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  1. 100%...any monies made on the raffle should in deed go to the running of the forum. The cost of running this forum is all down to @Wade & @Smokin Monkey so lets all help out?? That's my 2 cents for what it's worth. Ice.
  2. Finding a Tri-tip can be difficult in some areas so we thought let's give one as a prize in the raffle??. It will be in the travel fridge for the hour it take us to Billing, then it'll be safe in @Smokin Monkey trailer fridge, until Sunday morning, who ever wins it would only have it for the journey home...so bring a cold box.. Ice.
  3. I don't think Billing will be too happy with us trying to sell tickets for our raffle. Ice.
  4. What do you have in mind.......a set price "voucher" then ?? Ice.
  5. We'll put a bottle of wine in... any more?? come on folks the balls rolling. 🤞 Ice.
  6. Rosie & I will be happy to run a raffle...but what about prizes?? Ice.
  7. Short notice now mate but if you can get hold of this...https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stove-Thermal-Tape-Black-Adhesive/dp/B0049NEE5Q/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=fire+tape&qid=1563195161&s=gateway&sr=8-8 If you can't then I maybe able to get it has I have prime should come before Fri. There you go Justin has stepped up.... Ice.
  8. We have the same all around us....also in the middle of hay making at the mo. Ice.
  9. At the moment mate she stays in the spare bedroom, but I'm hoping to make space in the garage so she can sit on a worktop. Ice.
  10. Making my mouth water here Phil, that's one for the "to do" list. Ice.
  11. @hoogl I was amazed at how good these little kamado's are...you will love it. Ice.
  12. Icefever

    First Bacon Cure

    You may have seen this?? it's my last loin I did..
  13. Icefever

    First Bacon Cure

    I've found that for us 9 hrs is just about spot on....I've done 11 hrs and found it too strong, I suppose it's all down to taste.....what you could do would be to put two slabs in the smoker, take one out at 9 hrs and leave the other for whatever time you think you may like???. That way you've got a side by side tasting session ?? just a thought? I did this with cheese starting at 3 hrs up to I think 5 or 6 hrs, can't remember, same with that we found 3hrs was enough for us. Ice.
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