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  1. Diggerg

    Beef cheeks

    I pulled them and then put it in some bao buns with some chili kimchi. Mmmmmmmmmmm
  2. Diggerg

    Beef cheeks

    Smoked for 2 hours in the gf with a bit of hickory. Then braised for 4 with homebrew coffee stout beef stock and sliced red onions. 😋😋😋😋 Fell apart amazing taste can't wait to do then again
  3. 3 days of drinking and smoking (food) 😂
  4. Just registered with kcbs for a membership number.
  5. Diggerg

    Beef cheeks

    Now I've just seen this https://www.simplysogood.com/steamed-banh-mi-with-braised-beef-cheeks/ Think I may have to do both. Anyone know of an Essex supplier of bao buns? Or have a recipe for them?
  6. I think you have to do all 4 main ones plus the chef's choice and surprise as well.
  7. Yep I'm in. 👍🏻
  8. @Smokin Monkey have you got the sizes for the table top gf. Gonna need to get my skates on and build it for next August. 😃
  9. Received this this morning. Same price as last year.
  10. Always fun to just rock up and wing it though.
  11. Yeah but you have to register as a kcbs team
  12. Yep they've just messaged back. Last year's fee was £245 but if a team is 4 or 5 people that's not so bad. £50-60 a head for w weekend camping and a go at competition. Any one else fancy it?
  13. I've messaged to see if the kcbs fee included camping pitches or not if not it could be a pricy weekend
  14. Diggerg

    Beef cheeks

    Correction I've just found some home-brewed coffee stout. That'll do 😋😋😋
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