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  1. Icefever

    Forage day.

    Rose hip syrup... Ice.
  2. Icefever

    Forage day.

    Yesterday we did a forage around the top field... and came back with this little lot.... Over 7 lbs of Damsons....4 lbs Blackberries....3 lbs Plums...& 3 lbs of Apples. We then set to and did 5 x 1lb jars of B-berry jam and 5 x 1/2 lb jars of Plum. Tomorrow we'll do some of the Damsons, maybe 4lbs we've given some to an old friend as she what's to make jam. We have to collet Rose hips along with Crab apples later this week....we also what to make apple leather.... Walnuts are coming along nice some are starting to drop, so they'll just be ready for Chrimbo. Ice.
  3. That's a gift to someone @Secla, we love ours took it with us last week as we were camping.. Ice.
  4. Smoke on the water is on 5th - 6th Sept. at Quiet Waters farm Devon. I'm booked on the judges list. Ice
  5. We're getting posts in the Smoke on the water OP about Brew-N-Q which is a bit of a mix and info could be miss or overlooked for next year....so I thought we need two threads one for each, and any other event in 2020/ BREW-N-Q is on from Friday 22nd May 2020 until Sunday 24th May 2020, the venue will be Heather St Johns Football Club. Leicestershire. I'm now on the list for judges for the two days. Ice.
  6. Great...the clock is ticking....but let's get chrimbo over first. 🤣 Ice.
  7. If, you come across one please point it out to us... I registered on the Brew-N-Q site and filled in the judges slip and got a reply in about 15 mins yesterday evening from Scott Lane asking if I would be interested in judging at the Invitational on the Saturday as well as the Sunday...needless to say I agreed. Ice.
  8. Us as well...with Rosie wanting to take the course. Ice.
  9. Just got back from Smoke on the Water, what an eye-opener, met up with @Glenn & @Wade on the Friday, Big disappointed that @Mick could not make it due to a slipped disc, (hope your felling better mate). After setting up the camper we joined most folks and sampled Nic's tarragon chicken, out of this world, we asked for the recipe, fingers crossed.....after a few beers we turned in around 11pm. On Sat we got stuck into the judges course, the first 30 mins or so is a run down on how KCBS started, then you get into the rules & regs....after a short break we did a test run. One of the team guys cooked up dishes that had faults which we had to spot, we scored the boxes, asked questions and finished up around 3.30 pm having all of us become CBJ's. Today we did it for real, we were the judges, tasting brilliant boxes of chicken, ribs, pork, & brisket. It was down to us what we thought about what was in front of us and how we scored. Rosie was on the in-take table, she enjoyed it to the point where she wants to do the course next year....if anyone out there was thinking about do this course...do it..you won't be disappointed....I've even filled a request to judge at next years Brew-N-Q. Ice.
  10. I've watched this one............ A few more here..... https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=use+an+onion+to+clean+your+grill Ice.
  11. There's a youtube vid of a guy using an onion, you may have seen it? Ice.
  12. Looking better than OK from where I'm looking mate, that crackling looks like the dogs doodahs I did steak last night IT of 58c for Rosie, 61c for me.....😋. Pork loin for tomorrow. Ice.
  13. Same as @hoogl just the two of us, so I find it easy to do any meats on it. Steak tonight, pork loin chops tomorrow, I sometimes wrap a couple of spuds in foil there's just enough room on the grill. I have had an idea of making a double grill plate just so it fits with the lid down, steaks are only a couple of inches, put them on the lower rack and what ever else you want on the top??? Ice.
  14. We're already down here camping this week leading up to next weekend. Thought we'd come down now and have a weeks rest before, then move on Fri to the farm. Ice.
  15. Welcome to the forum Rob... looks like you're well on your way..... Ice.
  16. Now you've gone vegan....enjoy the nut burgers...ye gods where will it end?? 🤣 Ice.
  17. Charlie hi & welcome, you do have to take the smaller size grill dia into any decision when buying a bullet type smoker. I've got the ProQ frontier and I do have to cut ribs in half when I do them.....tri-tip, poultry are ok....but they do work very well. It's been mentioned on here before that when you visit any BBQ team events almost all use bullet type. Most bullet have two grill racks and cooking for 6 should be no problem at all. Ice.
  18. Same with me, no problems at all. Ice.
  19. Looks like what I get from Bookers.....but when you look at the reviews.... https://www.diy.com/departments/restaurant-charcoal-12kg/5060098640071_BQ.prd/reviews?utm_campaign=bau&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=awin&utm_content=Communities+%26+UGC&utm_term=47868&awc=483_1566719332_0aa1076277a36c06cc7366fef6085432 Not so sure??? Ice.
  20. Hope it all goes well, no problem with the weather from what they are telling us.....🤞 Ice.
  21. Finished up with a couple of jars, well set, got one ready for tomorrow mornings toast..still have a load more rhubarb in the freezer. I did this lot just to see what it would turn out like as it was the last batch of rhubarb pulled, it was a little late in the season and may have been tough. The stuff in the freezer was pulled while young so should make exceptional jam, will get around to that after the holls, next will be either blackberry or the plums if they are ripe first....who else is having a go??? Ice.
  22. We're off camping down in Devon the end of next week, and we're thinking that the mini kamado will suit us fine for the 9 days away. Ice
  23. 1 lb (ca. 454 gram) of frozen Barb, with 1 lb (ca. 454 gram) of sugar....will let it sit for 30/40 mins....while I sterilize the jars, it time for a cuppa.. 😉 Ice.
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