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  1. Looks good always helpful to get a hand or claw to help. Your shelter set up look interesting. Does it do enough to keep the heavy weather off your kit?
  2. hoogl


    Some not bad deals. Unfortunately my local Hombase shut down so would need to drive a bit. But I have a B&Q near me and the MIL works there so may get a better discount.
  3. That looks great, as you said the sear could be better. I personally prefer to reverse sear my meat when smoking that way the rest is done and I can tuck in straightaway.
  4. hoogl

    LIDL Tomahawk

    I picked up one of those Tomahawks from Lidl on Friday. Managed to get a smoke done on the Saturday. Chicken - Garlic Salt & Black Pepper Steak - Garlic Salt & Black Pepper Sweetcorn - Butter, BBQ rub wrapped in foil 16:00 - Chicken breasts, Peppers and Corn on bottom rack. 17:20 - Steak and Venison Sausages on top rack over top of veg. Chicken around 30c+ 18:30 - Steak 54c , Sausages 65c+ resting on board loosely covered in foil. 19:30ish - Chicken 74c 19:35ish - Reverse sear with weed Burner until storm hit and send me in early. πŸ˜₯ WSM held around 120c during full cook. Water pan foiled both top and bottom with about 1.7l of boiling water in. Used Briquettes and two chunks of Apple wood. Steak had a light smoke But I Do prefer a harder wood such as Oak for beef. Venison always takes the flavour well and the chicken was lovely. Mrs devoured the peppers as she loves them smoked. Steak Resting - just under 1KG Steak Seasoned Lower rack about an hour in. Steak and Sausage on top Rack Steak and Sausage done Chicken about 2hrs in Steak Resting Seared unfortunately torrential rain hit and cut short so not as much char as I'd like. Steak Sliced - No flash Steak sliced - Flash Sunday Leftovers
  5. I like that it comes with some storage for wood. I wonder if that's enough to get a full day.
  6. hoogl

    Cote de boeuf question

    You should try the cold grate method. Though the first Cowboy/CΓ΄te de Boeuf I did I smoked over oak then reverse seared on the coals caveman style. It's worth a try at least once.
  7. hoogl

    Cote de boeuf question

    You could try it that way. I prefer to reverse sear it as it allows me to rest before searing then I can tuck straight in. I think either is good though. I always thought it gets a better smoke ring if its applied when its cooler. I think it's all down to taste. I say you experiment, get two steaks and try one each way and see what is more to your taste. 😁
  8. Whenever I use chunks or chips I prefer to soak the Chef in beer or Whisky πŸ˜€. I've never soaked chunks as they are too dense to absorb water. I have soaked chips before foiling but I also throw on a handful dry to the coals. I figure they'll catch straightaway and the ones foil will dry off before catching to prolong the smoke time. I'd say if it ain't broke don't fix it. If it's been working for you then why change.
  9. That's a nightmare, I know people worry about using wire brushes in case any of the wire gets left behind. Hopefully your excellent Q made up for it 😊 As for tools I have generic cheap ones that people have bought me. So I can't really help.
  10. I was in my local Lidl getting lunch today and I noticed they are going to do Tomahawk steaks next week. https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/Offers.htm?articleId=23556&ar=11 Might be a good way to Christen my Kamado. πŸ˜€
  11. That looks like it's going to be a cracker to use. I'm hoping to build something similar so I love looking at others ideas. My project Director Like your Project Directors choices. 😁
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