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  1. Absolutely. it was the best meat of the day😀. They wanted to raffle off my spare butt. We had a wee BBQ at my Dad's bowling club. Pulled pork, Sausages, Burgers, Chilli hotdogs, potato salad, greek salad, beer soaked chicken. fed about 30 adults and 20 kids.
  2. I know you were hungry yesterday at 6am. you'll be famished today.
  3. No I'm hoping it will keep the heat for a few hours. I did it previously pulled at 5pm served around 9-10 pm and burnt my fingers on the foil and pork. 😀
  4. Hi all, I'm attempting my first overnight pulled pork. 3 Pork Shoulders from ASDA. Trimmed off the fat cap rubbed with homemade rub. Made a spritz of 200ml Apple Juice 50 ml of Cyder Vinegar. Plan is to pull the pork off at 9am ish wrap in foil and towels rest in a cooler and serve around 12ish. 17:00 - Put the pork on. 18:30 - First Spritz 19:40 - Second Spritz 20:50 - Third Spritz 22:10 - Fourth Spritz 23:30 - Fifth Spritz - Prepping for bed. Added more coals (Smothered fire, dug lit coals back out to allow air in. Added more hot water to pan and extra apple juice in the drip tray.) 00:15 - Sixth Spritz 01:30 - Seventh Spritz - ET - 733 probe in one of the butts suddenly spiked from 75c to 100c. I think I have got the wire wet checked with instant read and butts 78 - 82c Hopefully it's bed time. 08:00 - Woke up ET - 733 reading over 110c for butt 08:30 - Dome temp 110c. IT of Butt on wired therm 95c. All 3 butts double wrapped in foil, wrapped in towels placed in towel lined cooler. 13:00 - 2 butts pulled and served. Too much other food was served so I've kept a butt for my dinner tonight. I'll continue to update
  5. hoogl

    1st Cold Smoke.

    Hi All, I forgot to update. My cheese went down a storm. The Gouda was nice but the Cheddar was dynamite. It was the best cheese of the night. Week one - I found that the flavour was really strong/intense as soon as you bit into the cheese but not overpowering and bitter. Week three - The cheese was really pleasant. The smoke has penetrated deeper into the cheese and developed a more complex flavour. Week seven - Yes I still have some cheese left. 😃 Still has a lovely smoke flavour. I've attached a couple pics of the platters.
  6. Hi @Montyb82 welcome. I was in a similar boat and went with the 57cm WSM. It's a little big for me and the OH but I'm glad of the extra capacity when i need it. I'd agree with @Wade and say a bullet is a great place to learn. I think either way you go you'll have a great time.
  7. Glad you all are back. It's ok, we have all missed our electric bill from time to time. 😋🤣
  8. Hey @jay_dyker88 what about something like one of these? http://www.horizonbbqsmokers.com/trailer-smokers or a uk company https://www.bbqmates.co.uk/product-category/bm-commercial-bbq-trailers/ That way you can just transport it to venue and pitch up. Maybe you could use a decent pop up Gazebo to give a little weather protection or as @Smokin Monkey said go for bullet smokers on a similar trailer. Could you get a wooden shack that you can cut and fasten together to make a popup shop? Best of luck in it dude
  9. Hi Welcome @wmatthewman. Is that a rolled brisket unrolled? Looks great, What was the internal temp? I've not tried brisket yet. on my to do list.
  10. Weber do a smaller portable version. I normally up turn mine as you said to light a few charcoals.
  11. Congratulations @Diggerg. Can't wait to see it in action. 🥩🍖🍗🥓 Pretty awesome of @Inkbird to hold the giveaway. 🏆 @Beavis69you might be a little late 😉
  12. Could you just use some steel mesh to make a ring to extend the height of the original?
  13. I was considering the heat gun. Is it worth it? I also thought about getting the weed burners. I normally just use the starter chimney.
  14. Always good to see some "alternative" lighting techniques. I'll be sure to recommend to those that support the other team in the city.😇
  15. I have the 57cm WSM and I love it. Use it for low and slow cooks but also remove the midsection and can use more as a traditional kettle grill. I think regardless which you buy you'll have a great time. I should've got the MIL to get the B&Q lumpwood as she gets her employee discount.
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