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  1. Not sure if these are UK made?. I own the Lodge combo version of this https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07V4JVYG6? But this Kichly version is well reviewed and at £22.94 is a bargain imho. It has so many uses and is my most commonly used piece of cast iron I own. I fry steaks in the skillet and do rice dishes or stews in the deeper one. I also deep fry breaded chicken pieces in it and have even baked bread in it.
  2. Hi Pseudo, before buying my Smokefire last year I was researching what alternatives there were around the price point and although a little over your initial budget, if it will stretch a little further the Traeger Pro D2 575 or the GMG Daniel Boone look well reviewed and popular Pellet Grills for that sort of money. I love my pellet grill and it has really changed the way I look at outdoor cooking and what I can cook on them. Good luck in your hunt and whatever you decide I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  3. Did this on the Jumbuck Rotisserie today from this recipe. Decent rub and coating with Hoisin Sauce made for some lovely tasting skin. Excuse the flatbreads, but I prefer them than the pancakes
  4. Good price on this, if you don't have a Discount Card just add a random 11 digit number in the Discount Card Box and it should validate it. (I don't have a card) and do this, but always choose delivery over click & collect when doing it, just in case they asked for it when click & collect. If you store it you can get free delivery over £70
  5. All things being well, I would definitely come along to one in mid-September when all the kids have gone back to school.
  6. Thought it might interest someone if you have Amazon Prime https://www.amazon.co.uk/MEATER-Thermometer-Rotisserie-Bluetooth-Connectivity/dp/B07H8WTFHW/ref=sr_1_49_sspa?
  7. I use one of these and it works really well and is built to last and no warping https://www.amazon.co.uk/ProQ-Afterburner-Grill/dp/B01IRC3L6M Not sure if any cheaper versions out there?
  8. Anybody interested in the Aldi Mini Kamado, it has gone on sale today for £79 today plus delivery, if interested?
  9. Frontier £259.96 delivered at Amazon 2 left Elite £289.95 delivered @ Amazon 1 left
  10. The more the merrier, please do, the site is less than 1 mile off Juction 9 off the M42 so nice & central & easy to find
  11. For those thinking of coming and can't camp, Travelodge in Tamworth Town Centre (5 miles from campsite) are available for 1 night £21.24 for the Fri or £32.99 Sat for either 1 or 2 people or 2 nights for £59
  12. Back on offer £26.43 delivered and the Hickory for £33.38 gone through 3 bags of both types, the Hickory is my favourite though great flavour, but both worked well and very little dust
  13. Scant details other than price and availability, but worth keeping an eye on site if interested nearer the time Aldi link
  14. Not sure how long it'll be this price, but good value for the Junior version of this model https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00IJ74RBO?
  15. Good news, if we can get a few more people to attend then it should be all good to go ahead, but we will have to make a final decision sometime next month.
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