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    My first use of Angus and Oink Big Phat Greek rub. I placed 1.2kg of skinless and boneless chicken thighs in a marinate of 32g of A&O BPG and about 60ml of rapeseed oil. This was sealed up and left in the fridge overnight. I setup the Morrisons small Kamado and got the temp to 190C indirect.I used some Pro Q coco that was left from the last cook and topped it up with so lump wood. I didn't need much. I threaded the thighs onto bamboo skewers that had been soaking for a few hours. The small Kamado grill is 34cm at it s largest point. The bamboo skewers are 30cm and fit just perfectly in the case. My metal ones would not. I cooked at about 190C until up to internal temp of 75C. A little apple wood for a tickle of smoke. It took about an hour and a half. I didn't time it accurately to be honest. I turned it 3 or 4 times throughout. Looked amazing ! Nice colour, a few charred bits. Ate amazing! Love the A&O rub, really nice authentic flavour. I enjoyed the cooking method too. Worked really well. A good compromise if you have no rotisserie. We will absolutely be having this on a regular basis now. A good healthy bit of chicken with real flavour and a nice juicy texture. I recommend it. Phil.
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    So just finished 1st cook on my new pellet grill. Decided to do ribs as they are relatively easy & can compare to the results I get on my offset. I also got a meat grinder/sausage maker for fathers day so made my 1st sausages too. Went for a Greek style village sausage because I used to use them alot in my cooking when I lived over there but as of yet I cant find anywhere to buy them here. On my offset, the 3-2-1 method is pretty much spot on, I only use it as a guide tho, I just cook the ribs to a deep mahogany colour then wrap for 2 hours then upwrap, glaze & cook until glaze caramels over, probably 35-45 mins. The ribs I had were a little smaller than I would usually get so thought might not take quite so long but ended up exactly 3-2-1. I was very pleased with how the ribs turned out, on par with the offset, not as smokey but smokey enough, loads of flavour though. The sausages need a little work. They cooked well in the pellet grill but were a little crumbly texture wise. Been reading up & think I need more fat in the mixture, need to knead the mixture more & keep everything as cold as possible (any advice with this would be much appreciated). On the whole though I'm very pleased with the pellet grill, although I love cooking on my offset (I dont know many men that dont like messing with fire), it's nice not to be constantly fire tending, gave me chance to do a bit in the garden.
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    My first brisket is done and dusted! Overall: not bad. A little overcooked, but the point had a good texture and was still juicy. The lean was too dry but still tasted good. I cooked it overnight for 8hrs, with briquettes and oak/cherry chunks. Weirdly, the smoker struggled to get over 200F, but when I checked this morning, the brisket's internal temp was 166F, so fresh load of charcoal, and cooked for another 3hrs. Took it off at 205F, then wrapped in foil and placed in coolbox for a couple of hours. I suspect I should have let it cool on the worktop for 20-30 mins first - another lesson learned! I've cut the end of the point off and will make burnt ends later in the week, and I still have a huge slab of meat left, which I'll probably freeze. Also, the brisket was just over 7kg, and in all honesty was too big for my ProQ Frontier - I had to prop it up a bit, and really cram it to make it fit. Will go for a 5kg brisket next time. Always knew that my first brisket would be a steep learning curve, and so it proved. And even though it wasn't brilliant, it was still very tasty! Some pics (I served it with sweetcorn pudding and some greens with garlic and chilli):
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    For the onion gravy I first cooked some onion on coals. Then I cooled, peeled, sliced and cooked with some of the fat that was on top of my cold brisket liquor from yesterday. ( I also fry my onions for a brisket chilli this way) Coloured the sausage on the 57cm. Pre heated the dish with oil on the summit at 220 degrees C Placed the batter mix into the dish and placed the sausage on top Cooked indirectly on the Summit at 220 degrees c for about 20- 30 minutes. Served with the gravy
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    I know I love to low and slow and think of various methods of cooking/ smoking etc but there is one thing that will always remain in the top ten for me and that’s a good burger. Stopped by at Cheerbrook Farm Shop today near Nantwich and picked up a few steak burgers. Grilled over lump wood at high temperature on the Smokey Joe; toasted fresh roll and lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, mustard and ketchup. P.S - I also bought an Angus Brisket point, so hopefully attempting Burnt Ends tomorrow!!.
