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    Served on flat bread with salad, limes and Raita of plain yoghurt, fresh mint and fresh lime juice.
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    Beer Brats 2 Bratwurst 2 Chilli & Cheese Hotdawgs 1 Onion 1 Red Pepper 1 Orange Pepper 1 Can Lager 1 tsp Chipotle Paste.
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    If u want advice on pizzas 😂😂😂😂😘
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    Hey everyone, cheers for letting me join. I'm not new to cooking but I am only just starting out in smoking and grilling. I wanted to expand and there seems plenty to learn! I've started off with a Fornetto Razzo and a cheapo H/Base 57cm kettle. Both of which I've just about got to grips with temp control etc using briquettes. I'd like to move to lumpwood now. I've done 5 or 6 cooks loaded up each time with a mixture of lamb, beef, pork and ribs etc. I tend to make my own rubs and sauces as well as burgers. Basic starter stuff and it's all come out well. Looking forward to learning hardware tips and tricks and picking up new food ideas. Also like to find someone local to me who can point me in the direction of a butchers who knows his bbq cuts etc. Thanks for the PM Smokin Monkey. I think I found you by following a link from the Hot Smoked page whilst looking for Nettelfields charcoal.
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    Had a bit of luck today, called in a butchers I passed in a village near to me and he had the perfect bacon for these and fatties, saved a trip to the supermarket, 10 inch long streaky bacon (with a bit of stretch in it. 2 inches wide did a great 7x7 weave, perfect for a fatty and for once able to finally tuck the ends in. No more supermarket bacon 6 x 6 and fill in the gaps it doesn't cover anymore Had Jacobs Ladders and Ocho Bucco for £7.50 kg as well , happy find.
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    So after a morning out I got home and started the pizzas. Some worked out better than others but SWMBO is determined that the base recipe she knows is the best...it’s ok but not the best. I then made some meatballs in a tomato sauce for dinner tomorrow. I used 20% fat mince with some oregano and pepper and put them on the skillet to cook. Added the sauce and smoked some apple chips for flavour. Now I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening.
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    And i will be joining you with this. 14Hr Beef ribs. Probing like butter and now resting. Smells immense. Yum.
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    15 hours later and it seems to have worked out well.
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    I’m doIng Kurzi boneless leg of lamb. Marinaded the inside only and tied. Will cook on the rotisserie on Sunday. I had a week in Weymouth so I picked up a leg of Dorset lamb on the way home today.
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    Sliced the salmon today. Also treated my self to a Dalstrong Shogun Slicer.
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    Just back from a holiday in southern Snowdonia and brought some bits back from the butchers at London House Stores in Dyffryn Ardudwy. Amazing produce from here including award winning sausages (be having those later). I bought a double cut bone in pork loin chop and fancied trying a recipe from Marcus Bawdons Food and Fire book. I made up some nduja butter using equal quantities of softened butter and nduja, chilled it for a bit in the fridge before rolling into a cylinder wrapped in cling film, set up in the freezer for half an hour then into the fridge. The chop still had the chine bone in so I cut through this using a hack saw so I could slice the joint into two for serving. Rubbed plenty of salt into the scored skin then rubbed the meat with A&O harissa rub. I set the Weber kettle up for indirect cooking with lump charcoal, temp at around 350f (180c) and put a bit of pear wood in for smoke. Started the cook skin side down direct over the coals to get some crackling started and seared each side before moving to cook indirect until 60c internal. When rested I sliced into two chops, added a thick disc of the nduja butter to each chop before placing a piece of lit charcoal on top to melt the butter into each chop. I served these with a smoked potato salad (recipe from Fire Food by DJ BBQ), potatoes were cooked and cooled before before being tossed in olive oil and salt and pepper, then hot smoked at about 400f (204c) for around 45 minutes until smoky and golden. Then mixed with mayo, sliced spring onions, sliced chillies, lemon juice, and chopped coriander. Crackling was ok but not great but the taste was amazing, nice and spicy from the nduja butter and a subtle smoky flavour. The potato salad is a regular for me, so tasty and easy to knock up.
