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  1. Can you let me know how you set up charcoal/brickets to achieve this please?
  2. That was me, and this was the exact smoker I was looking at before as had a decent thickness to the steel, but absolutely dont regret choosing the proq elite over it
  3. Sadly I cant make it, really fancied coming for the day as well!
  4. What a nightmare! They're my first foray into keeping chickens were rescued from a battery farm and have pretty much doubled in size now but averaging about 3 eggs a day which is great! Man I haven't had a double yolker for a while, like finding a fiver in an old coat!
  5. That's really interesting, I must try it some time, eggs in abundance at the mo with 5 chickens in our garden
  6. What does eggshell bring to the table in this recipe out of interest?
  7. I prefer the dark one has traditional tattoo vibes about it
  8. How did you find the clasps? One set on mine didn't line up very well and another has a thick gauge of wire sticking out of it preventing it from shutting properly easy fixes but a touch annoying
  9. Montyb82

    Temp Control

    I got my play sand from b&m cost about £2 for 3x a full bowl
  10. Montyb82

    Temp Control

    .Good tip @Phlashster that may have been part of the issue thinking back!
  11. Montyb82

    Temp Control

    I was about half full on sand, will try again without meat this week with less lit fuel and see how it goes, thanks for the advice
  12. Montyb82

    Temp Control

    Would the amount of sand in the fire bowl have much of an affect on grill temp?
  13. Montyb82

    Temp Control

    Wasnt a crazy amount maybe 10 pieces or so
  14. Montyb82

    Temp Control

    Hi guys, Decided to season my new pro q elite today in preparation of bbq season, I had a bunch of chores to do so haven't particularly tended to it but left a thermometer in there to gauge temp. I set it up with sand in the water bowl as from reading a few posts it seems water means more management and causes issues getting up to temp. Well, I've had the opposite issue got up to temp quick with the top vent fully open and 1 bottom vent 1/3 open all others shut. It then accelerated past 225 up to 239 so I closed all vents (not cooking anything and no wood so thought no harm) temp carried on rising to 270 within 30 mins of start and stayed there. I gave up about 4 hours later and opened vent at top again and 1 bottom vent to burn through the fuel and its currently sitting happy at about 325. So long story short any tips on being able to cook something for longer than 20 minutes.... Cheers PS was using big k charcoal and filled the basket using minion method.
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