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  1. Could do a bulk purchase for group if enough interested. Just ahead of tailgates coming back maybe. works out 10.77 per 8kg bag. That is 29% discount https://www.wowbbq.co.uk/categories/fuel/briquettes-and-lumpwood/product/80x-weber-briquettes-8kg-1-pallet-/17591PALLET~17591PALLET I would keep 4 bags for myself so if we can find another 19 to take 4 each that could work. Distribution could work form the midland tailgate daisy chaining for pick up for those that do not make tailgate.I do something similarly for homebrew supplies sometimes for my homebrew ocmunities
  2. Premium South African Restaurant Charcoal form hardwood (in a purple bag t) best i have found, it is brilliant. https://www.fitzpatrick-fuels.co.uk/South-African-Premium-Charcoal
  3. Got through my last bag and looking for a deal, any ideas anyone? 14.49 at Alton garden centre for 8kg
  4. Rotisserie chicken this weekend, for dinner and then the carcass and left overs to make a stock for soup for Monday ( which is equally delicious the way swimbo makes it. We pressure cook the carcass and left overs with some veg and it makes an amazing stock
  5. That is beautiful Skagg, well done
  6. I did 2 racks of Babyback Ribs sweet and mild spicey cherry wood chunks on kettle with snake on Sunday, 3.5 hours at 135c to 150c; they were decent but it was raining so no pics. Soz. for me not enough spice but swimbo like rd them though too spicey. I took the salt level right down. The sauce was black treacle bbq sauce i made. Next time I will go cranberry and ginger cherry smoke. I am cooking from time to time some ideas for the next tailgate., got a dessert or two to try out too, cherry and almond tart on kettle
  7. It is perfect, got another one to fit to my kettle too. The cover fits over it too, just
  8. For the money not a bad deal on BBQ.
  9. Lucky for I in Braintree we have C J Humphreys and Sons abattoir with a butcher deli on site Blixes Farm, Rank's Green, Chelmsford CM3 2BH, the meat, cheese bread and cakes etc is fantastic, reasonably priced, local providence and round the corner. I encourage you to try find something similar in your area rather than online but it is a choice for each person to take.
  10. I have this, it is cold smoke not hot mate, works brilliantly. Just do not leave it in the rain
  11. I am doing turkey burgers Greek style.. Will post
  12. All Antti is a fellow brewer and bbq guru. He is friend of mine that I swap beers with. And also an active brewtube poster. No doubt a woodsmoke video coming up sometime mate. Welcome and ask any questions you want on the threads and looking forward to your advice too. This thread is interesting re your ex 6 mate, member have been on journey since it launch , lots of tips an experience on it. I sure they will all welcome your experience
  13. Count me in if is able to go a ahead, worth trying
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