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    Can’t answer for anybody else, but I welcome every single new member with a PM, and welcome them. Responding to questions, I only answer to questions I am A, 100% confident of the answer B, if I own a piece of equipment in question. C, if I can research the answer and confident of the answer. Hope that clears thinks up.
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    This is my weber go anywhere bbq I’ve been mainly using this in lockdown! And have to say I’m really impressed with it . It cooks a fair volume of food on a reasonable amount of coals . so easy to carry around and I’ve achieved some good grill cooks . So much so that I’m tempted to get a rotisserie riser when funds permit . so for £75 I would recommend this as my go too portable bbq . And in all honesty I’ve used it for most of my major bbq cooks
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    Last post was April, so thought I'd do an update......done a little walkabout video yesterday and popped it on the tube... Ice.
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    Hi im new here, i live on sunny canvey, spend 1month at a time in Florida doing the rounds of tailgating and food festivals. Loved the idea of smoking love bbq , so thought i would have a go. Started with chicken , it was a win with the family, doing pulled pork today 👍 Colin
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    I managed to cook a Beef Brisket low and slow with good results! I put the brisket in the kamado last night (saturday) at 8:30pm once I got it stable at 225F. wrapped at 12pm. A little earlier than I wanted...but didnt want to stop up any later. Temps started to drop at 8am this morning due to ash build up....cleaned it out and topped it up quickly. Took it out at 2pm with an internal temp of 192F, wrapped and rested for 2 hours. It took just over 17 hours but happy with the results The smokey flavour was a little more subtle than I expected but Im still learning in that area Thanks Adam
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    I know people are interested on online Butchers for their meat supplies. But if you are landlocked like me and looking for seafood I received an online order from berwickshellfish for some seafood I ordered, very impressed with what I was sent. Ordered at 3pm in the afternoon and on my doorstep by 0830 the following morning by Fedex in very good packaging and ice bags . The Crab Claws are the biggest I have ever seen (photo doesn't really do them justice) and the Crevettes look good quality. (Really wanted the Snow Crab legs as well but currently out of stock) 😞
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    Hi Steve, yes I have got that on my “To Do” list. Bit unusual for me, I am doing a Dessert using cast iron today, keep an eye out for the video, got some rare equipment I will be using!
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    Sorry to hear of your Lung Condition. This human Melware has totally devastated my Business for this year, Yet I have stuck rigorously to the Lock Down rules, do not think I left my house/garden for 4 weeks at one point. The wife has to work (NHS) so she’s been doing most of the shopping on the way home. The only good thing to come out of this is Boris has payed me to build my home Pub, The Monkey Arms.
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    Hi my name is kevin, I'm a chef and food writer. I've been interested in cooking on a barbecue and smoking since I worked and lived in the US 1980-94. That said......... the great thing about cooking of any kind is we can all learn something new from each other. I'm happy to share what i know and learn from others on the forum. I would guess because of Lock-down 2020 will turn out to be a banner year for BBQ. I've attached a couple of food photos and hope to get people chatting with me.
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    You should never wash meat before cooking it, I know many people still do because it is what their mum used to do but it only spreads whatever bacteria is present. I don't want to end up being the food cop on this thread because I'm a chef, but cooking any food from frozen, particularly meat is a bad idea, not just from a safety point of view but because you lose all the flavour as it thaws. Good hygiene when barbecuing is as important as when you are in your kitchen. I'm happy to offer advice if anyone asks.
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    Think they came out alright.....
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    This is my latest video, bit of comfort food, Herb Mushrooms & Cheese Skillet, served with Twice Fried Potatoes and Crusty Bread.
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    Just take pictures Colin, as they say a picture tells a thousand stories!
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    I will do a small review, im a lot dislexic so lots of pics and not much spelling or punctuation 👍 Will be here tomoz, ribs and chicken today tho testing out the cheap smoker mods 👍👍
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    There are different reasons. Wouldn't jump to conclusions. I can say for myself that sometimes I don't answer some questions because I'm really lazy (see my avatar) and think someone else will answer anyway. Or sometimes I'm really busy. or unsure. or lazy. or I'm too shy to answer. Or I forget to answer. Or I'm just too lazy. Oh a squirrel
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    Hi Kevin - This is a fairly new brand of bullet smoker to hit the UK market. It is very similar to the ProQ Frontier/Elite and All advice on using these will also be appropriate for the Fornetto. If you are new to smoking then I congratulate you on selecting a bullet smoker as these are very easy to use and are the type of smoker that are used widely in competition BBQ. The first think to remember is that you need to control the heat of the coals in the fire basket right from the beginning. Unlike a BBQ grill (where you start off with a chimney full of hot coals) for the bullet smokers you place mainly unlit charcoal/briquettes in the fire basket and only 9 or 10 fully lit ones in the centre. Keep the top vents open at all times. Open the bottom vents fully. Monitor the temperature until it reaches about 2/3 of where you need it to be and then start to close down the bottom vents. As the temperature approaches the desired temperature close down the bottom vents further until it stabilises where you need it. It is likely that the bottom vents will end up ALMOST completely closed - but they should not be closed completely. The charcoal/briquettes will then continue to burn slowly generating just enough heat to keep the smoker at the required temperature. One load of good quality briquettes in the fire basket is likely to last 8+ hours. Use the temperature gauge in the lid as a guide only - they are notoriously inaccurate. It would be worth you investing in a twin probe digital BBQ thermometer - they are not expensive. While you are getting used to the temperature control, start by smoking something inexpensive and forgiving. A chicken or a pack of sausages are great - or if you feel more adventurous a rack of meaty ribs. Great to have you on the Forum and don't forget - we like will love to see your photos
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    I’d like to hopefully get involved on the 1st be nice to give it a go.
