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  1. It's good I'm re-reading this thread, first off I'm going to use sand instead....the foil-covered plate is a good idea....(I use foil for the ash). Like the idea of the burn towards the SF...so much to learn so little time... Ice.
  2. You are correct mate, read somewhere on the net about this, now it makes sense....the guy was on about using a 2nd phone?? maybe use the wifes?? Just read this from you... "The bluetooth is normally used to make the initial comms with the device and give it the wifi config, from then on everything is via wifi. Another approach is to use a phone as a mobile hotspot and then manage using another phone or tablet. (The app cant run on the same device as the hotspot)." The Smartfire talks via wifi to the cloud. Your app or browser also talks to the cloud. They don't talk directly. Ice.
  3. Icefever


    May I be so bold has to suggest a slot for the Smartfire within the "Smoker hardware and general techniques" section??. What with the length of the post by @Smokin Monkey with his review of the SF this does show an interest in this piece of kit....just my 2 cents. Ice.
  4. I must still have "it" ..... whatever "It" is....🀣😎 That would be a very good idea, I'm up for it, I'll join If you have (you should have) wifi hotspot on your mobile, Trigger that... lock onto the S-fire....should work?? Now I have to go back to the start of this thread and start reading it all over. Ice.
  5. I've just done the same, should be here by Friday hope so then I can have a play with it over the weekend..... cost also the same as the frontier don't tell the piggy bank, it knows nothing at the moment. Ice.
  6. For me Pork...........😎 Ice.
  7. I take it you have seen/read the Kentucy thread?? I do have one and it wasn't hard to mod it to keep the smoke inside, it works well as an offset. When it was time for me to upgrade I went for the ProQ Frontier....if your lucky you may find a 10% off on the Pro Q until the end of this week?? or even a 15%?? Ice.
  8. Hi Mike & welcome to the forum.....nice build you have there very posh... Ice.
  9. Looks like you had a better meal than us then, we went to the Burton Green smokehouse a few months back and it was crap. If I dished up meat like that I would pack it in....and take up train spotting.....😎 Ice.
  10. Welcome Gavin to the forum, seems your well on your way into the world of bbq'ing.. Ice.
  11. Welcome rubertoe again... what kit (BBQ) do you run at the moment, and what do you like to cook?? Ice.
  12. I was on about the cheap & nasty ones the manufacturer usually fit....most of the digi ones are ok. For an analogue dial probe that fits the lid with an actually near the mark +/- 3 degrees you will be looking at a lot more money, I know I've looked at them and they come in the 3 figure price range. The dial one on my ProQ frontier is 10/15 degrees out against my Inkbird. Ice.
  13. When I was setting up the frontier on Sunday I put a layer of foil in the bottom to catch most of the ash, makes it easier to clean. Now one of the bottom daisy wheel vents has been a little loose and I noticed that where two of the vents are pop rivets one is a bolt & nut. I tightened it and this got me thinking ...why...then I thought maybe it's for the Smartfire?? Ice.
  14. Icefever


    Plug away mate I need all the help I can get....🀣... spot on witht the temps, and with me going F on the next cook saves me converting. I think I've see a video where a guy does a tri tip on a frontier, and I'm sure he finished searing it by the way you said.....down to the firebox, grill on and on went the meat for a couple of mins both sides.....will see if I can find the video. Ice.
  15. Icefever


    @sotv cheers.....are you trying to get me into trouble with the memsahib again.... I can do that all by myself.. πŸ˜‰ A screen shot is easy mate, on your pc should be a button with "prt sc" should be on the top row near the "delete" button. Hit that, you won't see anything happen, it stores the shot on the clipboard. I open Window paint that gives you a blank canvas, hit the "paste" top left and it should appear, hit the "save" tag and you save it wherever you want.....desktop, folder. Nice to see folks using Smartfire....I'm going to have to build up brownie points then I may stand a chance.... Ice.
  16. Not as yet...just had a search and not a lot of info about. Ice.
  17. @Raptor72 Good read and those guys know what it's all about, and they say they go for Australian or USDA brisket as it's more stable, & juicy. Ice.
  18. On another forum (beer) there's a saying " the only thing I'm worried about is, if my wife sells all my kit when I die, for the price I told her I'd paid for it" πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Ice.
  19. Piggy bank must be feeling sick??? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Ice.
  20. @rubertoe Hi and welcome to the forum....the wife has just bought one the day they came out. I see from your map your near Stratford....we're just Wellesbourne way... Ice.
  21. Looks like a split with most of us......next cook I'm flipping the Inkbird to F and giving it a go. Ice.
  22. No promlem dude, Rosie will be happy to help out, unless you want to try your hand at one??? ☺️ Ice.
  23. We're bringing ours, so if @Wade is bringing his also that will be two to cook on. Ice.
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