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  1. Sadly I still won't be able to make this year. Good luck to those that enter though.
  2. I've just seen that it is going to be held in Colchester castle park this year not maldon.
  3. @Smokin Monkey is there a solid base under the fire bricks? How big is the grill area on yours? The one I'm looking at is 800*400mm BBQ mates aren't a million miles from me so may take a trip and have a look.
  4. Has anyone built one or own one? Looking to build one similar to this. Like the rotisserie over the fire grate.
  5. Diggerg


    I'll be using this place. It's literally a 2 minute walk from my house and all livestock is raised on the farm. Plus I like to support local businesses. http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.beckysbutchers.co.uk%2F&h=AT2Eb-8a-WMssfnDWB3C6-8xTdSMLKAHl9UI52Npmw670T_VaNn9ghhC7gI-WGYX1mrJuzBu8e2crSR_S3aGY4SGAwnr6iinKeVXm-0QZHKRLOZlWWeBfKBjAPaCspFNwg
  6. Anyone got any good goat recipes.
  7. Yeah I thought so too but I can't find them 🙄
  8. @Smokin Monkey I'd love the dimensions for the table top as the boys at work want one to use
  9. Diggerg

    Pulled lamb

    I do make my own sauce but wanted to give the cherry bourbon a go. Big hit with the family.
  10. Diggerg

    Pulled lamb

    Must of been good as it only lasted 5 minutes.
  11. Diggerg

    Pulled lamb

    Made a Moroccan pulled lamb. Ruined over night with Schwartz Moroccan seasoning mixed with olive oil. Smoked until 160° then wrapped in butcher paper until 205°. Rested for an hour. Made ribs with homemade rub and glazed with sauce shop cherry bourbon sauce. PBBE as well.
  12. I had some once and they were mouldy when I opened the bag 🙄🙄🙄
  13. Look on Facebook marketplace and gumtree for catering tables
  14. I plan on smoking a 5kg butterflied Turkey breast and maybe some pastrami. My son is working Christmas Day so we're doing it all on Boxing Day. Looking at ideas in probably going to go this way with the turkey https://youtu.be/aq5Pk7RgMEA
  15. Diggerg

    Beef cheeks

    I pulled them and then put it in some bao buns with some chili kimchi. Mmmmmmmmmmm
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