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  1. Yes me too. I have ingredients for 3 brew a but am in Geneva right now Hopefully will get one on next weekend Let me know your brew date when you know
  2. Justin


    Link still dead so here is cure for smoked salmon I have put onto cure for 48 hours. I would normally do 24hrs but am traveling today back Tuesday. I used 50 g salt and 50g demerera sugar for each 850g fillet. I blitzed salt and sugar in coffee grinder t0 powder and used flour shaker to distribute. Slamon is Russell slamon side from Ocado which is half price 10 quid at the moment. I slant the fillets in oven tray using cooling grid. Cover with cling film and cure in fridge.
  3. Bigger cheaper pre seasoned? AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven - 5.67 L
  4. I think I would get another bit and start again. Fridge is best but if the room was cooler I would be happy. 20degs is bit high. Not worth the risk? @Wade
  5. Yummy. With 2 of us we rarely get the chance to do something like this. Nicely done
  6. Justin

    Hello to all

    Welcome Paul. Nice to have you here. Looking forward to an invite! I have a small wsm. One thing I advise is sand in bowl not water for long cooks.
  7. Attached is Wades calculator. I use this, it i similar 1067663496_NitriteCalculator3.0protected (1).xlsx
  8. Have you got Wades cure calculator spreadsheet? I follow that.
  9. Justin

    Chicken breast

    I like the Wankle. Cheaper and it works perfect. The balls certainly help on long cooks. Not necessary for steaks and chicken. There is much you can do.
  10. Justin

    Chicken breast

    The ancho chilli flakes adds a nice smokey chilli taste. Not over powering. A gentle heat. Yummy.
  11. Justin

    Chicken breast

    Chicken breast time again, this time with butter and a half teaspoon of ancho chilli flakes. 66 degs c for 1 hour then ice bath (I use a Tupperware bowl with a chiller block in and cold water, that does the trick. Putting it on now
  12. Justin


    Yes same here. It is not posted on forum yet from what I was searching for yesterday. Picture in post does not show eanythign either. Once it is fixed can we delete these posts please and it can be on target?
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