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  1. Looks good. Metal version of my Proq eco cold smoker (cardboard) albeit bigger. I also use non stick mesh in mine, leaves a nice chequered imprint and very useful for cheese, salmon etc
  2. Like this though this photo is missing the foil tray under the meat
  3. I put the briquettes in charcoal baskets either side of the kettle then a foil tray underneath the rotating meat to catch the dropping fat. It is indirect bbq not direct for rotisserie. Lid on .
  4. great for lots of kebabs on rotisserie
  5. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Onlyfire-Grill-Rotisserie-hexagon-square/dp/B06X6JVRX7/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Napoleon-64007-Rotisserie-Shish-Kebab&qid=1610451991&sr=8-2
  6. Napoleon-64007-Rotisserie-Shish-Kebab
  7. Shish kebab attachment for rotisserie, its a winner
  8. Weber kettle and rotisserie collar etc, I have that, it is very good for rotisserie, but an investment. Mine has lasted many many years. I replaced the motor and replaced the prongs to hold meat with some four pronged ones that is all. I also have a basket attachment and a shish kebab rotator that all fits too. I use weber briquettes or aussie large lumpwood.
  9. I was just about to post on this, The Anglia and Southeast one looks impossible presently, the rest i think we will have to see.
  10. Drinking: Bottles/Keg Conditioning: Racked Secondary: Fermenting: Planning: Next brew Day: Raspberry and Lime Mangroves Jack kit cider (Keg and Growler) Hobgoblin Bitter clone (Bottle) Raspberry and Cranberry Turbo Cider (Bottle) ACB Christmas swap beers (Bottle) Dogbolter clone Shadow of the Beast clone Short and Shoddy Mild mk II Spring Beer SMASH Cascade DoppleBock to lay down for a year
  11. Mate put in 0 for your ro water profile, pick a style from drop down menu then adjust the additions with numbers to match profile desired, simple. I can show you how on zoom or such if you want.
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