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  1. Mine was bought this month, so I am probably fresh on the database. Maybe they are working there way through it? The email basically says the same as the facebook post @Phlashster posted earlier. Minus the video, which I wish I had seen as it would have put my mind at rest regarding the blower coming on, during the process. Not sure facebook/email is the best way to inform of updates. Surely they could notify you through the app some way. I don't do facebook, so email or stumbling across it would have been my only way at present Bit worrying that you can brick it if you didn't know it was trying to update and unplugged it midway through and would need to be shipped back to Australia to get it sorted though 😟
  2. That ones going to encourage people, thinking of coming to this years event 😀
  3. I got that in a message from ProQ by email upon purchasing it. From the video it appears mine has updated. Hearing the blower/fan come on during update was a bit disconcerting, but the video has cleared that up for me. Would be nice to see somewhere in the programme menu to see what the current firmware is installed in it would be helpful. Just to confirm the update was successful. Please be careful and follow the instructions in their post, as you can brick it evidently if you unplug it before it is finished
  4. Didn't mean to start an egg custard debate 😀 Interesting though you can do it by sous vide. I normally bake mine for about 45 minutes @ around 170C with nutmeg, which is just about achievable in my proQ with no heat deflector I would imagine?
  5. You weren't meant to throw it back to me, you were meant to take up the challenge 😀
  6. Never done a pudding, but always reckoned a lightly smoked egg custard would be rather delicious, if you could get your device to a high enough heat.
  7. @Smokin Monkey if you get 5 minutes, maybe you can email your contact there and find out what sort of dates they have available in November/Early December and numbers and costs as a rough idea they would need to make this viable? So we have a starting point for people to decide whether it is affordable and if the dates suit or not? Or forward their contact details onto me or someone else if time is short.
  8. Finally got it out of the box to do the firmware update and hope to use it for the first time the weekend. Is there a way of checking in the settings to see if it has updated to the latest firmware. Got the lights flashing and pulsing etc. just can't find a way to see if it has updated properly to the latest version?
  9. Do you think they would allow us to use their covered area to cook on the Saturday or do they have one to use elsewhere on site that they use, in case of inclement weather?
  10. Let's see how much interest there is between now and either Billing or Northern Tailgate on here and at the venues. Then maybe something can be organised. No point if only a few people. The courses seem to need around 10 people to be viable? People will have the expense of xmas after something like this, so would need some firm committals and not maybe's to negotiate discounts.
  11. Just a thought and no more really. But if the idea of the xmas tailgate was a goer. Something like this would be ideal, where you have a hotel to stay in. And then go the cooking area on the Saturday (maybe the farmshop would have some xmas meats in stock to cook)? and maybe they could organise a butchery course on the Sunday morning for those attending if enough people before departing on the Sunday afternoon? If enough interest maybe you could get a discounted group booking hotel and course?
  12. I use the smokey bacon one as the finishing sauce on my ribs as I don't like hot sauces, prefer sweet and flavoursome and the smokey bacon works well with ribs for my tastes. Still only seen the Roasted onion one in Asda though.
  13. Me personally I prefer written instructions on the screen whilst watching it being prepared and cooked, showing the ingredient quantities and internal temp and approx cooking times and temps and at the end of it summarise it all so I can pause it, whilst preparing it myself and not have to skip to 6 different parts of the video to complete what they have done.. I don't want to listen to the person waffling on endlessly for 13 minutes of a 15 minute video. Just give me the basics and what I need. My preference, sure not everybody else's though.But I have an attention span of 2-3 minutes anything longer and I switch off or skip to the end. 😀 p.s. this is not a criticism of your video, just expressing how I prefer to watch videoes on youtube myself in general. As per your question
  14. Would be an idea, but looking at the ProQ version it sits above a stacker on top of the fire basket . Might wait to see what the price and reviews are like on the actual Proq version first though. as no drilling and tampering with the stackers needed
  15. Pineapple glazed ham (thought about some pit beans to go with it, but no point doubling up if Wade is doing some beans as well).👍 So either a Goats shoulder (if a way of heating a cajeta sauce up in a saucepan to go with it on a gas ring is available on the day)? Suppose I could cheat and use the cooker in my caravan if not to far away from the cooking area 😀 If not some goat necks done in a dutch oven
  16. Looked a fabulous and interesting day
  17. Look good and from the picture looks very similar to the Jumbuck skewer part on it as well. Would definitely want 2 of them though either side. Would hate to cut a groove in the main body as per their picture, would need the top of the bracket to sit above the rim of my smoker stack, once attached. So it didn't affect the performance of the smoker when not in use.
  18. The roasted onion one is really nice, quite sweet and no heat to it with a nice but not overpowering finished onion flavour. Goes well with beef, I thought.
  19. Saw this on the Ooni forum, seems a cracking price for this oven especially with the cover and pizza peel for £180. Which are normally extras. Some stores don't have stock yet. according to the post but expected to be nationwide, in the coming weeks. Stock code 299536 Must resist...........
  20. sotv

    Cheddar and Jarlsberg

    I think you will notice a difference in the finished smoky flavour taste and strength of smoke with the types of dust you use. I prefer lighter tasting ones and use a mix of Silver Birch and Apple when I smoke cheese. But whatever suits your tastebuds will all be good. Have tried Comte smoked and think it worked really well and is a good melting cheese as well. Never smoked Padano but like it on pizza, be interested to see what you think. Anyone interested in smoking Castello Tickler Extra Mature Cheese, Morrisons at the Deli counter have it on offer for £6.50 a kg at the moment. Smoked a kg last week, but not tried it yet. Going to try this recipe of there site that appeals to me, once it has settled. Mature Cheddar cups with eggs chive and bacon (using homemade smokey bacon as well) I have made this on several occasions, I found on there and is something different from chutney a little sharp but goes well with strong cheese and if you like a cheeseboard, something different to try with your cheese and biscuits Raspberry Daiquiri Jam
  21. I would send it back, depending on, if it is at their cost or affordable to you if not, depending on T&C's. Even with mods, you are going to struggle with it, I would imagine? Sounds like from their reply, it is known fault and you are not the first to complain about it. Don't know what you paid but if around the £200 mark? there are other better choices out there for £200-300 depending on your budget and requirements.
  22. sotv

    My ProQ Hints & Tips

    Nice to know it will obtain and keep 225F as well as 350F If placing the plancha on the level where the water pan would be. You would lose a grill level for cooking (as from my experience the fat from the meats will just run down outside the Proq) unless you placed the step up grill over the drip tray sat on the plancha iyswim i would also try to source a large circular drip tray, or even sit the water pan on it (if only using the top level to cook on)
  23. Thanks for that, it arrived about 30 minutes ago. I wont be fitting it for a couple of weeks, but looks easy enough to install from your pictures and contents, I have seen. I may look at buying an Excel cover once I can see how my 2 year old cover fits as it may have shrunk a bit since buying it a couple of years ago.
  24. I would agree with Smokin Monkey. That gap is unacceptable. So long as it isn't hasn't be put together badly/incorrectly or used already and the seller doesn't charge an excessive amount for returns, if bought online. I would return it (especially if it is within 14 days of purchase, buyer change of mind time allowed usually) and you still have the original packaging., to pack it back into. Either ask for a replacement (depending on T&C's) or refund and buy something else. Citizens Advice
  25. sotv

    Skillet Chicken

    That's good, unsure whether to say anything, some people take points you try to make personally and it has made me reluctant to make them in the past. Glad to see you don't 😀
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