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  1. Hope eternal. Welcome back dude.
  2. Anyone have a code at the moment. There are some bit I want to get.
  3. until
  4. until
  5. Winning, ever since you got the smokefire you have not looked back mate, nice
  6. Love the t shirt. Breakfast of champions, maybe cook the eggs a little longer? Personal taste I am sure mate.
  7. Ok, let us know by 2nd April also need to confirm numbers by then to the camp site. Of course lots of members are waiting to see what the situation is post winter I guess. It is up to individual choice come then. Thanks
  8. Weber recipe. Pacific rim pork shoulder. It is lovely
  9. Bear with as I am trying to set up another KCBS Master Series event and may get a course going on that if there is enough interest
  10. Good mate, much of a muchness I have the smaller wsm and love it but the pro Q is also a very nice choice Tips I have the smokefire mod on mine which really helps dial it in. and of course stove rope to seal up the looser parts around the door and lid, plus I have added a hinge which i got form the pro q store. The hinge is a good idea as otherwise the inconvenience of the lid being put down picked up whilst not a problem is nice to get rids off. I also fill the water bowl with sand not water as a heatsink. I line the bowl with foil too so it is easy to clean.
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