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    So..an update. I ordered one of these quite a few weeks back. It was delivered on a pallet just before i went away. So it has been sat waiting for me. I managed to get it assembled this morning before the rain came. Very solid materials. Two of us can't lift it to be honest. We have now shuffled it into place however. The front doors have a decent gap at the top.(Banana for scale) There is a good gap all the way underneath also And there is a gap at the back between the roof and the rear also The Pro Q fits in nicely. Plenty of clearance. I have got the Pro Q coming up to temp for a piece of shoulder. Let's see how it goes. It is now raining. But I am in the house monitoring the Smartfire from the warm and dry. 😁 Phil.
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    Because you are weighing precise levels of salt, sugar and cure you want to keep any brine produced in intimate contact with the meat. When using loose zip bags this is why it is important to turn the meat regularly to keep the brine in contact with as much of the meat surface as possible. When you vac pack, vac pack it completely to ensure that there is as little space as possible for the brine to drain.
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    Planning a cowboy theme for this Christmas with hot smoked fish starter, probably salmon as I already have some in the freezer, hot smoked rib beef and there will of course be smoked cheese on the cheese board, and as I've got my son a Lodge dutch oven for his Christmas present will see if I can talk him into using to bake the cornbread over the fire pit.
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    Sheesh...kids eh? No dedication or focus these days........ 🤣
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    Good advice Mick, I think that is what most teams do.
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    I will be coming to this. Will book some accommodation on Monday when Cindy is back in the office. Phil.
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    https://eu.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/local/silverton/2019/10/26/class-action-lawsuit-traeger-grills-bbq-wood-pellets-utah/4014211002/ Interesting development. No details of Trager's response other than the marketing blurb being changed to update the wording. I've not used Traeger Pellets before but I have long suspected some brands don't quite do what they say on the tin. Think I'll stick with Lil' Devils for the time being ☠️
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    The dates for next year's Maldon smoke and fire have been released. August 14/15/16. Anyone going. Hopefully I'll be able to attend this year.
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    What do you do on a miserable day, 1 Months Rain in 24 Hours! Flooding all around, Land Slides 1 Mile Away, you make a Beef Rib Sandwich to cheer yourself up!!!
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    But wouldnt that take away the elements of surprise and uncertainty? You do realise that you admit defeat the moment you start reading the manual 🙂 Regarding the marinating... All teams pick up their steaks at the same time and what they do with them after that is entirely up to the team. There would normally be 3 or 4 hours between steak collection and turn in so the teams have plenty of time to ruin a perfectly good steak in an almost infinite number of ways 😱
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    I think this needs some clarification, and @Wade and @Mick are some of the best people to talk to. You can not go, with the idea of, oh I’ve got this sauce for my ribs and it is fantastic. Yes it may be fantastic, but in the world of Competition BBQ you would not get far. There is a standard taste etc, deviation and you wasting your time and money! When I did my Judges course at Smoke On The Waters, the evening before the competition and judges course, I spoke to a team, and the startling admission they made was, they do not like the taste of the BBQ dishes they make and submit, it’s too sweet etc, so all the practicing on expensive cuts like Brisket goes in the bin. @James Wales will back me up on this as we where gobsmacked!
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    I'm still in the middle of the up-grade on the bungalow...kitchen is almost finished, living room is 50%, got to buy flooring to do living room, hall, and 2 of the 3 bedrooms. When this is done I may get time off for good behavior if I'm lucky.... I have the grains & hops waiting but still got to sort out my ferm fridge....and the rest of my kit.....I'll get there....sometime. Ice.
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    I can bring these to all meets I aim to go to everyone next year
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    Ok folks the decision has to be made, Original date 17 - 19 July Site will be very busy as the Junior Rowing World Championship is being held, and no rooms available which could rule certain members out. Other dates available 3 - 5 July rooms available but it’s a month after the Midlands, which would mean Anglia 8 - 10 May, Midlands 5 - 7 June, three in three months, might be a bit much? This seems the most plausible date 31st July - 2nd August. Rooms available, but it is in the School Holidays. Feed Back welcome, but let’s not get in to a Brexit situation! 😂😂😂
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    Great let's keep our fingers crossed then for the 17-19th that would be good. It may be a very good tactic to use/add at least 2 pitches that are setup as prepping/BBQing/sitting around chewing the fat areas. Keep it organised and it will look great and should attract folks to come over to see what we are up to. Ice.
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    Hi mate, thanks for the welcome. I'm in the process of building a roof over the area, but right now they are under a well tied down gazebo as scaffolding is up for some needed repointing work. But it's obviously custom built, treated wooden base and granite top (I'm a stonemason by trade). One or the other is used most days, sausages on the kettle last night for example.
