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  1. hoogl

    Pulled pork

    It is but easily done on the wsm, it holds its heat fantastic, especially if you have enough coal loaded. I've put a copy of my cook for you if that's any help.
  2. hoogl

    Pulled pork

    Did you spritz the butt? I did 3 butts last year for about 16 hrs. wrapped in foil for a few hours then served. Took off at 95c pulled great. what was your finished product like?
  3. The Mini Kamado is great for a cook. Holds heat well. but I think it weighs around 30kg so not the most portable IMO. Plus as it holds it's heat it's more for a longer day/overnight camp site/stay i'd prob only pack it up once its fully cool. I think the Weber go/smokeless etc will cool quicker and be more portable.
  4. I may get involved depending on the weather here. You could also try and use a video call platform during it to share some banter during cooks or even do a sort of live stream Q&A to assist and troubleshoot some people. Dunno if it would work but just a thought.
  5. Pork shoulder is a great inexpensive meat and can get it from supermarket to start with and once more confident spend more at butchers etc. Sausages are also a great starter quick and easy to cook and take the smoke fantastically. Chicken can also be forgiving. Away from meats Peppers take on a lovely smoke flavour as do many other vegs. Plenty of ideas on the forum so look around and don't worry about asking questions we all have to start somewhere and we can all always learn more.
  6. That's a snappy looking rack. 😁
  7. As Fathers Day is approaching us this weekend a few retailers are doing some good deals. I saw this today. Sadly i'm still shielding so cant get out but i'd love to live vicariously through other pics 😊 A great deal on Wagyu beef. https://www.aldi.co.uk/c/groceries/super-6?sort=popular&q=%3Apopular%3AtransactionalStatus%3Atransactional%3AtransactionalStatus%3Anontransactional%3AOffer%3ASuper+Weekly+Offers&lowerBound=0&upperBound=3&text=
  8. hoogl

    Afternoon All!

    Looks great. I bet you are a bit more relaxed after cooking short ribs with a few issues in keeping constant temp. Depending on the temp swing don't worry about chasing the exact 225f etc a few degrees hotter or cooler is fine and once the smoker has built up some carbon from a few cooks you'll usually find it's more consistent.
  9. Hi Riddell, I have a bullet smoker and I did an overnight cook last year only with pork. I've linked it below. My main advice would be to add more coal than you think you'll need. I found I hadn't put enough in and had to add in before bed time not the worst but I was able to add in. Also make sure you have a thermometer to monitor meats and smoker temps it will make your life easier. I used water as it's what I've always used but I know many prefer sand.
  10. hoogl

    Built in bbq

    . You may need to look at adding some sort of adjustable vent to limit the airflow although I'm not an expert on this sort of stuff looks like you could get a nice open fire pit approach
  11. Yeah it is a bit OTT me wrapping the bowl. I guess I just want to keep it looking new. I should add that I do wrap as well as I often do use the liquid to make a sauce. I know I could just throw in a foil tray etc but again it's just the method I've used so far. I may stop wrapping at some point.
  12. hoogl

    Smoked Basa

    I love Basa, buy it all the time, it's my go to white fish. It's cheap and takes flavour well plus I've never had a bone in it. A lot of people are put off as it's a type of Cat Fish but tastes great. Had some smoked Basa last night breaded for some homemade fish & chips. 😁 It was originally Two fillets, I cut so they would fit better and to keep the small bits protected.
  13. hoogl

    Smoked Basa

    I did this cook last month but hadn't uploaded it so since it's raining again I thought I would. Mini Kamado set up with homemade deflector ( stainless steel camping plate above an old microwave rack) Fish seasoned with a store bought Lime Pepper rub. Some Beech chips on Lumpwood. I left the bigger ends towards the outside. Probed to 65C Chips made in AirFryer. The good Lady said it was the best Fish she had. Very juicy and great flavour. Hopefully when the weather improves I'll do it again.
  14. I'm one of the weird ones. I always wrap the bowl entirely in foil. I do the bottom first so I can sometimes reuse the foil. I also wrap the inside of the bowl with foil which is a pain with the 57cm WSM but I have always done it and I like to keep my cooks constant. I may move away from it at some point but at the moment it's more for aesthetics.
  15. I agree with avoiding instant light fuels. Some good deals on cheap kettle style BBQ at the moment. They give you a good range of cooking techniques as smokin monkey said above and a nice place to learn without shelling out a fortune. You could try the vortex wings or get a cheap Stainless steel bowl and remove the bottom will do the same without breaking the bank.
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