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  1. There are some very good videos on YT making your own, we've enjoyed having a go at our own. When you see these pitmasters throwing buckets of dry rubs at the meat it must cost a fortune?? Link.....
  2. I must admit I looked at a couple of makes, reviews and videos, and went for the frontier after talking to Sotv as he's had one for 3 years or so. I'm now planning my first cook on it, looking at a tri-tip. Ice.
  3. Just sold the motorbike, the insurance wanted over £440, add £91 tax, a tank of fuel and I was looking at £550 just to sit in the garage, Sold that and ordered the ProQ yesterday with Rosemary blessing. Ice.
  4. I've gone and done it....I've ordered a Proq frontier to replace my Brinkman bullet smoker. Looking forward to my first go on it. Ice.
  5. Icefever


    Thanks for that...but just had another look and.....no longer available mate... could be just Warwick??? I know Dave the master butcher there I'll give him a bell and see if he'll order me some???
  6. Icefever


    Just been on our local Booker site, can't find this salt beef flat joint. I'll give Dave the butcher a call and see if they are having any in?? Ice.
  7. Interesting read, along the same lines as an article I read on beer can chicken... food for thought?? Ice.
  8. Just to give it a trial run what about this... https://www.fireflybbq.eu/products/peach-paper-500mm-x-750mm-pack-10 £6 with P&P??? Ice.
  9. Icefever


    Pastrami is my all time favorite meat, I've been thinking of having a go for some time now. We were in our Booker yesterday getting the meaty ribs along with a load of other stuff. I'm going again next week will look out for the same salt beef flat cut. Ice.
  10. If all this cast iron falls on you we'll be digging for a week or more.... Ice.
  11. What about this one?? https://www.appliancesdirect.co.uk/p/eiqegg/electriq-eiqegg?refsource=apadwords&mkwid=sSTJL43Xi_dc&pcrid=333542640391&product=EIQEGG&pgrid=67418903216&ptaid=pla-644401967031&gclid=Cj0KCQjwzunmBRDsARIsAGrt4muF7o_OSt00-LS2sIp-lm4nW6ezdT49hKMfubKCP1UMR5vyhOHWpBAaAuXnEALw_wcB at £399 with free delivery???? I've dealt with this company and find them 100%.....just thought I'd throw this one in the ring. Ice.
  12. I'm not thinking about any of the eggs that are now on the market but have been reading this thread. I do feel sorry for you guys that have had the problems with the damage, just out of curiosity I looked up the Wild Goose as a couple of guys say they may look at buying one instead of the Aldi ones. Not sure if any of you have found this site for the Goose?? it's now £549, but sign up for their new letter and get £20 off your first order. https://www.greenhousepeople.co.uk/products/6942/18-inch-freestanding-kamado-grill/ I see also next day delivery, that's service for you in my eyes. Just my 2 cents. Ice.
  13. Do you want our big gazebo with the net sides fitted?? Ice.
  14. Welcome Drew to the forum, you made the right decision. Ice.
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