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    Very pleased with them, really juicy, loads of meat and that rack filled 2 of us up. If you have a huge appetite then you could probably eat a rack by yourself. but 7 for me and 5 for the wife were plenty. Meat was a little more chewy than melt in your mouth but full of juice and flavour. There was a few pieces of gelatinous fat that hadn't dissolved. But as they were from the belly as you get with Pork belly slices it is very hard to dissolve it completely, but soft and tasty if you enjoy that sort of fat, or just discard if you don't. Not sure it would dissolve anymore anyway even if I had carried on cooking it for any longer. Would probably cook closer to 240F next time to reduce cooking time, but will definitely do them again as we both thought they were better ribs than we usually use. Cooking time at 225F, 3 hours unwrapped then 2.5 hours wrapped and then another 1.5 hours unwrapped then over coals for 5 minutes either side to caramalise the bbq sauce, I put on at the end
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    thanks for the heads up, I will be putting it to use for the first time this weekend. It's my first smoker so can't really compare, but it seems well built.
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    Bone marrow with prawns and sea bass chicken fillet and chicken leg glazed seafood linguine
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    Chipotle definitely steps it up. May do then at Northern Tailgate.
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    Video links can be found at the bottom of the post! For the first time ever, I managed to cook a packer-cut brisket almost perfectly! There were 2 things that I did differently to before: I sourced the perfect piece of meat from Meat and Cleaver UK (no affiliation but they know their stuff when it comes to cooking low-and-slow and were able to source a packer-cut brisket that they trimmed nicely aka leaving some fat on) I didn't undercook it (more about that below) Important Bits I cooked it on my Traeger Pro 575 using Hickory and Cherry pellets. I started it last Saturday morning at 06:00 and it took around 11 hours to cook + 2 hours of rest. I trimmed and rubbed the meat at 05:00 with a base layer of salt, black pepper, celery salt and oregano and then added a generous layer of Traeger's Beef Rub. It hit the grill (set to 250°F) at 06:00 and I monitored the internal temperature to look out for the stall. I wrapped it in butcher paper after it had pushed through the stall, which was around 171°F - this was around 7 hours in and also gave it time to pick up some nice colour. I didn't use a water pan at all during the cook. Once wrapped, I monitored the internal temperature until 200°F and then checked for doneness with a probe. I ignored what the temperature probe was saying and simply went by feel. It was still feeling tough in areas so I left it and kept checking every 30-40 minutes. Around 4 hours after wrapping, (207°F internal temperature) the probe was literally going in and out like butter and so I pulled it off and put it in a cool bag for 2 hours. After 2 hours, I was super excited to slice into it. The texture was unreal - super soft all over and even really thick slices were tender and 'floppy'. I had previously read advice saying to use a probe to check for tenderness, but my issue before was that I was too worried about overcooking and so was unknowingly pulling my briskets off before they were really getting to that sweet spot. Let me know if you have any questions! Clips 7KG+ Brisket from Meat and Cleaver UK Colour Before Wrapping Unwrapping and Slicing Showing off a slice
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    Just over 3kg but cook it at 225F and to an internal temp of 165F (A little higher than usual, but we prefer ours flaky, almost pulled rather than sliced) Got a massive stall over 4 hours at 135F when I cooked it last time at that temp and had to ramp it up after 9 hours and still wasn't ready after 11 hours at woodsmoke 😀 I know you can roast it at higher temps, but once again, for our tastes, we prefer it lo&slo and eaten cold Going to do a Turducken on Monday or Tuesday also
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    Hey guys, Inkbird first lighting deal of Aug will be online on 17-Aug, don't miss it. 😝 Lighting Deal Product: IBT-6XS with six probes https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071KXPSR1 Lighting Deal Date: 17-Aug-2019 15:00 BST - 17-Aug-2019 21:00 BST Lighting Deal Price: £41.24 save you £13.75. At the same time,Inkbird IBT-4XS and IRF-4S discount still available. 20% off(5% off page coupon + 15% off code: TNJ5UKKB) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076QBJVWX 10% off page coupon for IRF-4S with four probes: IWA6VTF5 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KPZK56Z These code will expired on 17-Aug-2019 23:59 BST Please share this great news with your friends, thank you all and wish you a good weekend.
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    I saw somewhere on an American site someone who made onion grill cleaners. My plan is to cut this stainless ball in half, add a spike inside at the top then add a handle. Cut onion in half and use the flat to clean the grill. Hopefully work.
