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  1. Good mate, much of a muchness I have the smaller wsm and love it but the pro Q is also a very nice choice Tips I have the smokefire mod on mine which really helps dial it in. and of course stove rope to seal up the looser parts around the door and lid, plus I have added a hinge which i got form the pro q store. The hinge is a good idea as otherwise the inconvenience of the lid being put down picked up whilst not a problem is nice to get rids off. I also fill the water bowl with sand not water as a heatsink. I line the bowl with foil too so it is easy to clean.
  2. All I have spoken with Willomere where we held the Anglia and South East tailgate in 2019 and it is open and willing to entertain us during May Fri 6th to Sun 8th May 2022 as long as we are definite on numbers by 2nd April 2020 when booking. You will need to book provisionally before then and confirm in April. Obviously this depends on the the state of the pandemic come May also we shall see come then Who is interested please? I am finding out how many we can bring but first come first serve The 2nd Anglia and South East Tailgate is now provisionally booked for Friday 6th to 8th May 2022 Event is being held at Willowmere Caravan Park Willowmere is situated on the B1508, Sudbury to Bures road. Approx. 2.3 miles from the centre of Sudbury Suffolk. Bures Road, Little Cornard, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 0NN The site is beautiful and well organised. Suitable for Camper vans and tents, no pods. Willowmere has an excellent toilet and shower block, fresh water tap, and washing up facilities all included. Not a massive site but all the better for it. There are apparently some small pod sites nearby and inns for B&B in Sudbury if you do not want to camp on site, no problem. The village centre is a 43-minute walk away (or 8 minutes in a car), and is well served by local shops including a grocer, baker, butcher, post office and a Co-op store and well as three pubs, several restaurants and tearooms. The site is a quite small, quiet, well kept site sits in attractive surroundings of tree's, and neighbouring lakes and mere's, in the valley of the River Stour in Constable Country.Cornard mere is next door, and is a small quiet haven for wildlife, which is cared for by the Suffolk wildlife trust.The site is a level grass area suitable for tents, caravans, motor-homes, 27 of 35 pitches offer electric hook-up. It has well maintained toilet block and large showers .There is even a small fishing lake on site which you are free to fish at any time.The local pub is 400 yards from the site and serves food (The Brook Inn).The River Stour is 400 yards through open fields.There is a bus service to Sudbury or Colchester which stops at our gate. Sudbury itself is a market town (Thursday & Saturday) and various farmers markets throughout the year. Nearby Attractions The Park is an ideal base to tour the beautiful Suffolk/Essex countryside. Sudbury was the birth place of Thomas Gainsborough and the home of Gainsborough House Museum, and shows many of his works.In the surrounding area of Sudbury you will find such villages as Long Melford (5 mile) with its magnificent church and stately homes 'Melford Hall & Kentwell Hall which puts on its re-creations of historical life and times.Lavenham is 7 miles & Dedham & Flatford are within 15 miles.Colchester (12 miles) is one of the earliest recorded towns in England has a wonderful castle museum to visit, and Bury St Edmunds (18 miles) has its glorious Cathedral.If you fancy a game of golf 'Newton Green' is 4 miles away or the larger 'Stoke By Nayland' is 7.5 miles. The weekend runs from the afternoon of Friday 6th May until Sunday 8th May with the main feast being cooked and served on the Saturday afternoon. For accommodation on site you have the choice of booking a pitch for a camping or caravan/motorhome. To book message @Justin with your requirements per the list below. Prices (Per Night) (currently) Car, Caravan, 2 People = £19.00 Car, Tent, 2 People = £19.00 Motorhome, 2 People = £19.00 Electric hook-up = £3.00 Extra Person (over 10) = £3 Awnings, Dogs = Free You only need to bring is yourself, your BBQ*, the food you plan to cook and a chair and some where to sleep tent, bivvy, motor home etc. or indeed a local B&B booking (Wade and Joy!). The cooking pitch, gazebos, food prep area, possibly a chiller trailer and serving tables will all be provided. The Anglia and South East tailgate is a friendly affair and is a non-competitive event for the whole family where you can come along and enjoy cooking for an appreciative crowd. If you are new to BBQ cooking and are looking to gain experience and confidence then you will be amongst friends who can help and guide you. If you are a seasoned smoker then come along and show us what you can cook whilst encouraging others to progress along their own BBQ journey. This is a family event so non-BBQ family and friends are all welcome. * a limited number of shared BBQ/Smokers may be available for use on the day but will be on a first come basis. We will not have exclusive use so we will be inviting other campers to join in, chat and get interested.
  3. Beautiful; mate, well done
  4. My local butcher does great British brisket, lightly trim and leave lots of fat on as it comes out so juicy. delicious.
