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  1. As this thread is getting very large at the moment and a lot of pages to go through if looking for answers to problems maybe you are experiencing with your Smokefire. Wondering if people would find a seperate thread just for hardware/software problems people are experiencing and any resolutions or discussions you have had with Weber etc. Maybe it would useful guide for any old or new users to reference this sort of thing in a seperate thread and easier to find answers possibly along with if any new firmware/software updates becoming available etc in a smaller thread than this. Then keep this thread for general discussion and cooks etc. What do you think? If it seems like a good idea, I will create one later and go through this thread and transfer any known problems and solutions etc, that have been discussed to it.
  2. It will be all about how crispy the skin turns out for me. I was super impressed with the chicken wings I did over a week ago. Probably more down to my poor cooking skills on charcoal. But there is know way I could have got the skin cooked liked that on charcoal that i did on the smokefire. Cooked whole chickens on charcoal before and they always taste super juicy and nice, but the skin always came out rubbery. With the ease of upping the temp on the smokefire, hoping to be able to get crispy skin with it now. We shall see.😀
  3. I certainly haven't experienced some of the problems others are reporting, and as for a 15F temperature difference between the Weber probe and Maverick probe, I personally wouldn't be that worried tbh. If it was +30 or 40F then I might. But it is your experience and what you expect from it that matters. Good look with your cook, I am sure you won't need it. For all its teething problems, the food I am producing so far is of a way higher and consistent quality than my previous ProQ , I think, only thing lacking is the strength of the smoke flavour compared to charcoal, but that is to be expected from any sort pellet grill I believe? I am going to use the Weber Roaster for the first time today and do a full chicken Sunday dinner with it including potatoes and veg to see how it turns out.
  4. That don't sound good, never experienced that variant in temps. Can't ever recall it going over in temp during a cook myself , occasionally get a drop of 10-20F during a cook but it has stabilised back to the desired temp I set within 5 minutes and I don't find or think that is a problem for myself personally. I would definitely be having a chat with Weber on Monday if the temps continue swinging wildly like that throughout the whole cook. The sooner they get the graphs working on the app to show the temps throughout the cooking time the better. It can be done, I had a smokefire before this and they showed graphs for the temp of the cook and meat via the probes, through the app in real time and kept a history of previous cooks, that you could access. Not sure if it is a software development problem or a cloud problem, but they need to get that side of it sorted asap.
  5. How are people finding the amount of ash at the bottom it after a few cooks? Used mine for the first time in over a week today, so though I would clean out the bottom first. I had done 3 cooks since the last time I used it and with start up and shutdown and cook time no more than 7-8 hours cooking time. I was surprised how much ash had accumulated in that time on the the bottom of it. I opened the draw and there was probably a cupful of ash in the drawer and aluminium tray, by the time I had swept it away through the holes the foil tray was practically full. Very little grease as except for chicken wings I had used a drip pan and plancha for the other 2 cooks.
  6. I haven't used the Smokefire for over a week, so was keen to give it ago today, I completed the Firmware update to 4008 and decided to try a Pizza for the first time, as it was quick and easy and a way to check the firmware update hadn't broken anything.The Smokefire took about 20 minutes to get up to temperature and another 10 minutes to make sure the pizza stone had reached 500F as well I really wanted to make my own base, but haven't been able to find any Pizza 00 Flour anywhere, due to the ongoing virus situation and shortage of stocks in the shops. I did manage to find a ready made Pizza base made by a company called Crosta & Mollica, a partially cooked Wood Fired Sourdough Base with a pizza tomato base already added. It comes fresh and not frozen with a 4 or 5 day shelf life. I was very pleasantly surprised with how it turned out with the cheese and ham toppings, I added myself. As I had heard some horror stories about ready made bases from other people in the past. But after an 11 minute cook (5 at 500F and 6 at 550F) it was lovely and crisp on the bottom still and had a crisp , but not overdone bite to it. I Will definitely use it again, if struggling to find flour next time and it is still available. I used a four cheese grated mix along with some grated Monterey Jack and a couple of Mozarella Cheese slices for topping along with some shredded Honey Roast ham and a couple of fresh Basil Leaves. The cheese bubbled and melted nicely but didn't colour up as well as I had hoped. So would probably try 550F from the start for the full cook next time. Not sure if the Smokefire added a very slight smoky taste to the base, but suspect as the ready made base was partially woodfired, I think it was already there, but still nice whichever way it got there. Overall very pleased with how it all turned out, not sure how often I would do a pizza on the Smokefire for just myself with startup and cooking time it took close to 40 minutes, which is quite a long time for just a single pizza. After 5 minutes After 11 minutes A nicely cooked base
  7. sotv

