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    I've gone and done it....I've ordered a Proq frontier to replace my Brinkman bullet smoker. Looking forward to my first go on it. Ice.
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    Wow is all I can say. 4 1/2 hours from smoke to eat 😋😋 In a sarnie with mustard and pickles.
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    Thank you for having me. You might not believe this, but at the ripe old age of 45 I bought my very first bbq just 4 weeks ago, a shiny new weber MT. In the past 4 weeks I have done burgers, sausages, chicken, pulled pork, ribs and pork belly burnt ends. Some turned out better than others, but hey, I am still learning. But I think my best achievement and with the help of this forum, is my very first attempt at dry cured, smoked bacon. I am now totally hooked and I just know that I am going to end up spending a fortune on meat. Lol. Here is a picture of my first attempt at bacon. P.s. I had forgotten just how good proper bacon tasted.
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    After working all weekend I decided to have an easy day in the garden, and what better job in the garden than cooking. I had a 5.5kg joint of gammon from a big shop just before Christmas and never got round to use it. I didn’t do much prep this time round, focussing mainly on the cook as it was the longest cook I have done in a while. This was the set up I had for the cook Once the kettle was lit and up to temp (215F 100C) I put the gammon on for 9 hours, glazing every 1.5 hours. The glaze was made from maple syrup and English mustard with a teaspoon of ground nutmeg, very basic I know, but wanted the practice before getting too adventurous. The cook took 9 hours in total, the meat was gorgeous. Nice and succulent. I’ve got enough for about 4 meals including lunches, so will definitely get some more.
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    Wade and Joyce - Local hotel Will be bringing the chiller trailer... but for some reason Joyce didn't fancy sleeping in it 😱
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    Hi guys, first dabs at mozzarella. It was done overnight using ProQ as chap at work likes it double depth smoke! set up with cold smoker on one side of KJ with bottom vent fully opened and top vent opened a small amount. Used apple. I really need to turn these and rotate so the colour is more uniform but started at 10pm for a rush job so this is the result. Just realised I don’t have an after picture! Turned out great.
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    A few new posters own Proq models and asked for guidance in other threads. This is not an official guide, just my experience of using the ProQ Frontier it for the past 3 years and hope it may help? The ProQ default cooking temp is 225F when the pan is full of water or sand and should easily maintain that for anything from 4-7 hours on a full basket of charcoal depending on weather conditions and charcoal used, I usually need to add water (about 2 litres a full coke bottle ) to the pan every 4-5 hours if I have maintained a 225F temp.You can obtain higher temperatures using an empty water pan, plancha plate or no pan. But then you are not cooking lo&slo and closer to roasting above 275F. There is no default temperature for not using a water pan as a heat deflector with the ProQ without using some form of BBQ controller device. But for guidance I cooked a duck recently using the plancha only, in place of the pan and it maintained 325F for nearly 4 hours (enough time to cook the duck) from the original basket of charcoal. But it is really difficult in my experience to maintain a constant stable temperature above 225F unless you have a temp controller. To keep the water pan clean longer, it is best to line the pan with foil securing the foil round the edge of the pan. This means the fat after the ProQ has cooled down, will stay in the foil and you can tip the water down the drain and the solidified fat just gather up in the foil and just throw away. Much easier to clean also. The pan and the grills will go in the dishwasher (not sure about the 2018 versions) quite happily and 3 years later my grills are as good as new still. The 3 vents at the bottom i find closing 2 of them off once it has stabilised at 225F and opening the 3rd one by fitting a pen in the hole and turning it till the wheel bites and that is enough air for the ProQ to operate at 225F I always leave the top vent fully open You should pre-soak any wood you use before adding it to the Proq. You will develop your own method. I tend to add mine when the charcoal has stabilised at 225F and I put the meat in. This normally starts to produce smoke 30 minutes after adding. Others add it to the basket with the charcoal before lighting it. No right or wrong way, whatever suits you best. The temperature will go well above 225F up to 280F when the charcoal is first lit in the basket, but will drop back to 225F and stabilise to enable you to begin the cook. This usually can take anything between 30-60 minutes before it does in my experience. So unless you use shortcuts expect up to an 