  5. Fuel yes, few chunks of wood is not going to give the temperature you want, charcoal has a higher calorific value. I suggest you experiment noting not all charcoals and briquettes are the same. Personally wooden shed and charcoal looks a recipe for disaster so be careful. I doubt you will get anywhere near ignition point of wood but drop a hot coal and you may have a problem. You are not trying to burn the cherry wood you mention, you want it to gradually char and give off smoke. Like in my kettle bbq doing a minion methods of igniting some of the briquettes and laying wood around to char and eventually ignite as the heat approaches around the minion to the various bits of wood lets the smoke last a longer time. Also the insulation value of wood is not good, if you insulate your smoker with fire resistant insulation you will retain more heat and a higher temperature scale up through your smoker. A heat sink of some sort (like a bowl of water of sand will help to retain and spread that heat in your smoker). For cold smoke you can set up a separate fire box and duct the smoke into your smoker maybe as a mod
  6. SOTV 2022 judgss course sold out but two more slots have been provided.
  7. You are welcome mate, engage as much as you like. Once you start sous vide it is difficult to stop.
  8. Welcome mate, nice set up. I might have to pop round and see, I am only in Braintree. Obviously I would come with a observation on how do you make your pizzas. I do not make bacon anymore (personal choice) but I have done , same with smoked cheeses,, dabbled with charcuterie and I still do smoked salmon now and again, especially in the winter. I blame Wade! Lol. Be thankful Wade did not mention Sous Vide. I just did. Tailgates back next year and the Anglia South East one will be the first
  9. Is anyone involved in this as a supplier here please?
  10. https://quietwatersfarm.co.uk/shop/smoke-on-the-waters-2022-kcbs-judges-course/?fbclid=IwAR12vf_GTSkd_WLlz0NbZ6UNQ4zD1fCsuIRn57F4Q3i2tQKqEHng2NwXPYs
  11. Note to attend course you need to get a KCBS member ship at $35, the course price has been reduced to £150- including hospitality and meals as a consequence.
  12. Smoke on the Water 2022 judges course has four spaces left.
  13. Yes I realise that, not thinking that for a moment. If i do achieve it then i think that is a good thing, big challenge, we shall see if it is achievable. If it is and it progresses i would hope to see some confidence. If not then nothing lost. Thanks Wade, appreciated
  14. i thin the judges cost is really about the cost of hospitality with breakfast lunch and dinner each day. but yes. I have suggested to SOTW that they could look at attendees actually catering amongst themselves, cooking a paella and some other dishes amongst our selves rather than just sitting around and drinking and waiting for food. In effect min tailgate alongside for non teams attendees and team cater for themsleves, be nice to have a dinner with everyone together though, it works. All the teams joined in on dinner event at SOTW, was Pork and chicken with salad and potato salad. Worked well, good chat and food. Appreciate your advice and viewpoint wade but it does work as closed event, Alongside events is another but a lot people think think such is just a bolt on and not part of those events anyway, so effectively closed either way. There were lots and lots of judges at SOTW who were happy to pay their £50 quid and they enjoyed themselves immensely There were 8 team here, about 40 to 50 people were there in all, the winner prize was a bristol drum which was donated by a chap that was there, i forget his name but was a nice chap and he judged too. The certificates and plastic medals were bronze silver and gold which was a nice touch, There was a great atmosphere of community their. Plus if it is open event what is the attraction for all those that are not in teams, judging or volunteering? I not up for organising some thing wider that that really. Notthinking of it being the same as SOTW, but similar.
  15. Yes I was talking with mark about that. I am very aware now of the challenges. I agree location is key and cost well though SOTW pricing covered the costs there. I think another challenge is catering for the teams and judges and volunteers. Neither insurmountable but it is possible. It is very apparent that there are not enough events like SOTW in the UK and it will be an achievement to have similar closed sanctioned event int he east. I think I can take this on but I would need assistance on the weekend and arranging i think. I do wonder if anyone in the community here will be up for that ins initial principle. there are benefits as teams will be keen given it would be first event only need 10 to play to qualify and judges galore will want to get the accreditation up. I can underwrite the costs and repay that withe the fees, 10 teams would provide 2500, and there after judges £50 each for costs. I note SOTW is double header next year Sat and Sun competitions. Thoughts
  16. I have been to France already for 2 weeks in July, was easy enough but tests are additional cost i could have done without and was in Devon last weekend, travel is back on but yes it depends where
  17. I have tried several and Premium South African Restaurant Charcoal fromhardwood (in a purple or blue bag) best i have found, it is brilliant. https://www.fitzpatrick-fuels.co.uk/South-African-Premium-Charcoal
  18. Has anyone thought of how to arrange a another closed KCBS sanctioned event? IE not public access like Quiet Farms
  19. See you there Brian mate. Been too long
  20. Judges course I was supposed to be on cancelled due to 2 drop outs.. but I have been invited as a guest and to do course next year. Going to help in judges tent, do photography and picking up Jason in Andover who is judging. Looking forward to meeting new friends.
  21. On the weber kettle.
  22. Do we have a date for Northern tailgate this year? Calendar is getting busy and I would not want to miss it if i this is on. Thanks
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