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    No pit barrel cooker for me 😞
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    Cooked up my version of. Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich. Brioche Bun Sandwich Steak Smoked Cheddar Onion.
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    Well all projects have to start somewhere. As some may know we have a few family health issues at the moment but I hope to build my gravity fed by the middle of summer. First component arrived today. Not big bit by any means but it's a start.
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    2 chopping boards and a knife block
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    I am going to be doing a lot more β€œBBQ’ING” this year versus Lo & Slow. Got the Argentinian Grill so going to be playing with that a lot. Got some ideas on how to use the grill and extend the cooking times. Will be using my Dutch Ovens on it as well. Might be a Tailgate thing for me this year?
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    Got a ProQ Plancha, a Lodge Cast Iron 5 Quart Dutch Oven and Some Cavenders Greek Seasoning (non sugar) to try. Will be hunting around for a few more non sugar rubs for health needs in the coming months, but it is a start.
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    The Smokey Carter rubs and sauces are really nice.
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    Couple of Boxes of BBQ Rubs as well.
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    My Christmas present from me to me! Collected last week from BBQ Mates.
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    Of course, I'm always a good boy, even when I'm bad...
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    You are probably best to contact the KCBS support - https://kcbs.us/contact_kcbs.php. Maybe your membership details need updating.
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    Thanks for the link some nice sugar free rubs by the look of it from the ingredients list shown in their Paleo range Will check them out in the New Year
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    Gone through my rub cupboard and most are Angus and Oink and have sugar as one for the first two ingredients. I do have a few no sugar ones from a company called https://tastespice.co.uk/ I've got a chicken one, a steak one and a Cajun one that are all sugar free. Only tried the chicken one so far and it's pretty nice.
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    A good haul there! Love my plancha, a smokerigg version for Weber, probably my most used BBQ accessory. I'll have a look at my rub cupboard when I get the chance and see if I have any without sugar.
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    I got some of these gloves after watching the Buffalo slicer video on Youtube, and knowing how clumsy I can be. I always use them when using the slicer. I usually put some latex gloves over the top to keep them clean and dry, especially when washing the blade. Just wearing them seems to remind me to be careful. It's hard to forget when you have blue latex hands...
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    I'm hoping they'll also double as part of a Michael Jackson costume 😁
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    Paul, family comes first, and your wife is the priority. All our thoughts and positive energy go out to your family.
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    KungFu BBQ is very active on Twitter and Instagram too. He's a chap called Nathan and all of his food is amazing. Very approachable and gives great advice. Possibly has the biggest cookbook collection in the world 😁
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    I have already booked the Glamping pod. Just to let you know that the rates for using my shower have gone up but are still very reasonable πŸ˜€
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    I've seen Mr Franklin on the BBQ Pitmasters and have watched a few of his videos. Here the PBS tv program makes a short video of the science on bbq-ing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccqOVmsybO4 Ice.