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  1. I do all my own prep cooking and cleaning...
  2. I'd love to but will be on a motorbike somewhere in Germany.
  3. Always defrost anything I am cooking, be that braai, smoker or in the oven. Never wash chicken as you risk contamination, it's better to just cook it as it comes.
  4. Ok in the same vein, if I cook with all 3 rings and only use the top shelf on my Napoleon 200, is there a heat difference if the internal chamber is smaller? i.e remove middle ring and just use firebowl, waterpan and grill shelf (2 rings) as opposed to 2 x grill shelves (3 rings)? Logic says that the smaller the chamber, the less time it will take to reach temp, but not sure on actual burn time being affected. If that makes sense
  5. adventuredon


  6. Evening all, new smoker her. Living in London for the past 20 odd years, originally from S Africa. Very used to braaing and a dutch pot (poitjie). Very new to smoking. Currently on my 4th cook in the rain as I type! Bought a Napoleon 200 to get into the swing of things. Mods so far: Gasket tape around sections, doors and temp guage area Cork handles for door openings Extended the vent handles to prevent burning myself Calibrated the analog thermometer Finally settled on a Weber I grill2 digital guage after 2 cheaper version issues/failures. Anyhow, looking forward to picking brains and learning. Other interests are growing chilli and tomato plants, braaing, drinking and riding motorbikes. Live in SW18.
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