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  1. Had it for 4 months using it regularly and it works really well, done bacon, cheese, butter, duck breasts & garlic and have turned out very well. I feel the smoke seems to have improved overall in the finished product and the quality and strength of the smoke flavour as well, using the same maze and dust. A definite improvement than using my old bullet smoker to cold smoke, I feel.
  2. If the vaccine rollout continues at this pace then something may be possible later in the year for small type meets maybe? or at least over 50's if nothing else 😀
  3. Been using the Cookinpellets that are on offer for £32.50 for 18kg at Amazon at the moment. Worked great for a few cooks now, no dust in bags at all, did one cook in sub zero temps for 10 hours and held rock solid at 270F. Really pleased with them and switching to these now, certainly at this price. Work great for me
  4. Really pleased with these pellets, absolutely no dust in the bags I have ordered. Done a couple of cooks with them and great smoke flavour, 1 of the cooks was 10 hours in sub zero temperatures and the pellet grill and pellets remained rock solid at 270F for the full 10 hour cook. Bought 3 more bags at this price as they seem to work so well, certainly with my Smokefire
  5. CookinPellets 18kg Perfect Mix Pellets currently £32.11 a bag at Amazon, usually around the £40 a bag mark for this amount, bought a bag to try as they always seem so well reviewed and meant to have no fillers, flavours or softwoods in them
  6. You need to read the description on the product page properly Justin! The full price is £949, £200 is the deposit for it...... You'd have been £749 lighter in the New Year and a bit of explaining to do to your other half😀 Important: Pay the full amount now, or use the discount code ''1050'' at checkout, this will reduce the price to £200 and will be your deposit to guarantee your 1050, otherwise the full £949.99 Will be taken. https://prosmokebbq.co.uk/collections/bbq/products/masterbuilt-gravity-series-1050-grill-and-smoker?_pos=4&_sid=9f96ed217&_ss=r
  7. You can get the Meater+ Brown Sugar limited edition Single for £72.32 and the 4 pack Block for £189 with the code FILLET direct from themselves Works on all other products as well
  8. They have direct from Meater you can get the Meater+ Brown Sugar limited edition Single for £72.32 and the 4 pack Block for £189 with the code FILLET The code works on all products as well, but these seem by the far the best value
  9. I know things like butter cheese & bacon smoke better @ colder temps and fish at slightly warmer temps. Got myself an Inkbird thermostat now so have a bit more control over these sort of things if I need to raise the temps in the cabinet over the outside air temp. Wondered if anybody had a guide or something for ideal temps?
  10. Weber Igrill Mini @ Riverside £26.50 Delivered Weber Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS) Poultry Roaster @ SoCal £31 delivered Weber Master-Touch GBS E-5750 Charcoal Grill 57cm - Black @ Socal £199 delivered Inkbird ITC-308 WiFi Thermostat Digital Temperature Controller Smart Thermostat with Wireless Alarm £32.19 @ Amazon Weber® Master-Touch® GBS® C-5755 57cm - Smoke Grey - Bundle With Cover £210 @ Riverside Please add any others you come across
  11. Kindle version of this book available for 99p Today Amazon Good recipe and technique book, hardback version of this is usually round the £20 mark
  12. Decent price on the Traeger Pellet Range here for Black Friday £14.39 per 20lb bag. 4 bags will get you free delivery also. Looking for some pellet deals in the coming week, unfortunately Traeger pellets don't play well with my machine.
  13. I own the Weber Smokefire and as it is the first pellet grill I have owned can't compare it to any other model unfortunately. The problem with high priced smoker/grills is even though your spending over £1000 you never get to see them in action in a store or showroom first. The only way you can is if you buy one of the courses some of the manufacturers offer to the public. If you decide you're interested in the smokefire in the future, let me know I will let you know the benefits and pitfalls of the model.
  14. Ok unwrapped them after 2 weeks in the fridge and they're a dark black & rigid/solid. Should they be like that or still have a meat like texture to them? Put them in the cold smoker anyway for 2 hours and will follow the rest of your instructions. Difficult to see how they will soften up to be able to slice though
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