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  1. Good question. If there is, what date is it please?
  2. On Granville Island yesterday in the food market in Vancouver and wow. And as a bonus, cured salmon
  3. I hope you all gave a great time. I off to Canada tomorrow but will try make it nw next year maybe
  4. Enjoy. I had ribeye steaks yesterday and lamb leg steaks today from there the last 2 dinners. Lovely food.
  5. Yes I was thinking cherry smoked ribs. But then i thought of the national and how service was delayed. Ribs not be so forgiving on delayed service as some other things. Bit like some of the sides which I cook near the expected time which then go cold if there is a service delay
  6. Yes. Good idea. A cool box will give you flexibility on time as it will rest and stay hot in there.
  7. Probably a matter of who you talk to at the campsite. Anyway I have emailed and told them to reconfirm my pitch
  8. Just phoned, spoke with Leanne, she could not find my booking that I made in December and does not know about any tailgate i.e common area etc..... She has Wades Cabin booked and Steve J pitch booked. Who is organising this, suggest they email enquiries@holmevalleycamping.com and tell Leanne whats what..........
  9. Its is abattoir, I am sure you can
  10. Oh ok at least you had a good time. Lindsey and I are off to Canada on Sunday so I guess it is our turn now. Maybe I will start a new misadventures thread...
  11. Looks like you are enjoying yourselves in your favourite place again, nice one mate
  12. Yes at Ranks Green, it is fantastic if you go there, it is worth it
  13. Justin


    I just been to c humphrey s and chatted about your picture of jacobs ladder, he said he always cuts them like that too as they look more presentable on the plate, it is harder to cut through the bone once it is cooked. All good go for it, they will be lovely i think
  14. Flank steak is delicious grilled or sous vide, not tried puling it though
  15. Yep looks like that, though they do have some nice marbling....but the proof is it the taste, go or it mate
  16. Justin


    I will try this when I get back from Canada. Thanks for tips fellas and ladies
  17. Justin


    Lovely, my local butchers at C Humphreys and Sons has same in stock
  18. Cast aluminium with durable non stick coating.
  19. Good idea. Versatile bit of kit. Think Cake . Nachos. Pastry. Strudle. Pie. White wine chicken. Look up weber chocolate dream recipe. It is great
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