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  1. If you get from everburning then get the 15kg bags as the 5kg tends to be in small pieces. Bit more expensive but much better stuff.
  2. This is where I'm at I think. Opened the second bag last night and just the same as the first, a few big bits and plenty of small. I'll probably be throwing around a sixth of the bag away as unusable slummy.
  3. I keep mine in a Keter Store It Out along with some other bbq bits and pieces and it's fine. I get through quite a bit but usually buy about 40kg at a time so haven't stored for months really.
  4. I ordered mine on the 23rd and received it on the 26th. I got a text with a tracking link on delivery day.
  5. I had an oak chunk in when I did the steaks and the babs were rubbed with A&O Tikka Gold so no pure charcoal flavour that I could determine. Smelled nice when burning and had a more greenish flame rather than the blue I get with EBC. edit to add nothing discernible from cooking over EBC but lumpwood always gives a nice flavour when grilling.
  6. I used it for steaks on the Weber and kebabs on the Move It (Go Anywhere clone) at the weekend. No problem with the temps and was probably left with a third of a chimney of reusable stuff left over after the steaks. Not tried in the kamados yet.
  7. My order arrived on Thursday, have to say I'm initially disappointed. Arrived in in 5kg bags not the 10kg that I ordered and first impressions from the first opened bag are not great, a few big chunks but mostly little bits. See how it goes.
  8. I usually get mine from ebay, discounted 5% for 2 bags or more. Usually delivers within 2-3 days. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162167971112?ViewItem=&item=162167971112
  9. Ordered 40kg for £40 delivered, have you used this stuff before?
  10. Just back from a holiday in southern Snowdonia and brought some bits back from the butchers at London House Stores in Dyffryn Ardudwy. Amazing produce from here including award winning sausages (be having those later). I bought a double cut bone in pork loin chop and fancied trying a recipe from Marcus Bawdons Food and Fire book. I made up some nduja butter using equal quantities of softened butter and nduja, chilled it for a bit in the fridge before rolling into a cylinder wrapped in cling film, set up in the freezer for half an hour then into the fridge. The chop still had the chine bone in so I cut through this using a hack saw so I could slice the joint into two for serving. Rubbed plenty of salt into the scored skin then rubbed the meat with A&O harissa rub. I set the Weber kettle up for indirect cooking with lump charcoal, temp at around 350f (180c) and put a bit of pear wood in for smoke. Started the cook skin side down direct over the coals to get some crackling started and seared each side before moving to cook indirect until 60c internal. When rested I sliced into two chops, added a thick disc of the nduja butter to each chop before placing a piece of lit charcoal on top to melt the butter into each chop. I served these with a smoked potato salad (recipe from Fire Food by DJ BBQ), potatoes were cooked and cooled before before being tossed in olive oil and salt and pepper, then hot smoked at about 400f (204c) for around 45 minutes until smoky and golden. Then mixed with mayo, sliced spring onions, sliced chillies, lemon juice, and chopped coriander. Crackling was ok but not great but the taste was amazing, nice and spicy from the nduja butter and a subtle smoky flavour. The potato salad is a regular for me, so tasty and easy to knock up.
  11. There is a budget kamado owners group on Facebook, plenty of people on there own the Grillchef one, various mods for deflectors and extra grill space.
  12. Think I'm on 8 (not counting a little fold away grill in a bag I've not used for a while). Was 9 but gifted one of the kettles to my daughter a couple of months ago and may be getting rid of the Jumbuck. Not sure that counts though as will be replaced with a kettle rotisserie kit .
  13. tedmus


    Homebase used to sell the Fornetto Razzo, if it was one of those then £150 is a bargain.
  14. tedmus

    Joined today!

    Welcome Nick This is what I use most of the time (had a delivery yesterday actually) and it's usually good quality stuff. Will use blue bag stuff at a push but find it tends to be a bit hit and miss quality wise. @sotv the 5kg bags from EBC are in smaller chunks than the 15kg bags.
  15. You don't really need a water pan with a kamado, by design they tend to retain internal moisture.
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