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  1. I think your standard BBQ gas that you can get from B&Q etc. Though can probably get cheaper elsewhere. you can usually get a different regulator and swap out as required.
  2. I'm not sure if either holds a better temp etc. But I'd imagine that some of the advantages of the BGE: Lifetime Warranty vs 3 yr Warranty Greater range accessories that are made specifically for the model. Probably a bigger size so greater cooking capacity. I'm not sure if it's fully worth the extra cost but for many it is. I'd say get one if your determined or spend the cash on a fancy Pellet grill (or a different cooker) or a farm full of meat
  3. This model has a stainless steel grate which I'd prefer over the older enamelled grate and it has a perforated vent as well at the bottom for more detailed control. Both are great upgrades not sure if together are worth the £20 but even at the £99 I'd definitely buy one if I didn't own the older one.
  4. As long as my food is properly and safely prepared I'm pretty indifferent. Though for many cost is a major factor in the "quality" of food that people can buy especially with many losing their jobs during the pandemic.
  5. Yeah This is why I went with the 57cm WSM. can cook less but plenty of space for more meat. I'm also this way. I have a base ingredients for my rubs/sauce and can add to it to change the flavour as needed. It's easy to do and more cost effective. Like my main sauce, i sometimes swap in less water for fruit juice/Bourbon/coke/Vinegar.
  6. I'm pretty sure I spend over 6 months debating which BBQ to get. Though the Mrs says it felt more like 12 Months . It is easy to fall down the rabbit hole. The PitBoss look good, great capacity easy to use. Though factor in the additional cost of Pellets and availability of them can make it a little less appealing for some. (It did for me) Plus you probably won't be able to get high heat needed for searing steaks or making Pizza in if that's your thing. Rubs, I haven't bought one for a long time. I normally just make my own. I recently Smoked Salt so that get's thrown in one of my m
  7. Hi , Neighbour, I'm just outside Glasgow. I'm a fan of Bullet/Kettle for first time users as they are both easy to use and give consistent results whilst being easy to learn. Though the Pellet/Digital ones are easy to use and also deliver consistent results though I think some have said the Pellet can give a slightly less Smokey flavour (Which many prefer) I haven't used the ones you have said but many do favour the Pellet style. I think it comes down to what kind of cooking you want to do. Do you want to baby sit a fire? Do you feel a fan/digital method is cheating? There's no right
  8. I think that's Harry Soo. I seem to remember him saying he goes under/mixed through. I usually do on top as I'm like a headless chicken, So I throw on top. I think either works no right or wrong way. Try both and see what you think gives better flavour.
  9. hoogl


    I'd say the best fuel is the one you have. Some burn better/longer some are cheaper but as long as it burns clean and you can Que then I'd say it's all good. Yeah I think we are all guilty of that. A good high heat for 30-60 mins. I usually do that then let cool and give a wash with some hot soapy water if its been a long winter before first cook. Doesn't hurt to give another burn after.
  10. hoogl


    I've used the Briquettes from Aldi/Lidl. They are ok do the job, Burn a bit quicker and produce more ash but for the price I can't complain, Especially if you are using in a minion method/Snake etc.
  11. I'd recommend the Aldi Kamado for £350 but I'm not sure if it's going back on sale. My gf was a little dubious of the £400 I spent on the WSM at first but once she tasted the meat she's been happy ever since. Plus a decent BBQ will last years if you look after it so It's an investment. Can do the xmas Turkey on it so more room for trimmings inside.
  12. They look great. I do love a good rack of ribs. I think if you are hitting 150c its still ok for a smoke. But what about placing a small roasting tin of water/sand beside the heat and that may help stabilise the temp.
  13. Not at all, I'll need to give it a bash. Just currently sweet talking the Mrs into extending my pocket money 😁 maybe if I do the dishes for a few days?
  14. It's a small world. I was just looking at Collins, Think I'm going to order some Flat Irons for next week or so. Aye I'm not sure if I could show you the proper way, but I could show you how I do it 😁
  15. In a Kettle I'd do a Snake It depends on the quality of Briquettes, but I used a charcoal basket recently and could easily got 4-5 hrs from it using heat beads.
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