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    Well not so much a shack as more of a prep area. Custom built to fit a specific area as it is a strange shape. Gas struts on the opening front and the cupboard under is bigger as it extends more to the right to follow the fence line. Check out http://salvagestitchrestore.com/ as it's all made from recycled pallets and timber.
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    Hi MIck The pre mix salt supplied in the bacon kit is to stop beginners from accidentally using too much cure. Now that you are a veteran bacon maker you should not be nervous about using Cure#1 directly. Do not mistake the culinery "Pink Salt" (e.g Himalayan Salt) for Curing salt. In the USA (and other parts of the world) they often add a pink dye to the cures to stop people mistaking it for common salt. It is unusual for the pink dye to be added in the UK. The base recipe for each 1 Kg of meat - make the cure using 2.4 g of Cure #1 22.5 g of fine cooking salt 12.5 g sugar 10 g of flavouring (pepper/herbs/spices etc.) Blitz together in a coffee grinder or spice grinder (or mortar and pestle) and apply to the meat You can play with the type of salt you use, the amount of sugar and the flavourings - but keep the amouns of Cure#1 and salt constant. Would you like me to send you some Cure #1?
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    ..........UK LOCK DOWN........... Itโ€™s looking likely the UK will be following the rest of the world and going in to LOCK DOWN! Are you ready, reports of panic buying Charcoal have been reported. Shelfโ€™s are being stripped, if desperate measures are needed, you can go for the second option, but I would stay well clear of the third option ๐Ÿ˜‚ STAY SAFE, and BBQ ON!
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    Too true....even meaty ribs in my opinion could be over cooked on 3-2-1...I go more for the 2-1.5-1 that suits us down to the ground. Ice.
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    I've been stupidly busy over the last few months and also lacking in motivation but yesterday I hit the buy button on a fresh new sack of hickory pellets and will be firing up a smoker at the weekend; it might be just the davy crockett...I'm undecided as yet but I can't wait to smell that lovely smoke and get some meat on the go! Roll on some nice weather and some free time! I hope you're all keeping well.
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    Nice action! Next time as well upping the temps try positioning the chicken on the lower set of grates. Skin side up for half the cook then rotate once it hits 120'ish.
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    Found a pork butt while rearranging the freezer. So firing up the beast today. Rubbed with bone sucking butt rub and then my own rub over that. Pics to follow
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    I did one of John's crusty bread last week...did another on Wed, turns out great, will be making another over the weekend. Turned out a short video on it. Ice.
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    So I bit the bullet & bought a Beaudens Power Station. Initial impression is the build quality is good. It has enough outputs both 12v & USB along with a small 240v 3 pin power inverter. I have yet try the unit in anger with the Tappeque & Digi DX2 but hop it will give a good 24hr run if need be. Cheers n Gone Nick
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    Sorry, I was not fully telling he truth, It was more like 3 pallets worth ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Cooked this today on the ProQ, took a little over 12 hours to cook at 225F but well worth it. Lovely flavour, little bit different from the usual rubs , but very aromatic and well worth trying imho. Leftovers will be used in pulled pork cannelloni tomorrow Decided to serve it in warmed up piitta bread with a layer of chopped spring onions on the bottom with layers of the pulled pork with Hoisin Dipping Sauce in between each layer For the Rub I ran all ingredients ran through spice grinder into powder and after adding a couple of tbsp of soya sauce to the meat added to the rub over it made a lovely bark 1 tsp. cinnamon ยฝ tsp. cloves 1 tsp. ground ginger 2 whole star anise 2 tsp. black peppercorns 1 tbsp. paprika 1 tsp. dried lemongrass 2 tbs. brown sugar 2 tbsp. Kosher salt
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    Can see a lot of our partners and kids getting very pissed off with smoked foods being plonked in front of them most days of the week for the foreseeable, to cope with our boredom ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. Experienced my first social distancing today, the postman delivered a verified by age parcel, which you normally have to show a form of id to them and sign for it. He left it on the step and stood at the end of the drive, (more like 20-25 feet) mumbled something, when I opened the door and picked it up and off he went. Sensible precaution , but all felt a little bit weird
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    To jump on a bit of a rant (I know itโ€™s not Tuesday) but Iโ€™m getting sick and tired of listening to people screaming that we should be on lockdown. Iโ€™m self employed and if they shut everything down Iโ€™ll have no work and it will cause a serious problem for me and my family. I was working at a school yesterday and the teachers were all complaining that they might get it if they stay open. They were all young healthy people so there would be no real harm. One of them was complaining that she wanted to visit her grandmother at the weekend and said she still was and it would be the schoolโ€™s and governmentโ€™s fault if she gave it to her grandmother for not shutting the school. They were all moaning they couldnโ€™t have the school closed so they could be paid for working from home, not thinking about the ramifications for the parents that would have to find care for their children. Selfish people!
