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  1. Diggerg

    Cost of postage from USA

    Does anyone know why it costs soooo much to get stuff sent from the states? A few years ago I used to get stuff for my marine aquarium sent over and it was comparable to UK postage rates, which made it cheaper due to currency rates. Now you need a small mortgage to get items sent. I will need some gasket and bits but the postage is more than the parts.
  2. Diggerg

    Well Done.

    Yes thanks It came as a pdf download
  3. Diggerg

    Well Done.

    Well done all. It's sometimes seems like a thankless task running and maintaining forums but all of your members appreciate your hard work.
  4. Well the bits are slowly arriving. Got my slam latch today.
  5. Diggerg


    Has anyone made cassoulet in their smoker. I love it and love Toulouse sausage as well. As it's slow cooked I guessed it would be a good dutch oven candidate.
  6. Diggerg

    Current set up.. sous vide EVERYTHING

    You should check out malcolm reeds oxtail recipe. Amazing.
  7. Diggerg

    Draft controllers

    Does anyone here run a controller on their smoker. I'm building mine at the moment for my gravity fed and I have 2 fans. One rated @16cfm and one @32cfm. Ok guessing the niche would be better due to the sheer size of the smoker as the smaller one would be running flat out. If you have a bbq guru do you have the viper fan or pitbull?
  8. Well having done more reading over the festive period I've decided to go big on the fan for the pid controller. Do you think 35cfm is over kill? The one I currently use on my UDS is 16cfm.
  9. Diggerg


    Has to be my impact drill/driver set. So versatile. It's about 15 years old now but it's Makita and just keeps ploughing on.
  10. I won't be ordering my steel until Feb as work and other stuff won't allow it but as soon as it does I'll get cracking.
  11. Ok, so a couple more bits arrived today. My fan and the Inkbird pid. So I need to order my control panel so I can get it built. A local firm near my work does custom aluminium signage and we use them a lot for control panels so I know it'll be up to scratch.
  12. Well all projects have to start somewhere. As some may know we have a few family health issues at the moment but I hope to build my gravity fed by the middle of summer. First component arrived today. Not big bit by any means but it's a start.
  13. Diggerg

    Chritmas present thread 2018

    Think I'd be putting some fire board round the edge of my shed with a naked flame that close to it 😮
  14. Diggerg

    Outdoor kitchens.

    I may be dim at the moment but I can't find the huts egg.
  15. So hopefully in the spring our back garden will be getting a major revamp. Looking to build a large deck area across the bottom of the garden and have a large 4.8m x 2.4m area covered by a permanent timder gazebo. I'm trying to swing with SWMBO to build an outdoor kitchen at one end. Nothing fancy just some worktop space and a couple shelves and room for the UDS and the new gravity fed. Electric will be available so that's no problem. Has anyone got something similar and would like to share some pics. Thanks.