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  1. Never used logs from Homebase, or anywhere other than wood from bbq stores. You never know what wood is in the H/base ones, could add a nasty taste to your food?? Ice.
  2. Icefever

    Berbere Beef Stew

    Sorry dude missed this post somehow....the link from the notification button top right. Just tried again,still the same.. Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F173/O Ice.
  3. Yes he's using wholemeal, it's the bran in it that will have the best wild yeast to give the starter a better chance. Just using plain bread flour sometimes go bad as it take too long for the wild yeast to take hold...very must like using wild yeast in brewing. Ice.
  4. Wholemeal is the UK term....Wholewheat is the USA term. Ice.
  5. All flour will act as a starter...rye flour, spelt flour, whole wheat flour, barley flour, it's all down to the wild yeast thats on the flour. Ice.
  6. It's what it says mate...flour made by grinding wheat grain...most flours are. Wholemeal is wheat with most of the husk (bran) & germ in. Ice.
  7. Sourdough yes...not 100% wholemeal, done a half & half flour wise. Made another loaf this morning, so easy....and tastes a damn lot better than shop bought. Ice.
  8. Icefever

    Berbere Beef Stew

    Link didn't work for me from notifications Dude. Ice.
  9. I can't see us ever buying bread again, making it yourself is so easy.....give it a go. I'm even baking a loaf today for an old lady friend of ours. Ice.
  10. Icefever

    Pulled pork

    Any chance of sending us a pulled pork food parcel. 🤣😂 Ice.
  11. Zurek hi........I know of the Char griller, but never used one. On the other hand I do own a Landmann. Would I buy one now I've used one??? no....but that's because I find a bullit smoker more my style. As you already know of some of the mods that you may have to do, your half way there....I didn't.. 😂 Ice.
  12. Just started another loaf as we finished the last one this morning. The dough is now sat in the bowl, got around 10 mins to go on the first 30mins proof, then knock it down and set for 2nd proof....then into the oven. Then we're off up the kitchen garden got a lot of prepping up there to do. Ice.
  13. Icefever

    Pulled pork

    Way to go dude.........looks like a nice (dry) day for it. 👍 Ice
  14. Cheers...got to sort out the new mic...tried to do the voice over but there was far too base....hence the story cards... Fortunately we buy flour from Bookers pack of 8x1kg bags at a time. just had a look around the net and you can find it. Ice.
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