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  1. Spot on Porkpie 👍...as I said..pricey......that's because I'm a Yorkshire man....🤣🤣😎...let us know how you get on??. Ice.
  2. Just found this one...but a bit pricey.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/onlyfire-Stainless-Steel-Charcoal-5-6-inch/dp/B01N4EO07T/ref=pd_rhf_dp_s_pop_multi_srecs_sabr_1/260-3119917-6082819?pd_rd_w=nJs2h&pf_rd_p=5864a8c4-0ac6-4e57-aa01-41e26a7ef9f7&pf_rd_r=GHD7AF6MQE9DA7S0P453&pd_rd_r=40c6851c-fc96-4dcd-9ccb-1901279e8f48&pd_rd_wg=MtC5x&pd_rd_i=B082G8CZQ9&psc=1
  3. Yes anything like that drain cover will work, you could get away without it for a time, but you'll have to get an eye on the coals. Do you know the dia??? If I was home I could check my one....but down in Devon at the mo...but one of the other guys could check for you, we have plenty on here with the mini kad. Ice.
  4. We won't be there mate....see above.... Ice.
  5. Cheers SOTV 👍...no worries mate....yes we have the campsite booked for 9 nights, we thought if we're going that far down, had no holls as such during 2020, we built the 10 days around the event. Not to worry it turn's out now there are a number of distilleries in the area, I booked a rum one, so looking forward to that. We're already booked into a hotel down in Brixham the 2nd week as there's a fish restaurant we what to book a table at.....see if it lives up to it???😉 Ice.
  6. Due to a misunderstanding of the ticketing rules, we've had to cancel our weekend at SOTW. Those of you that are attending have a great time. Ice.
  7. Yup been a long time coming dude...😉 Ice.
  8. Nearly there 🤞...we're off on Tue 31st about noon, down the M5 staying at a campsite 2.5 miles from QuiteWater Farm. We decide to go early, set up at the site....R&R Wed/Thur then get stuck in Friday afternoon. I'm down on the judges list, so looking forward to it, ooooooohhhh all those ribs, brisket & chicken all cooked by some of the top BBQ teams....still some one as to do it. Ice.
  9. The same here mate, I have two of my own that I use on my little castiron stove, then we have a set of 4 or 5 that are the SWMBO and never leave the house..😉 Ice.
  10. Instant light is the worse type of charcoal you can use....it as lighter fuel soaked in it....it'll make all you cook taste like shit. You need a chimney to start a small amount of charcoal, then add that to the bbq and add more fuel....go buy lumpwood or briquettes. Ice.
  11. The Butane reg looks used?? (is it ok?? they don't last forever) you need to check the Bar pressure of the blue one with the Webber one to see if they match....just to make sure. Ice.
  12. Not a lot of gas bbq's on here...I had one once, used it about 3 times and that was it....seems a lot of money for what it is??. What about going the whole hog and buy a charcoal bbq?? Ice.
  13. Looks ok to me, wish I had it...😉...as you said it'll need a clean up...a chimney outlet. What heat are you going for??, you'll need a wire rack or bars to hang whatever your smoking.. Ice.
  14. No way should you use sycamore, or any pine trees, they are high in resin and oils that cause a thick smoke when lit, and can give food a bad flavor.. Ice.
  15. I wouldn't use it for a year or so, I have a cherry tree cut into cores, it's now well over a year and just starting to dry. Keep it, but stack it and leave it until next year. Ice.
  16. What about a metal tray to catch any ash that falls out when opening the fire box door???? just my 2 cents?🤔 Ice.
  17. Looks fine from here dude 👍 Ice.
  18. We're off down to Smoke on the water the first week of Sept, getting any more time off work will not be easy.....just have to wait and see, maybe do a day visit?? Ice.
  19. It could be wet sand....I had that a few months back....the heat is drying out the sand???? Ice.
  20. Eddie I've never tried cold smoking at night, I like to keep my eye on things. You're are correct about day time temps......I did one time take a load of ice and fill the bowl in my ProQ and smoke cheese, it worked out ok, but not sure about bacon....I've got 4 slabs of cured bacon in the fridge at the moment but won't be trying any smoking yet, All the best if you decide to have a go.👍. Ice.
  21. Welcome to the forum matey, looks like your off to a good start with the kit you have. Ice.
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