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    It's old age Smokin....😂..."can't see for looking".... as our mum would say. Ice.
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    Now if you were really trying to make Jill happy you would peg your nose and just get on with it. I wouldnt want to be in your shoes come Christmas day when you do not produce the smoked salmon. Do you think you will have sufficiently recoved from your injuries in time for the Woodsmoke 2010 meet? 💥🦴🛌
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    Smoke for about 16 hours. This can be split over a couple of nights if reuired however the days are starting to get uite cool now too.
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    It is a fun course - though not as intense as the KCBS. I have judged several SCA competitions this year and they are great fun.
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    I’ve emailed them earlier this year as I want to be a judge
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    Great Great Idea..........I would like to put my name forward if I may, to be considered as a judge. Ice.
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    Also I do wonder with the length of Time needed smoking . I like smoked food but not so much it detracts from the flavour of something.
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    I would be interested to see that. I am currently trying to find a sturdy table for mine to sit on in the shelter. I could just move my current solution into it. 😁 For the short term, i just might. Phil.
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    Just registered with kcbs for a membership number.
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    Looking good...not done one for a while, must get the sausage meat and make one. Ice.
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    I plan to smoke them for a couple of hours then braise them in some of my homebrew guiness
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    On the National if The set up had been back to front sans the middle bin walkway bit .
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    I’ll be up for it . Could organise meeting up
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    Ok, 31st July - 2nd August 2020 @ Holme Pierrepont it is. Will send an email today confirming the event. Will post a new thread up WoodSmoke 20. Please wait for booking details to be posted, as you will need to book direct with the events team and not through their website.
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    The 2nd Anglia and South East Tailgate is now organised for set for 8th - 10th May 2020 Event is being held at Willowmere Caravan Park Willowmere is situated on the B1508, Sudbury to Bures road. Approx. 2.3 miles from the centre of Sudbury Suffolk. Bures Road, Little Cornard, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 0NN The site is beautiful and well organised. Raptor and I can vouch for that. Suitable for Camper vans and tents, no pods. Willowmere has an excellent toilet and show block, fresh water tap, and washing up facilities all included. Not a massive site but all the better for it. There are apparently some small pod sites nearby and inns for B&B in Sudbury if you do not want to camp on site, no problem. The village centre is a 43-minute walk away (or 8 minutes in a car), and is well served by local shops including a grocer, baker, butcher, post office and a Co-op store and well as three pubs, several restaurants and tearooms. The weekend runs from the afternoon of Friday 8th May until Sunday 10th May with the main feast being cooked and served on the Saturday afternoon. For accommodation you have the choice of booking a camping or caravan/motorhome. To book message @Justin with your requirements per the list below and I will make sure you are booked in. Prices below are current but I will confirm them, they are unlikely to change or if they do only a little bit i imagine Car, Caravan & 2 People = £18.00 Car, Tent & 2 People = £18.00 Moterhome & 2 People = £18.00 Electric hook-up = £4.00 Extra person (Over 10) = £3.00 Awnings, Dogs = Free Prices from the 1st January 2019. You only need to bring is yourself, your BBQ*, the food you plan to cook and a chair and some where to sleep tent, bivvy, motor home etc. or indeed a local B&B booking (Wade and Joy!). The cooking pitch, gazebos, food prep area, possibly a chiller trailer and serving tables will all be provided. The Anglia and South East tailgate is a friendly affair and is a non-competitive event for the whole family where you can come along and enjoy cooking for an appreciative crowd. If you are new to BBQ cooking and are looking to gain experience and confidence then you will be amongst friends who can help and guide you. If you are a seasoned smoker then come along and show us what you can cook whilst encouraging others to progress along their own BBQ journey. This is a family event so non-BBQ family and friends are all welcome. * a limited number of shared BBQ/Smokers may be available for use on the day but will be on a first come basis. We will not have exclusive use so we will be inviting other campers to join in, chat and get interested. Post is you would like to come. I will see if I can get a discount on the pricing spending based on number of attendees
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    Hi Simon welcome to the group. Don’t worry about only using the Kettle. It’s all I use and have had some great cooks from it.
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    If dates do not work for a venue then pick another? Then book this one super early for the year after? It looks nice
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    As I've said before I don't mind bottling, I started with bottles many years back, then went onto the plastic barrels with the small Co2 capsules.....they are IMHO a total waste of time... Finished up with 8/9 corny kegs, kegerator the works, then woke up and thought I'm craft brewing, not taking on the world. This time when I get started, (off to the lads tomorrow for the weekend) I'm going back to my roots, brew & bottle....a tip for you Justin & anyone else that brews....when you've bottled a brew stand the full bottles in an old 25 lt fermenter or one of those plastic crates you see in B&M, B&Q. Cover with an old towel then if by any chance you have a bottle blow (bottle bomb) all the glass and beer will be contained in the bucket....safer and no mess to clear...well only to empty the bucket and wash. Ice.
