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  1. Been deliberating over this for the last 48 hours, decided against it due to no PID Controller and a bit big for my needs. But for £295 seems a very good buy, if looking for something like this or as an alternative to an offset for around this price Big Horn 900
  2. Unfortunately not available online and instore only, if in stock (none within 10 miles of me 😞) but they are out there, if you can find them. They were selling them for £120 in the summer. Reviews seem positive, but require a learning curve, states can be used as a smoker as well but unsure of how good that would be. Meant to come with a peel also but no cover Wilko Pizza Oven
  3. sotv

    Pork Belly Ribs

    Very pleased with them, really juicy, loads of meat and that rack filled 2 of us up. If you have a huge appetite then you could probably eat a rack by yourself. but 7 for me and 5 for the wife were plenty. Meat was a little more chewy than melt in your mouth but full of juice and flavour. There was a few pieces of gelatinous fat that hadn't dissolved. But as they were from the belly as you get with Pork belly slices it is very hard to dissolve it completely, but soft and tasty if you enjoy that sort of fat, or just discard if you don't. Not sure it would dissolve anymore anyway even if I had carried on cooking it for any longer. Would probably cook closer to 240F next time to reduce cooking time, but will definitely do them again as we both thought they were better ribs than we usually use. Cooking time at 225F, 3 hours unwrapped then 2.5 hours wrapped and then another 1.5 hours unwrapped then over coals for 5 minutes either side to caramalise the bbq sauce, I put on at the end
  4. sotv

    Pork Belly Ribs

    Good point, The Bookers one's I have had still have the curly bones at the top still there, that need to be trimmed off. Didn't realise they were from the pork belly though, till now. Doing mine at 225F so may need a little longer than 3-2-1 but see how it goes as it cooks.
  5. sotv

    Pork Belly Ribs

    Rang my butcher to order a couple of racks of ribs for today, he said he only had pork belly ribs in, so I said fine. My goodness me, never had them before and they are whoppers, just going to do 1 as there are only 2 of us. Not sure how they are going to turn out as never cooked this cut of ribs before, used to st louis and baby back. There looks so much meat on it and really well trimmed, the picture is on a chopping board 14" x 10" to give you an idea of size and would estimate the meat is a good 2 inches thick at it's biggest point and they weighed 1.35 kg each . Planning on a 3-4 hour smoke with cherry wood and wrap for 2-3 hours and see how they turn out, as never seen anything like these before.
  6. Found these instructional videos of different cuts of beef and how they are cut down (chuck & loin) Youtube There is 3 or 4 videos in each series and I found them interesting and informative and a few cuts of meat, I wasn't aware of.
  7. sotv

    Chuck and Jacobs ladder

    No reason it couldn't be cooked at a higher temp and wrapped, during the cook to save some time. I just prefer to let it do its own thing, however long it takes, when I can My graph from the cook, shows how long it took to climb from 150-160F nearly 7 hours and another 3 hours stuck around the 180F mark. The probe threw a wobbly at the start, hence the spike, so had to swap it out. Temp kept at a pretty even 225F except for a couple of lid opens for a basket top up and a couple of mops All the videos I had seen before of Chuck Roasts from America seemed to be trimmed pieces of meat, no fat on the outside in a block type cut. Maybe the shape and fat cap of the one I had, made the cook time different? but the collagen inside the rolled piece of meat, completely dissolved and made the bight pink and red pieces of beef glisten made it all worth while.
  8. sotv

    Chuck and Jacobs ladder

    What a fabulous piece of meat to cook and eat. Ended up being my longest cook so far. 18 straight hours and 2 hours rest. But the results were worth it. Cooked at 225F to an internal temp of 195F unwrapped. (was thinking 12-13 hours initially but a near 6 hour stall at 150F put paid to that) Was aiming for 205F but time beat me, but didn't make any difference to the finished cook. Shredded great and served with corn tortillas, salad, grated cheese and salsa or sour cream and chive dip. Enough left over for chilli tomorrow. I was worried about the thickness and quantity of the fat cap left around it even after some trimming and how difficult it would make it to shred once cooked. But it just peeled off leaving just lumps of succulent meat that literally fell apart. Definitely will be cooking again. A lot more flavour and more succulent than Pork Shoulder imho
  9. sotv

    Chuck and Jacobs ladder

    Just picked up a piece of 21 day aged chuck roast, £23 for just over 3kg. He cut it off a whole shoulder, in front of me. Learnt a lot about the different cuts from that part of the cow as he was doing it, chine and ribs etc I might trim a bit more of the fat off the outside before putting it in the smoker. Got a feeling there is going to be enough for a big pot of chilli, next day afterwards. If it cooks ok
  10. sotv

    Chuck and Jacobs ladder

    Managed to source a chuck roast from a fairly local butchers. Picking it up in the morning. Hoping a 5lb one will do enough tortillas for 15-20 people. Going to try out this recipe, Mexican Pulled Beef and use some of those Old El Paso Mexicana Street Market White Corn Tortillas along with some salad & dips for fillings. Main concern is cooking time, as haven't cooked a whole chuck roast before, just steak size portions for Poor Man Burnt Ends. Hoping for a 12-13 hour cook for about that size and can put it on about midnight and then wrap in foil for up to 4 hours before pulling. Which would take me up to 5pm Don't really want to get up at 3-4am in the dark and half asleep to get things going if only an 8-9 hour cook. Good luck with yours....
  11. sotv

    Chuck and Jacobs ladder

    How many tacos do you reckon you will get out of that piece out of interest?
  12. sotv

    Chuck and Jacobs ladder

    Sorry to hijack the thread, but looking to do something similar Quick question. Got a family party on Sunday and they have asked me to do something. Like the idea of Pulled Beef nachos. Rang my butcher, no chuck roast in. But he has said he will do me a 3 kg piece of flank for the same price. Never cooked flank for pulling before on the smoker. Anyone any experience of a large piece of flank Is it as good or better? Butcher reckons it is as good and should pull, but not a lot of info out there on cooking it in a smoker anyone any experience of it. Without seeing the meat, I would imagine if it is like flank steak rather than a roast a 3kg piece would have to be cut into pieces as a whole piece would be to large in a smoker, unless it was rolled and tied
  13. Thanks for the reply Rob, glad you're pleased overall with your Razzo. What sort of cooking temp range, do you get using a dry bowl then? Never really done that on my ProQ as the temp minimum is 275F + on that model, with a dry bowl, I have found and that is usually a little higher than I like to cook at. One of my concerns were buckled segments with it (usually the lid). Seen a few reviews and videos from a people who have had that problem, with the Razzo. Glad you got it sorted. Did you buy direct from the distributor?
  14. Hi Rob, welcome to the forum. How you finding the Razzo, seriously thinking of getting one. Any good points and bad you have found with it along the way?
  15. sotv


    Had a bit of luck today, called in a butchers I passed in a village near to me and he had the perfect bacon for these and fatties, saved a trip to the supermarket, 10 inch long streaky bacon (with a bit of stretch in it. 2 inches wide did a great 7x7 weave, perfect for a fatty and for once able to finally tuck the ends in. No more supermarket bacon 6 x 6 and fill in the gaps it doesn't cover anymore Had Jacobs Ladders and Ocho Bucco for £7.50 kg as well , happy find.
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