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    Been itching to try out my little cast iron stove with the DO....so yesterday got stuck in and cooked ribs. Looking at the clouds around noontime I decided to set up under the garage door just to play safe. It's a real asset having this type of up & over door acts as a shelter. All went well and we sat down to a great dinner last evening. All in the pot ready for the off....... Not my best photo, but you see it works a treat. Ready to serve. Ice.
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    Hi Brian To answer your questions. Firstly, you need to ask yourself if you should be using Guinness in your recipe as it is quite acid. Most beers have a pH of about 4 and the can of Guinness I tested had a pH of 4.1 The curing salts are fairly unstable in acid lower than pH 4.8 and begin to break down exponentially as its environment becomes more acidic www.woodsmokeforum.uk/topic/306-take-care-when-using-acid-ingredients-in-a-cure/ It will probably be OK but the effectiveness of the cure will diminish over time with the acidic Guinness, however the cure in the bacon it is mainly there to add colour and flavour - both of which will be masked by the treacle and Guinness. Beer is not as bad though as it would have been if you were using Cola (Ph 2.5). Cola with curing salts should be avoided unless the cola is diluted to below 30% with water Now for the curing calculation By adding the 150 ml of Guinness you are effectively turning this from a Dry Cure into an immersion cure and so the weight of the guinness needs to be taken into account when calculating the amount of cure required. Fistly you need to know how much 150ml of Guinness weighs. Does it weigh the same as water? Yes - the contents of a 440ml can of Guinness weighs 439g (the things I do in the name of science!!) and so it is effectively the same weight as water. The cure calculator should then be used with the weight of the meat PLUS the weight of the Guinness brine Be wary though about using Celery Salt in your cure mix as Celery is a significant source of Nitrate - in fact it is often used as a substute for Cure#1/#2 where they are trying not to show that a product contains Nitrite/Nitrate. The EU has actually legislated on how much Celery can be added as a flavouring before it must be declared as a source of Nitrate. Also when you use Celery Salt you usually dont know how much is celery powder and how much is salt so that will effect the results of the calculator. Although in the recipe you have listed Celery Salt I see in the video you are using Himalayan pink salt - which is fine Without the 150 ml of guinness you would have needed 2.4 g of Cure#1 23-28 g Salt (for either 2.5% or 3%) With the 150 ml of guinness you would have needed 2.8 g of Cure#1 26-32 g Salt (for either 2.5% or 3%) Once the cure is complete the meat will have taken up most of the liquid and so will have increased in weight by 10+%. It should then be stored and treared as immersion cured or brine pumped bacon as it will not have the dehydration preservation component. Even with the additional weight of Guinness the 3.5 g of Cure #1 would result in 190 ppm ingoing Nitrite. It will not harm you at that level if eaten in moderation but it is still above the commercial legal maximums. I hope this helps
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    Just uploaded part 2 of this cure......when we tasted the small bit we fried we were both blown away with it. We're off to Booker this afternoon I want a pork loin for a 2nd go at Black bacon. Ice.
