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  1. 4 bone pork loin joint from John Davidsons. I had this uncovered in the fridge for 24 hours to dry the skin out. Scored it and gave it a good dusting of salt and seasoned the meat. Weber set up for indirect cooking (cooked this all indirectly). Started it off skin side down for around 20 minutes then stood it up with the skin facing the coals until 140f internal. Grilled some courgettes and baby leeks and did some sweet and sour peppers. Also made a salsa verde. Crackling was fantastic and pork really juicy.
  2. tedmus


    Tacos last night, flank steak from John Davidsons rubbed in A&O The General, seared on the kamado. Made a pico de gallo and pimped some salsa from a jar with some chipotle paste.
  3. I tend to heat it up before applying, in my mind adding a cold sauce to hot ribs seems the right thing to do, whether it makes any tangible difference or not I'm not sure. Certainly makes a thicker sauce easier to brush on. Also I'll more often than not add the juices from the foil wrap to the sauce as I'm warming it up.
  4. tedmus

    Pulled pork

    Remove the rind yes. Depending on how fatty it is beneath you might want to trim it down a bit but not essential. Shoulder will have enough fat in it to keep it moist, the rind will just go flabby at low smoking temps. Save it to make crackling.
  5. I've been getting mine from John Davidsons online lately (St Louis cut), they have been spot on so far, very meaty and the racks have been consistent in quality. You need to get better chops! 😉
  6. What type of ribs have you been cooking? That they're turning out dry suggests cooking too long perhaps? Do you wrap them at all? 3-2-1 is this magical method that gets bandied about but I don't particularly subscribe to it myself, I tend to go by how tender they are getting during the cook and judge them that way depending how far you want to take them. Thinner ribs I'd probably go 2-1-1/2 maybe. Thick spares or St Louis ribs probably smoke for 3, then wrap for 1 then check how they are. Bend test, probing with a toothpick/probe and bone pull back are good indicators of tendern
  7. tedmus


    Uruguayan black angus ribeye, roasted pepper salsa, thyme roasted baby spuds. Really good flavour from these steaks and the salsa was lovely considering I was just using some bits up I had lying around, will make that again.
  8. tedmus

    Chicken Shawarma

    Olive wood is a lovely mild smoke and I love it with chicken, kind of has a soft edge to the smoke flavour.
  9. tedmus

    Pork chop

    House to myself yesterday and a big old pork chop from John Davidsons to cook. Put it on indirect whilst I cooked some sweet and sour peppers in a skillet, then finished over direct for a bit of char. Also grilled a few courgette slices. Had some chimichurri left over so rude not to.
  10. I have a pork tomahawk chop gong on shortly. Sweet and sour peppers to go with it. On my own tonight so enjoying the peace!
  11. Yeah I have that book, it's a good one.
  12. It's quite a nice rub, no sugar in it so not sweet and has a nice bitter back note with savoury flavours, you can't really taste the coffee in it. Slight kick with the chilli but no overly so. I'll definitely be doing this again. Recipe
  13. I did yes, and the rub. For the chimichurri I didn't follow a recipe as there are so many variations on it, all chopped by hand though and not done in a whizzer, prefer the texture that way. This was quite a bit of parsley, some dried and a bit of fresh oregano, 1 long red chilli, 3 cloves of garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar, a squeeze of lemon juice and some salt and pepper.
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