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    Made a Moroccan pulled lamb. Ruined over night with Schwartz Moroccan seasoning mixed with olive oil. Smoked until 160° then wrapped in butcher paper until 205°. Rested for an hour. Made ribs with homemade rub and glazed with sauce shop cherry bourbon sauce. PBBE as well.
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    Happy New Year. To everyone. Here's to BBQ'ing in 2020.... Bring it on.
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    So after making a whole loin and whole belly into bacon I had the problem of slicing it. Looked on eBay and was one 10 miles away £110 or best offer I offered a cheeky £50 and he accepted, took it apart and a good clean working perfectly, quite pleased with myself
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    New product on the market, only available in North America at the moment, but seems an affordable way to cook via the pellet method on a Weber Kettle if any get imported over here to sell? https://youtu.be/60Od8WymVjk
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    We're off to Bookers today for some more Tri-tips (Beef Rump Tails) also I want about 2kg of British Beef Chuck Rolls. I would like to have a go at a Beef & Guinness sausage.... On their website it shows an 8kg joint, I'm hoping that Dave will cut me a 2kg piece???. otherwise I'll have to did deeper into my piggy bank.. looking at Wed to have a go. 👍 Ice.
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    I don't like the way you typed that......
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    We have this cut regularly, fantastic flavour we always get Uruguayan grain fed, get a whole one and cut up into 3 and freeze, must render the fat cap well and we have it medium
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    Ok : when I wasn’t as tall as I am now . When I had darker hair than I have now When I was definitely 3 stone lighter And when I Knew slightly less about a woman’s G spot
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    An ariel view of the space we will have within the black line....the red area is where there maybe hard standing for motorhomes/caravans. Ice.
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    I happy to nake a paella friday. No seafood to keep Steve happy. Saturday. Anything. If not want much tasty chicken drumsticks. Otherwise aPudding on Sat. I will be happy to put something together. Depends how many come. Sunday. Tomato eggs as per usual if you want. You know me sides and pudding etc and some nibbles ribs skirt steak That usually goes down well Beef stew. Tasty. Thanks Rosemary
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    Love mutton...mum would make mutton stew & dumplings....good old days...where on line did you find the mutton?? Ice.
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    No, just go with mild steel. Season it with a coating of veg oil, burn in. It will not rust.
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    I've just looked at the weight on the rolled brisket.....4.5 kgs....jezeeee that's going to make the best part of a yup of sausages. 😎 Ice.
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    My advice, would be not to mention anything about possibly getting it wet, if you speak to them. Just say you noticed it after first use. As getting them wet, usually invalidates any warranty.
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    Must of been good as it only lasted 5 minutes.
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    Hi all, Happy new Year. I thought I'd share my Christmas Eve cook. I would've shared earlier but I ended up in Hospital again with another bloody abscess. 😷 Brined Salmon overnight in a mix of 500g Light Brown Sugar and 320g Coarse Salt. (Just one bag/tub of each) Left it in the fridge for a few hours after washing and drying on rack. It was firm throughout, though a wee bit closer to bottom could've been brined more. Pigs in blankets, homemade wrapped supermarket sausage and bacon. made about 100 between these in smoker and rest in oven. All had a Maple (2 Parts) Bourbon (1 Part) glaze that they Marinated in overnight in ziploc bags. 1710 Salmon on, Pigs already on for 30 or so mins. Smoker maintained 120C roughly. Had to put a bit more Charcoal in as I did let it drop as I was trying to ration my Charcoal (Shed leaked and turned a bag mouldy) . First time not using the water pan at all. Used the last of my Apple and Cherry chunks of wood. 1737 - Pigs been on for about an hour so decided to turn. 1834 - Salmon done ( a few degrees under with the meater using the resting period to come to Temp 65C I hit 66C as was a little late taking it out WSM. 1835 - Salmon Resting, I did cover loosely with foil. 1905 - Used my instant read probe Pigs 75c 1912 - Salmon Sliced. 1913 - Salmon Served with Maple Bourbon Pigs in Blankets, Hasselback Spuds and veg Anytime I've done Salmon I've lightly oiled the foil with EVOO (Never noticed a lingering smell/taste in next cooks.). I find the smoke still gets all around it and my long suffering Lady said it was the best flavour yet (Done about 4 of them). I was told that next year I need to do all the pigs on the smoker. First smoke with the Meater+ but did do an oven roast the night before. Found it really easy to use and gave great results on both cuts of meat. A couple of connection issues even with the + Model so just need to be aware as I move from Smoker to Kitchen.
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    Any chance of growing some Magic ones for Woodsmoke20 for the Saturday night. 🥳
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    I've used these for a couple of years now...https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ascher-Portable-Digital-Back-lit-Weighing/dp/B01FQHE25U/ref=sr_1_3?crid=23KNZW2KE030Z&keywords=jewellery+scales+0.001g&qid=1577612581&sprefix=jewellery+sca%2Caps%2C235&sr=8-3 and they are down in price. Ice.
