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  1. Looks like you nailed that bark, they look great.
  2. Guga has done a few videos using pineapple to tenderise various steaks.
  3. When I've used the Callow bullet I found a terracotta saucer in the water pan worked better than using water for stabilising temps.
  4. Forgot to add that they were spritzed every hour or so when the bark started to form after about 3 hours.
  5. I did these a good while back and probably the best ones I've done. Cooked at 275f for around 7-8 hours until probing really soft. Rub was just salt and cracked black pepper and lots of it and didn't wrap them. I think the pepper and leaving them unwrapped was key to the bark forming.
  6. Same happened with Fogon 👍
  7. Shipping was included. I paid £36 for two bags but seems the price has already gone up to £19 a bag on the website, not so good.
  8. Not all that size but plenty of nice big chunks, looking forward to giving it a go.
  9. Yeah, 40 miles away in work at the minute though, I'll get some later.
  10. Delivered today, hopefully get chance to use some this week.
  11. Fogon works great in my kamado.
  12. Big pieces will burn for longer, how hot depends on the air you give them and how much exhaust there is. If you shut your bbq down properly after a cook any unburnt fuel can be used next time. Fuel efficient cookers like kamados will show this more but the same applies to all really.
  13. I've ordered a couple of bags today so will report back when I've used some.
  14. Weber Go Anywhere would be a good shout. I have a Clas Ohlson copy that comes away with us, it's also what I tend to use for doing burgers on.
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