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  1. Yep.I did on wsm with smokefire and two probes in the meat. Very smoky as wood blocks oak. Maybe go a step down. Might try mesquite next time.
  2. Wow. Tender smoky rare beef. Big smoke taste. Gorgeous
  3. Took 70 mins to hit 55. Wrapped and in coolbox until this evening. Serving with salad. Will photo then. No idea if it will be tender enough. Next time I will cook it at 110 not 130 which was my original thought but I was unsure how long it would take. With hindsight would have been fine
  4. I have hard stopped, uninstalled app reset up and still no graph on Samsung A40
  5. I am doing smoked topside today on wsm at 130c using smartfire. Lighting at 12 noon. It is the tailend of topside and weights 1.2kg Pepper and mustard powder rub. Leaving top fat coat on. Will rest it in coolbox as I think there will be time.
  6. https://prosmokebbq.co.uk/collections/bbq/products/masterbuilt-gravity-fed-series Discounted a but if you are interested
  7. Has anyone used one of these to control kettle etc through the top vent alone. Just ordered one to control my kettle automatically. Only 35 quid.
  8. Yes, by the end it was within 1 degree of target, really settled down
  9. Just bought a unknown bbq hinge from pro q website which including P&P is 45 quid. It is the cheaper mild steel version (rather than stainless) as i want to paint it black. I have some spray paint enamel black which will do the job. Will post some pictures on paint and install. Of course my cover will no longer fit but that is starting to deteriorate now (it is 5 years old) from the hot sunshine. I might cut a slot in it to accommodate the hinge sticking out. Better than nothing.
  10. fire guard, mesh from amazon, cheap sample. 0.92 m holes
  11. I had this going about 8 hours and it is rock solid I have dialled up to 160 now down to 90. Rock solid. Very impressive and all from my rav pack battery which was half full. Half bowl of water from kettle at start is still just under quarter full. I reckon with a full battery and a full bowl of water I could do a super slow 24hr easy enough. Briquettes were part used from last smoke on wsm I left a arc free of briquettes at vent with SF. All other vents closed including top. I would open top if medium wsm temps and open another bottom vent a bit if high wsm temp
  12. Dropped to 102.3, fan 100%, so range 102 to 117 on 110. I appreciate the device is learning my wsm and will improve. It is good enough, will put some meat on on it next time! Not getting any graph coming up on my phone though, trying to figure out why
  13. It has topped out at around 117 on 110 target and now dropped to 113 . I need to cover up in bowl hole as air is being drawn in from there a little so can fine tune that tomorrow. But overall impressed
  14. I have drilled a new hole and it is better not aligned fully as the daisy wheel tab even when flattened down prevents that, but it will do, lighting up for a test now
  15. Macs BBQ just come back and said universal dish is the right adaptor and just bend down tabs and it does not line up perfect but air will get through. Yes but it is is not a good fit the bronze thread nut is supposed to be on the inside of the bowl not outside. I might drill anew bolt hole to make it line up better, the bowl need to shift to the right and down a bit (from the inside of the bowl point of view) so the bolt needs to move left and up a bit as the bolt hole is in the wrong place for 14.5inch WSM They do not stock the right adaptor which is the above, that is the right o
  16. It is not the daisy wheel mate (I can remove that as per ice advice,it is the adaptor and the spacing doe snot line up with the holes. I am in touch with Pro q. I think it needs this adaptor. I a thinking they have sent the wrong adaptor for 14.5 inch wsm.
  17. The adaptor does not even remotely line up with the holes the vents cover on the small wsm. I have been searching for videos showing how the adaptor provided fits, there is lots of people drilling new holes and fillings out the vents but they are all on big wsms. I am in touch with proq and have sent them some photos of adaptor and how it does to line up or fit with the 14.5 inch wsm.
  18. You have to modify the wsm, to make it fit? the video in the packet is no guide at all on this. I looking at the fb group and it is full of people drilling new holes into it and all sorts of things. The website should cover this when you pick wsm as model
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