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  1. sotv


    A brand of mozarella I use (never smoked it) is Galbani (cows milk mozarella) and the 2 types I use are the Maxi version, (picked one up last week from Morrisons on offer £1.50) although in liquid it comes in one long log roll shape, which may help in smoking rather than the balls. It slices really well and may be easier to store and pack than several balls after smoking? The other is Galbani Cucina (only ever seen this at Waitrose) is comes as a dryish block of mozarella, like feta for wetness and with care you can grate, or just break break into small pieces as well slice it or as I do run a potato peeler down the edge of it and would also imagine it might smoke quite well, because of the shape and texture of it? Easier to store and pack again as well. I have bought Tesco Scarmorza Mozarella (already smoked) costs more than normal Mozarella but all the hard work is done for you and, tastes great. I would imagine just leaving a wet mozarella to drain in a colander for 60-90 minutes and patting it with some towels after, before smoking would help reduce some of the liquid before smoking it, if you bought ordinary Mozarella balls though?
  2. sotv

    Nuts Hot or Cold Smoked?

    Bought a 1kg of cashew, pistachios and walnuts from Lidl pick & mix and they were already salted. Grrr. Annoying thing is I could have just tried them in the shop to find out. Think it was from when I was kid , told never pinch a sweet from the pick & mix at Woolies as it was stealing. 😀 Will order some online in the New Year, when I have got through this lot.....
  3. sotv

    Made it .....

    Smoked some cheese the other day and had some leftover red babybels from the grandkids visit. So took the wax off let them get to room temperature and only let the babybels smoke for 45 minutes before removing them. Had one on the evening that was really tasty. Left the rest clingfilmed in the fridge for another 48 hours and had them with some Italian ham and red onion chutney, and some gruyere cheese sticks with a nice glass of red, delicious. Definitely doing them again, nice bit of supper and bite size pieces. Shame I have to regulate how much I can eat now though as 7 or 8 are definitely doable in one go. 😀 Recommend trying i, especially if you see them on offer at your supermarket.
  4. sotv

    Nuts Hot or Cold Smoked?

    Thanks for the advice and tips to people who have posted on this thread. With a decidedly rubbish weather forecasts for the foreseeable, the idea of firing up the smoker for less than a half hour to roast some nuts doesn't seem practical and then allowing to cool down to cold smoke. Have bookmarked the thread for reference for when the weather improves a bit next year and roast the nuts after a cook and use the end of the coals for a 25 minute minute blitz. I think the salt only version is the way to go for me. (Can you use things like Cornish or Maldon Smoked Salt Flakes as an option to salt them)? as you can buy them in the supermarket Thinking out aloud, could I also roast them in the oven in a roasting dish say for say 3 x 8 minutes (shaking inbetween) and then cold smoke them for 8 hours? If so it would be pistachios and cashews (as Justin said Lidl do unsalted versions of both) so would get them from there initially to try, if I can do the first part in the oven. Is Hickory the best type of dust to use or are there others that work as well? How long does the smoke take to settle is it like cheese and bacon and a couple or more weeks to settle. or can they be eaten pretty quickly. On a seperate note Been eating a lot of Pistachios in the past few weeks and was wondering if anyone knew if the shells of them could be used for woodsmoking or not. Because I would imagine I could build up quite a collection if they could? Sorry for more questions, but it seems there are at least a couple who have tried it successfully and have some knowledge of what they are doing.
  5. With the plethora of nuts available in the shop for xmas, has anyone smoked a selection for themselves before? Hot smoking them seems to be the preferred method, but was hoping cold smoking might be an option. Any thoughts or experiences? Was thinking of getting some plain pistachios in shells. shelled peanuts and cashews and using salt and lime juice (in place of sugar) and if succesfull maybe some Brazil nuts and walnuts with a bit of salt only I have one of these so can spread the nuts out in the proq without fear of losing any Cold smoking would be easier if achievable, and what sort of storage time can you keep them for once they have been smoked?
  6. sotv

    Smoking Salmon Commercially

    Thoroughly recommend it, if you do. I smoked a couple of pheasants a month ago and added a few photos and method here
  7. sotv

    Any Diabetics On Here?

