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  1. You could run a burn with just a probe on the grill and measure what the dome thermometer reads against the probe maybe? Then you will have an idea of pit temp using the dome gauge.
  2. No water needed in a kamado, by design they keep moisture inside the cooking chamber. Lamb shoulder is great cooked at smoking temp, 6-7 hours or so, 93c for pulling, depends on how you want it, 90c will do for pulling chunks off. Go easy on the smoke though. Bit of olive smoke works for me.
  3. I tend to cook short ribs at around 275f (anywhere between 250 and 280f is fine), basically following this method. I take my pit temps from the grill, I don't bother going to an internal temp on the ribs, just when they feel right when probing, should be like soft butter.
  4. Possibly too low a fire or not enough airflow? I think you can get white smoke through incomplete combustion, I'm assuming the chunks are dry?
  5. You want chunks not chips really fella, chips won't last 5 minutes. Quite a few places online you can buy chunks from, I have bought my last couple of lots from jacqui1treetops on ebay, you can get mixed bags and I find the chunks are an ideal size.
  6. For me you need to take it to around 205f internal for pulling really. Plenty of recipes for rubs inline depending how you like it. Meatheads Memphis Dust is a decent one. https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/spice-rubs-and-pastes/meatheads-memphis-dust-rub-recipe/
  7. I only use the chimney for the kettle as I said, I never use it for the Kamado.
  8. I've used Fogon before, pretty good stuff and comes in big lumps and seemed to work well in the kamado. I have found that if using in the kettle and lighting via chimney starter then although it burns well, the burn doesn't seem to last as long as others. I'm back to using Everburning Charcoal now as it's always been reliable.
  9. The vents are on the vertical so no rain ingress. The vents are tapered also so you can fine tune temps a little better. https://www.bbqandsmoke.co.uk/collections/smokeware/products/smokeware-vented-chimney-cap-for-kamado-joe
  10. With the original daisy wheel you lose your settings if you open the lid and rain can get in, plus I find you have better control of temps with it.
  11. I got a Smokeware Cap for mine from bbqandsmoke, the KJ one fits perfectly.
  12. It's what I did for my Weber, set a search on eBay and got email notifications of anything suitable. Then trawled Marketplace daily and eventually one turned up that was just around the corner from me in great condition, didn't even haggle for it as it was a steal. The Morrisons one is full size btw not table top.
  13. I managed to pick up my Weber OTP for £40 on Marketplace a few years ago so there are bargains out there if you're patient. Wrong time of year for cheap bbq bargains though I would have thought. I did notice a Weber inspired kettle BBQ in Morrisons the other week that looked it might be decent, £67 though.
  14. I don't think there is a rotisserie accessory for the AK yet.
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