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  1. This is a subject close to my heart, as I have started to make videos and had some feed back from Forum Members. And in conclusion, you are not going to please everyone! Some want talking with full instructions and some prefer basic video. Lenght of Video is another stumbling block. I agree with folks, you do not want some bloke rambling on how to set up the BBQ every time he cooks, one video on how to set up, then stick to the cook in hand. Also 20 - 25 minutes long, I am board by then, and moved on. Any thing over 5 minutes, has lost me. I would prefer not to talk on my videos, live or dubbed over the top, why? I have the perfect voice for insomniacs! Do I want to appear on my videos? No! Go the perfect face for Radio. I have set up a two Website and YouTube Channels. For BBQ and Low & Slow, Hot Coals BBQ and YouTube For Dutch Oven, Cast Iron and Live Fire Cooking, Dutchy Cooking and also a YouTube Channel Dutchy Cooking My Dutch Oven Channel, I wanted that air of mystery, about the person behind it, Banksie style. I about the cooking and food not the person.
  2. Will pop in tomorrow and have a chat.
  3. We have our own Gazebos
  4. I would also stop on site. Lets post a new blog thread and also discuss at Billing to see what response we get. As previously said I am in and out of Donington Park regular (been Monday, Today and back tomorrow) and this site is only 2 miles away.
  5. Who are you asking? Me or @sotv?
  6. At the moment, it’s a Field with a Water Supply. Its early days, Tori & Ben seemed really keen on the idea. Their farm Shop is busy, so the idea is to advertise the BBQ Weekend to their customers, and hopefully get people dropping in on the day to get tips etc. Trying something different from a standard Campsite to a venue that’s based around Meat?
  7. Beef Brisket Chilli Beef Brisket Burnt Ends Whole Roasted Belly Pork.
  8. Hi Justin, early days at the moment, but all can be organised.
  9. Hi Chris, once again welcome to the Forum.
  10. Book a Camping Pitch, Pod, Caravan or even a close by Hotel, that’s the only expense. Bring a BBQ and cook with the group. We aim to eat at 17.00 and share/taste everyone’s food. And do not forget to bring some “Adult” refreshments!
  11. Jamie, it’s all on this Forum, Just click on the highlighted “Tailgates” above.
  12. Hi Jamie, once again, welcome to the Forum. You have an impressive array of equipment. BBQ Festivals as such are very much in decline, especially after the Grillstock fiasco! We hold BBQ/Tailgate Weekends across the Summer, from the South to the North. Tailgates
  13. Tori is contacting you regarding not emailing you back, she is mortified. I have emailed her, and said I would drop in to chat things over. If it’s a goer, then we can get a team together to get things organised.
  14. @Phlashster Tori is going to email you.
  15. Hardinge Arms for accommodation, 500 meters from Tori & Bens gate.
  16. The Pork and Chicken are good as well, they come From Packingtons.
  17. Yes, we talked to Ben, and he seemed up for it.
  18. Yes Ice, was thinking Woodsmoke 20. Could draw a good local crowd.
  19. I spoke to Ben, and not sure if any more courses have been set up yet. It was well worth it, 10 of us polished off half a Lamb! We was right outside the door of the farm shop, it was busy all day. The meat looked top quality. Need to speak to Tori, to see if they do Postal Delivery! We had a look round, and thought the site would be great to hold a BBQ/Tailgate weekend!
  20. Attended the Lamb Butchery & Asado Course @ Tori & Bens 10 people attending and it cost £20.00 per person. We had a great insight to how Ben see’s farming and rearing live stock, from his Longhorn Cattle and Flocks of Jacob, Portland and Texel Sheep. Ben turned up with a Trailer with 3 sheep in and explained, with passion about the sheep and what to look for. Sven, a chef from London orchestrated the course along with Female Butcher Kate. We all got a turn at butchering the Lamb and removing different cuts. @Ice Ice Lady removing the Ribs from the Shoulder. Myself removing the Ribs from the Breast. Thanks @Icefever for the pictures. Removing the backbone from the Pork Chops “The Prize Cut” Butchering the Leg. The course was well worth the entry fee, then dinner was served. Can not recommend it enough. They also do a Steak Night which I am told is excellent!
  21. Man, Great looking Pizza
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