    @Raptor72 definitely keep on top of your diabetes reading I was borderline 2 years ago and missed a year and now have got pretty high readings. Although I know my body was trying to tell me something and the results confirmed it. Managed to lose 10 pounds in 14 days so far just by cutting out chocolate and fizzy drinks and carbs. Still eating well but just substituting carbs and sugars for lower alternatives and keeping to a 1500 calorie a day food plan. 6-8 pounds more (hopefully by christmas or the new year or soon after) I will be well within my BMI for my height if I manage that, which can only help to control the diabetes or hopefully not get any worse along with the medication long term. I am sure I can have the occasional blowout so intend to try smoking meats next year, been doing some research and some of the Jerk type rubs look promising as plenty of no sugar versions and they don't all have to be on the strong/hot side . Like this one 2 tablespoons onion granules 2 1/2 teaspoons dried thyme 2 teaspoons ground allspice 2 teaspoons ground black pepper 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/2 teaspoon salt I can see this working on most meats although I will be looking more at leaner cuts poultry, beef and pork loin type cuts. If cooking for a few can always add a sauce to dip or coat for the others, that adds the sugary sweetness for them.
  8. sotv

    Home made charcoal

    The ingenuity of people on here never ceases to amaze me. No idea or understanding how to build it, even with your explanation 😀 But still impressed and envious at your skills
  9. sotv

    Post Any Black Friday Deals Here

    Not strictly Black Friday but from 10am today Ebay have 15% off code for 24 hrs Code is PRESENTS £20 minimum spend £50 minimum discount (approx £335 spend) Coupon valid once but can be applied to multiple items in basket from different vendors at checkout. Maybe some BBQ bargains on there?
  10. Noticed when checking different types of Accommodation that were available, all the pitches with electric hook ups are booked up now as well. Not sure if it is this event or the site in General but the campsite seems to be filling up fast and just normal pitches without electric for motorhomes and tents seem to be available to select online anyway for that weekend now or Static Caravans and Lodges, like I booked.
  11. I will be, no idea what yet. Maybe a bit different due to health requirements. but we'll see. plenty of time to practice on things beforehand. 👍
  12. sotv

    Any Diabetics On Here?

    Congrats in getting your results back to normal levels and all that weight loss, gives hope that it can be controlled/reversed with the right diet. Early days for me, diabetes wasn't the only poor blood result in my case. So further tests, hospital appointments to get things sorted in general over the coming weeks/months. But I have changed my diet, working to 1500 calories a day and cutting down on carbs and sugars, not sure on percentages but cutting out certain foods, drinks and doing some exercise, I have lost 5 pounds in 10 days already. Will speak to a Nutritionist when the appointment comes through, so will have a better of idea then of target carbs/fat/sugars etc. What do you do when it comes to smoked foods any meats you avoid and how regularly do you eat it. I liked slow cooking once or twice a fortnight usually pork based meals, not sure where I stand now and can't imagine the Nutritionist endorsing it, especially some of the homemade rub mixes I used?
  13. All the pods booked, galvanised me into making a booking. Booked one of the lodges there as they have 25% off sitewide on caravans, lodges and camping/van pitches till Monday as part of Black Friday using code on site. Going to coming down down as a group of 6 for the weekend as the granddkids look well provided for with facilities on the site during the day and evening. Hopefully it will be alright for them all to join us for the feast on the evening? Got the lodge for £265 for the weekend and accommodates six. (May have got the last one)? Caravans available for £225 to £250 for the weekend sleeping six using code as well. If anyone else interested in that form of accommodation?
  14. sotv

    Any Diabetics On Here?

    I am not hugely overweight about 8-10 pounds based on my BMI, but certainly dropping a few pounds wont hurt. More the quality of my general diet and very sweet tooth haven't helped getting me to this stage. So some lifestyle regular exercise and food changes are hopefully what is needed to try to keep it in check. Congrats on the weight loss, you are doing the right things. I tested borderline like you @Icefever 2-3 years ago with a reading of 48. Last one the other week was in the lows 90's so it is a good idea to listen to the doctor. Because those sort of results means tablets for life and regular tests for complications resulting from the diabetes. Was even looking at an Air Frier on Amazon Black Friday today 😞, no more lardy chips for me now unfortunately. Will probably be joining the Sous Vide brigade on here in the New Year as well Thoroughly recommend the app/or website www.myfitnesspal.com to keep a check on your diet sugars/carbs/sodium etc it has 4 million food items on there. Not found 1 supermarket product I have bough,t not on there yet. Great way to keep a check of your daily intake, if disciplined enough to add you meals you have eaten to it daily.
  15. sotv

    Post Any Black Friday Deals Here

    15% Off Everything today at Hotsmoked with code FABFRIDAY