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  1. At the moment it does look very unsure about everything normal. I can't see the Midland one running either, well at the moment that is...fingers crossed everyone..🤞 Ice.
  2. Watching the news this morning and they say that it could be the Autumn before we see any chance of coming out of this nightmare. I really can't see us holding any tailgates for the first 6 months of 2021.. Ice.
  3. That seems very strange??? that they would fit only any newer models? @ProSmokeBBQ may see this post & reply. Ice.
  4. We go for the Nutri-Lock Sous Vide Vacuum Bags on Amazon...we find some of the cheaper ones are not up to the job. Ice.
  5. It's a tricky one...I went for the Frontier, and they now do the roto that fit in well...it's all down to you dude...👍 Ice.
  6. Brilliant....we do a fair amount of sous vide cooking, it fits in well with bbq'ing and turns out some great meals. Ice.
  7. Welcome to the forum....over the last few years I've tried all types of fuel...I started with charcoal went full circle and back to charcoal....I buy big K also. Ice.
  8. I take it that the Weber & ProQ won't fit??? size wise?? I know @Smokin Monkey made a ring to fit one of his stoves, there's no need for drilling hole's I think he cut the bottom off a stock pot and fitted the motor to it and it sits on top of the stove....he made be along to help... Ice.
  9. Welcome to the forum Mo....not sure if there are any discounts around, just have to keep our eyes open 👍 Ice.
  10. Hi & welcome to the forum....we're just down the road from you near Warwick. Get 2021 started and we maybe able to get our tailgates started...see you at one of them??? Ice.
  11. Well here we are, we made it in the end....another year, let hope 2021 will be way better....Merry Chrimbo to all. Ice.
  12. Is the dust dry....I keep my dust in a plastic bag in the garage...believe me it will take in moisture from the air. I know some folks pop the dust in the microwave for a minute or two..I've tried this with little success, I now put a tray of dust in the microwave but use the grill for abount 5 mins...this works for me...I did the other week when I smoked my last lot of bacon. As for the outside temp being near zero, I've never found it a problem....for a cold smoke this will help. The reason any fire goes out is oxygen...I sit my box under the garage door, turn it so the bottom vent is
  13. Well done, you'll never buy shop bought bacon again. Ice.
  14. Hi & welcome to the forum.....loads of info on here so pull up a chair, pour a drink and enjoy. Ice.
  15. We're going for 3 meats.....porks, beef...& a bird??? not sure what.... we have a couple of pheasants in the freezer, but are thinking about maybe a duck?? Ice.
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