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    Made some smashing chicken gyros on the smokey joe tonight. Marinaded in yoghurt and spices (cumin, coriander, paprika, salt, garam masala) and a dash of lemon juice. Tightly packed on skewers and cooked over indirect heat to temperature. Tasted fantastic. check out my insta for more pics
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    So tonight I made a curry. I was just about to turn the gas hob on and thought....any excuse to cook in the sun!😎 ingredients. spices. coconut sauce. roasting ground almonds and coconut...this smell🤤drool🤤 chicken, bay leaf and cardamon pods. Neighbours are sniffin😋 sauce thickened and ready to serve. yummy!😁 thanks for looking!👍
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    had a nice delivery of fresh spice on fri .. about 3kg of stuff .. for rubs . good prices and delivery from https://www.buywholefoodsonline.co.uk/ doing a point end tom so mixing up garlc onion and mustard powder with some smoked paprika
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    Order from John Davidsons arrived yesterday. Looking forward to trying out the Brisket! Also going to have a stab at curing the pork belly and making some bacon.
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    Done a smoked lamb shoulder over cherry wood, 3 1/2 hours then wrapped it in foil for 2 hours, then rested it for an hour. When I wrapped it, I put a smokey bbq with apricot glaze on it. I have to say it was the best thing I’ve done on my kamado so far. I’m going to try beef ribs next.
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    Well it seems that people are back out fishing in force. This is my third batch of Trout from local farmers since the self-isolation rules were relaxed
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    Same here. We were old school on subscribing here.
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    Rely from Weber: "Hi Justin, Thank you for your email. This appears to be a scam site which has appeared recently. These tend to appear from time to time and I can assure you we will do our best to have this removed – Often this is a lengthy process. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we hope you have a great weekend! Kind regards, Emily Customer Service Australian Representative R McDonald Co Pty Ltd ABN 92 007 905 384 PO BOX 249 Kent Town SA 5067 Phone:8425 9400, Fax: 8221-6211 Customer Service 1300 301 290(toll free)"
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    Probably bad form to quote oneself, but heyho! I had the pork ribs from Cornvale...they were a bit skinny to be honest. Their T-Bones were good for the price, but not a patch on the Davidson extra-matured Scottish T-Bones. Perfectly acceptable, but lacking the same "density" of flavour. Put it this way.....I used plenty of home-made chimmichurri on the Cornvale T-Bones, whereas with the Davison's it felt like sacrilege putting anything other than salt and pepper on. The Cornvale rib steaks were fair enough. A bit skinny for my liking, but a perfectly acceptable mid-week steak. Tonight I had some of the Davidson St Louis ribs. Way too much for us two, so plenty saved for lunch tomorrow. 3.5 hours smoking, spritzed with a mix of water, red wine vinegar and soy sauce, then wrapped for about 45 minutes. Finished off unwrapped for about 20 mins and sauced with the juices from the tin-foil reduced down with tomato paste, kecap manis and vinegar. I apologise for sounding like a Davidson fanboi...I promise that I'm not (and I'm not getting paid!). I just find that their quality is consistent and very high. I've been buying off them for a couple of years and am yet to be disappointed with any order from them.
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    Don’t mind a Brioche Bun, if it’s toasted! Also great for making Bread & Butter Pudding if a few days old!