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    Will measure it up and let you know. Great to get more converts!
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    I said the same to the wife, after all it's pork in both....perhaps we should call it....Bacsage? or maybe Sauscon?? Ice.
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    Welcome to the forum Nige, looks like your off to a good start. Ice.
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    Hi Nige. Welcome to the group. I like the set up you have there.
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    Check out London log co, I have used their holm oak this year and it is really good
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    This is where I'm at I think. Opened the second bag last night and just the same as the first, a few big bits and plenty of small. I'll probably be throwing around a sixth of the bag away as unusable slummy.
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    Very pleased with the result. A hint of smoke, and the flavourful braising liquid did the trick. When I put the meat right over the coals, the flames leapt up, so got a bit more char than I was expecting, but overall, very happy. Here's a pic. Thank you @Justin for the recipe 🙂
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    Rushed home after work to try out my new smoker but realized I had to run through the hour long steps before I could cook Meant I didn't have time to cook the whole joint and eat a reasonable time so cut it in half! Marinated the pieces in Worcester sauce, Dijon, Thyme, Rosemary, Lazy Garlic - Then before cooking seasoned with Salt, Pepper and Paprika. Seared very badly in a skillet before cooking at 121 till the misses piece was 54 Deg and mine 49 - Rested for about 2 minutes before I had to get it inside of me. Needed a much better sear, longer and slower cooking time and a much longer rest but time did not allow and this was my first time ever smoking - Bloody pleased with the result either way! Have just ordered some GMG Gold blend to try out as the Texas was very keen for this smaller bit of meat.
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    @Mick Hopefully you will be posting your Mac n Cheese recipe 👍loved it
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    Hello all, Thought I share what I've been up to recently as I know you all like pictures. Sadly since getting the AK it's been a little underused whilst my spare time has been consumed down the end of the garden. I was going to write a blog but, well, time pressed on and I never got around to it. So here's an update and I'll add to as it progresses. I've used a combination of new and reclaimed/old materials in the build and it's approx 3.4m x 3m. There's still a way to go, the right hand side needs some head scratching but that will house the kamado, a sunken pit for kebabs and a butlers sink to act as a beer/wine cooler. But it all serviceable now so the Project Director is happy - phew. As you can see she's added her finishing touches following a recent ram raid at TK Maxx. It's been a great experience and I've learnt a whole lot of stuff along the way, such as: brickwork is really hard, mortar is the last think you want to mix up when you get in from work, a tape measure has markers for 16" centres (don't roll your eyes), I now know what a centre is (I'm a metric millennial) and materials over 2.4m long aren't readily available at your local DIY store so plan ahead. I actually got the inspiration for the structure and roofing off this forum so thanks to you lot too. Next up render and tiling after my holiday. The back needs a rest...
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    The ScottyBab by @Angus & Oink pictures by @Mike Cheryl Saunders Ingredients 1Kg of Lamb Mince 80g Shawarma Rub Pitta Breads Tomatoes Cucumber Onion White Cabbage Red & Yellow Peppers Pickled Jalapeños Method Set your BBQ Grill up for indirect Cooking 150'C 300'F Combine the Lamb Mince with the Shawarma Rub (you can alter the quantities of meat, but its an 8% Rub to Meat) Form the Mince into a Cigar Shape. Cover with Clingfilm and refrigerate over night for flavours to improveand for the kebab to firm up. Cook with indirect heat for an IT of68'C 155'F, turning at least once to give even cooking. While the kebab is cooking, chop the Salad so it resembles the "Kebab Shop" Salad. When the Kebab is almost cooked, char the skin of the peppers on the hot coals. When ready to place Pitta Breads over the heat for 30 seconds a side max, slice on side open to form the pocket. Load with the Salad and Kebab Meat, serve with your favourite Chilli Sauce, Garlic Mayo etc. 80 grams of Shawarma Rub from @Angus & Oink Combine Mince with the Rub. Form a cigar, Cling Film and refrigerate over night. Cook using indirect heat. Cooking nicely. Char the Pepper Skins Chop the "Kebab Shop" Salad. Kebab ready, get those Pitta Breads on and warmed through. Peppers nicely charred. Kebab sliced and ready to load into the Pitta Breads. All sauced up with Chilli Sauce and Mayo Its going to get messy! Pickled Jalapeños to accompany the kebab.
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    That’s OK, you will most likely forget to add the discount code! 😂

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