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  1. It has been awful this year. So much rain. My lawn looks lovely at least 😭
  2. Great questions! Without seeing your exact set up, it's hard to pin point exactly what could help. The basics of temperature management of any BBQ is basically air flow Vs amount of fuel. Your doing the right thing with trying to control the temp with the dampers, but if the BBQ isn't very air tight, it may be difficult to keep it down. One of the best methods I found was using The snake method, this works well as it limits the amount of fuel that can set light, so even in leaky bbq's it should help keep the temperature down. If you get spikes in temps, you can try to add a bowl of cold water, as that will absorb a lot of heat. I wouldn't personally try adding wet wood as it can smoulder and create an acrid taste. The best thing is to try changing one variable each time and see what works for your grill.
  3. I think they were discontinued in 2019. I think they were only ever released in Europe too.
  4. Just in case anyone is interested, the new kebab rack in at Lidl, is a great fit in the GoAnywhere. It even folds in half so can be stored inside. Great for £4.99. They are also selling pans that make a great drip pan.
  5. I wouldn't imagine you'd need a chimney, as just of the smoke will be blown away before it reaches the roof.
  6. Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Would love one of these.
  7. I've recently ordered from The Sausage Man and am so impressed with the size and quality of the Frankfurters. We had the cheese frankfurter on Saturday and they were amazing
  8. I heard that there's a new model just being released in the states, that addresses lots of the concerns. New designed switches, porcelain plates, different insulation etc. So would definitely wait if considering one. Even with the faults, which seem numerous, the results and use seem very very impressive. Three concept certainly seems like a winner.
  9. My MT was falling apart, I was on my second bowl, third lid in 5 years. Had just replaced the vent blades and they had begun to bend again already, so was generally disappointed in the Weber build quality. It seems that 10 year old Weber's are generally in a much better state then most 5 year old ones. I have used a Slow'N'Sear and a couple of other of their other accessories over the last 2 years and was very happy with them. So was torn between a Napoleon and the SNS Kettle. I'm not a huge fan of cast iron grates, I have them on my Q220 and like the idea of having a side shelf. Absolutely delighted with the SNS Kettle so far (although I would have said the same about my MT after a year). It holds temp much better than my MT and the build quality is great. There are just lots of little improvements. They've more polished a diamond than try to re-invent the wheel.
  10. The lumpwood Vs briquettes debate will never be settled. Good quality briquettes and good quality lumpwood are both brilliant. It's just a matter of what you find you get on better with. I use both, but tend to favour briquettes. But i am also quite a Fairweather fan with dubious loyalty to my opinions and will usually go for whatever I can get a deal on 😁 The thermometer sounds like just the job!
  11. That's great. There are so many accessories that make them really versatile. Chicken and pork shoulders are a great place to start.
  12. I have a ProQ frontier and changed from a MT to a SNS Kettle last year. I find I use the kettle a lot more than I use the frontier and as I usually only smoke one joint at a time, I just find it easier on the kettle. I don't think either is a bad choice and both will probably do what you'd need.
  13. I've not tried them, but have friends who have and speak highly of them
  14. I don't think it sounds strange. Some just aren't fortunate to have a decent butcher that can provide 'bbq' cuts near them. I would definitely go local if I could get them. There's not a single butcher near me that can provide meaty baby backs or Tri-tips etc.
  15. I've not used one, but have been tempted getting one. The reviews in the states seen generally very positive. Some useful mods you can do too to improve it, like adding magnets to the inside so it stays in place when you lift the lid etc Looking forward to hearing how you get on
  16. You definitely don't need them. I successfully used the snake method for years of my kettle. But I did pick up a Slow'N'Sear about 18 months ago and love it. It does make temp control and set up easier. The shape of it maintains a 5mm gap around the fuel and the bowl, which is supposed to give an insulating effect so that the wind doesn't cause as much impact. It's also much quicker to set up than a snake. I pair it with the Drip'N'Roast pan, mainly as a drip pan, but I'm convinced it helps with air control too, as all the air flow is directed through the slow'n'sear. As I said, you definitely don't need it, but I wouldn't be without mine now. Mark
  17. I used to just use heat beads, but have switched to mainly Weber briquettes as they are frequently in offer, so work out a lot cheaper and performance is very similar. I've used big k coconut briquettes again recently and like those too
  18. markie_q

    Chicken Shawarma

    Good tip, that bottom picture is making me so hungry!
  19. markie_q

    Chicken Shawarma

    Thanks for the link. I will order one. Tacos Al Pastor was what I had in mind too. A three meat kebab sounds interesting
  20. markie_q

    Chicken Shawarma

    Looks great. Where is the skewer from? Been looking for something similar
  21. Decided it was time to get a new kettle as my old one is showing its age and is the victim of far too many 'Triggers broom' comparisons. 😁 Was very tempted by a Napoleon, as I really liked the grate and hinged lid But having used a Slow'N'Sear religiously for the last 18 months, decided to bite the bullet and opt for one of these instead. Really happy with it so far, although only cooked on it once, so far too early to know if it is a good investment or not.
  22. I've had about 6 out of my Weber cherry wood plank, still going too. It's how warping and feels quite brittle, do maybe at is limit. 6 for £24 seems decent value.
  23. Thanks Justin, best I've seen in the last few weeks. Have ordered a few.
  24. Would imagine they are fine, just might be a little big. Can you saw them down to fist sized chunks? If not try and bury under the coals as much as possible so it smoulders instead of burns.
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