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    “The Ultimate” already packed down ready for next weekend @ Billing. On this one piece of equipment, I will be cooking the following, Friday Night, KellyKebab On The Rôtisserie. Below will all be cooked at the same time, Saturday, Whole Belly Pork Cooked On The Asado, Beef Brisket Chilli, Cooked In a Dutch Oven. Beef Brisket Burnt Ends, Cooked In “The Oven” Mint & Garlic Baby Potatoes, Cooked In “The Oven” Possibly a Apple Dump Cake Cooked In a Dutch Oven. Think that will do From 1 piece of equipment.
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    We make our own burgers, we add a small noggin of mature cheddar in the middle....mmmmmmmmm Ice.
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    https://www.facebook.com/groups/smartfireowners/ Just a heads up... While we will try to answer all your queries on the forum, sometimes it may take a little longer than expected. The Smartfire Facebook Owners Page is full of info and also has a good following of helpful and friendly people, who might have experienced the same, or similar issues you have setting up, or running the Smartfire. Ian
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    So my dad arrived with this today he has completed for me . Door is from a church vestry . I’m assembling the inside and plugging any leaks .
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    The bacon has been drying in the fridge now for a couple of days. Sliced the plain and vac-packed... Ditto with the smoked but we did have bacon butties this morning... I only did this smoked one for 9 hrs as opposed to 11hrs on the last one, must admit it did taste better, not so heavy on the smoke. Ice.
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    We have reached our 500th member on the Forum. We marked this achievement with the awarding of the 500th member, Life Time Premier Member Status. We are pleased to announce our 500th member is..................................... @Badgerfist 🙌 👍
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    Apologies in advance, this post is pic heavy just to show to anyone who might be thinking of getting one of these. So, my ProQ Frontier arrived today. I was supposed to be going out on a work do this evening, but I made an excuse as I was far more interested on getting home to put my new bbq together! 😂 First impressions upon opening the box were that it was incredibly well packaged, plenty of polystyrene and packing cardboard keeping all the parts well separated and protected. The individual stackers, lid, base, grills, basket and pan were also all wrapped and protected in plastic The next thing that struck me was how few pieces there were to put together. Having spent a good 3 hours or so assembling a Landmann in the past, this was a huge relief! In fact there were only 6 pieces and 6 screws to contend with (for attaching the legs) - see photo. Just as well really, since as I explained to @Icefever earlier today, when it comes to doing anything remotely handy, I'm a cross between Frank Spencer and Mr Bean! This is all there was to do! (I left hooks in the picture, so ignore those) The legs were the only fiddly part of the build for me - although that could well be my cack-handedness at play there! Everything else just slotted together as per the clear diagram in the manual. The whole unit feels solid and good quality. I haven't put it outside just yet, on the albeit slim off-chance that it rains (I have a cover on order), so it's residing in the kitchen for now, but I'll give it a go later this week. A few pics below of the unpacking and build. Overall I'm very impressed and haven't even used it yet!
