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    All the pods booked, galvanised me into making a booking. Booked one of the lodges there as they have 25% off sitewide on caravans, lodges and camping/van pitches till Monday as part of Black Friday using code on site. Going to coming down down as a group of 6 for the weekend as the granddkids look well provided for with facilities on the site during the day and evening. Hopefully it will be alright for them all to join us for the feast on the evening? Got the lodge for £265 for the weekend and accommodates six. (May have got the last one)? Caravans available for £225 to £250 for the weekend sleeping six using code as well. If anyone else interested in that form of accommodation?
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    All of the PODs have now been booked at Billing however I have found a good hotel nearby that seems to be excellent value. Overstone Park Hotel, Golf & Leisure Resort Through Booking.com the rate is currently £120 - £150 for the two nights, with breakfast included. This is very favourable compared with the hotel at Billing (a Premiere Inn) who are asking £330.
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    Yes, was diagnosed in 2014 but turned it around and recent tests have shown me as 'normal' (in laymans terms non-diabetic) Happy to share what worked for me - lifestyle change required and food swaps but I still ate like a king Google LCHF for starters and message me your number - happy to discuss Fats are okay, as is Protein - It's Carbs you need to cut drastically What worked for me was 55% Fats / 35% Protein / 15% Carbs. I lost 35kgs (77 lbs) in 2 years and have kept it off when I eat well. Fats are a key part to keep as your body will start to run on fats and not sugars
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    For those members attending the 2019 Anglia and South East Tailgate, this is the thread to post up your menu ideas for the weekend. We like to have some idea what people are thinking of cooking so we end up with a good variety of food, instead of 20 racks of ribs and 5 lots of Pit Beans.
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    We have a way to go! In Venice I have seen this.
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    LOL - No, that is a very sensible question. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner but I have just become a Granddad for the first time and life is a little hectic at the moment !! There is no one single answer - it depends on how they are placed in the smoker. If you hang them vertically without them touching then the smoke will pass evenly over all surfaces of the fish resulting in each getting a similar amount of smoke. Like this you would smoke for the same length of time if you had only one side in the smoker or 20. If you lay them horizontally on racks then the lowest fish will tend have a large surface area close to the smoke generator which will pick up more of the "sticky" smoke components before they reach the other fillets. They will all smoke, but the one at the bottom will be more heavily smoked than the one at the top. The ways to help overcome this are: Place a baffle plate between the smoke generator and the fish - an empty water tray would be fine for this. This will help ensure that the smoke travels around all the fish and does not hit the lowest one directly Place the fish in the smoker skin side down. This will ensure that any direct heavy smoke on the lower fillet will deposit onto the skin side, leaving the lighter smoke components to come in contact with the flesh on top. Rotate the position of fish in the smoker a couple of times during the smoke. This will help to even out the amount of smoke that is hitting each piece. Do you need to smoke for longer? Not necessarily. There is usually excess smoke inside the smoke chamber and most of it passes out without even touching the fish. If you take the above steps then you should get an even distribution of smoke around the fish and you will not need to extend the smoking time... HOWEVER, depending on the amount of space and air flow around the salmon, the water coming out of the lower fillets will increase the moisture in the air around the fillets above - which in turn will reduce their rate of water loss. With a good air flow and a large smoke chamber volume this effect will be minimal, however at lower air flows and a cramped smoke chamber this effect becomes greater. In this case you may have to smoke for longer in order to achieve the 15-18% moisture loss in all of the fillets. When I say you need a good air flow I do not mean that it needs to be hurricane force! It just needs to be a constant movement. You need to see the smoke emerging from the top vent with a little speed and continue upwards for a couple of inches before it dissipates. If the smoke just overflows gently out of the top vents like a witches cauldron then the air flow in the smoker will be low.
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    I am on working on some embroidered applique badges for the tailgate events. news to follow For instance the below. Noting they can be personalised for you. Small fee to cover costs. the idea is you can sew them on your apron of jacket etc.... News to follow WOODSMOKEFORUM2.pdf
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    Mine arrived and suffered the same fate
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    I am not hugely overweight about 8-10 pounds based on my BMI, but certainly dropping a few pounds wont hurt. More the quality of my general diet and very sweet tooth haven't helped getting me to this stage. So some lifestyle regular exercise and food changes are hopefully what is needed to try to keep it in check. Congrats on the weight loss, you are doing the right things. I tested borderline like you @Icefever 2-3 years ago with a reading of 48. Last one the other week was in the lows 90's so it is a good idea to listen to the doctor. Because those sort of results means tablets for life and regular tests for complications resulting from the diabetes. Was even looking at an Air Frier on Amazon Black Friday today 😞, no more lardy chips for me now unfortunately. Will probably be joining the Sous Vide brigade on here in the New Year as well Thoroughly recommend the app/or website www.myfitnesspal.com to keep a check on your diet sugars/carbs/sodium etc it has 4 million food items on there. Not found 1 supermarket product I have bough,t not on there yet. Great way to keep a check of your daily intake, if disciplined enough to add you meals you have eaten to it daily.
