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  1. Icefever

    1st Northern Tailgate & BBQ Weekend

    Do we have a date for 2019??? or have I missed it?? Ice.
  2. Icefever

    Gravity Feed Smoker Plans

    Well done, as you've said it'll keep you out of trouble. Ice
  3. Icefever

    New members

    Only admin can sort this out, The site settings will need looking into.... Ice
  4. Icefever

    Bbq pan

    Same here I thought they were only clothes??? don't know if we have one around here??
  5. Icefever

    Just started a Stilton.

    We'll soon know come Feb...I hope to start a Cheddar this Sunday, I'm thinking of having a go at doing a short video???
  6. Icefever

    Just started a Stilton.

    Update, she's now 2 weeks old .
  7. Icefever


    I want to give it a try when we're settled in the bungalow after chrimbo, there's a bit more to it than making a cheddar or Stilton Smokin. ice.
  8. Icefever


    Can't see why not?? give it a go 🤞 it should take up the flavour. I'm thinking about having a go at making the stuff, but that will be after Chrimbo now. 😎 Ice.
  9. Icefever

    Evenin' all...

    Welcome to the forum, +1 on Smokin Monkey, your in the best place. Ice.
  10. Icefever

    Not Smoked For Awhile

    Brilliant....I can taste it almost, we went to our Booker last Sat, we hope to go just before Chrimbo will look for a pork collar....I fancy that. Ice.
  11. Icefever


    Ryan Hi & welcome. Glad you've decided to give it a try, how did that Birch dust work out?? Ice.
  12. Icefever

    Just started a Stilton.

    Yup...quarter teaspoon rennet along with all the other stuff, should work ok. Ice.
  13. Icefever

    Just started a Stilton.

    I would say that you could half the recipe without any problem. There seems to be a few ways of wrapping cheese, wax, cheese paper, greaseproof paper, butchers paper...etc etc. One guy wraps in one layer wax paper, followed by foil....I'm taking more interest in what the cheeses in the better supermarkets are wrapped in. That's because he is using a hoop....a tube for his Stilton...I only have the two moulds so far, I've ordered a Stilton hoop yesterday ready for my next go.
  14. Icefever

    Just started a Stilton.

    This recipe calls for the blue to be added at the start, straight into the milk leave for a couple of mins then stir as you warm the milk. Ice.
  15. Icefever

    Just started a Stilton.

    Couple of photos over the last 48 hrs.....