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  1. I think a raffle should be ok. We had a summer fate at my boys preschool, and they did a raffle with no problem.
  2. That looks awesome. I’m writing this at 0800 and it’s made me wanna eat some ribs
  3. Simon

    First brisket

    I think you did a great job mate. Well done
  4. No fields behind me, just a railway line and then a school, the joys of living in London I guess. here’s how my garden has gone this year, before I start trimming some of it back. and here is the single runner bean that has come up. What a brave little guy.
  5. I do rarely get to have toad in the hole these days but that looks brilliant. I love the onion gravy.
  6. Simon

    First brisket

    Great job there. Brilliant job for first try. Was there anything you would do differently next time?
  7. Fantastic job there Phil. I’ll have to try that rub at some point.
  8. No I use a Weber Kettle for now. I am waiting for a few more notes in the wallet and then pick from a WSM or a Kamado. Just not sure which yet
  9. Hi and welcome to the group Nige. How do you find your Pit Boss Kamado?
  10. Just remember as great as they smell. They are never as great. My mum brought me ready made burgers from Able & Cole that shrank in size. One pack of four cost as much as it would cost for 8 burgers I could make myself.
  11. My garden has gone into full bloom this year, I’ll post a photo when I get home. The strawberries this year were amazing, the most we’ve ever got. Runner beans haven’t really come to life but it is the first year. Herb garden is as wild as ever. Nice bit of sweetcorn with some butter.
  12. Simon

    Holy smokes!

    Hi Mateo. Welcome to the group. Looking forward to seeing what you put up.
  13. I do love a burger. Quite often I will make the classic, 20% fat mince and use a burger press I got a couple of Christmas’s ago. Press the patty to 1/4 size and then 3 minutes on each side over a chimney of lumpwood. Stick the cheese on for the last minute and it is nice and soft. Nice and simple, but when done right it is definitely a great meal.
  14. I try to buy my meat from a good source. It may cost more but if I haven’t the money I just won’t buy meat. I find meat from a butcher such a better standard but maybe that is just in my head. Maybe there is a threat in where meat can be sourced.
  15. From the website I posted I brought 6 bags of 4kg, 2 packs of 72 firefighters, and a bag of applewood chips all for £50 with free delivery.
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