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  1. That's a big old bird.... Well done...(pardon the pun) Ice.
  2. That's a brilliant site there Smokin, maybe good to have that link as a sticky in the build section???
  3. Redbeck hi & welcome to the forum, anything is possible, do you have photos of both the tank and the stove??. Cast iron is not that easy to work with compared to steel, it would be better bolted to the tank rather than welded. Cast iron is difficult, but not impossible, to weld, if you have the kit to weld why not use an old gas bottle??? you can find them in the local adds for a tenner....just my 2 cents. Ice.
  4. Well done dude....a lot of members may have been caught out on this....it's bloody disgusting that they try to pull this type of scam of folks. I will never order anything from them...and everyone should do the same.....hit them where it hurts...in the till.. Ice.
  5. Hi, looks like you're off to a good start then?? is that a humidifier in the top corner of the fridge?? Ice.
  6. Work on that.....I do mine in a double layer of foil.....take a look at 30 /35 mins and see what it's like . Ice.
  7. We do lemon and a sprig of Rosemary out of the garden.....you can use dried. Ice.
  8. Not sure matey....I don't have the email notify on.....I just leave the laptop on and it bleeps with anyone posts. Ice.
  9. Yes.....bottom is for the coals.....the top one is for cooking if you want direct heat.....the odd burger, sausage, what ever......if you don't intend to use the top grill take it out for now..
  10. I do Bream also....should be about the same, size wise?? Ice.
  11. Just to keep you safe..........Chuck needs to hit an internal temperature of 75c....... Ice.
  12. Last part it's up to you....lump or briquettes??? lump is supposed to run hotter??? but both will do the job. Now whole chicken?? make sure you get a temp probe into the thigh meat....otherwise, you may finish up with slightly undercooked chuck. Fish?? we do fish, t'other weekend I did a sea bass and it took about 45 mins on the temp I had left at the time.......soooooo be very careful with the cooking time.....chicken will take longer, when you get close to the IT temp on the chuck bang your fish in .....what fish are you doing?? Ice.
  13. It's still in the fridge at the moment, what with all the upheaval with moving it had slipped my mind, thanks for asking, will sort it out midweek. Ice.
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