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  1. Nice too see you back mate
  2. Anyone been this weekend? It's literally 10 minutes up the road from me but did to work and family commitments I can't make it this year. Is it work it? From pictures I've seen so far is seems a bit thin on the ground?
  3. Yeah me and the Oh have 6 children but only 4 live with us as the older 2 have moved out on their own.
  4. Quick cook for family tea tonight. All from the butcher's which is in the farm across the field.
  5. This link here is great for flavour profiles and substitutions. https://byo.com/resource/hops/#:~:text=Sweet%2C spicy notes%2C with hints of citrus and herbs aroma.&text=Fruity%2C with intense berry character,slight resinous and herbal tones.&text=Floral%2C citrusy%2C herbal%2C aniseed and tea aroma.
  6. Excellent. Let us know how it ages. I've just cleaned my biab setup after 18 months of inactivity. Love a simple one hop beer, let's the hops shine through.. got a bag of pilgrim to try next.
  7. First thing will be a wind shield round the back. NE wind just robs the heat away before it can cook anything. Job for next week
  8. Finally!!! Got her home to fit with my gravity feed beast. Looking forward to firing up.
  9. As soon as I can get it home so probably be new year now as busy at work
  10. All done bar cutting and fitting fire bricks. Hand wheel being done in red
  11. Any idea on where to get pallets of pellets for a commercial operation?
  12. The picture isn't my one. I'll post full pictures when mine is painted
  13. Just waiting on paint to arrive then blast and paint and fire up.
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