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  1. hoogl

    Chicken breast

    Looks good, I'm waiting till Black Friday to see what deals are on the sous vide sticks. How do you rate your stick? Do the balls make a noticeable different to prevent evaporation/insulation?
  2. I had looked at the Bradley smokers when I was first looking at buying my smoker. Nice concept. 120 pk bradley bisquettes oak works out about £1 per hour plus leccy. Though the review says it drops a new one in every 30mins so might get a few more hours out it.
  3. I find the addition of a windbreak/Shelter certainly helps with fuel efficiency and keeping a stable temp.
  4. hoogl

    Smoking in Somerset

    Hi Teri . I love the wee smoke shack. great build.
  5. I came across this company in Holland that makes a Mini Kamado which appears to be the same/similar dimensions to the Lidl one. https://thebastard.com/product_en/the-bastard-small/ They also have a range of accessories (From another supplier) including a Cover, Cast Iron Grate and Plate setter I'm not sure if they ship to UK. The only official retailer here BBQLand only appears to sell the large one. I'm not sure if they would stock the smaller ones especially if enough people email/request them too.
  6. hoogl


    Hi @Skagg2000, I have similar issues with my 22" WSM even with my shelter (Shoddy DIY) I have some rain that gets in top. The WSM comes with a cover (Which I'm sure was originally described as Weather resistant and not weatherproof) It unfortunately lets rain in and with the design on WSM water collects and pools on the rim so charcoal gets wet. I have resorted to putting another Tarp cover over top which kills the breathability of original one. Could you store it under a roof or in a shed? Only thing I can think of to keep water out considering what else you've tried.
  7. Cheers @Icefever Must be handy having the over hang you can bust out when you need. Do you store your BBQ stuff in the Garage? @Phlashster Using a premade shed is a great idea. A hell of a lot quicker too. I've got a couple of torches/lanterns i hang from the inside of the roof for light. Plus I use a headlamp if it's really dark. I'm actually in the middle of designing a Table/Shelter for my mini Kamado.
  8. I saw a recent BBQ Shed on here by @Phlashster and thought I should share mine I build a couple years back. Start of the frame. I wanted to be able to take it apart for the one Sunny day that Scotland has so I used toggle clamps to secure the wall frame so I could take apart with no tools. Also put a deliberate run from front to back so rain would run off. I was going to use an overlapping joint. But went with a Butt joint instead. Sides, back and door attached. I used lift off hinges again to dismantle/open up whilst keeping on the wheelie base. Ran a bead of sealant between the slats to give a little water protection. Shelter in place. The previous owners had mad this handy wee square that was begging for a Smoker/BBQ to be placed. This point is pretty much central in garden so an ideal spot away from neighbours that if it went up in flames it wouldn't cause damage to them WSM in place. Food on. Roof sits about Two inch above frame. Open at Front/Back to allow air flow/smoke to escape. Food Tax - 3-2-1 method on ribs. I can't remember times/temps. I do have a vid/gif of the smoker in action but it won't upload. Overall it's been a great build. I completed it around 11th Nov 2017. So it's lasted almost Two Years. A few things issues though. The Cons The idea of taking it apart so I didn't have a big shed in middle of garden when using during dry days was pointless as I usually just took the WSM out of the shed and placed it where I wanted. The wee clips are nickel plated and haven't held up well to the weather. It also fell apart the first Feb due to high winds. I managed to keep the clamps together by twisting garden wire through the hole to keep shut. The lift off hinges. - I should've used longer ones to support the door and maybe a Z frame. The walls - too heavy for my frame and I should've used a T&G or half lap joint etc (but only had limited tools) as with the weather and the heat from the WSM they have separated/warped quite badly. I Did use a garden furniture oil to help protect the timber. The roof - same as above so I do get water leaking in. Or I should've put a felt on top. The floor - I never got round to building - Had originally planned to use an industrial lazy susan to access vents but don't find the need to adjust once dialled in. Should've put in a hanger for the WSM lid. The Pros It has served me well and I have managed to do at least 4 December cooks including Salmon & Gammon for the last Two Christmas Dinners. It has great robust wheels on it so it moves easily. Once I've Dialled it in I don't need to adjust. The walls/roof act as an excellent wind break. I know use it against the house closer to Kitchen since I'm not worried about the fire risk. Even managed my 16 hr overnight cook in it. Convenient place to hang my wireless thermometer and tools out the rain. It was only a temporary solution until I build a proper shelter next year and SWMBO loves getting year round cooks. Protected the WSM and gave me an additional storage option instead of laying in shed all winter. All in all I've been happy with my build. it's not perfect and I am a clearly amateur DIYer but hopefully it can give others an idea/inspiration and get some year round cooks on the way.
  9. I was looking at this deflector plate but don't fancy paying half the price of my Kamado for the deflector (including shipping). I have the opportunity to get one made up by a metal fabricator for free from 3mm mild steel so just curious what are the dimensions? (circle diameter, leg height and over hang) as this looks like it fits perfectly.
  10. hoogl


    Hi . Your hobby sounds excellent especially when you add in Smoked food. I'm looking forward to seeing any pictures of how you do it traditionally with no mod cons. (though I'm pretty sure the Normans did have wireless thermometers 😊 )
  11. That looks awesome. I'm glad you managed to get it up to temp. Have you previously tried double wrapping with paper? Though it doesn't look like the bark has been effected with the foil.
  12. Probes can be susceptible to damage when washing. I did accidentally get too much water on my probes on my second cook using them (It read about 20C higher than the other probe), but a wee bake in the oven for 30 or so mins at a low temp fixed them.
  13. That's why I favour the reverse sear for steak. The rest is done mid cook then I can stuff my face as soon as it's seared. There's plenty of good info on the site it helps to complement the YT videos I spend way too long watching. Plus you get a nice wee community.
  14. That's a shame they cut off all the fat. I know when I'm in the Glasgow Costco some of the butchers are still prepping meat. I'm not sure if they could trim it for you differently for another day. I spoke to my local butcher and he said he'd give it a bash but to order sat/mon as he gets his meat a tue. If it's not right he also gets it in a fri so gives him two chances which seamed reasonable. I don't blame you getting some practice in. i've looked at some of the online butchers and like you I'll wait till I'm more proficient. I look forward to pics from next weeks Brisket.
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