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  1. Duck is my favourite 😋😋😋
  2. In a Dutch oven with plenty of beans
  3. You must have an endless supply of rabbits. Mmmm rabbit.
  4. Wife had It custom made for me by a local upcycling couple. Really pleased. Made to measure.
  5. So instead we've been tidying the patio and sorting out my prep area and changing the wheels on the gravity feed
  6. We usually go round the field behind our house for a daily walk but they were spraying this morning so no go today
  7. Man you are sooooo lucky. Wish I had 2 acres to throw mine into for the day
  8. If it didn't let you in your garden id be up for multiple murder as home with 8 year old triplets.
  9. Diggerg

    Whole belly

    Got a lovely whole belly from the farm shop next door so whipped the rack of ribs off it and then cubed it for PBBE. Rubbed with my own rub. Ribs glazed with Angus and Oink Red House sauce. First time using this and love it. PBBE done in homemade sauce after 3 hours of Apple smoke and then 2 hours wrapped with some butter and apple juice. Served with some pulled pork wraps and some bacon and potato tots.
  10. Personally I wouldn't rely on the gauge fitted in the lid either. Either a good quality dial gauge or a digital
  11. Diggerg

    Pulled pork

    Finished item 😋😋😋😋
  12. Diggerg

    Pulled pork

    Cheers Ice. Cracking day here in the wilds of Essex.
  13. Diggerg

    Pulled pork

    Found a pork butt while rearranging the freezer. So firing up the beast today. Rubbed with bone sucking butt rub and then my own rub over that. Pics to follow
  14. I'm going to make this one sectional so I can get it home unlike the gravity feed beast 😂
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