread a bit clogged up. Otherwise people might take ages to get through the thread before putting down whether they are up for taking part or not.
  6. Simon

    Maldon 2020

    Looks like it will be a good weekend. I can’t promise I would be available so I wouldn’t want to put myself forward. Hope you guys have a good time though.
  7. As we have now hit the weekend when many people are carving pumpkins, my wife gave me the job of sorting out the guts and seeds. I made two separate sections. One was just the seeds and the other was seeds and bacon (that I saw in a video on YouTube). Smoked with apple wood chips.
  8. Hi Simon welcome to the group. Don’t worry about only using the Kettle. It’s all I use and have had some great cooks from it.
  9. I used Green Olive for 60kg in 6 10kg. When they finally arrived (3 days later than I was told) they were in 2 boxes, not bags. I sent an email complaining about the entire thing and fair play to them (the person I was talking to was Andy) they held their hands up and apologised for the entire thing and offered a 50% code for my next purchase. Fair play for them holding their hands up for the mistake. The lumpwood is varied in size from fistsized to thumb sized. Has anyone else noticed this?
  10. There’s a website called Cheap Coals that can give you offers in your area, but I have a feeling that the quality may not be that great.
  11. In between the rain last week I managed marinated chicken thighs and breasts and also made meatballs in a tomato sauce. I also cooked some wedges and am planning on getting some chestnuts on there in the next couple of weeks.
  12. Simon

    Howdy all

    Hi Nige. Welcome to the group. I like the set up you have there.
  13. I’ll make a separate thread about how I found them as I don’t want to take up too much space on this one. I’ll just say that I did not have a good experience with this company.
  14. Yeah I really don’t recommend using this company. They have been pretty dreadful in their service.
  15. When people got the charcoal off Green Olive did they get separate bags or all of it in one box not the best picture but that’s about 30kg in one bag that clearly was put in the bottom of a fedex truck and smashed about. Really not impressed.
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