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  1. As soon as I can get it home so probably be new year now as busy at work
  2. All done bar cutting and fitting fire bricks. Hand wheel being done in red
  3. Any idea on where to get pallets of pellets for a commercial operation?
  4. The picture isn't my one. I'll post full pictures when mine is painted
  5. Just waiting on paint to arrive then blast and paint and fire up.
  6. Do you have a coal rake? Could you post a pic if you do. Thanks
  7. Quick update. All done bar blasting and painting. Got to polish all the stainless too. 😎
  8. Topp bushes welded in. Ratchet pawl made. Quick pigtail steak turner made too. Can't decide weather to use wire or chain for hoist?
  9. Grate and drip tray made. Wouldn't think there's 9 MTRS of stainless angle there 😮
  10. Still undecided whether to put my rotisserie above the main grill or to the side over the brasero
  11. @Smokin Monkey what's the angle of tilt on your grill for the fat run off? 10° enough?
  12. We'll after 3 months off furloughed in back in the shop. 😄 Made a bit of progress the last couple of lunchtimes. Need to machine the liners for the winding gear in the legs and suss out the ratchet lock. Cut stainless bottom for the fire bricks to sit on. Build fire grate in left side. Plate sides. Blast. Paint. Not much left to do 😂😂😂
  13. Opened it up and pleasently surprised. Large bits and a few smaller bits for hot and fast. Most about 4-5 inches thick and 6-7 long. Biggest is the size of my forearm.
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