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    May or may not be of interest to you? A guy I subscribe to on Youtube has just completed a Santa Maria Grill upgrade. Some interesting ideas in there. There is a total of 3 video's in the Project series, this is the final one, easy to find the other 2 if any use to you. Also some cooks he has done on them in others as well
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    Ok no real pics as we ate it all lol. Simple rub 1 part sea salt, 1 part ground black pepper , one part garlic granules. Cut the thick fat off the 2kilo peice of brisket (didnt wanna waste money on a trial) Patted rub onto meat while the smoker came up too temp. Put the meat in at around 10am 225F and held the temp between this and 250F until the meat got to 165F. We had no butcher paper so used baking paper and double wrapped it and placed it back in and stoked the fire box to bring the smoking chamber up to around 265 - 275F and place the meat back in and brought it up to 202F The Chugod/ Nobebird thermometer worked great bluetooth/wireless so the phone app kept on top of the temp so i never hd to open the smoker to check the temp. I used 8kilos of lumpwood and bricket mix in very windy conditions over an 8 hour smoke (dunno if this is good or bad) The meat was fall apart, moist not overly smokey and ths is the only bit left showing the smoke ring on the burnt end.
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    I agree 100% with all that has been said above like @Smokin Monkey said I also try to play by the same rules. I'm on a couple of other forums for other hobbies....drink, airguns and such, what annoys me is someone asks a Q and you can see that's it's been viewed xxx times and not one reply. Like @Justin says....you get out what you put in....glad you like it here @Handyjayes we are the best anyway...🤣 🤣 👌 Ice.
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    Also forums are a lot slower than they used to be, the rise of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and the others has meant a massive decline in forum users.
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    Hi Colin 39 I am new here like you.
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    Lamb was nice but too much liquid. Swimbo made bulgar wheat from the liqour. And served lamb over that. Spooned more liqour on top which was not cool on reflection.. Also i put too much dried oregano and thyme in. That was an error. Lessons learnt. Less herbs. Use fresh not dried. Do not use bulgur wheat. 3 hours was overcoojed i ghink 2 1/2 hours would have done it at 150c.
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    I’ll leave plates in the front for you and nice cold drink
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    Welcome. Canvey Island. My old hunting ground when i lived in Southend. Thanks for joining in.
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    So I would read that as it's a UK mobile number. My email signature with my mobile at work starts +44. This is so those calling from outside the UK can reach me. I posted & asked for feedback on here because I too thought that whilst the product & the detail looked good, the shopping part of the site looked a bit vague. Cheers n Gone Nick
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    I would not mind joining in aswell
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    That would be great just cook anything, @Icefever is cooking a Bacon Sandwich!
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    I use this guy Spicee He is a local guy to my, lives about 1/4 mile away, and nothing is too much trouble for him. Even in lockdown, if I wanted anything he would drop it round. He is doing these boxes, They are great, pick and mix style, but they can be posted due to the size. Might have to do a giveaway with one soon!
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    Good idea on the Q &A stream. I think I can join that. I will be doing lamb shanks in the Dutch oven in the weber kettle hopefully.
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    If you have email set up on your phone you should receive PM on it.
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    Had a couple of duck breasts that I started on the top grill with some new potatoes onions and garlic underneath to catch some of the fat, a couple of re-jigs along the way and some charred peppers, and all came out lovely.
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    I often wonder where some of the forum names come from?? some have you guessing and scratching your noggin...but I think I'm on top of how you came by yours..UCDTA... Ice.
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    I wouldn't recommend washing chicken, you risk splashing campylobacter all over the place.
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    Thanks both! Think I'll place an order soon 👍
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    I love Basa, buy it all the time, it's my go to white fish. It's cheap and takes flavour well plus I've never had a bone in it. A lot of people are put off as it's a type of Cat Fish but tastes great. Had some smoked Basa last night breaded for some homemade fish & chips. 😁 It was originally Two fillets, I cut so they would fit better and to keep the small bits protected.
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    can get them from Asda, about £2.00 a bag. This is what @smokeyjoe was on about, most of the guys who attend the BBQ/Tailgate Weekends use these to get Charcoal started.
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    Time for a bit more Made a batch of sauce, and wanted to share, trying to do a step by step in installments, which hopefully will be useful to others I have made so Jerk sauce, now it is all by eye, so please ask any questions. Will post the ingredients, weights and measures next This is real as I made my sauce, and what i tend to stick to, works every single time Things you need: Ingredients prepped Blender Containers Long spoon The base of Jerk is scotch bonnet chilies, I have tried every possible chili and all sorts of methods, ways and far the best is the simplest Buy what you want, wash well, do not de-stalk, thou I generally d. I always buy different size and colours as they all taste different Put in a suitable container and freeze them, i freeze mind with thyme The other often missed ingredient is fresh Thyme, I think I use a fair bit, again wash and freeze it Spring onions, try to get fresh, not half-dead one that been in the shop of a bit. Check the green tips are not rubbery, this happens more whith bigger sprint onions/fatter. These never blend well and cut off the roots and iffy looking bits. The picture below are the bad bits Cloves Rough ground black pepper Scotch bonnet Fresh ginger Ground cinnamon Ground pimento and whole pimento Paprika (two types) All seasoning Pepper pure BBQ sauce Lemon juice Soy sauce First blend After 2nd blend To show volume made and consistency Forgot to take a picture of the corn oil

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