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  1. Expecting some nice vegs and herbs grown by you at the tailgate mate! nice career change.
  2. Hello. Welcome. What set up have you got. Any questions ask on the forum relevant thread and we will do our best to help you
  3. Fair enough but I have been in many a restaurant in France Where my family live a there definition of rare is blue. Nice one. Sounds like a lovely steak. I cook them sous vide then sear and can get a rare red steak with no blood.
  4. Oh. And love lamb kidneys. Got a lamb stew on at moment and have chucked some kidneys into that.
  5. Nice one mate. Personally rare and bloody is good but each to their own taste. Any photos? Well done!
  6. Or a battery but ok mate. Thx for the advice. Have you got some photos of your set up?
  7. What old laptop? There is not one. The fan is to circulate heat and cooling through the fridge and extension. Air is the medium for the heat transfer so fan will hopefully eliminate hot and cold spots. I would like to have more than one fermenter going at the same time.
  8. Actually on the grainfather you can use the water out water to clean it the pipes and pump out. Just add some solution and pump. At least that is the theory. I like your link on extending the fridge zone to multiply fermenting. Just figuring out power source for pc fans to have air circulation. How do I get from mains to pc can which I assume is 12v or 9 volt? Do I need a transformer? Step one achieved. Nice space in garage sorted. Step 2 electric mains be installed later this week hopefully.
  9. Yes on water meter. Nothing I do about that. This is the South East mate!
  10. Blimey there is no drain. It is a garage. Maybe a plastic barrel for the hot water to go into barrel. Yes I gave seen the tip for using the hot water output to clean things. I will figure it out there is no drainage.
  11. Justin

    Bacon for beginners

    Live and learn. Clean hands or latex gloves? Try again. I do not worry how much liquid is in bag it really depends on the meat you have Sometimes I get loads sometimes just a bit.
  12. Thanks mate. Water I think I will put a hoselock link through wall and I can connect hose pipe from garden tap on the house. Good idea mate. Ferm fridge the principle is pretty consistent. Thx for link. I will get to it no rush. Cleahed out garage to day. Go8 g to buy down decent shelving . That will come in handy for storage. Might get a chest too to store materisls. Stop the mice helping themselves. Next stage leccy coming Thursday. Budget. Fortunately i have been saving up for this. Slow build. If I am brewing by summer that will be a good thing.
  13. I have decided that a fridge with a couple computer fans to aid heat circulation, and a space heating tube will do the trick for controller fermenting in the garage year round. First things first stat clearing out and cleaning the garage starting tomorrow, Will be getting friendly with the local tip again Still thinking one brew system like grianfather or robobrew etc of a gravity fed three tub system. water heater to mash tun to boiler.
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