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    @Smokin Monkey is your man..👍 Ice.
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    We already penciled you in at the site, thanks.. Ice.
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    Yea. Book me in please. Just me. Small one man bivvy
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    As ice said, making your own is the way to go. But if looking for something quick or to much hassle to make. 1 of these packs for your pork steaks will do the job for £1 and not a bad little rub. Definitely sold in Morrisons as have got them there before but think Asda may do them as well? https://groceries.morrisons.com/webshop/product/Reds-Divine-Pulled-Pork-Barbeque-Rub-Mild/360178011?param=red+bbq+rub&from=search
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    I’ve got an instantpot pressure cooker I’m looking at smoking meat then pressure cooking
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    You will need an electrician mate. Outside plug is like a outside light. I have one that spurs of a power point inside and for reason on the fuseboard that power point. This is fine for a light. It depends on the load. For example my garage power spurs off a power point to a separate sideboard because I have a higher load in there with fridges lights and a dehumidifier plus sometimes a drill. And my homebrew kit. Plus I am going to eventually put a heater in there... Once done it is very useful. You could use an extension cable of course. Much cheaper.
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    Too late for new year, so happy Easter 😉
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    Would love to taste your first brew.
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    If you only use the fray a cardboard box with corners pushed strategically as shelves support with a pro q maze at bottom will do.a hole at top will draw gentle stream up. Put another box around it as support to strengthen it and Bob's your uncle. If you want to see how that works look up pro q eco smoker.
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    Looks very tasty! Now I want to cook it...
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    👍 if they taste as good as they look........... Ice.
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    I think Ice’s advice is good. I would say on the fuel source, Heatbeads are popular by all accounts but they seem to be pricey, I’ve not used them personally. I use CO2 neutral briquettes, I got them at bbqworld at a good price. If you are concerned about the smoke taste then these might be a good idea to use. They are also cheaper than heatbeads so not a bad choice to practice. How many cooks like this have you tried? There’s still cooks where I get it wrong. Keeping a set temperature isn’t easy and takes time. I think you might also have to do some modifications on the callow.
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    Sorry to hear that. My sympathies to to Jill and you
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    Cool. I was following the instructions at top of thread. Thanks for organising this.
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    Taped mine. door and lid, makes a big difference. Did the kettle as well
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    Hi. I went for the 22” version. Did my first ribs on it yesterday in fact. 👍🏻
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    Short video of the mixing of a batch of pork having a go at a Scott Rea recipe. Ice.
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    I'm wondering whether it took so long to get up to temperature, because I filled the water bowl with sand, and it had been out during the night and obviously got cold. That's going to take a lot of heat to warm up the sand I expect so maybe the reason for the slow start.
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    Here we go... Taking a bit of time to get up to temperature, so I added more coals to the middle.
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    You’re lucky there Mick. I had a look at prices and they are high. I was thinking of maybe getting a really good carving knife.
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    Great cook there mate. I used the WSM on Christmas Day for the turkey. Hope you are feeling better now.
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    I've decided to try my hand at making a video, not just using a cam and upload to the net, but use a video editor. My new grinder/mincer arrived a few days back but I didn't get around to having a good look at this beauty until Thur and I thought let's have a go....why not?? I had to use the SLR for the job as the video cam was packed away, the first mistake was setting the camera to auto for video, a large chunk of the filming was just out of focus, not a lot but it was there....needless to say that's on the cutting room floor. 😂 I started off using a free open-source editor called Openshot but when you run the vid the sound was awful. Next editor was Shotcut this was way better...so here it is all 1.14 mins of the business end of a FAMA st12. It's been great fun with help from Smokin, I've now dug the video cam out and charged the battery ready for the next time....and if you want or need a mincer I think this is going to be the dogs doodars. Ice.
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    Sorry to hear about another visit to the hospital just before chrimbo. The dinner looks brilliant mate Have you tried sand in the pan??? Ice.
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    Hi Steve , Lot's of info here. I also have a 22" WSM what size did you go for? it's still worth reading other non bullet smoker posts here as alot of it is transferable. Happy New Year
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    Happy New year to all.
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    Unluky mate. If it is too much cure then that could be a problem. I use jewellery scales. Cheap on amazon. They are useful. I measure out hops for homebrew on the same.
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    That looks proper. Lovely job.
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    Dusted with the trusty ‘Butt Rub’. No injection. Smoked at 112 Degrees C with hickory and applewood and spritzed every hour with apple juice. No water bath. Wrapped at 72 Degrees C with 50/50 apple juice and water until it reached 92 Degrees C. Rested for 2 hours, Scapula fell out. Then pulled.
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    American Mustard, as it’s not a strong flavour.

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