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  1. Justin

    Smoked salmon v4

    Desparately trying to find a midweek day free. Impossible at the moment but hope endures
  2. Better. Thx. I tie with one bit of string. Surgeons knot then loop and cross
  3. I was going to do smoked bread pudding but as Rosemary is doing bread pudding I will rethink. It will be nice to have a dessert selection. I usually do egg custards in sous vide, and creme brulees
  4. 8 minutes ago, sotv said: Will pop in tomorrow and have a chat.
  5. I am up for it even if I have to wear my winter fishing gear! It might be an idea to think of a venue with lodges on! Like we thought last year when we tried to arrange?
  6. Again move this to Christmas thread please
  7. Turkey! Yes i feel the same about shelter. Depends how expose the site is? A gazebo will not suffice if it is exposed and windy and wet, let alone snow in derbyshire. Need to think about that
  8. Lol. Mate happy for you to cook with me. I will find out if Ryan Guinea is coming along
  9. Can we move this to:
  10. Thread for a possible Christmas tailgate event
  11. thinking Asparagus Tomato and feta salad Fennel and Gruyere Ginger and Lime Glazed Corn on the Cob Hickory smoked drumsticks with chilli bbq sauce dessert tbs Smoked Salmon Smoked cheese Eggs Provencale
  12. Barring what date it is I am a definite. It is something i want to do, A christmas themed bbq tailgate.
  13. Hotel or camping, happy to camp myself, i have the winter set up for fishing. I can smoke something overnight and keep heat near my bivvy. Winter skin helps insulate too. 5 season sleeping bag
  14. whoever volunteers. I am happy to help
  15. Will you organise it?
  16. Nice idea, we tried to do Xmas event last year and it was too late to organise. Interested
  17. I will do an apsaragus tomtao and feta salad again it went well at the anglia.
  18. I will have a gas camping stove that I use at fising with me too
  19. There is going to be lots of meat looking at the above,and not every one has said what they are cooking yet.... too much?> I say this because at the last one, I took 2 meat dishes back home to cook as there was way too much. What do you think?
  20. Intesting. Bit like my fishing trips. As long as there is a toilet
  21. Maybe I can do my drumsticks in bbq sauce. easy peasey but luvely for Friday supper instead of the usual kebabs
  22. Sorry I meant the venue you looked round and said looks good did it have these facilities too fromwith you can see or is it just field? If you like a reality check on enthusiasm from the butchery day (which looked wonderful)
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