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  1. Justin

    Cost of postage from USA

    Buy British
  2. Justin

    Lamb Kofta Kebabs

    I know, I did, opening up the discussion, thx david
  3. Justin

    Dry Age Bags...

    You will have to cure it first. Otherwise water in the beef will cause it to go off? @Wade @sotv
  4. Justin

    Lamb Kofta Kebabs

    No problem. Sous vide frozen koftas? I like the char on bbq kofta. And the oil. So not sure would be good for home cook. Catering. I know pulled pork ahead on smoker then sous vide to warm up at venue can work?
  5. Justin

    Dry Age Bags...

    ok wet maturation (ie first cure with cure#2 and salt etc) needs 3 weeks it think before the dry hanging stage which I think you need to get to 35% weight loss and that will take 3 to 6 months? @Wade
  6. Groovy. I will be round soon as in my dancing shoes.
  7. Justin

    Dry Age Bags...

    @Wade is your man but he is Iceland travelling still i think so: Did you cure it first. if you are at 1st cure stage (i.e. cure #2, salt, aromatics etc) then 3 weeks in fridge should do it, . I have a boned rolled shoulder pork doing same in fridge since last evening and it will be there for 3 weeks before hanging out of the fridge for 3 months or so. I also have a loin which has been hanging from the curtain pole at my back door for month now, I reckon at least another two months, Target is 35% to 40% weight loss in all. When you get past first stage and are hanging put muslin around the dry age bag too then hang out of the fridge and you will probably find it matures quicker than in the fridge as demonstrated earlier in the is thread by Wade. 14 to 20 degs is cool, hence is is by the back door window and out of the sun. read back on this thread and there is loads of advice here What is the blue light thing in the picture? Welcome to the forum
  8. Justin

    Dry Age Bags...

    Have put cure on. Notice no sugar in recipe. Fridge looking decent smoke salmon to be sliced tomorrow. Pork curing. Pot of coffee beans in background. 3 of my favourite things.
  9. Justin

    Dry Age Bags...

    I have not tried it but will do, Sage nice idea but wife does not like sage so local conditons prevail. Try again , lidl boned shoulder rolled is cheap cheap Thanks mate
  10. Justin

    Piri Piri Rôtisserie Duck

    Hmm I do not recall that? Still there was much going on and i was bit drunk most of the time!
  11. Justin

    Piri Piri Rôtisserie Duck

    ACE. I will be round soon as I can to try it! Loving the vertical rotisserie
  12. Justin

    Hi All

  13. Justin

    Dry Age Bags...

    Iberico is type of pig fed on acrons etc. Usually the Jamón Ibéricos take at least two years to reach their peak of flavor - some of the finest hams cure for four or even five years? No mate nothing like that just a pork shoulder cure #2 ad some aromatic. Will see how it turns out late this year I already have paprika one on. not sure how that will turn out as i used loads of szechaun salt which was not so clever maybe. Might taste awful, might taste great. Still pork is so cheap what does it matter. Good to experiment with so this is the 2nd step in my curing learning, beyond bacon
  14. Justin

    Dry Age Bags...

    I guess so but frankly I just do it what I like to think the English way. English pork, herbs from my garden, local salt, sugar comes gawd knows where!