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    Will have to ask Joyce how much we changed last time. And for my two penneth worth, lets raise funds to put towards the running of the Forum
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    Some better photos of the inside
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    Use WOODSMOKE19 in the checkout on www.macsbbq.com for a 10% discount on orders over £50.00
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    Do you serve it with Nuts? 😂
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    I use both offset and bullet smokers and to be honest the offset smokers designed for home use are more style than substance. As has been mentioned above they usually need some tweaks out of the box, they tend to be harder to maintain a steady temperature over long periods and there is usually a significant heat gradient within the cooking chamber. The large catering size offsets are a different matter - but would almost certainly be too large for you. I am a KCBS BBQ judge and so attend many BBQ cooking events. The smokers that you will see there in abundance are the bullet smokers and you will almost never see a small offset. The ProQ and Weber Smoky Mountain are probably the most versatile smokers that you can buy and they come in a couple of sizes. From what you describe the ProQ Frontier Elite is the best size for you - however it does cost ~£300. The WSMs are even more expensive - but you are paying for the Weber name. Another option is the Callow Premium Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grill. This is an entry level smoker at ~£100 but it cooks well and is very controllable. It can be a little limiting on space though when cooking for larger groups. The main advantage of a bullet smoker is its versatility. It can be used to hot roast, hot smoke, cold smoke and grill. A good combination for any home BBQ is a bullet smoker for the Low and slow and a kettle BBQ for grilling.
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    Hi guys, I'm mike portsmouth based griller. Just looking to get more involved in the community. Always been a biker which has a fantastic social side to it so hoping bbq has the same. Currently have a 57cm master touch but looking to build a dual fuel barrel smoker. Running coals one end and then using a traeger style pellet feeder the other. Bit over kill I know but I've read there's pros and cons for both styles and I like making things in the shed so something to keep me busy. Here's the current project
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    Woop woop well that’s bloody exciting news. Now I just need to make sure that I’m not so dull I drive members away
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    I have just completed my first ever over night cook on my UDS after getting a bone in half Pork Butt for the weekend. I used an inkbird PID with a cheap usb 5v fan off eBay maintain temp and it worked a treat. Sat at 225f all night steady as a rock.
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    Wow, looks like we’ve got a lot here! Anything people want to try that hasn’t been mentioned? I’m happy to do anything we’re missing. I was thinking beef ribs or a brisket for sat, along with a couple sides and maybe a pecan pie for dessert. Friday snacks I’ll probably just wing it Edit: I’m gonna bring some of my homemade smoked black pudding to if I get chance to make some before then. 👍🏻
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    Hi all, Just got done reviewing a rather overlooked part of the smoker's kit - the wood. I've ordered and used a ton of stuff from Amazon (I'm a Prime addict) and this was one of the things that I thought was review worthy - especially as it cost me £20 for a huge box of quality wood chunks. Here's a link to the full review on my website but I've put a video here too - enjoy!
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    Hi all! nice to meet you all, ive just about wrapped up my first uds build ready for some serious low and slow cooking. Seasoning and test fire to go! cant wait to start getting some lovely slabs of meat on the bbq.
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    Hello all, Thought I share what I've been up to recently as I know you all like pictures. Sadly since getting the AK it's been a little underused whilst my spare time has been consumed down the end of the garden. I was going to write a blog but, well, time pressed on and I never got around to it. So here's an update and I'll add to as it progresses. I've used a combination of new and reclaimed/old materials in the build and it's approx 3.4m x 3m. There's still a way to go, the right hand side needs some head scratching but that will house the kamado, a sunken pit for kebabs and a butlers sink to act as a beer/wine cooler. But it all serviceable now so the Project Director is happy - phew. As you can see she's added her finishing touches following a recent ram raid at TK Maxx. It's been a great experience and I've learnt a whole lot of stuff along the way, such as: brickwork is really hard, mortar is the last think you want to mix up when you get in from work, a tape measure has markers for 16" centres (don't roll your eyes), I now know what a centre is (I'm a metric millennial) and materials over 2.4m long aren't readily available at your local DIY store so plan ahead. I actually got the inspiration for the structure and roofing off this forum so thanks to you lot too. Next up render and tiling after my holiday. The back needs a rest...
