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  1. That would do the job as it's Stainless Steel. I'd stay away from Galvanised due to the fumes it produces at higher heats. You can get the restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal at some B&Qs. I got a bag last week and its been good so far in both Aldi Kamado and the wee Lidl one.
  2. A second grate turned 90 Degrees on top of original one so the gap is smaller. I'm assuming your using a Bullet/Kettle.
  3. Hi I would normally keep an inch or two distance and you'll be fine. Air is great at dissipating the heat. I built a wee shack a few years ago and used it many times without any fear of burning anything down including overnight cooks. You don't need to do fireproof the wood. If you are worried about burning a table then put down some slabs etc. As you said there's many examples of online tables/shacks that are made of wood and they hold up fine. I'm in the middles of building a temp shack till I get the garden done. It's made of treated CLS and fence boards.
  4. Hi and , Just had a look on the Charbroil site. Looks a good bit of kit. You'll need to let us know how it runs.
  5. Hi and , I've had my AK for a couple of months and it's been great to use. I have the smaller one too from a couple of years ago. I have no idea why you aren't getting to see posts. The search is working for me, But I'm not affiliated with the site. Hopefully you get it sorted.
  6. Yeah I've been very happy ordering from them. Food is packed fantastic considering it's being transported overnight. But they can be a little pricey but as you say the quality is there.
  7. Hello and from Glasgow. Have you tried John Davidsons Butcher? They are based at Inverurie and do great BBQ cuts.
  8. Hello and from a surprisingly sunny Glasgow. Have you tried John Davidsons Butcher? They are based at Inverurie and do great BBQ cuts.
  9. I think it was a company called Fastly, they are a content delivery network CDN they had an outage but I think it's being fixed.
  10. Hi if money isn't an issue I'd go for the S2. Mainly because the bigger cooking capacity but also the wheels. It looks like it has a couple of heavier duty wheels that may make it easier to move around if needed. The hot plate can be added later such as laying cast iron grate over the firebox (I'd do it inside). plus it's in stock so you'd at least get it quicker I'm not sure about other brands. But it might be worth speaking to a metal fabrication company as they might be able to do one cheaper without any import costs. Plus can get it to your specs.
  11. HI and . I have a WSM which is also porcelain enamelled. I went with the route of not bothering to "season it". I just got it to temp let it burn a little longer and threw on some chicken and Ribs. Seasoning is more for bare metal smokers due to manufacturing process. Usually its a longer process and higher heat. https://www.weber.com/US/en/blog/burning-questions/i-got-a-new-grill-now-what/weber-30912.html You could also go the route of a good wash with warm soapy water to get rid of any chemicals. then a quick heat. Though many will say set it up get it to a high heat for 30 mins then play with vents to learn control. I prefer to just cook first. If it was bare metal like a carbon steel wok I'd defo season first though.
  12. Hi and . I like the BBQ table. Look like a sturdy and useful build.
  13. HI and . I'll second Smokewoodshack. I've used in the past and like their service/product.
  14. I'm able to regularly get mine to 350c for searing steaks. I've done this with crappy Tesco Lump and also KJ Big Block. Also used a mix of fresh and new. I find the best way is to place two or three firelighters in the bowl spread out as you want the whole bowl lit up to achieve these temps. Also having both vents open max.
  15. I'd second this. Mines has often dropped out of connection even though its the other side of the wall. I have the + model and often sacrifice a old device so I can maintain a connection and us the cloud to monitor. I'd also add that properly cleaning it makes a difference. You may think its clean but a good scrub can improve connection I just wish that it was more rounded so it was easier to clean. That being said I do enjoy using it and Love the estimated time to finish. Makes it great for planning a meal.
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