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  1. Victor my mentor....Oh how we miss you... Ice.
  2. Rosie wants to know when we're getting an invite to try out some of these grilling machines..Rosie will bring the bread,cheese & bread pudding To be honest mate, that is brill, what about a vid on how you have done it??? Ice.
  3. I have Thermapen, Inkbird, and an infrared spot one, when you test them all on the same heat source, ie cup of hot water they are all in the ballpark figure but may dither 0.5c/1c across them all. Which is the best??? I'm not sure which one I would put in first place? and let face it taking the IT of a chunk of meat on the grill, what difference will 1c make?? Ice.
  4. This flashed up on FB... Ice.
  5. Icefever

    Another batch.

    Go for it...sort out the curing salt, koser salt, whatever you use then throw in a spoonfull of dried herbs, the herbs do shine through. Ice.
  6. With the morons in the world at the moment, I can do a "Rant" most days........but yes go for it...come on guys have a "Tuesday Rant" Ice.
  7. Icefever

    Another batch.

    The ones I do are just salt & pepper, bog standard....then a dark brown sugar Rosie like that...and last one is just a good heaped teaspoon of dried Italian herbs mate. Must admit when I did a taste test before smoking, the Italian was a bit moorish. I can't wait to have a go at the black bacon, couldn't get any belly last time will have to try this week. Ice.
  8. Why o why is there so much wrong or misinformation on the web?? We all know about the fake news items over the last 3 years with Brexit and the GE....but I'm on about when we look at the www for how to do a certain thing, make or build whatever you're looking for. I enjoy surfing the net while having a cuppa at 0400 most mornings, let my mouse have its own way and I've come across loads of interesting articles to read, vids to watch. I intend to make a basic farm/cottage cheese tomorrow so that I can make a Boursin Garlic and Herbs type cheese, then with the whey I want to make a sweet Ricotta cheese for dessert. Now comes the RANT for today.....I see a clip of a vid for ricotta that says "make my grans secret ricotta" so I'm thinking wow, that'll do for me Tommy... The video then shows a lady take milk, lemon juice, boil it, drain it, and then says triumphantly that she has made Ricotta........NO YOU FRECKING WELL HAVE NOT....sorry guys didn't mean to shout so loud. You've made farmhouse/cottage cheese, to be precise, ricotta cheese is not a cheese, but a cheese by-product or dairy product, because of the process by which it is made. It is, however, dealt with as a cheese. The word Ricotta (literally meaning "recooked") from Latin. Rant over I'm ok now...time for another cuppa.. Ice.
  9. Icefever

    Another batch.

    Managed to smoke them last Thur, been in the fridge until today, now vac-pac in the freezer. Ice.
  10. I was sure that there was a thread somewhere, not sure it was the same make/model...never mind..I'll go and stand on the naughty step........😆 Ice.
  11. There's loads going on about gravity fed smokers at the moment....Pro Smoke now have this one.. https://prosmokebbq.co.uk/collections/bbq/products/masterbuilt-gravity-fed-series Ice.
  12. Rosie green with envy about your French Rôtisserie 😂😉 Ice.
  13. Another for the to-do list... 👍 Ice.
  14. Welcome to the forum GDTP, link try this. https://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2954 Ice.
  15. Icefever

    Another batch.

    I always take the skin off before, the reason being....I read that the curing salt does not pass through the skin that easy. The guy said that he puts most of the mixture on the meat sides, with just a small amount over the skin. I've been doing this for a while now and it all turns out great, also we prefer our bacon without rind. Ice.
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