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    Hi Stumbled on this site after looking into the Kamados from Lidl. I have a Pitt boss 24 inch kamado and also a small Kamado i made from a keg (it needs a bit of tlc before I can use it again) Been smoking meat for a couple of years now and haven't looked back Nige
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    Hi all, I'll preface this by saying that I had a huge amount of help from over on Smoking Meat Forums when I posted about my plans to cook pulled pork for the first time. It was probably the main reason that I was able to nail this cook. Prep I did my pre the night before. I removed almost all of the surface fat and silverskin and the applied rub. Once trimmed, I injected it with a mix of apple juice and water, mixed with a little of my own all purpose rub. I then rubbed with my all purpose rub (recipe on my site) followed by a generous layer of Traeger's 'Pork & Poultry' rub. It then sat in the fridge overnight. Cook I'll try not to go into detail too much but essentially the cook followed these steps: Place on Traeger (Hickory and Cherry) @ 250°F for 3 hours then spray Check colour after 6 hours (I left it for longer to get a bit darker) Once the colour is good (dark brown), wrap tightly in foil and put into oven @ 275°F with temperature probes in. Once internal temperature reaches 207°F, take out and check tenderness. If bone is easy to remove, and it feels soft, wrap and rest in cool bag (I actually let it rest in the warm oven). Start of the cook 3 hours in 7 hours in Result Ultimately, I wouldn't actually do anything differently next time... I may have gotten different results by using different seasonings or cooking for longer but it was an incredible cut of pork (from a wonderful farm) and was very easy to cook. There seems to be conflicting advice when it comes to pulled pork (to wrap or not to wrap, trim all the fat or some etc.) but it seems clear that pork shoulder can take a lot and still turn out right. If it's a good quality bit of meat, I'd advise taking off all visible fat (not leaving a fat cap) as there's plenty of fat running through it. Wrapping also helped it to cook faster and meant that I was able to be naughty and add some butter and extra apple juice for more flavour.
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    I can donate 6 bottles of homebrew bitter i have just bottled on Sat pas.
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    I like to also do a lamb burger with a lump of feta in. 😋😋
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    Might test out the Apple Dump Cake later, but at the moment getting all the gear ready for WoodSmoke 19 @ Billing
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    Looks like today might be a bit wet in my part of the country and was planning another test run on the smartfire, and as it isn't waterproof, that rules that out for today. So holding off till tomorrow as that looks dry. Whilst testing a burn, going to throw some pork belly burnt ends on for lunch and planning to do some whole sea bass on the plancha on the evening, before the coals burn out.
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    Best method is... Light your fire in the base, place the waterpan in the stacker, then lift the whole stacker by the side handles and place this on to the base.
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    My Davy Crockett arrived yesterday and although i only had a very short amount of time yesterday evening, i gave it a quick test to see if it was working and all seems fine. I'm really looking forward to giving it a test and being able to leave it to do it's own thing while I crack on with my day. This evening I'm thinking i might buy a cheap chicken and smoked it just for something to do while i have a builder round!
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    Used it for the first time today, not sure if it was new rib supplier but after 2 hours being wrapped in butchers paper, they were definitely more juicy than any I have wrapped in foil before. Unfortunately the first 2.5 hours were cooked at a higher temp than I wanted, so were a bit more darker than I wanted at the wrapping stage. But overall pleased with the finished ribs.
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    Hmmm..... Only for smoking Cathedral City cheese? Blessed biltong? Godlike garlic? I'll get my coat.......
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    ......divine intervention I think, 😉 😄 Ice.
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    If I can get a diffuser, I don’t know if I’ll have room to take it though as I’ll be traveling down with my dad.
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    Congratulations. New BBQ day is fantastic. Actually, old BBQ day is fantastic too. Good advice from Ice. Although I somehow managed to chuck a chicken on for my dummy run. 😆 There are a few Pro Q threads on here that are worth a read. Some are struggles, some are tales of wonderous joy when things work just right. Some are mixed in other sections so worth doing a search. Have fun, Phil.
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    I received my Smartfire as per the email.....DPD were spot on with their time delivery, Now I've not had time to do any more but open the case and look inside. When I ordered it you have to choose which adapter you want for whatever smoker you have. When I `open the box there was the very new type adapter that I've seen mentioned in posts and on FB. I was a little amazed as it will look so neat fitted onto the Frontier....so I'm popping a couple of photos up for anyone interested who maybe thinking of buying one. Ice. Ice.
