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  1. Maybe tomorrow. If it does not go here then in the bew year organiser will probably find someone. It is sold out so great opportunity. I was really looking forward to thos camping and all meals included . I figured give forum first dibs
  2. Justin

    New members

    Eek. I just use email and password
  3. Justin

    Hi there

    Hope she gets better. I want to go to Maldon festival too. I missed it last year
  4. Holiday booked. So ticket definitely available for transfer. Organisers told me fully transferable. Let me know if you interested.
  5. Justin

    Hi there

    Yes the first one of many next year
  6. Justin

    Hi there

    Hope to meet you at one or more of the tailgates organised for next year.
  7. Justin

    Hi there

    Welcome aboard. Great of you to join us. I have just sliced up smoked bacon and I have smoked salmon sliced up too. Cheese smoked and mellowing in fridge. Pork loin curing in fridge is latest experiment. All inspired by this forum. Enjoy.
  8. Justin

    New members

    Probably password issues
  9. I know either here before new year ir the orgainsers will sell.
  10. Ok no refund but fully transferable so if someone here wants to take my place, face value £175, they can take the slot. If not then the farm will try and find someone in the new year, first come first serve. good opportunity and the places are sold out. let me know if you want the ticket !
  11. Yep, its ok, Wil see if they can refund me
  12. Alas i think i will be cancelling my attendance at this i think. I have a opportunity to go on a 17 day Western Canada driving tour and it clashes. sorry guys. I will try and get to he next one. I realise this event will be great but it does not compete with the holiday. oh well
  13. Justin

    3rd round bacon.

    Thank you mate. It has been in for a day, wrapped in clingfilm. 3 days to go. I take the point on only slice t what you need and if more people in the house ate it but it is only for me.. but I am going to freeze it it will give me more flexibility.
  14. Justin

    3rd round bacon.

    I think also I will find it easier to roll before slicing
  15. Justin

    3rd round bacon.

    Happily smoked away for 12 hours through to 11 this morning. Wrapped on Clinton and on fridge again. @Wade how long should I leave this before slicing and freezing.