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  1. Hi Rob & welcome to the forum...I cure a lot of pork loin also....making your own bacon and then smoking it is out of this world. Ice.
  2. Icefever


    As It's gone dead again here's a few more... Ice.
  3. Icefever

    Black Bacon.

    That's you all over....🤣🤣...is this the reason you've been AWOL from the forums??? or do you have a better reason?? Ice.
  4. Icefever

    Black Bacon.

    Ya daft bugger...🤣 the dark beer is one of the main tastes....without it your doing a black treacle bacon, not to sure if the treacle will be overpowering..???? As you've only just started it I can't see any problems with adding beer today??? Wade we need you. 🤔 Ice.
  5. Icefever

    Hi 👋

    Hi & welcome to the forum Sarah, what sort of kit do you use???, and what's your favourite meat dish?? Ice.
  6. We use "Tailgate" but no we turn up in all sort, motorhomes, trailer tents, tents, some of the folk's book hotels nearby. As you see from the writeups we all cook whatever we want to, aim for 5 pm or so, all the dishes are laid out, and everyone helps themselves, we then sit & relax chewing the fat and partaking of the falling down water. With you being in London, the first one of the year is usually the East Anglia tailgate...then we have the Midland one, followed by the National then the northeast one. Ice.
  7. Do we have tailgates???? oh how we do............take a look here.... Take a read of the whole section this post is in......https://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/forum/125-smoking-and-bbq-weekend/ This C19 as blown a hole in all of our tailgates and BBQ fests..... Ice.
  8. Found this...but it's for a 15" grill is that the overall inchs??? they do say.. .Please email us your grill's internal measurements for the best advice. Any items that do not suit your requirements can be returned for refund. I know it's another £45....and if a terracotta pot works then it would be a big saving??? Ice.
  9. Ok.....wow...what about as there seems to be the basic bowl could you use an old way of doing it by drilling each piece and wiring them together??? then cement any hole up?? If you use a terracotta pot it as to be fire proof to stand up to the heat....I've tried flower pots for cooking and the bog standard ones just crack. I'll take a look around and see what we can find....you never know what's out there. 😉 Ice.
  10. Ok so now we know what's on.....can you post a photo of the damage??? if the parts are all there you could use a fire cement to repair. Catch you later. Ice.
  11. Hi Greg.... Welcome...I would send it back and ask for a full refund.....if the model your on about is one of these.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=13inch+kamado&ref=nb_sb_noss For a start mate they are way over priced...most of us got our 13" Kamado from Aldi or Lidl. I payed I think about £70 if that...there are other places selling the same model at a lower price mid £100's Ice.
  12. Hi & welcome to the forum Annie, look out next year for the Tailgates we run, you'll be more than welcome. Ice.
  13. Icefever


    This is what 2020 as all been about........... Ice.
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