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Giveaway---Inkbird Instant Read Food Thermometer


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Hey WSF friends,


Hope you all have a great weekend. Inkbird decide to do a Inkbird Instant Read Food Thermometer giveaway at the last week of June.



1. Only for Uk and Ireland friends.

2. Pleaxe comment this post with "Inkbird"

3. We will pick up one winner on 28 June. 


At he same time, Inkbird offer some discount now, check:

20% off for Inkbird IBT-6XS Rechargeable Magnet Bluetooth Food Thermometer: VQP59ENK

Code Start Date: Available Now

Original Price: £54.99---After Discount Price: £43.99
With Six Probes: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XW74WZ6


15% off(5% page coupon + 10% off code) for Inkbird Instant Read Food Thermometer: CCT6KSLQ
Code Start Date: 24/06/2019 13:00BST

Original Price: £11.99---After Discount Price: £10.19


10% off page coupon for IBT-2X with one/two probes: 

Code Start Date: Available Now
Two Probes: £24.99---After Discount Price: £22.49
One Probe:£19.99---After Discount Price: £17.99


Please send us message if you have any question on Inkbird unit. Good Luck, Everyone.







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Hi WSF friends, Inkbird Giveaway is ended now, let's congratulation Icefever, he is the winner, We will PM you.^_^


Here we prepared some discount for you who didn't win in case you need one: :yahoo:

20% off flash sale for IBT-4XS Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer with Two/Four Probes
Flash Sale Schedule:  28-Jun-2019 07:35 BST ‐ 28-Jun-2019 13:35 BST
Two Probes: Original Price £39.99---Deal Price £31.99 
Four Probes: Original Price £44.99---Deal Price £35.99

10% off code for IBT-4XS Carrying Case: LC7LNV5K

20% off code for IBT-6XS Bluetooth Rechargeable Thermometer with six probes: VQP59ENK

10% off page coupon for IRF-4S 1500feet Waterproof Food Thermometer

15% off(5% off page coupon + 10% off code) for Inkbird Instant Read food Thermometer: CCT6KSLQ
Please share this great news with your friends. Thank you guys support.

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