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    Fruits of my labour..... 10hrs open smoker, 4hrs texas crunch, 10hrs wrapped & rested. Melts in the mouth, although i'd have preferred more smoke ring (used hickory & apple) but the flavour is balanced nicely with the SPG rub I put on it 24hour before smoking. The pictures don't really show how moist the joint was. Cheers n Gone Nick
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    Evening Guys. Just a quick post to say hello and introduce myself, I'm Oliver the owner of ProSmoke, we import loads of bbq gadgets, sell the best wood, offsets and now a cool new gravity fed. I met Brian and his wife a few weeks ago and they told me all about the tailgate meet, I will be there with various bits of kit on demo, we love offsets here, so i'm bringing at least one, the propper ones that is, heavy duty cactus jacks! along with a new modern beast called the Masterbuilt 560 gravity fed smoker, let me know if there's anything else in particular you want to talk about, and if you want me to cook anything in particular. We always like to chat BBQ and have experince on lots of things so would love to hear from you.
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    1st smoke of 2020! Got two racks of St Louis ribs from gridiron, going to smoke over cherry and hickory. More pics to follow...
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    Matt Hancock has just told Sophy Ridge on Sky news that sunbathing is not allowed....??????? how do you think that one will be enforced?? coppers going around and slapping a ticket on someone's naked backside?๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Ice.
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    Duck is my favourite ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹
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    So instead we've been tidying the patio and sorting out my prep area and changing the wheels on the gravity feed
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    HowToBBQRight posted this video the other day, not tried this method, but looks an interesting way of cooking ribs and they looked fabulous and although he uses a UDS in the video, I am sure it can be adapted to a bullet smoker with the aluminium foil over half the basket and rotating, without the waterpan or leaving the waterpan empty perhaps?. They do look really tasty ribs and cooked at 275F
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    Scary shit mate...glad you came through it ok...how's the wife and family? we're keeping away from everyone, we have a wonderful friend who works with the NHS and she popped over yesterday with flour, baked beans, a bottle of wine & 4 cans of Guinness bless her. When this is all over she is getting whatever is her favourite meal just to spoil her. Ice.
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    Hi Folks latest video out to cheer you folks up during Lock Down, Flank Steak & Warm Pasta Salad.
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    Thanks! Ended up smoking between 270-285 but will go higher next time as skin wasnโ€™t very crispy. Was super juicy though! Took about 2 1/4 hours pulled at 165.
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    3-2-1 is only a guide. If they are not meaty ribs you will have to alter the times.
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    Finished item ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹
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    Assembled and initial burn in going well. Had a minor pain with the WiFi connection but that was more to do with my home network than the smokefire so all good.
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    Think we will all by โ€œFindingโ€ things in the freezer to cook over the next few months!
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    Yes this is the venue. I am aware that it has been closed from today, but like all things, we will have to sit tight and see how long this lock down goes on for.
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    First go, no idea what to call them, so i think a Dirty Burger sounds good. Wrapped the meat round a babybel (which melted as hoped during the cook)and grilled them on the plancha with some mushrooms and onions and melted some cheese on top, using a dome. Sorry for the quality of the photos, but my back garden is very dark, but they tasted good.
