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  1. Hi Andy & welcome to the forum....temp maintenance does take a while to get a hold on it....getting to know your kit it takes time. Ice.
  2. Crack on dude 👍... Ice.
  3. It's great for a couple of steaks, it comes to temp very quick, only needs maybe 4/5 coals, easy to take away if camping? (when we can 😆). Yes in-store only.. Ice.
  4. That may help....if you do buy one check it for any damage before leaving the store... Ice.
  5. I'm glad I got ours when I did....they are cracking little bits of kit....to thoses of you that are thinking about buying one, I hope your lucky. Ice. ps..Well spotted Steve. 👍
  6. I started of with a Kentucky...it's sat in the shed now...take it slow and get to know it, offset's are not as easy as others. When asked about what to cook most of us will say a spatchcock chicken...just enjoy it..👍 Ice.
  7. Did a boned pork leg yesterday along with spuds & pit beans.. back on the mend still know it's tender, taking it easy until the weekend. Ice.
  8. In the words of Toyah..."It's a Mystery"......I setup the smoker @ 135c for the burnin. Now me, being me, I thought lets see how correct the onboard temp probe is. I set my Inkbird with 1 probe lay on the middle shelf, checked it after 20 mins and the smoker had hit 135c, the Inkbird said 140c.....I know I'll pop my digi Thermopro in and see what that says. The T-pro was closer at 138c. Which one is correct??? ahh I know, water boils @100c (sealevel)...took both of them into the kitchen into a rolling boiling water, they both said 100c spot on, no flicker or waver at all. 😲.
  9. Finally, I got around to unboxing the beasty this morning, took 30 mins to take all the wrapping off, then 30 mins to fit wheels, handle & control panel. Now indoors having a cuppa & a slice of cake, then I have to do a 3-hour burn-in...ready for tomorrow's pork. Size wise it's only a couple of inche's larger than a fridge, I'm glad I settled for this model and not the 130b. Ice.
  10. I think that link I posted was about £70 mate....it's a 2.5 litre, holds more than enough juice, this lid is solid as it should be because the steam falls back into the pan as it's suppose too. The lids with the holes (as far as I understand) you place a lemon or onion or whatever to part seal and that helps to flavour the dish. Ice.
  11. We use one, they are brilliant, this is the one cast iron base, stoneware lid....https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07PFF28CX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 No stock at the mo, it feeds 4 easy not used on the smoker but will in time...the Nelson looks ok. Ice.
  12. I think you'll find most of us throw/place it on top.....I agree with Hoogl do it whichever way you feel it works. 👍. Ice.
  13. What's the first cook going to be??? Ice.
  14. First off welcome to the forum Gary......you ask for suggestions for sub £500 smokers??? that's a big question. There are loads of smokers that fit that price range, but also a load of others that go into the 4 figure range. What's your idea? Bullet, Offset, Kettle, Kamado, then what fuel?? lump,pellets, etc etc....it's not easy dude, what space do you have? do you have any cover? shed, garage? Take your time to decide, that way you'll save money...😆. Ice.
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