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  1. Time again do drumsticks. Rub on paprika garl8c granules salt and pepper. Making the sauce later. Going to be magic sticky smoking chicken.
  2. Yes. It is fermenting like crazy. Huge krausen at 18 degs
  3. Yep hobbyweld agent in Haverhill has some. Just need to find some spare money
  4. Ordered the Fermzilla Gen 2 and stainless steel float for pressure fermenting, can also put the float in the keg for a cleaner and creamier serve compared to dip tube. Just need to find CO2 next, have soda stream but that will not last long. My nearest with stock is Stowmarket 2 hour round journey. Trying to find hobbyweld agent who has stock in and is open. Pressure set being compiled and implemented over the next month
  5. yes strong bread flour water and then 1 tbspn of wheat flour read wholemeal I think. (per the video recipe in this thread)
  6. Google advice says this: confusing? Why not just call it wholemeal? What is wheat flour in UK? All-purpose flour = plain flour. whole wheat flour = wholemeal flour.
  7. That is my point most flour is wheat flour. Video on making a starter says add table spoon of wheat flour. I think he means not strong bread flour i.e. any other flour?
  8. I am going to put a stater on, step 1
  9. Have you tried same with wholemeal or/and or sourdough mate?
  10. Yes, I do like to scrape a lot of the grease build up too as when it goes hard it inhibits the air input leaves on the bottom of the weber. I do it once a year before the season starts in February, and then baptise again with kebabs. I am rather being on bbq at the moment but have been busy brewing
  11. Something in my kitchen. Hard plastic one from pampered chef years ago. Real tough thing works on loads of materials.
  12. Do you mean this stuff? Grimex https://www.amazon.co.uk/LTP-Grimex-Cleaner-Grease-Remover/dp/B00ECTW4S6
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