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  1. New product on the market, only available in North America at the moment, but seems an affordable way to cook via the pellet method on a Weber Kettle if any get imported over here to sell? https://youtu.be/60Od8WymVjk
  2. Ice has posted the info needed for the site itself, but I am just going to add a few things to it, that may also help you, if thinking of coming along, but not sure where it is in relation to you and maybe a few local things of interest if you want to bring partners/kids with you and make a weekend of it? The site is 5 minutes of Junction 9 of the M42 which directly connects with the M1 from the North, M5, M6 and M40 from the South also the A5 from East or West is within 10 minutes of the site. Approx travel times from different parts of the Midlands to give you an idea Nottingham 45 minutes Cannock 45 Minutes Leicester 1 hour, Coventry 25 minutes, Nuneaton 20 minutes Birmingham 20 minutes, Redditch & Warwick 40 minutes, Oxford just over an hour Worcester/Cheltenham just under an hour Stoke about 1 hour 20 minutes Hopefully people will come along for the weekend or day and do some cooking and enjoy the atmosphere and maybe gives you a chance to cook some different things, from your usual for a group of people, where you may only usually cook for your immediate family most of the time, like I do. Nothing intimidating about it, a few beers, very chilled atmosphere and a chance to share your cooking with others, that enjoy this sort of food. If looking to make a weekend with partners and family of it and looking for something for them to to do perhaps while you are cooking? Drayton Manor Theme Park and Thomas Land is less than 3 miles away, also the Snowdome is 10-15 minutes away and Twycross Zoo is less than 30 minutes away. Also a great big shopping retail park called Ventura Park 10 minutes away If like me not a camper, day tickets are available if you just want to turn up on the Saturday or plenty of hotels within 5-15 minutes of the venue starting from £70 for the Friday/Saturday night at the Travelodge 10 minutes away on Junction 10 of the M42 and just leave your smoker at the campsite, with the people camping over the weekend and start cooking on the Saturday morning. The beauty of the booking system with this site and paying on the day, their is no initial financial commitment beforehand, so if you have said you are coming and have to make a late decision to cancel, it isn't going to cost you anything and likewise you can make a decision to come 24 hours before the event and have no problem joining in and getting a spot it is the 1st time trying this for the Midlands area and hopefully people will come along and support it, and if successful it may become a regular feature in the calendar?
  3. As ice said, making your own is the way to go. But if looking for something quick or to much hassle to make. 1 of these packs for your pork steaks will do the job for £1 and not a bad little rub. Definitely sold in Morrisons as have got them there before but think Asda may do them as well? https://groceries.morrisons.com/webshop/product/Reds-Divine-Pulled-Pork-Barbeque-Rub-Mild/360178011?param=red+bbq+rub&from=search
  4. Thanks for the replies, useful information. It will be just for a pellet grill and maybe one of those Philips Hue Outdoor Lights attached to the fence , nothing more. So hopefully a double weatherproof extension socket will suffice. But if possible to spur some extra Philips lighting from the cable for the patio closer to the house. With new fence going in hopefully get the work done together. Only problem fusebox is on the other side of the house to the garden and a lot of difficulties to hide cable from there to get it outside, so it may prove too difficult for that to come to fruition with that method, will see if electrician can work round it and perhaps do something from one of the existing power points in the kitchen?. I will get armour cable. it is the possible need for certification of any works that are troubling me as it appears to be needed but most people seem to ignore it. I am sure an electrician will advise me anyway.
  5. sotv


    Nice to have that on your doorstep, unfortunately my nearest is a 40 mile round trip for an abbatoir/butcher 😞 have a couple of good butchers in my area, but found they aren't overly willing sometimes to provide or source an unusual or specific cut of meat from what they have on display for the general public, that I have been looking for in the past. Hence my reasoning for shopping online sometimes as well as going to the indoor meat market at Birmingham a couple of times a year.
  6. sotv


    I will be getting mine from Gridironmeat used them quite a bit now and had excellent service and well vac packed and chilled during overnight transit. Just put your cursor over shop for meat and click on Mutton for options. (£45 gets you free delivery) price wise not the same as a supermarket or cash&carry but some decent cuts of meat on there and the guy is so helpful if looking to source a particular cut of meat, you want prepared in a certain way. Plenty of other options for mutton online as well. Just type mutton or hogget buy online into google and will come up with quite a few alternative results.
  7. sotv


    I have cooked goat a couple of times with varying success. Goats neck in a dutch oven on my smoker was the most successful and enjoyed it. (have posted the recipe on here) Also did a goat shoulder, but didn't enjoy the meat, very chewy and dry I found, but that may have been down to me. But made a fabulous Mexican Sweet Cajeta sauce with it (Like dulce de leche) can post the recipe if interested in using it if you decide on doing a Goat Shoulder .Have considered doing a Goat Leg this year, but have always wanted to try a leg of hogget or mutton, as it is meant to be very suited to slow cooking and found an online supplier of it, so will probably try that out first. Edit Forgot to say, purchased some Caribbean Curry powder last year, intending to do a smoked goat curry, I i was going smoke the goat first for a couple of hours and then cook in the dutch oven with liquid and spices to finish it off. Never got round to it, but goat curry is a delicious dish with rice and peas
  8. Me and Brian are popping up there on Saturday to finalise everything so all details/photos will be posted shortly after.
  9. sotv

    Beef Sausages.