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    So i accidentally put one of these in my trolley just now. It slipped in when i was reaching for a packet of digestives. Original price £175, reduced to £140, now on clearance to £90. Worth a play at that price. These are a Morrison's special order, so La Hacienda don't have spares. I am not too fussed. Other places have spares and accessories for this size. It is a 33cm grill, so a couple of inches bigger than the Lidl/Aldi mini Kamado recently sold. Nice thick bars on the grills, stainless too. It comes with a deflector plate, secondary grill and ash tool. Mine was undamaged and fitted together well. I am not sure that the bolts will stay done up for long so will be mindful to check often. Its ruddy heavy, made me put a bit of a sweat on assembling and moving it. No time to play tonight, I am working away as of 5am. I will update this thread once something has been cooked/cremated.
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    So, for what its worth (after all, this is Ian's kit!) my experience is this. For 225F I use 1/3rd of a pan of sand (foiled) and a terracotta saucer (also foiled. Normally, this catches the drips etc and is the only part that needs cleaned up. By cleaned up i mean throw away the foil and put some more on). The sand might clump up as it is dries, but shouldnt be a problem. My top vent is open a small amount (2-3mm maybe?) , bottom 2 vents open a very small amount (1-2 mm). Wind gusts will affect the temp, and you can get small rises as a result (it forces more air in the open vents). I use Pro Q coco charcoal and with the above settings, i can get more than 14 hours. There was (a small amount) of fuel left after this. You will get it dialled in and you will be away! Phil.
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    Well, I've just taken the bacon out and as you can see there's loads of dust left. That was a 9-hour burn, so looking at that photo it could possibly burn up to 12 maybe even longer??? Ice.
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    Love the Kelly Bab, bet it is even better over wood. Doing a Smoked Goat Shoulder in Black Treacle with Cajeta Sauce (practice run for Billing and see if it is edible) 😀 and a large Pork Shoulder for pulled pork cooking them through Saturday night for eating Sunday lunchtime 🤞
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    Shouldn't be long until they're here! Difference being: No holes to drill, so very easy to fit. All components made from Stainless Steel. ProQ/ Mac's BBQ unrivalled service 😉
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    doing pork this weekend so we shall see as they say.
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    The dog eats well..... 😀
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    I have adjusted to using F now, depsite being taught in C. There is so much information about BBQ/LownSlow that is in F, it is a pita to keep converting and increases chances of error. Don't ask me about weather temps in F, i have no idea, that's still C! Phil.
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    From a possible £250 to £800+ after buying the cover and pellets... If I suddenly stop posting, it's because my wife found out how much it cost.
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    I always use f for pit temp and meat probe but c on my thermopen just learnt to use both when cooking, I much prefer f
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    Being born in the 50's and a child of the 60's you would probably expect me to work in F... but that isn't the case. I do a lot of cooking away from the BBQ and all the temperatures I use day to day are in C and so that is what I use. My FEC-120 works in F and so I have printed a conversion chart that sits next to it. I also keep a handy conversion chard on my phone in case I need it. Don't forget that it isn't just the temperatures that need converting if you are using imperial measurements... the pint in the USA is very different to the pint in the UK - and therefore so is the quart and gallon. I always use litres and grams as these are measures that are the same both sides of the pond and many US recipes are now showing both. Even what would sem to be a simple measurement like a Tbs of salt cannot be relied on as a Tbs of fine salt weighs very differently to one of flaked or course grain salt. In the words of Reg in Life of Brian... "what has the Common Market done for us?"... (apart from giving our outdated parliamentary system a long overdue shake up 😁) it gave us consistancy in measuring things that is widely adopted throughout the world. I will be hearing calls to bring back shillings and pence next... or maybe even groats - LOL

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