1 hours before you start to cook with a stable 225F My preference is to use restaurant lumpwood charcoal and add a chimney starter of lit charcoal over the top of the unlit coals to start it, but good quality briquettes work just as well using the minion method (instruction on that elsewhere in the forum) Don't rely on the Proq temp gauge on the lid. Not very accurate, if finances allow invest in a digital thermometer with wifi if poss so you can monitor the pit and food temp from the house and relax a bit when cooking. I would expect to allow a 2-3 kg piece of pork shoulder to take 14-17 hour to cook with no wrapping (few hours shorter if wrapped during stall) The stall can take anything between 4-6 hours to get past. Resist the urge to increase the temp or keep lifting the lid to check. It is quite normal for most meats to stall at some stage of the cooking and patience is needed For Cold smoking I place the generator in the charcoal basket and leave the water pan in it with all the vents open top and bottom. But no reason why you cant remove the water pan Whether using wood chunk, chips or dust if cold smoking. They all impart different flavour to the finished meat. I find no point in using wood for smoke after what you expect 25% of the cook to take. i.e 8 hours for ribs (so 2 hour smoke max) 16 hour pork shoulder ( 4 hours of smoke). Once a bark forms on the outside of the meat and if I continued smoking, it just make the finished meat taste bitter and the smoke doesn't add anything to the meat within the outer bark, once it has formed Never needed to do any mods on mine to get it working better, but some people do add stove rope to the doors if they leak a bit. Worth doing a burn of a basket full of charcoal only, when you first get it to season it and if not used for a significant amount of time and it has been stored outside it doesn't hurt to do it then also. As with anything practice makes perfect and you will soon understand what works best for you and develop your own techniques with it as time goes on. Plenty of other ProQ users on here so any further questions will get answered. .
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    Just spoke to La hacienda. Cracking service so far. I said I wasn’t worried about a replacement, just repair advice/assurance on warranty cover should it get worse. They asked me to send photos because they want to ensure it’s safe to use. If they deem it not safe they will sort a replacement. If they are happy it’s safe and I want to keep it they will sort me a partial refund via Aldi. Answered the phone within three rings as well.
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    Just finishing my first cold smoke. I couldn't wait to try out the Cold smoke generator. Decided to go with Oak. Put the CSG in the bottom. Water bowl empty foil on bottom from last smoke. Grease proof paper over the grates after I stabbed holes in it. 5kg Mature CheddarCostco 800g Gouda - Asda 18:30 - Lit the CSG 18:45 - Cheese in the WSM 19:45 - Checked the taste of one block of Cheddar. - Very light smoke 20:45 - Checked the taste of the same block - A nice wee smoke flavour appearing. (Decided to brave one more hour) 21:45 - Quick taste as I take off the WSM and rest in the fridge for an hour or so - Very nice smoke flavour and smell. 22:00 - Throw on some random Rock salt I have since the CSG is still going. 🤷‍♂️ 22:45 - Start Vac packing. (I hope my neighbours don't mind the noise) 00:10 - Finish packing (last block wouldn't work so used cling film.) I've included pictures. I did put some labels on the cheese with a use after date on it. Up to 6 blocks are going to be used next week for my Dad's Bowling club Cheese and Wine night ( there will be other cheese available plus once the wines open they won't care😁). The rest i'll keep or give to friends/family and ask for feedback on the taste. I did read previously that 3 weeks is an ideal rest period but thought I'll give it a bash.
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    Great price, sounds like it is worth taking a knife along with me to Morrisons next time I visit 😀 be interested on your thoughts on them , when you get to use them.
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    Cheese can be quite forgiving, but always best to give it 3 weeks to settle after smoking. Just put 3kg of Wykes Farm Mature from the Deli Counter at Morrisons (on offer £5 a kg) comes in 1kg blocks heat sealed plastic wrap, nice and dry no wetness to the outside of it. Giving it just under 3 hours of smoke, one of my favourite brands of cheese to smoke.
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    Nice smoky flavour with a bit of sweetness but rather tough. Not so you would worry but not tender. Took 2.5 hours 1.5kg at 120 degs c. Tomorrow. Lamb shish kebabs and chicken honey mustard kebabs. Already in the fridge marinating.
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    Got a lot of Cast Iron already, Have a larger Dutch Oven not shown in this photo. Got a cooking Table set up, also got a small tripod. I have a pulley arrangement set up above my Tandoor Oven that I can lower Dutch Oven into Tandoor.