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    First of apologies, intended taking photos of the various assembly stages, but I was battling the wet weather when I did it yesterday, so cracked on with it to get it done. The box is very big and heavy, personally I couldn't have managed to get it round the back of my house on my own from the kerbside delivery, but broke it down and managed to get it on my sack truck to do it. There are handles built into the box if 2 people need to lift and carry it. The assembly wasn't too difficult and the instructions were clear and concise and easy to follow, I used the BILT app. Which you can get for your Apple or Android phone from the relevant stores. You key in your model number Weber EX4 or EX6 into the search box, once downloaded and It basically displays the instruction diagrams, Weber supply, stage by stage with the same visuals, but in colour along with animated close ups of the diagrams, along with the written information in a verbal format. I found I used both at different stages of the build and they were just as easy and helpful to follow. The box once opened up,makes a very good work surface to work on once opened to avoid any scratches or dents during the construction of it. All in all it took me about 75 minutes, from start to finish and the pieces that needed to be fitted to the body is just a one man job. The only time I asked for help was tilting it up onto its legs once they had been fitted. Although I had locked the wheels, I found they still moved when trying to tip it upright and basically I was chasing it round the patio at a 45 degree angle trying to get it fully upright on my own, so got some help. The only thing I had to go back to, to correct was I had installed the fire pot grate back to front, but realised my mistake when I tried to fit the glow plug back in. There is a hole in the edge of the grate for it to fit through (doh) so long as that is fitted towards the back of the barrel, the glow plug will fit properly. The weather beat me in the end yesterday, so couldn't do the burn off till today. Switching the machine on and connecting Bluetooth was easy and so long as you have the app on the phone installed correctly it is a doddle along with the firmware update needed before using (took about 20 minutes to update) the connection to the wifi wasn't difficult, once that was done, but it would be nice if the app could find Wifi network in your locallty itself, rather than have to type the network name in manually, you have to type it in along with your router password. I filled up the hopper with a bag of Weber Grill Academy Pellets and the full bag fitted in perfectly into it with the new hopper insert. I fired it up to do the burnoff and it reached 600F within 18 minutes and during the 45 minute burnoff it did drop to 555F for 20 minutes towards the end (It is an extremely windy day today) so hoping that may have contributed to it. Although the phone was reading 555F but the display on the machine was saying 600F so not sure what was going on there. But I will monitor it over the coming weeks to see if it is a regular thing or just a one-off. The machine needs to be left to cool down for 15 minutes after a cook/burn in before switching off. One thing I did notice when the temperature was at 600F there were a lot of embers within the machine and a few were escaping that I could see in daylight floating around (mainly from the drawer) which was fully closed. Along with a little smoke from various other joints and seals of the machine. I am not particular bothered about that as any new smoker tends to show a few leaks until properly seasoned and settled in with a few cooks. Once again something I will monitor, but hope it stops. If not I will look to add some gasket seals in any problem areas perhaps, if it is causing it to lose heat. With regards the embers as mine is on a concrete patio, not particularly concerned, but if using on a wooden deck or dry grass area, I would look to buy some grill mats to place it over, just in case. I have a couple of accessories from my previous bullet smoker (Cast Iron Griddle and Pizza Stone) that seem to fit over the grates perfectly and for my first 2 cooks Smash burgers tonight and pizza tomorrow. I am going to try them out. Steve
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    When the Sars virus was around there was a a vaccine being developed but the hot weather arrived and Sars went away so they shelved the vaccine research, Why did no they not continue as it would have helped now with both being corona viruses. With billions and trillions of cost now being incurred think of how easy it would have been to have funded this research rather than playing catch up.
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    I normally make my own base sauce but Iโ€™ve been moving home. Sold my house in Lincolnshire in 3 days in December and have only just got moved in in Cheshire. All my equipment and recipes have been in storage since December and I have not been able to do any cooks ( Hence why I have been so quiet). I still have loads of boxes to sort so when I get to the box with the recipe I will give you the heads up. A bit late I know but canโ€™t be helped sorry.
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    Obviously to anyone on here who is worried financially or worried for their health, I wish you well.
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    well since I am now working from home for the next few weeks to a few months, perfect time to do all day cooks throughout the week! bring it on
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    This should be in the Rant thread mate, give me something to have a rant about...๐Ÿ˜‚ I can't see how the hell it's all going to work out. I wouldn't want Boris job for love nor money, he started off with Brexit then came the GE, after that we've had storm after storm followed by the worse floods for years. I don't know what the rest of the year will be like?? so far 2020 is smegging shite. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ keep smiling. Ice.
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    I'm green with envy mate. ....well done...looks the dogs doo-dars....oh and can I have my gloves back that are hanging up please I was wondering where they had gone. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜Ž Ice.
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    A masterpiece of construction. I love the way the roof doubles up as a front cover when it is not in use
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    Welcome to the Forum Angela. Which moderator was the lovely man? Could not have been me ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ You are close to me, just off J28 M1.
