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  1. Ha yeah, steep and expensive. I've been having to split logs and do as you say. It's labour intensive to say the least. I really want to be able to build a fire that doesn't need such high maintenance. Got on the list for a Franklins pit so I am frantically saving and just waiting for the call. Unless something as good and cheaper becomes available in the UK.
  2. My last thought on this is to build a bigger firebox for the smoker... Maybe with a barrel or something, then you could have a decent size fire and control temps with the door/vents etc.
  3. Steer clear of using Homebase/B&Q, petrol station, kiln dried wood. It burns very hot and fast and is most probably treated with creosote and all kinds of nasty chemicals and is designed to heat and not for cooking. Some of the chemicals could make you ill. If possible use BBQ wood suppliers. With that type of smoker you want to be using lumpwood charcoal and wood chunks rather than trying to build a full wood fire. the firebox just isn't big enough to support the type of fire you're seeing on the youtube videos and you'll end up swinging temps wildly, constantly opening the firebox to
  4. I've got the landmann one. Leaks like a sieve. I got some Aluminium flat bar and some aluminium angle bar from Screwfix and riveted that onto the back and both sides, put stove tape on the point where the lid closes onto and again round the sides... Most of the stove tape fell off after a few cooks though (self adhesive) so you might want to use a heat proof silicone to stick it on. Only prob with the stove tape is that is dusts up.. not what you want in your food. I've put myself on the list for a Frankilns BBQ pit.... The landmann is shite really and for the money other available smoke
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