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    Much the same too. I sometimes use wood chunks but more often I use pellets I also place some foil over the snake to act as a heat deflector into the lower part of the cooking chamber With good quality briquettes this gives a good 6-8 hours cooking temperature on a 1.5 Kg load.
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    To put things in perspective... You will need to eat the equivalent of between 33-150 mg/Kg OF YOUR OWN BODY WEIGHT of Nitrate to suffer the most serious effects. In real terms this equates to eating a lot of Nitrate over a short period of time. When looking at total Nitrate eaten - for an average person death and severe effects of nitrate ingestion are generally associated with doses above 10 g Nitrate. Doses between 2 and 9 g have been reported to cause methemoglobinemia (the reduction in the bloods ability to carry oxygen). You used only 0.96 g of Nitrate for each Kg of your bacon. Some of this will have been lost during the curing process and will not have diffused into the bacon itself. Assuming that each slice of bacon weighs about 25 g then each slice will contain a MAXIMUM of 24 mg Nitrate (0.024 g) Yes, eating a whole Kg of your bacon at one time would likely have some undesirable physiological effects but eating 2 or 3 slices of it in a sandwich (72 mg Nitrate) would not be a problem for a normal healthy adult. An average stick of celery can contain ~160 mg Nitrate...
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    You would need to eat a lot of it in one go to approach toxic levels so don't panic . Eaten in moderation you will be fine. You may even want to cut some of it into lardons and freeze them in small batches. When used in cooking (stir fries etc.) they will add great flavour, the saltiness will help season the dish and the quantities eaten per person will be relatively small.
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    Got myself a new Cast Iron Wok
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    It is finished at last. 2 months hanging. It tastes great nice bit of spice and paprika. I did spray it a couple f itmes to keep the green mould form developing in the few creases of the meat but its ok. If it lasts will bring some to the national. No promises
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    Hi wade, Thank you for taking the time to reply and for giving such excellent advice, I really appreciate it. I have just ordered a vacuum sealer, so once it and the cure arrives I should be good to go for another attempt, only this time done properly. We have only eaten enough of the last batch for a couple of bacon butties so hopefully we won't have done too much harm. Thanks again and I will post some photos of my next attempt. Nick
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    I bought mine as a dipping my toe into Kamado really. If I get on well with it and it lasts a few years il consider one of the higher quality brands on the market. couldnt justify over 1k never having used one though
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    Dad and lad Steve & Paul in a pod
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    Me and my Shadow Motorhome, will be bringing Fridge Trailer, Tables, Gazebos etc. Might have a new toy to play with, give Lee a run for his money, oh and that bloke, Scott who tags along with him! Will put a spread sheet together so we know who is attending.
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    Came across a thread on another site with a couple of sites well worth a read..... https://blog.thermoworks.com/beef/cooking-low-slow-meat-doing/ https://genuineideas.com/food.html Makes a little more sense now... Ice.
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    Excellent weekend and good company . Learned some new tips and ideas too
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    Just like to Thank @Justin & @Raptor72 for organising this weekends 1st Anglia Tailgate Weekend. We had a blast, good company and great food. At this event, there was only @Justin and myself who had attended such an event in the past, all other attendees where first timers. I think that I could speak for them and say they fully enjoyed it, even though it was a little damp at time, and dropped a bit cold at night, but the log burners kept us warm. If you could not make this event or thought you would not fit in, be sure to look In The Smoking & BBQ Weekend for forthcoming events. 👍 🍺 🍖 ⛺
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    So I've made up a quantity of Wayne's recipe rub from the marinade and rub thread, and stuck it all over a leg ready for a Saturday bbq using my new coconut briquettes. Gotta say, I'm not surprised it has had good feedback, the rub smells lovely. Gonna serve with some pitta, homemade hummus, a mint and yoghurt labneh, and some fruity cous cous. I've only got mesquite chips, thoughts? I'm thinking next to none, let the rub and lamb speak for itself?
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    +1 with Sotv have a great time, sorry can't be there still up to our necks in sorting the bungalow out. Hopefully next time?? looks like a good turn out, writeup & photos to follow. Ice.