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    Looks like an old classic Dr Who monster
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    In the news yesterday about how young children are getting type 2....a lot about fast food and being overweight. At the beginning of this year, I had a blood test and the doc said that if I was not careful I could finish up with it. I hit 18 stone in Jan, I'm 6' 2" but I decided to lose a stone or so, I went on to low carb eating, I don't do sugar, and over about 3/4 months I dropped to 16 stone 8 lbs. It's been so good that the doc has taken me off the blood pressure tablets. Ice.
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    Only 33 days left to go 😀
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    Two now vac-packed....
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    From what you say it looks like you are not smoking for long enough as it is the air flowing over the surfaces of the fish while it smokes that remove much of the water. Try the following: 24 hrs with salt/sugar. 18-24 hours depending on the size of the salmon side. 1 hour resting to dry the surface. - though this is not really necessary. 24 hrs smoking at 23 degrees C.
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    So far Justin tent solo Raptor tent solo Steve Smokin Monkey campervan 2 people Paul Erskine (details to follow) Ryan Guinea (details to follow) To be confirme Ice Fever and Ice Ice Lady trailer tent . Well done Spencer (Raptor 72 wingman) for the recruiting, Keep it up
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    This post comes with a view warning!IF YOU ARE A TRADITINAL BBQ'ER, YOU MAY FIND CONTENT DISTURBING!!!Chicken Donuts have been in my thoughts for some time now, so here's the first attempt!Take your Favorite Hot Sauce, In to a pan and bring to a bring to a gentle boil, mix Arrowroot (Arrowroot is best for freezing) with some cold water to make a slurry. And to sauce to make a consistent like Jam. Put into ice cube mould and then into the freezer. (Do this the day before you make the Donuts). Take some Skinned and Boned Chicken Thighs, remove any fat. Pound out to about 3/8 (10mm) thick. Use a cookie cutter to make your circle then cut round with a sharp knife. VIEW WARNING VIEW WARNING!!!!!Take some MEAT GLUE and mix with some water. Apply to two chicken circles, place a frozen Hot Sauce cube in the centre and cap with the othe chicken circle. Place in fridge over night for the magic to work. Pre heat smoker to 368F (180'C)Egg wash Donuts, they cover in PANKO Breadcrumbs. Into smoker for about 1 1/2 Hours until Breadcrumbs have browned and chicken has reached 165F.Remove and dust with S&P. Money Shot, Runny Hot Sauce Jam!
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    Ryan has just joined the Forum.
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    Good I know Ryan he has a good bit of kit
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    That looks good and it should work well. All of our cold smokers evolve over time just as yours has done. I have been using the same cold smoker setup for several years now however the hot weather this summer resulted in smoker temperatures that made it too hot to use. With the smoker located inside the Smokery, and only having a short connection between the smoke generator and the smoking chamber, the internal temperature of the chamber was often over 30 C, even without the smoke generator lit. I therefore redesigned the unit in September and relocated it outside. It now reliably maintains the outside ambient temperature inside the smoking chamber even with the smoke generator lit - and I now often need to use the internal heater.
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    I place mine in a stainless steel tray and cover with clingfilm but wrapping in clingfilm will work just as well. Yes it does make it a little firmer to carve and also keeping it chilled once smoked is good food handling practice.
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    Yes, The skewer does not zigzag though the skin but just goes right the way through the meat. The strings (or in your case your "S" hooks run below the skewer, which distributes the load along the whole width of the fillet.
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    Well what a day yesterday turned out to be, everything went brilliantly. Our first try at hard cheese, but we're now hooked on making more. We followed the recipe and it was so easy to do, cheese seems to do most of the work for you. The milk is brought up to 32c, you add the Mesophilic culture, Calcium Chloride and rennet and that's it. You just sit back and watch the milk change into curds & whey, how easy is that??. Then after separating the curds from the whey, you start the cheddaring, after turning the curds about 3 times it's ready for the press. You pop it in the press for 1 hour, take it out, turn the cheese over and put it back under pressure then for 12 hours. A bonus is don't throw the whey down the drain, you make Ricotta cheese with it, so two cheese from one, can't be bad. Cheddaring for 45 mins. In the press for 12 hours. Out it came this morning at 04.00 Now it has to air dry for 3/5 days at room temp. The bonus Ricotta, this will be used in a beef lasagne in the week. Rosie and I both enjoyed the whole experience, will we make more??? to bloody right we will. There's a whole world of soft cheeses out there that don't need a press. Ice.
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    Man oh man oh man... steak one is sooooo good. Our guests literally ‘oh my GOD sarah’ breakfast one was ace and that was the boy’s fave. So much for tea and breakfast!