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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/492914894441439/permalink/884756315257293?sale_post_id=884756315257293&sfns=mo Colin Turner
  2. Bullet Smokers are the ideal tool for cold smoking, just need to get a cold smoke generator like, AMNPS Pellet Smoker
  3. There is a guy on Facebook that makes the parts, but a full kit is around £250 mark. But he would be able to custom make the vent pipes, that would take in to account the shape of the Barrel.
  4. Hi Nathan, welcome to the Forum. I am sure we can help and advise you on your Smoking Journey.
  5. Hi Bruce, welcome to the Forum, I think we have touched on most of those subjects on the Forum. Look forward to your contributions.
  6. Glad you enjoyed it @Icefever & @Ice Ice Lady, it is a great weekend and the food is great. When you see what the teams produce, and the time scales they work to, it’s amazing. Hoping to get down there in 2020.
  7. Smokin Monkey

    Pork Belly Ribs

    They look very much like the “Meaty” Ribs you buy from Bookers. Would look at 3-2-1 method.
  8. No, give a go, and if you need to vent then it’s not a major job to put a 100 mm hole in each end.
  9. Yes it should work, I would look at putting some sort of vent high up to allow Smoke to escape, or it might get smoke logged and suffocate the coals?
  10. Low & Slow is always unpredictable on timing. Cooking to temperature not time. If you ask anyone who has cooked low and slow did it cook on time, and 99.9% would say no! No two cuts of meat are the same, and when you hit the dreaded Stall it’s a waiting game. Best advice is, give yourself 25% extra time, then if it’s ready on time, it will have extra resting time.
  11. ? Funny, they phoned me last night, and I had a 20 minute conversation with the them about it. @James Wales was supposed to be booking his pitch and the common area. I will contact him and get it organised.
  12. @Steve j @Justin @James Wales and others that have booked, have you told them you are with the “Tailgate” as I had a phone call last night from the site trying to organise who has booked and how many pitches to put together.
  13. It’s an Aluminium Cast I think. Ebay Great idea to cook Nachos and have a dipping Selsa in the middle.
  14. Do not generally have a problem with my Gravity Feed getting hot on the outside, except when I used some Coco Shell Charcoal, and it blocked the feed into the oven and all the hate dissipated through the sides.
  15. No cooking this week for me, absolutely mental week, biggest event this weekend is Vegan Campout! Than attending a Wedding Saturday.
  16. Picked myself up a “Weber” Beer Can Chicken Roaster £3.00!
  17. Hi Charlie, and once again welcome to the forum. First issue to be addressed, should be why you are struggling to maintain temperature in your Weber. Weber’s are normally pretty good at holding a steady temperature.
  18. I never have any trouble with it, use all the time.
  19. We like our Lamb well done as well, All those crispy bits on the outside! 👅💦
  20. Chipotle definitely steps it up. May do then at Northern Tailgate.
  21. Beer Brats 2 Bratwurst 2 Chilli & Cheese Hotdawgs 1 Onion 1 Red Pepper 1 Orange Pepper 1 Can Lager 1 tsp Chipotle Paste.
  22. Away this weekend, so looking at doing some simple Beer Brats for tea!
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