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    Hope you all have a great weekend and look forward to the pics
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    Due to the popularity of the Kamado Ovens section we have now also added separate sections for your Callow, Landmann, ProQ and Weber discussions. Please use these to post your discussions for these smokers. Enjoy
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    First off not my recipe, found it from a famous eatery in New York 3 TBS Fish sauce 3 TBS Soy sauce 2 TBS Apple cider vinegar 2 qt Water 1 TBS Palm sugar 4 TBS Yellow curry powder (I used 2 TBS Rajah mild Curry powder) If you like it hot stronger ones available 1 Whole goat neck (Cut mine into 2 halves as quite big) 2 TBS Unsalted butter 1/4 Cup White wine 10 Dried Cherries I mixed together fish sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, water, sugar and curry powder until smooth cut the goat neck halves into marinade and left overnight Smoked at 225F for 4 hours until a bark had formed on it outside (brushed marinade over it a couple of times during the smoke). Placed neck in Dutch oven for nearly 6 hours at 275F and put enough marinade to cover up to two-thirds of neck and left it to cook during that time. Mine was fork tender after this. (took the internal temp and it was 190F) even though I struggled a bit to maintain 275F for the full 6 hours. If I had a constant temp would have probably knocked an hour or so off the cooking time Melted the butter in the dutch oven lid over the coals (1 level up in my proQ) and put the necks in the pan and spooned the butter over them. When butter browned I added the wine and cherries. Reduced the liquid by half then continued basting the liquid over the neck. The sauce thickens up after 10 minutes (dependant on heat) It was very nice, but as the recipe suggested, I will use coconut rice to serve with it next time. I found a full neck is very filling for me, similar taste to Lamb but more stronger, but very tasty. Forgot to take pictures, but have another neck as well as a shoulder to cook. So will try to remember next time. The meat on mine literally fell away from the bone. But this is the image from the restaurant i found the recipe from and there's looks a lot firmer and whole after cooking. Which is what I will aim for next time. A whole neck cost me a fiver so good value for a meal.
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    Fire box door curb and bottom frame with castor mounts
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    Due to the popularity of the Kamado Ovens especially the Aldi one on offer, we have decided to give you your own section. Kamado Users. Please use this to discuss all your Kamado posts. Enjoy
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    It was a small Boston Butt. About 2 8 kg. Turned out pretty well after about 8 hrs. Should of perhaps wrapped it in foil and gave it another 2 hrs but all turned out pretty good
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    Yes I have used Transglutaminase with several meats and it has worked well. I have used it to hold together boned leg of pork when making gammon and with chicken when turning chicken thighs into a breaded stuffed chicken joint It needs to be stored in the freezer but it will keep for a couple of years there. I have found that, once applied, it does not work so well at cold fridge temperatures (2-4 C) and for best results it need to be left at ~8 C for a couple of hours to get the strongest bonds. Once bonded you you would not know from the texture/taste etc that the meat pieces had been "glued" together. Give it a try - it is fun to create with
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    Mine has been on the go for a year now. And all good so far after plenty of use.
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    Noticed today my Morrisons has started stocking the BIG K Cocoshell Briquettes £8 for 5kg
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    Picked up this 500g 21 day aged Sirloin steak with bone in today, so thought I would give it ago on the afterburner. Lovely to see the fat and marrow bubble out of the bone with the intense heat. Cooked rare and tasted lovely After 7 hours in the marinade, before going on the afterburner 2 minutes either side as thickest one cooked yet on afterburner Sliced & Ready to serve after standing for 5 minutes Apologies if you don't like it rare and red meat puts you off.
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    When you are making up a brine like this it is always worthwhile looking at the recipe and doing some simple math... 1/4 cup of salt weighs ~75 g and 4 cups of water weighs ~940 g. This would result in a salt (and sugar) concentration in the brine of ~9%. This is very salty. OK, if you were to allow the brine to reach full equilibrium with the meat (which would have taken 7-10 days for meat that thickness) then you would end up with an overall theoretical salt concentration of ~2.5% - about the saltiness of my dry cure bacon. The short marinade overnight will have resulted in the salt only penetrating a short distance into the meat and so the surface salt concentration would still be approaching 9% !! It is no wonder you found it too salty. The sugar would have masked some of the salt but I don't think it would have been sufficient to still make it pleasant to eat as a joint. This is a good practical lesson to learn though - albeit a disappointing one. When you look at a recipes ingredients, try to see what the end result would be. With a short duration marinade of this type, a good rule of thumb is if it is too unpleasant to drink then it will probably be too unpleasant to eat. You can then adjust the quantities accordingly... Let us say that you were aiming for a 3-4% maximum salt concentration... You could have reduced the salt in the brine to ~30-35 g (1.5-2 Tbs). The Sugar would also need to be reduced to the same (or less) You could have increased the amount of water to ~2.5 litres (~10 cups). If you did this though you would have had to increase the spices accordingly - which would have been a lot of spice. I know that it is often tempting to follow recipes that you find online without question however (Shock! Horror!) some are actually posted untested... or maybe include typo errors. Next time you try it I suggest that you reduce the salt/sugar in the brine to 2 Tbs in 1 litre of water and it should taste a lot better.
