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  1. sotv

    Dry Age Bags...

    Nice article here on dry aging steaks/beef and some recommended times for it. Something I have looked into, but until I can get a dedicated fridge for it, I have had to put it on hold. Talking to my butcher in the past about it. He has told me as confirmed by the article, humidity and a constant temperature are the key to successfully Dry Aging a piece of beef @David it doesn't really cover much about the bag method, but if you PM @MarcWillm on here, he has been helpful here in the past, and as his business is these sort of bags, he may well be of some help on here to you, with your particular method and any questions you have.
  2. sotv

    Dry Age Bags...

    Sympathise, did a lovely Lamb Kleftico in the Dutch Oven the weekend, but had to leave the Rosemary out as my wife, can't stand it. I love it and missed its flavour, but best to accommodate everyone, rather than alienate them....😀 I have way more finicky taste-buds than her and she never complains.
  3. sotv

    Dry Age Bags...

    looks good, mucked mine up. But looking to have ago again sometime soon. If this is a tried and trusted recipe, you have found then stick to it would be my advice. If winging it sage always works well with pork I find and may lend itself to cured pork. i am sure it will turn out good whatever you do, looking at your earlier attempt
  4. sotv

    Good evening

    Hi @Beavis69 can't help with the Qmaster, but have looked at them as a potential purchase, in the future. So will be interested in your findings after you have used it for a while.
  5. sotv

    Any Diabetics On Here?

    After a bit of research, there are some non sugar rubs, Have bought a few Paleo sugar free BBQ rubs to try and quite a few recipes on the net for them also. Coconut Sugar although still can affect glucose levels is half the GI index against white and brown sugar, but is still to meant too have a good level of sweetness and caramelises when cooked also from what I have been reading. So going to pick a pack of that up to try in some rubs and sauces to see how it works for me in the summer.
  6. sotv

    The madness begins

    Wykes Farm from the Deli Counter at Morrisons is £5 a kg at my local one and if you are partial to Castello Tickler that is £2.79 for 350g at Waitrose. Got a few cheeses to smoke in the coming days now as my xmas stock has gone.
  7. sotv

    The madness begins

    I have mentioned Gouda on this thread before, just giving a heads up if anyone interested in smoking some. Lidl have it on offer for a week starting today for £3.69 for a kg. When smoked goes really well on a toastie if you want to try a different cheese with ham with something like red onion etc
  8. sotv

    Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

    Subscribed as well, good luck with it. Must be something in the air, haven't subscribed to a youtube channel in a long long time and subscribed to 2 today (yours and Cowboy Kent Rollins).
  9. sotv

    Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

    Is this your own Youtube channel Smokin?
  10. sotv

    Flip N Grate

    Considering the Proq flip n grate accessory you can get in the future. Nice to see one in action
  11. sotv


    Interesting bit of kit but at £500+ a lot of money for what you can do if you have an existing BBQ/Smoker and a sub £50 plancha and paella pan. Although that paella does look tasty
  12. Thanks for that, looking forward to contributing to that category in the coming months. Got a few recipes saved and some home made bread making ideas for my Dutch Oven to try out in the coming months. As I don't want to end up having a very expensive pot just for BBQ Beans. Hopefully some others with experience of them will add some hints and tips to help novices like me in the future as well...
  13. sotv

    Lamb in Rosemary and Garlic

    Looks lovely, love slow cooked lamb and it lends itself so well to be marinated and loses a lot of the greasiness you get when cooked at a higher heat. Cooked this yesterday (in the oven for 6 hours) for 10 people (indoors) but will definitely cook it outdoors later in the year. A lovely meal. Half the people had it as a Sunday dinner with all the trimmings and the other half as per recipe with the salad and dip, which I thought worked better. Lamb Kleftico
  14. sotv

    Buying meat

    I agree, for a walk in supermarket when doing the weekly shop, I think Morrisons are the best of the lot, especially from the Butchers Counter itself. For Bigger sized pieces of meat, Bookers isn't bad either. But overall for quality meat, a good local butchers beats them all hands down for quality but not price imho. Depends what you are looking for overall at the time.