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    Nick I purchased a Cosmo grill from Amazon, it was on offer for ยฃ260.00 so I took a leap of faith. Its gone up in price now but look out for offers. I was very impressed when it arrived, very heavy (90Kg) with thick steel. Build quality was much better than anything I had seen in local shops. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/CosmoGrillTM-Smoker-Barbecue-Temperature-Charcoal/dp/B07DFR3J2V/ref=smi_www_rco2_go_smi_b8682124849?_encoding=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0&ie=UTF8 Upgrades I've made; 1) Added 2 new thermometers at grate level. 2) Smoke seal tape on the cooking chamber and the fire box. 3) Drilled a hole into the bottom to release fat and water. 4) Charcoal basket - Bent from some perforated metal sheet. 5) Extended the chimney internally with some aluminium duct down to grate level. Possible future upgrades. 6) Rubber tyres to make moving it across rough patio stabs easier. 7) Externally lower the chimney down so it is at grate level. Cheers Pete
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    Thinking of stocking up on some thick steaks up at Morrisons Butchers counter tomorrow as doing Rump for ยฃ7 a kg and Ribeye for ยฃ13 and you can get them cut to your preferred thickness from the counter, to try out the sear capabilities of it, when it finally arrives
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    That's interesting stepping up from 5v to 12v with an inverter. Will investigate further... Cheers for the info Thanks Nick
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    Take the vacpac. Price is right :) Drain the juice, then wrap the meat in a couple of teatowels. Leave in the fridge. The meat will dry and mature. Maybe change the teatowels, but let it stay in the fridge for as long as you're comfortable. You should end up with something different from your usual vacpac wetness.
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    I am thinking of getting the masterbuild gravity 560. Keen to see that at tailgate. I go to them all again this year
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    Hi Chris It is quite straightforward to start your own business with BBQ/Smoked food. I have been running a smoking business for many years and here are a few tips Decide on what your initial product offering is going to be. Do not try too many things to begin with or you will end up doing none of them well enough. Cook enough, and document each cook, so that your product is consistent. With most amateur smokers every smoke ends up slightly different - if you are offering a product every batch you sell to the customers needs to be consistent. Develop your own rubs and seasoning as this will differentiate your product. It will also be a lot cheaper than buying commercial products. There are plentry of good recipies out there and if you need help I can suggest some to start off with. You can then tweak these until you get your own distinct flavour brand. Keep a log of every smoke you do (this will be required by EHO anyway) and note any significant changes - e.g. meat supplier, temperature fluctuations, cook times, rubs used, unusual events. This will allow you to identify the reason for any variations between batches. Become as automated as you can. A smoker that can be digitally controlled will make life much easier than a back garden manual smoker. Once you have the product quality sorted, do some customer research on friends and family to make sure that you are producing a product that is not just your own personal taste ** Sort out how it will be packaged and labelled. You may need to invest in some form of packager/vacuum packer depending on what products you are selling - and also a label printer.. Talk to your local Environmental Health Officer - their contact number will be on your local borough council Web site. They like being consulted in the early stages and they will offer you some excellent free advice - which could save you a lot of wasted expenditure when you first start up. With them as your friends your life will be so much more straightforward. Make sure that you have a suitable food hygiene qualification. You should have more than the minimum level 1 certificate - a Level 2 is OK but they will be impressed if you have a level 3. These are not expensive and can be taken as online courses. Read and inwardly digest the Food Standard Agencies publication "Safer Food, Better Business, For Caters" https://www.food.gov.uk/sites/default/files/media/document/sfbb-caterers-pack.pdf. Your local EHO will give you a copy of this and it is what they will be assessing you against. Meet all the criteria in this booklet and you will be getting your 5* food hygiene certificate for your door. The certificate is awarded by your EHO and is often required by event organisers before they will allow you to sell at their event - so it is worth getting a good rating. Have some of each of your product Lab Tested for bacterial safety testing. It isnt expensive and I would be happy to help you out with this if you dont want to set yourself up with your own account. Again, this is something that your EHO will ask you about Do not expect it to make you a fortune from day 1... or day 2... or day x. It is someting that you need to scale up over time. ** I was once asked to produce smoked Feta cheese. I disliked it and so didnt produce it regularly. It turned out to be one on my biggest sellers at certain events I attended. One of my favourite products just did not sell well at all. I hope this helps and I am happy to provide more assistance if you need it. Wade

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