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  1. Icefever

    Hi All

    Click the bell icon... Unread Content Also click All activity. Ice.
  2. Icefever

    Hi All

    Hi gNi......you look like your doing ok.....looks good food your plating up. Ice.
  3. Pelforth Brun....but it's a tricky one...malty but not too hoppy..ABV of 6.5. Ice.
  4. Is there something different in settings on a mobil...perhaps??? I use Firfox or TOR...never anything Microsoft.... Ice
  5. Icefever

    Hi From Sunny Kent

    Welcome Jez...your in the best place for mods on Landman..get diy'ing.....don't forget the photos...😉 when finished. 👍 Ice.
  6. I click on "Unread content" that lists all posts that I've not seen at that point. Ice.
  7. None my end...I use a laptop and have never been logged out...maybe it's an issue with mobiles??? Ice.
  8. I don't think so no...I'm on a couple of other forums with up to 50% more categories....put it to a vote if needs be. Ice.
  9. Icefever


    Morning Ptjl, welcome to the forum, your in the best place....any Q's just ask. 👍 Ice.
  10. Joking aside, I've just searched Gargle for that and it comes back..."No results found for "Oklahoma Onion & Egg Burger".???? makes one think?? 🤔🤔 Ice.
  11. Put an egg on top then call it a "Oklahoma Onion & Egg Burger" 🤣😉😎 Ice.
  12. Funny that....we had an onion burger tonight...minus the egg....😎 Ice.
  13. BGE....BIG GREEN EGG.............https://biggreenegg.com/ Ice.
  14. A layer of sliced spuds would work mate. Ice.
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