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  1. Marathon Bars were actually originally called snickers, as they were named after one of the owners pets. They changed its name to marathon to market it as a healthier snack. That's an answer to the question you didn't ask 😂
  2. Love there lumpwood. My local garden centre stocks it. Noticed their sale online, but £20 delivery if you order under £150 ruled it out for me.
  3. They had botulism. 😁
  4. Picked up a Kadai a couple of weeks ago too. They're great fun.
  5. That's great. Let us know how you get on with it. Mine has been great, apart from the time I took my finger tips off.
  6. Worth looking on eBay if you don't mind second hand. I picked up a Buffalo slicer for under £50.
  7. I picked up a Weber GoAnywhere from there for under £50. A great price for the griddle. Only use mine for cornbread these days
  8. No idea, but it's half the weight of a cactus jack, so the metal may be on the thin side. But equally, the price looks good. Really need someone who has used one.
  9. My Weber ones have been going strong for five years now. Can't fault them. The thought they were over priced at first, but they're still good as new.
  10. Theory is great, it's the practice that's the difficult part 😁 Your right that the wood should only catch fire if there is enough oxygen/air. I've not had an issue with my wood chunks catching fire in my proq. I do occasionally on my Weber kettle. However, I've started burying my wood chunks at the bottom of the proq fuel basket, then pile the coals on top of them. Harry Soo uses that method and he knows a thing or two. That way the positioning of the coals also reduce the oxygen around the chunks. I make sure the chunks are aligned with the vents as that tends to control the direction of the burn.
  11. markie_q

    Lamb Scrag End

    I've not had the chance to yet.
  12. I stopped soaking chips a little while ago for the same reason. Amazing ribs website does an interesting article on it, highlighting how little water they actually absord. There was a reason ships were built from wood. I find making a tin foil packet with a few holes poked into it, works well for a slower burn.
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