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  1. With you 100% Skagg...if you take on board all of what's out there you would never eat or drink anything ever again. 😉. Over the years we've been told that bacon, sausages, eggs, butter, red meat, beer, bla bla bla are bad for us...well I eaten & drunk my fair share of it all, and still do so today, I'm 73 and I'm still going strong, I'll live my life the way I want to...must agree thou stainless is best. 👍. Ice.
  2. Icefever

    Butcher paper

    Ok...I collect so no idea on P&P........as for the cookies not a lot I can do about that...😎 Ice.
  3. Icefever

    Hi from MK

    Welcome Steveh.....it's all here...any questions just ask. Ice.
  4. Had the grain bill since Chrimbo....so no outlay for this brew...got to sort out the water setup, there's a tap just inside the garage door, the work space I've made is toward the rear so need to sort out a hose for the coil, then a return hose to the drain. First brew for a long time so need to keep my wits about me. Ice.
  5. ........ to get back into brewing & winemaking. Sorted the garage this morning and found enough space for me to work on a brew, so come Tue this will be my first brew in 14/16 months. Starting with a Doom bar clone, not got the ferm fridge fix yet but it's warm in the garage these days so will just have to look after it's self for a week or so. I've also got enough rhubarb in the freezer for a 25 lt bucket of "barb wine"....let the fun begin. Ice.
  6. Love it. 😂 hope you don't mind I think I'll call ours that also...in fact sat by it at the moment outside on the lawn. Used it yesterday to cook our sirloins', going to use it again later for some ribs off a side of bellypork that I collected on Thur. We have plenty of chicken so a curry midweek will go down a treat....watch this space. Ice.
  7. That is a meal Justin, well done, well written & photos. Ice.
  8. Icefever

    Butcher paper

    Take a look here Teebo............ https://prosmokebbq.co.uk/collections/bbq/products/pink-butcher-paper?variant=29481129312350 Sample roll to try..£9.99...Oliver is your man...I use it. Ice.
  9. Well done Nick....must admit never had hogs pudding...and it's great to see others that make their own sausage's. What about the recipe mate or is that secret??. Ice.
  10. We love cooking gammon....we do the brown sugar recipe. Brown sugar in the bottom of a slow cooker, sliced apple, then the joint. Just leave it alone for up to 4 hrs. Ice.
  11. Welcome Dustytobes to the forum..looks like you've bonded with the mini kamado ok 😉 they are a little beauty to run. I love cooking our steaks on ours, 2 mins one side ,turn and another 1.5 mins. There's loads of reading on here about these little wonders....what did SWMBO think when you dished the food up??? 👍 Ice.
  12. You've mentioned the "C" word Hoogl.....bad boy... Ice.
  13. Icefever


    Any good mate?? Ice.
  14. Icefever


    Try this link Scott may help??
  15. Morning Splbound...by saying aluminium? do you mean fire tape??? link.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fireplace-Chimney-Self-Adhesive-Sealing-Resistant/dp/B0777QX78H/ref=sr_1_10?crid=S1CKQNGD4NCH&dchild=1&keywords=fire+tape&qid=1590476289&s=diy&sprefix=fire+tape%2Caps%2C213&sr=1-10 This will cure mosts problems...we used this on a mates ProQ...and my ProQ doors are ok so far but I have tape so may do them anyway. Ice.
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