    My butcher tells me braising steak is the same cut as chuck steak. I usually use it for Poor Mans Burnt Ends, when the braising steak is on offer around the £7 a kg mark and I get it in a roast size piece of meat to cut up into chunks, rather than it being already sliced into steaks. I am sure your mincer, won't need to worry about that though, more so if it has enough fat and not already trimmed..
  10. Anybody any experience of this?. i am thinking of getting a suitable Electrical Socket and Cable installed up the garden for my smoker (maybe some outside lighting up there as well, still undecided on that), it will be about 20-25 meters from the fuse box and hoping to get it done at the same time as when we have some new fencing put up later this year . Will I require certification from anyone from electrical or building after I have had the work completed, or would there be no need?
  11. Looks like the igrill probes will work with the units controller, so you should be sorted. Trying to decide whether to invest in a couple of their probes (cheaper option) or just buy a Meater+ for it
  12. Might be worth keeping an eye on the Amazon US site people asking questions about the EX4 and EX6 on there and Weber giving direct answers to them. i.e. a few I have found useful .........On a seperate note that retailers in America have pushed the release date back from January 10th to February 10th 😞 Can you change the temperature on the smoker from the app? Answer:Hello! At launch, the temperature can only be changed from the unit itself. Upgrades/updates to the app are planned for the near future. Thanks. Is this grill have wireless internet control capability ? Answer: Hello! Yes, our SmokeFire models are Wifi enabled, and can be controlled remotely, but not turned on remotely. Thanks! What probes are used for the grill, as I wish to purchase additional units Answer: Hello! Our iGrill probes can be used with SmokeFire units. Thanks! Can it cook a 20lb turkey? Answer: Hello! Yes, you can definitely cook a 20 lb turkey on the SmokeFire EX-4! In fact, you can fit two. Thanks! What is the margin of error in holding temperature? i.e. If I set it at 250 deg. how far above or below will it vary over time? Answer: Hello! The temperature that you set the unit to should be held with almost no variance. Thanks! I have seen videos which seems to show the smokefire using the gourmet bbq system. Is this an upcoming attachment or can it use one that is currently Answer:Hello! Since the cooking grates on SmokeFire models are the same size as our Spirit 300 series cooking grates, and there's a Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate set for Spirit 300 series models, you can technically use that set. It is part # 7586. Thanks! The circular cutout grate will be 'offset' on an EX-6, and will be centered on an EX-4. Thanks! Can you smoke foods at a set temperature under 200? If so how low? Answer: Hello! At launch, SmokeFire units will only be able to go as low as 200 F, but there are plans for a "Smoke Boost" feature, that will be rolled out via an update later, which should alter the low temperature range. Thanks! My fear is smoking/grill in rain/snow due to the electronics. Is the control panel and other electrical equipment safe to operate in wet conditions? Answer:Hello! The controller and other electrical components are well protected, and will operate just fine in inclement weather. Thanks! How quickly does it get to 600 degrees? Answer: Hello! Our SmokeFire grills reach 600 F in about 15 minutes. Thanks! Does the wifi support 5ghz? Answer: Hello! No, the Weber Connect device, which is the WiFi enabled component, will only work in the 2.4 Ghz frequency. Thanks! My understanding is the app is just being finished up. Any idea when it will be fully operational? Answer: Hello! When units are launched, and shipped out in mid to late January, the unit will have a wide range of functionality, with updates rolling out soon after, with additional features. Since you been so great in answering everyone's questions: What's the process if I wanted to empty out the pellets in the hopper? Thanks in advance! Answer: Hello! There's a small hatch/plug on the bottom of the hopper that you can use to empty out the pellets. Thanks! How may lbs/hr of pellets are used at 275 deg for both the ex6 and ex4 models? can different brands of pellets be used? Answer: Hello! Both units will use about 1 to 2 pounds of pellets an hour when in the 'low and slow' range of 200 to 275 F. We only recommend the use of Weber brand pellets. Thanks! What are the temperature increments? 1? 5? 10? 20? Answer: Hello! The unit is controlled in 5 degree increments. Thanks! Does this grill include full PID control of both auger and fans? (i.e., variable-speed fans for better temperature control? Answer: Yes, our controller unit features PID control of all the electronic components (auger, fan, motor). Thanks! Evidently there is an Official Weber Smokefire forum, where they answer questions on, but haven't found it yet, but will have a search for it properly later.
  13. BBQWorld the 57cm In Stock 5-7 Days with a free igrill 2 with 2 probes, & Cover £345the 47 cm is also available with a cover & free igrill 2 & Cover for £295the 37 cm is also available with a cover & free igrill 2 & Cover for £235
  14. Should of took my own advice, did some ribs yesterday, after watching the BBC weather site for the past week it was forecasting a slightly windy but a dry mild (13 degrees) day for it. Started it up at 9am and put the ribs on at 10. Heavens opened up 15 minutes later and didn't stop for over 5 hours. Turned out alright, but never enjoy cooking in wet weather.
  15. Hi and welcome to the forum, love a pig roast, went to a wedding last year, that had a whole hog roast on the evening, the meat was just amazing.
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