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  1. Lots of new members now mate so next year maybe more uptake
  2. I think maybe we can achieve this. Has venue been checked out. Last weekend in November?
  3. A gentle question. How much did we raise in the raffle? I remember some said almost enough to pay for a new gazebo. If do how much short please? Thank you for organising it. Was a good addition to the tailgate.
  4. Therw some cider in my coolbox which i left in the chiller trailer. You can enjoy that too if you want.
  5. Mate egg shells help to clarify a brown stock " It creates a 'raft' which helps absorbs the impurity's which would otherwise spoil your stock
  6. Not done hot smoked salmon i always do it cold. I have the finished product at least. If anyone has some salmon that they can cure today we can smoke it tomorrow in the demo and then taste the finished product i have? Happy to contribute towards the cost of the salmon. Sorry have deadlines at work this morning that are consuming my time
  7. Just looked in freezer last night and no salmon in freezer to cure and smoke, whoops, i can get some salmon but no time to cure it for the demo.....any ideas? @Wade
  8. Inspiring mate, Might have to get the dusty slow cooker out and give an new lease of life, I think it is 5 litres. Need a new freezer to store it!
  9. @David has donated a inkbird IRF 4S for the raffle. I will bring it with me . Bring money everyone, there are some great prizes on the table to win.
  10. Stick it on the table with a warning of lost years of your life await fixing it?!
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