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  1. They look damn tasty. 😋 Yeah you'll use more fuel in the start as the inside is shiny and reflective. Plus after the cook just shut the vents and you can reuse the coal later.
  2. Nice, How id they turn out? My first cook was ribs chicken drumsticks/thighs and a couple burgers. I also haven't bothered modding my WSM, only thing I am thinking of doing is putting handles on the mid section along with clamps for bottom. But if I've loaded enough fuel theirs no need to remove either. Mine also lives/cooks in a shelter.
  3. Cheers Ice, I was in Christmas but got out for a few hours Christmas Day and Boxing Day to spend time with family. No, not yet. I've always foiled water pan and added boiling water. I wanted to use it for a while like that first get my technique down before making changes like sand or no pan. Cheers Simon, I've been wanting to do a Turkey on the WSM for awhile. How did you do it Spatchcock or whole?
  4. Hi all, Happy new Year. I thought I'd share my Christmas Eve cook. I would've shared earlier but I ended up in Hospital again with another bloody abscess. 😷 Brined Salmon overnight in a mix of 500g Light Brown Sugar and 320g Coarse Salt. (Just one bag/tub of each) Left it in the fridge for a few hours after washing and drying on rack. It was firm throughout, though a wee bit closer to bottom could've been brined more. Pigs in blankets, homemade wrapped supermarket sausage and bacon. made about 100 between these in smoker and rest in oven. All had a Maple (2 Parts) Bourbon (1 Part) glaze that they Marinated in overnight in ziploc bags. 1710 Salmon on, Pigs already on for 30 or so mins. Smoker maintained 120C roughly. Had to put a bit more Charcoal in as I did let it drop as I was trying to ration my Charcoal (Shed leaked and turned a bag mouldy) . First time not using the water pan at all. Used the last of my Apple and Cherry chunks of wood. 1737 - Pigs been on for about an hour so decided to turn. 1834 - Salmon done ( a few degrees under with the meater using the resting period to come to Temp 65C I hit 66C as was a little late taking it out WSM. 1835 - Salmon Resting, I did cover loosely with foil. 1905 - Used my instant read probe Pigs 75c 1912 - Salmon Sliced. 1913 - Salmon Served with Maple Bourbon Pigs in Blankets, Hasselback Spuds and veg Anytime I've done Salmon I've lightly oiled the foil with EVOO (Never noticed a lingering smell/taste in next cooks.). I find the smoke still gets all around it and my long suffering Lady said it was the best flavour yet (Done about 4 of them). I was told that next year I need to do all the pigs on the smoker. First smoke with the Meater+ but did do an oven roast the night before. Found it really easy to use and gave great results on both cuts of meat. A couple of connection issues even with the + Model so just need to be aware as I move from Smoker to Kitchen.
  5. Hi Steve , Lot's of info here. I also have a 22" WSM what size did you go for? it's still worth reading other non bullet smoker posts here as alot of it is transferable. Happy New Year
  6. I used the Pro Q CSG in May for 5kg of cheese in my 22" WSM and it worked a treat, I'd assume that would be a similar volume.
  7. hoogl

    fornetto razzo

    I have a WSM and I would recommend any bullet style smoker as a great starting place.
  8. Jimbo. it does look like a nice piece of kit.
  9. hoogl


    kosher salt over here is just regular coarse salt or rock salt you'll easily find it in supermarket. I'd save the Maldon for finishing at the end
  10. Came across this deal. I don't have a weber gbs but thought it was a good drop. https://www.riversidegardencentre.co.uk/weber-gourmet-sear-grate.html
  11. hoogl

    Hi again!

    It's the best @Icefever got a burger covered in gravy last night. No bun just a burger🤒
  12. As much as she doesn't care about my gadgets/BBQs. she always notices the "new stuff"🕵️‍♀️
  13. Cheers for the heads up. Can I convince the good lady? 🤔
  14. hoogl

    Hi again!

    Hi and back. I know how you feel I'm in hospital the now and can't get out yet. due to stomach injuries but hoping to be fit for a Christmas cook.
  15. Yeah my rolled her eyes as i wanted to use my new toys (wireless thermometer) even in oven but after first joint perfectly cooked she loves it. I was looking at them today. Got some black Friday money off them at moment.
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