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    Marinated beef silverside in honey and soy sauce overnight and now minion snake method in kettle with two chinks of cherry wood. Using MEATER. Currently at 111 degs C. Once it hits 120 I will close vents at bottom alot just a little open. . Sun is shining bright.
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    Thought I would try cooking my normal paella outdoors for the first time today, using my ProQ and the afterburner on the chimney starter Ingredients (enough for 2-3 people) increase accordingly if for more people Olive oil 3 Boneless and Skinless Chicken Thighs 100g Pancetta Cubes 1 Diced Red Pepper 175g Paella Rice 650ml Liquid Chicken Stock you can buy in the supermarket (not the cubed type) mixed with Pinch of Saffron and & tbsp of Paellero Valenciana Paella Seasoning 8 Argentinian Red Shrimp 250g Mussels Handful of frozen Peas Fried the whole chicken thighs in the oil in the pan over the coals in Proq ( I would normally cut them into pieces indoors, but wanted to sear them outdoors, so left them whole and cut them up after searing). Cooked for about 8-10 minutes on their own and then added the pancetta gave it another 10 minutes and added the red peppers for another 3-4 minutes After this added the rice stirred it round to soak up the fat and oil before removing the chicken and adding the stock which had been bought to the boil on the chimney/afterburner and poured into the pan with the contents. .Seared the thighs quickly on the afterburner and cut them up and added them back to the pan. No stirring once the stock has been added, just put the lid on the ProQ and left it for 25-30 minutes, till the liquid had almost dissolved Then add the 30 second seared red shrimp (already pre-cooked) If they had been raw would have added them 5-6 minutes before end then seared then, (rather than the less than 2 minutes I used on the precooked ones) before the rice was cooked along with the peas. If rice is soft it is cooked, if undercooked it will still be hard and will be noticeable. If the rice isn't soft, I would normally add a little more hot water till it was. If I was cooking for guests I would have added calamari, but both me and my wife don't like it, so didn't bother. I have cooked this with diced pork and even rabbit, indoors and they both work just as well as chicken. I winged this, as had no idea of timings and if it would actually work or if it would be hot enough to do, I will refine it over time but as a starting point, very pleased with the finished result and will be doing again
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    Speaking as a man with the worst sweet tooth/willpower combination I know, I should embrace every opportunity to cut sugar from my diet and I really do want to. Definitely starting on Tuesday, maybe Wednesday depending how Tuesday goes....😂 I've just sat watching a bit of Tele, got peckish, ate 3/4 of a tube of Mini Eggs. 😥 Starting again froooom.....Now.
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    Nope 4 kids means time to prep the pineapple in its marinade ready for the grill and make the burgers!
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    I’m hoping everyone is well and wondering how many of us are going to be out in the great weather getting some smoking and BBQing going on. I started yesterday with a couple of pizzas and doing the same again today to finish up the dough. I’m making some paneer burgers tomorrow for and a few beef ones as well.
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    Not new to the Forum, I am @Smokin Monkey but I have set up a new account as Dutchy, as I am going to be doing a lot more Dutch Oven and Cast Iron Cooking and want to keep the Low & Slow and Dutch Oven separate. Part of the Cast Iron Collection. Got this ‘Garden Range’ on order,
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    Pulled pork with home made bbq sauce Mustard and garlic chicken BBQ mixed beans And for pudding Ribs..
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    Cooking corner is ready 😀 still got some tidying to do and will be painting my cupboard to match decking. First cook tomorrow. Making some bread buns in oven. Char Sui pork fillet some BBQ chicken thighs and chorizo with onion that I spotted on here.

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