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  1. Diggerg


    @IcefeverThey are chilled not frozen. 1/2 salt brisket flat. They are listed under the fresh beef listing.
  2. Diggerg


    All I can say is i ummed and arrred but in the end just gave it a go. Not disappointed in the least. Might not be to everyone's taste but I made it.
  3. Diggerg


    Except for the ones by Marcus 😉😉 I have the android app. All his recipes and videos in one place.
  4. Diggerg


    Thanks. @Icefever this is my first go so it can only get better. Defo with a try I think. My missus was really sceptical but loves it. Always a winner to keep SWMBO happy
  5. Diggerg


    Wow is all I can say. 4 1/2 hours from smoke to eat 😋😋 In a sarnie with mustard and pickles.
  6. Diggerg


    I struggled to find a tub big enough to soak it on so used the OH cake tub upside down. 😂
  7. Diggerg


    Trimmed it up after soaking over night. Generous with the rub. Rolling smoke at 275°f
  8. Diggerg


    Following this for now. Love the smell of freshly ground coriander seeds. Smells like blue moon wheat beer. 😋😋😋
  9. Diggerg


    My first go at pastrami tomorrow. My son got me a salt beef flat from bookers. Soaking overnight with water changed to remove salt then into the UDS with a recipe from Malcolm Reed for his version. Can't wait.
  10. Diggerg

    Last night's dinner

    Did the baby backs 2-1-1. Didn't shrink back much as you can see.
  11. Diggerg

    Last night's dinner

    Last night's dinner on the UDS. Mmmmm meat. Oh and romano pepper poppers.
  12. Hopefully just the racks to build and insulate and plate the outside. Then paint!
  13. Hinges and catch mounted on chute. Drilled and tapped before blasting/ painting.
  14. I have a standard UDS that I use at the moment while building my gravity feed.
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