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  1. Topp bushes welded in. Ratchet pawl made. Quick pigtail steak turner made too. Can't decide weather to use wire or chain for hoist?
  2. Grate and drip tray made. Wouldn't think there's 9 MTRS of stainless angle there 😮
  3. Still undecided whether to put my rotisserie above the main grill or to the side over the brasero
  4. @Smokin Monkey what's the angle of tilt on your grill for the fat run off? 10° enough?
  5. We'll after 3 months off furloughed in back in the shop. 😄 Made a bit of progress the last couple of lunchtimes. Need to machine the liners for the winding gear in the legs and suss out the ratchet lock. Cut stainless bottom for the fire bricks to sit on. Build fire grate in left side. Plate sides. Blast. Paint. Not much left to do 😂😂😂
  6. Opened it up and pleasently surprised. Large bits and a few smaller bits for hot and fast. Most about 4-5 inches thick and 6-7 long. Biggest is the size of my forearm.
  7. I've had the ever burning before and like it but the price hike at the moment has made me look elsewhere
  8. I received this this morning. Says mixed fruit wood and £18 for 13KG seems good value. Haven't opened it up yet but doesn't sound like it's full of shrapnel.
  9. Awesome. Like you since being furloughed I've really got back into my cooking. I've bought all the curry guy books and both of misty Ricardo's. Love Misty's Madras. I now have a freezer half full of base gravy to keep me going. Love Indian and it's getting better all the time. Here's my Madras with aubergine bahji and mushroom bahji sides.
  10. Shame I'm furloughed until the end of June and can't use it.
  11. Diggerg

    Belly pork

    I cooked a whole bone in belly yesterday. Used my own rub and some Apple smoke. Then glazed with Angus and Oink Red House sauce. Best bit was cutting it into massive ribs. Getting fed up of baby backs so these were man size ribs. Wife made a stir-fry of aubergine green beans mushrooms and green birds eye chilled. Amazing side dish. 😋😋😋😋
  12. Mate that's a real friend there. I loved my old BSA.
  13. I hope that your SIL makes a speedy recovery too. My wife went into hospital 3 weeks ago for a suspected blood clot on lung and was admitted, tested negative for cv19. Discharged and put on 12 week shield programme. Week later she went back in and tested positive so she caught it in hospital. The medical team do an amazing job and we can't thank them enough. It's just a shame the media focus on deaths and never report the number of people who recover and survive. That would be more uplifting in such dark times.
  14. Can you find an Android one and download an android emulator for Windows. Blue stacks is an emulator I've used I the past
  15. My wife is finally home after a week in hospital with it. Continuously pumped full of antibiotics and other meds. Managed to avoid intensive care but they did go and see her 3 times, thats how bad she was. She says she could only describe it as a war zone. She had to watch 3 other women on her ward die alone as noone is allowed to visit. Sad times but am forever grateful to the NHS.
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