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  1. Justin

    Last night's dinner

    Nice, how long did you cook them for at at what temp? Personally like a good bark and the bones more progressed ie the meat shrink back more but I bow to your preference. Good work
  2. Assuming as always there will be quite few low slo meat cooks. I think I will focus on sides breakfasts and pudding ( no not rice pudding this time) Let see what everyone posts and take it from there. At the spring one I did not cook my lamb chops and drumsticks recipes and took the ingredients back home because there was too much. I would like to do a juicy brisket but only if needed
  3. Good tip on the foil and pellets, I will try that. And of course if you extend the snake further it will last longer so you can get many more hours
  4. Nice one mate. Nice to see the minion method working. It is the technique I use. Give me a shout next time. I can come visit. Well done.
  5. Couple months of leaving it hanging in semi permeable bag and muslin and that is hopefully what you get. I still think that first one i did with smoked paprika was nicest (the one you tasted) but this is a very close 2nd.
  6. It is finished at last. 2 months hanging. It tastes great nice bit of spice and paprika. I did spray it a couple f itmes to keep the green mould form developing in the few creases of the meat but its ok. If it lasts will bring some to the national. No promises
  7. Assuming they honour their commitment and do not say the crack is not down to the chip but wear and tear use heat conditioning etc. 1 year is a very limited guarantee. It should last decades with care and maintenance.
  8. I use minion method on kettle with weber briquttes and i get 16 hours lo and slow no problem.
  9. I am not going near one of these, i do not get it., My Weber kettle has lasted some 15 years plus and is still going strong. Such a versatile piece of kit too.. Why are these ceramic ones so short term on guarantees?
  10. Excellent. Post your next attempt under the relevant bacon thread mate. Thanks
  11. Nice. I make it in weber skillet. It comes out lovely. Hope yours does too
  12. That looks like a bodge on the manufacturing process. Done on the cheap by the manufacturer? Worrying. Refund?
  13. I do feel sorry for all the people have bought one. They should not be damaged. Aldi should replace them all with undamaged ones. They have offered to refund of course
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