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  1. Icefever

    BBQ Charcoal

    Can't make up my mind about charcoal, I probably use it 30/35% of the time. The rest of the time briquettes......yesterday I ordered a load of hardwood logs as where we are moving to has a log burner. That means I'll be able to try out cooking over wood, much like the other thread about using wood only. Ice.
  2. Icefever

    New Member

    Welcome to the site Chris.....what kit do you have??.....photos always go down well. Ice.
  3. Icefever

    Cococabanna Bricketts.

    Buy 3 x 10kg bags of Aussie Beads @ £17.35 and it's free P&P. Ice. https://www.wowbbq.co.uk/categories/fuel/product/aussie-heat-beads-10kg/HB10KG~HB10KG
  4. Icefever

    New Member

    Hi David...nice to have you on the forum. Ice.
  5. Icefever

    Good evening

    Did you have a go??? as for your question, what about a polypropylene sheet tied to the gazebo and pegged into the ground??? say on two side ?? Ice.
  6. Icefever

    Giveaway---Inkbird BBQ Thermometer IBT-2X

    Gods own country.....Warwick ...
  7. Icefever

    Cost of postage from USA

    That's handy to know, will have a look later. It's crazy the postage from that side the pond. I've seen stuff I may go for, the price looks good when you look at the P&P it's more than the item your buying. Ice.
  8. Icefever

    Hi from the Midlands

    Hiya Distunging & welcome......as Smokin said it's good to have new members in the Midland. Later on, in June we are having a Tailgate weekend just outside Rugby if you're interested?? it's a camping weekend if you're not into that just make it a day trip?? hope you can make it. Ice.
  9. Icefever

    Another Newbie Alert - Barnsley

    Seen his stuff on FB...
  10. Icefever

    Another Newbie Alert - Barnsley

    I'll sort something out, give me a few weeks as you'll be away and we are moving. I was thinking along the lines of a S-less plate on the side fixed by stand-off bolts? but if the vinyl stands up to it that'll do me. Ice.
  11. Icefever

    Another Newbie Alert - Barnsley

    That does surprise me, I would have thought the heat on the side of the drum would have been too hot for vinyl?? What size can you print then Steve?? and is it possible to copy a photo?? This may be the answer to my problem?? Ice.
  12. Icefever

    Another Newbie Alert - Barnsley

    I cheated a little, I bought a brand new barrel for £25, I may find time today to have a go at the other air intake?. I'm searching for high temp decals, but I'm not sure they even exist?....so I'm playing with ideas for a paint job, it has to be finished soon ready for Smoke 19. Ice.
  13. Icefever

    Another Newbie Alert - Barnsley

    Hi, & welcome, Dru.....what stage of the build on your UDS are you at ??? I've got one of the air intakes done on mine at the moment. Ice.
  14. Icefever

    Inkbird or ThermoPro.

    Yes sir.. still in the box, but ready for the start...😉 Ice.
  15. Icefever

    Just started a Stilton.

    Thanks, Wade I'm amazed at how well it turned out, as I said earlier it's way better than the one we had over chrimbo. The ones in the shops can easily be too old and past their best. The Cheddar has a long way to go at the moment, but I'm up for making more Stilton and have a go at other types. Ice.