    St Louis ribs

    HowToBBQRight posted this video the other day, not tried this method, but looks an interesting way of cooking ribs and they looked fabulous and although he uses a UDS in the video, I am sure it can be adapted to a bullet smoker with the aluminium foil over half the basket and rotating, without the waterpan or leaving the waterpan empty perhaps?. They do look really tasty ribs and cooked at 275F
  8. Did look at it, but cast iron is likely to rust so quickly in my case and my storing options. But it does look good value for what it is. I don't think I would use it often as I have a grill and like next week intend doing a neck of lamb stew for my wife and an Ox cheek stew for me in Dutch Ovens and they will both comfortably fit in my grill at the same time and any other further meals, like that in the future and it is so easy to fire up and start cooking tbh. See it as more of a side burner use if the grill is ever full of meat and I want to do some camp beans, sides or a dessert etc in the Dutch oven or skillet at the same time and I need the space. Been speaking to the distributor and advises this re cooking and temp control. As you say they're not brilliant for it, but they do a job With the Versa you change from stick wood to charcoal by closing the upper door. Then you can drop charcoal lumps onto the fire to keep it fed. Charcoal needs less oxygen than stick wood, which needs more oxygen mixed up with it to get a good burn, and this is why the upper door is used. To throttle oxygen supply the lower door is used, fully open or closed or all points in between. A cool fire at start up needs more oxygen flow to get it moving
  9. Haven't used it since the new firmware update, but mine gets up to temp within 20--25 minutes for 5-600F but around 15-18 minutes for 225F which I find a bit strange for the temperature difference. But it always gets there, unless the new firmware is going to muck it up? Found it holds temps pretty well, occasionally notice a brief 20-30F drop in temp on the app during the cook but it has always got it back up to the desired temp pretty quickly and my old bullet smoker, had more temperature variants in a cook than this appears to. Only thing that surprises me is the rate of pellets it gets through, having never owned one before, it is probably normal. But I can see it is going to be quite a bit more expensive for fuel than using charcoal overall at this rate.
  10. I have used this charcoal from Coals2U and in the main have been very happy with it, I know some people have had indifferent results on quality on occasions though. But if self isolating and not able to go out, they have a 25% offer on at the moment with free delivery on orders over £30 Works out £9.74 a 12kg bag with code. Delivered by the local coalman in my case and I usually receive it within 7 days of ordering. They also sell the twizzler firelighters if you need just 3 bags to take the order over £30 Not much in the way of briquettes but they do sell the Supagrill stuff with 25% off and is delivered to your also. HTH
  11. Thanks will take a look at the Petromax over the weekend and some comparison best I can with the Ecozoom, if I had somewhere to store the Joystove would probably go for it. But the though of spending £60 for the cover on top makes me baulk at that idea tbh
  12. sotv

    Baby back 😋

    Weber's sites usually have decent recipes for most things, but best to google it first. As for instance Weber Australia has this recipe and cook time for beef ribs, but it isn't on the Uk site. They look very nice from the picture, but a lot of beef there 😀 I have couple of seperate beef foreribs coming the weekend, so hoping to cook them next week.
  13. If they tell any of you anything, please keep us updated
  14. I have been looking at the Joy stove and the EcoZoom Versa, Power Ring, Stove-Bag combo half the price of the Joy Stove when you factor in the bag. But so hard to find reviews on these sort of stoves. I certainly wouldn't use the stove as often as you seem to and although I would cook mostly with charcoal, it also offers a wood option. I haven't got to buy it quickly (probably will though) as the wife is feeling very sorry for the at the moment and I need to strike while the iron is hot so to speak😃 If anybody has experience of the Ecozoom, I would be grateful for their thoughts on it as I know @Smokin Monkey rates the Joy Stove Another quick question, can you regulate the temps on these, or do they just burn at a hot constant temperature the lit coals settle at, till they start cooling off? and how long does lumpwood burn for usually before they need topping up. Also do you add lit coals on top of them or can you add unlit ones inside to catch
  15. That's a shame, sounds like you got an unhelpful CS agent. I was aware of the BBQ course, when I pre-ordered mine back in January and that was what I expected to get tbh, but never saw anyway to claim it, once mine was actually dispatched and registered and it just seemed to disappear, when this offer of roaster and grate superseded it?
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