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    I definitely think some salt or brining helps
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    To be honest much I wouldn't know as it's my first time doing both brining and wings. Let's just say I would be more then happy to brine wings again if they continue to turn out this good.
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    Been deliberating over this for the last 48 hours, decided against it due to no PID Controller and a bit big for my needs. But for £295 seems a very good buy, if looking for something like this or as an alternative to an offset for around this price Big Horn 900
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    Hmmm, I wonder if I could smuggle one of these into the garden as well if i can find one in local store. 🤔
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    Thanks @allyby58, all feed back taken on board and is welcome 👍
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    I have a Smartfire controller on my Pro Q Frontier. I shipped mine in from Australia before Pro Q in the UK started selling them. I particularly liked that it can run from a 5v power bank. https://www.macsbbq.com/accessories/thermometers-controllers/proq-smartfire (I am sure there was a forum discount code somewhere too) I am very happy with it. It connects to your home wifi and then you can control and monitor from wherever your mobile phone/tablet/PC has internet (over 4g is just as good). There are budget solutions out there, i am not sure i have seen one much cheaper with all the options though that a Smartfire or BBQGuru have. Phil.
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    I am registered for both days too Brew'n'Q judging registration can be found here http://brewnq.co.uk/judges-registration-for-open-competition/
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    Glad you enjoyed it @Icefever & @Ice Ice Lady, it is a great weekend and the food is great. When you see what the teams produce, and the time scales they work to, it’s amazing. Hoping to get down there in 2020.
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    No, give a go, and if you need to vent then it’s not a major job to put a 100 mm hole in each end.
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    So my lad has had the Mini Chef Kamado for a few weeks now, we have added pizza stone / heat deflector & a 5mm steel Plancha / heat deflector. So he has plenty of cooking options. He's played around with it, but what do you guys actually cook on yours? I'm a bit lost on recipes that he can cook & feed three. I'm used to loading the smoker & cooking for the masses so to speak. Are they any sites / forums you can point to that give recipes for the Mini style Kamados? Perhaps this would be a good place to start a thread on your chosen recipes, experiences or ideas? Cheers n Gone Nick
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    Found these instructional videos of different cuts of beef and how they are cut down (chuck & loin) Youtube There is 3 or 4 videos in each series and I found them interesting and informative and a few cuts of meat, I wasn't aware of.
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    There is a budget kamado owners group on Facebook, plenty of people on there own the Grillchef one, various mods for deflectors and extra grill space.
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    Same as @hoogl just the two of us, so I find it easy to do any meats on it. Steak tonight, pork loin chops tomorrow, I sometimes wrap a couple of spuds in foil there's just enough room on the grill. I have had an idea of making a double grill plate just so it fits with the lid down, steaks are only a couple of inches, put them on the lower rack and what ever else you want on the top??? Ice.
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    Provided it looks and smells OK it will still be safe to eat - as the salt and cure will have killed off surface bacteria and the smoke will have inhibited any growth during the smoking. You may find though that the higher temperature has had a detrimental effect on the meat structure which may make is less palatable - but that will be a personal choice. I would suggest that you avoid eating too much at one sitting and avoid giving it to young, old or unhealthy people who may have a impared immune functions.
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    Sorry to hijack the thread, but looking to do something similar Quick question. Got a family party on Sunday and they have asked me to do something. Like the idea of Pulled Beef nachos. Rang my butcher, no chuck roast in. But he has said he will do me a 3 kg piece of flank for the same price. Never cooked flank for pulling before on the smoker. Anyone any experience of a large piece of flank Is it as good or better? Butcher reckons it is as good and should pull, but not a lot of info out there on cooking it in a smoker anyone any experience of it. Without seeing the meat, I would imagine if it is like flank steak rather than a roast a 3kg piece would have to be cut into pieces as a whole piece would be to large in a smoker, unless it was rolled and tied
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    Yep looks like that, though they do have some nice marbling....but the proof is it the taste, go or it mate
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    I will try this when I get back from Canada. Thanks for tips fellas and ladies
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    Arriving today so I'll let you know.
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    It’s an Aluminium Cast I think. Ebay Great idea to cook Nachos and have a dipping Selsa in the middle.
