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  1. Top coat and clear coat done. Looks black but up close red pearl.
  2. Look great. What's in the Greek sausage?
  3. Or a 40 acre field like this one behind my house. Sadly it's maize that a local farm grows for bio fuel ☹️.
  4. As said Sweetcorn is best planted in a block to aid pollenation.
  5. 2 coats of etch primer and 2 coats of filler primer. Sand this week then top coat and clear coat.
  6. Well reasonably quiet today so got the bottom and doors primed. First time spraying anything with a hvlp gun. I'm quite pleased with the finish so far. Pics tomorrow.
  7. I like to also do a lamb burger with a lump of feta in. 😋😋
  8. Work this weekend so hopefully it's quiet and I can throw some paint on this.
  9. Where's the best place for really good sized chicken wings?
  10. Whoop whoop. Dry fit of all the bits and pieces. Racks done too. Just need air in tyres 🤨. Then blast and paint. Flue and dial thermometer fitting after blasting.
  11. So time wise I'm at about 50hrs from the very start to this point. I guess about another 10 to go with paint prep and painting then fitting ask the little bits. Can't wait to fire it up.
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