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  1. Icefever

    New Year New Bacon

    You'll never buy shop bacon ever again. 👍 get your next batch on now, that way you'll always have bacon. Ice.
  2. Just read this artical quote...... "Unwanted jokes and even facial expressions can amount to unacceptable sexual harassment warns Rebecca Hilsenrath, who chairs the Equality and Human Rights Commission." WTF is happening??? "even facial expressions " You'll be to afraid to even look at a female soon. Rant over...Ice.
  3. Icefever

    New Year New Bacon

    I cut my bacon into 3" slabs, vac pack & freeze it. Wade did a post on here about storing bacon....I let him do it, he's better at it than me. 😎👍 Ice.
  4. Update....Start of the 2nd flush, 62 grms so far with loads of small mushrooms (pins) to follow by Wed/Thurs..... these will go into the next risoto. I'm also going to try and start my own spawn off of white paper so that I can try on a straw substrate. Ice.
  5. I can't see any promlems using pine just as long has it's not treated with anything?. There's a few vids on building a smoker on the tube. Ice.
  6. Similar to my method.....I have a piece of baler twine hanging on the kitchen door frame outside. In the morning I open the door reach outside to grab the twine, now this is the scientific bit...if the twine is dry it's not raining....if the twine is wet....you've got it already...it's raining...never fails. 😎😂 Ice.
  7. Icefever

    Lasagna Muffins

    👍 if they taste as good as they look........... Ice.
  8. I read on here about the cost of the bisquettes, I order my sausage hog skins, rusk and other stuff from this company below. I noticed this morning that they also do these disc's 48 @ £17.75. Also the larger 120 box for £35.....maybe worth a look. https://www.weschenfelder.co.uk/butchers-equipment/food-smoking/bisquettes.html Ice.
  9. WOW there's a lot going on here....I'll put in my 2 cents... I use them, but I love good quality charcoal...what works for me in my ProQ great may not work for someone else?. It's a learning curve. Most of us have had to work on mods for most makes/models of smokers out there. Use fire tape on any gaps, the problem with the bolts on the vents are they fitted with a lock nut??? Most guys I know use sand in the pan, water is a PITA...you have to refill it and if it burns dry, which it will, you're left with a crap pan. Try sand cover it with foil any drips from the food will hit that, keeps the sand nice & clean. Baby back.....I don't use them, too small, no meat, again you'll find guys buying from the online butchers, or local C&C like Bookers I buy their large box of meaty ribs, you get 4 or 5 large ribs full of meat. As for cooking again it's trial & error, when I started I read ribs are best done 3,2,1, not for me it ain't, they came out looking like the charcoal in the smoker. I go for 1.5 maybe 2...then 1.....then 1, watching the temp on the probe most the time. As I said..just my two cents, hope it helps. 👍 Ice.
  10. In a nutshell Smokin....great. Ice
  11. Welcome SimonP....all the best on the move, we did it Feb 19, still trying to get straight...😂 Ice.
  12. Icefever

    Probe reading high

    Is it under warranty ?. Ice.
  13. Hi & welcome to the forum. Ice.
  14. Our sympathy to Jill & you mate...from Rosie & me. Ice.
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