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  1. Decided it was time to get a new kettle as my old one is showing its age and is the victim of far too many 'Triggers broom' comparisons. 😁 Was very tempted by a Napoleon, as I really liked the grate and hinged lid But having used a Slow'N'Sear religiously for the last 18 months, decided to bite the bullet and opt for one of these instead. Really happy with it so far, although only cooked on it once, so far too early to know if it is a good investment or not.
  2. I've had about 6 out of my Weber cherry wood plank, still going too. It's how warping and feels quite brittle, do maybe at is limit. 6 for £24 seems decent value.
  3. 20 minutes too late for me 😁
  4. Thanks Justin, best I've seen in the last few weeks. Have ordered a few.
  5. Would imagine they are fine, just might be a little big. Can you saw them down to fist sized chunks? If not try and bury under the coals as much as possible so it smoulders instead of burns.
  6. It's not a Weber though it's a ProQ
  7. I've bought some wood chunks, butchers paper and a fuel dome from them before. The service is quite good. It was one of the only places I've seen that sell post oak and pecan. Some of the BBQs and accessories do seem expensive, but guess that's because there importing them directly. The Masterbuilt is nearly twice the price as it is in America.
  8. They're selling them as a bundle for £85. Think they're £95 if bought separately. The chimney has a lower capacity than a Weber chimney, probably 3/4.
  9. It's not cheap, but as a comparison the new portable Looftlighter X is £279. They're not essentials at all. But if you've got the money, like gadgets and don't want to wait, it's a viable option. It can light a whole chimney of Weber briquettes in 4 mins 23 seconds. I cooked burgers last weekend, 14 minutes from lighting the flamer to eating the burger. Definitely not for everyone and they're a luxury that you can live without. But it is great fun to use.
  10. The Weber one is great, mine has lasted through both heavy use and heavy abuse for 7 years and is only now giving up the ghost. I'm a gadget nerd though and have ordered the BBQ dragon which will hopefully be here soon.
  11. They're definitely still in business, just struggling to get stock shipped over apparently. I've been talking with them about the new slow'n'sear kettle BBQ and that's when they mentioned the BBQ dragon stuff. I think they're just getting the fans and chimney though, it's a shame as the table looks good. Which chimney did you go for in the end?
  12. Hi James, how did the smoke go? I used to use the snake method loads and found a row of two at the bottom and one in the too worked best. Also try to get it as neat as possible with good contact between each coal to stop it going out. I have a Slow'N'Sear 2.0 and love it. Makes cooks like that so much easier. There are great reviews on websites like amazing ribs. I use it for low and slow, all rotisserie cooks and for searing with the cold grate technique. I have a bullet smoker, but rarely use it, unless I'm cooking for a larger quantity. Mark
  13. Hey Tarmac, By coincidence I was speaking to the owners of the website totallybbq and they're getting a delivery of the Chimney of Insanity and The Dragon Fan this week. They should be live on the website by the end of next week. I'm looking at getting them too. Have seen them used as a wok burger, to sear steaks, on the slow'n'sear when using the cold grate technique... If they do what they claim, it looks great. Mark
  14. I'm a fan of Sherwood Brand. Whilst not the cheapest, their quality has always been good. Hook'n'block are another that is decent and Farmison, although I find them a bit hit and miss.
  15. I use a jml 'side suck' machine and use it when curing. It's about three years old and holding up well. It's been good value for money on that basis
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