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    Good idea. Versatile bit of kit. Think Cake . Nachos. Pastry. Strudle. Pie. White wine chicken. Look up weber chocolate dream recipe. It is great
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    I've just ordered a Jacobs ladder and Chuck from here https://www.kimbersfarmshop.co.uk/
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    Well done. I use that to make chocolate cake apple strudle etc enjoy
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    Forgot to take a picture mate!.Sounds like a good cook. Her is a piccie of nice beer i brewed to go with that
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    Fantastic. Great result. There are always some ups and downs. I put it down to things like wood chunks catching etc. It does look like the fan was working hard. I had exactly the same on my first couple of cooks. I was advised to crack open the bottom two vents on mine to allow a background level of air which SF then tops up to maintain temp. It worked well for me. Phil.
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    Well done, container gardening is taking off big time.....in fact I'm buying 10/15 large 50 ltr grow tubs for next year. I'm growing spuds, carrots in them for a start, there are some brilliant videos about planting spuds in tubs and getting great yields. Same with carrots, no stones, which we have a lot of in our patch, carrots don't like stones it causes them to split. As for foraging, it's great, last weekend we found around 6/7 Damson trees in a hedge on one of the fields that belong to the farm and they are loaded. The plan now is for both Damson jam, and also pickled Damson chutney. Ice.
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    Finally cooked the pork belly from riverside garden centre . Very impressed with the quality . Still didn’t get the exact crackling Steve smoking monkey achieves
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    Sous vide is French for "under vacuum" and is a method of cooking food in a plastic pouch, which is often vacuum-sealed and then placed in a water bath or steam environment. It uses an accurately regulated temperature much lower than normally used for cooking - typically around 55 to 60 °C (131 to 140 °F) for meat, higher for vegetables. It is cooked at this temperature for longer than normal cooking times - usually 1 to 7 hours, but up to 48 or more in some cases. The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and to retain moisture. The following are proven temperature and time combinations for different foods. These come from ChefSteps and the original chart can be downloaded here ChefSteps-SousVideReference.pdf Beef Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm) Ideal Longest Beef, Steak Rare 54 129 1:00 2:00 Medium 58 136 1:00 2:00 Well Done 68 154 1:00 2:00 Beef, Roast Rare 56 133 7:00 16:00 Medium Rare 60 140 6:00 14:00 Well Done 70 158 5:00 11:00 Beef, Tough Cuts Rare 55 131 24:00 48:00 Medium Rare 65 149 24:00 24:00 Well Done 70 158 5:00 11:00 Pork Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm) Ideal Longest Pork, Chop Rare 58 136 1:00 2:30 Medium Rare 62 144 1:00 1:45 Well Donw 70 158 1:00 1:30 Pork, Roast Rare 58 136 3:00 5:30 Medium Rare 62 144 3:00 4:00 Well Done 70 158 3:00 3:30 Pork, Tough Cuts Rare 62 144 16:00 24:00 Medium Rare 68 154 12:00 24:00 Well Done 85 185 8:00 16:00 Chicken Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm) Ideal Longest Chicken, Light Meat Super-Supple 60 140 2:00 3:30 Juicy and Tender 65 149 1:00 2:00 Well Done 75 167 1:30 4:30 Chicken, Dark Meat Tender 65 149 1:30 4:30 Falling off the bone 75 167 1:30 3:00 Fish Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm) Ideal Longest Fish Tender 40 104 0:40 1:00 Tender and Flaky 50 122 0:40 1:00 Tender and Flaky 60 140 0:40 1:00 Vegetables Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm) Ideal Longest Vegetables Green 85 185 0:05 0:20 Winter Squash 85 185 1:00 3:00 Potatoes and Root Vegetables 85 185 1:00 3:00 Fruit Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm) Ideal Longest Fruit Warm and Ripe 68 154 1:45 2:30 Cooked to soft (for purees etc.) 85 185 0:30 1:30 Egg Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm) Ideal Longest Egg Poached 64 147 1:00 1:30 More information about Sous Vide cooking can be found at: https://www.chefsteps.com/sous-vide https://www.sousvidesupreme.com
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    Looks like what I get from Bookers.....but when you look at the reviews.... https://www.diy.com/departments/restaurant-charcoal-12kg/5060098640071_BQ.prd/reviews?utm_campaign=bau&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=awin&utm_content=Communities+%26+UGC&utm_term=47868&awc=483_1566719332_0aa1076277a36c06cc7366fef6085432 Not so sure??? Ice.

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