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  1. sotv

    Lamb Shawarama

    Sounds good, got a ribeye roast out the freezer today, to try a beef version on the spike tomorrow, minus the yoghurt, for a recipe I have found. May take it off around the 160-165F mark.
  2. sotv

    Lamb Shawarama

    Looks great, a proper tower of meat. Out of interest did you cook it to an IT?
  3. sotv

    Lamb Shawarama

    When I was researching recipes for this, some used leg of lamb, I chose the shoulder for the extra bit of fat, but sure if you leave the outside layer of fat on the butterflied leg, it should be good.
  4. Finally got round to installing the new augur and chute. Pretty straightforward. Reached 600F in 15 minutes and then grilled at 400F for just under an hour and held rock steady for the duration. Fingers crossed a good start, going forward
  5. Been waiting for what seems like ages for the corns with husks, managed to pick some up today, so tried Elote for the first time . Recipe here Soaked the corns and husks for 1 hour in a tub, heated the pellet grill up to 400F and cooked them for just over 40 minutes. Quarter turned the cobs every ten minutes. Used Parmesan instead of Cojita cheese, but the homemade Crema (left in fridge overnight) and parmesan work really well with the corn
  6. Recipe here, more clams next time, proper dunking juice for the bread Did at 400F on the pellet grill
  7. I usually do as well. But bought a bottle of Traeger Sugar lips on a recommendation this weekend, and it is a fabulous glaze for Ribs, very moreish (hopefully works on wings as well), I've found my go to sauce certainly for ribs, not good for my diabetes though to often, as it is very sweet, but has a fabulous flavour to it. I heat my sauces on the grill in a cast iron saucepan for 20-30 minutes till it is simmering before applying to the meat
  8. sotv

    Lamb Shawarama

    You're welcome, produces a tasty dish and when my wife says you can do that again, then I know it's a pretty decent meal 😀 I used this Tahini, bought a couple of others in the past and they have been pretty disappointing. But this one was spot on, mixed with some water and lemon juice, much smoother and the right consistency.
  9. Glad to hear it, did a Lamb Shawarma using a marinated Boneless Shoulder on a kebab spike and it turned out well also, hoping to fit the chute this week. Reading Weber have pushed a new firmware (4042) update out for it, over the weekend (No details on what it does) Had my Smokefire on twice over the weekend and no offer of an update either time though....
  10. sotv

    Lamb Shawarama

    Marinated a boneless Lamb shoulder overnight. Filled Stoneground Pita Breads with Parsley, Mixed Salad leaves and beetroot stalks and a Pico de Gallo mix along with the Lamb Shawarma. Did 1 with a Tahini dressing on top and 1 with mayo as first time made it and wanted to see what went with it. (Tahini worked really well) Did Smokeboost for 1 hour and 350F for just over 2 hours , to an IT of 180F Recipe
  11. Do people when using sauces out the bottle. heat it up first, before using or straight out the bottle and let it warm up on the ribs on the grill?
  12. Is that the reason for your shack? take you can't bribe him with your leftovers then?
  13. Well let's hope it is an uncommon thing, as can't see anywhere to buy replacements on their website, if their not willing to replace them if warranty runs out. I'm doing a Lamb dish tomorrow, first time done lamb on it, drip tray underneath it. (Bit worried about the amount of fat from lamb), looking forward to how it turns out, are you doing a skillet cook or a leg of lamb cook for your Raan? Got a rack of Baby and St Louis Ribs on at the moment, first to see if it properly behaves over 6 hours.
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