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  1. Done 3 pieces of Packington Farm Free Range Pork Legs this morning ranging between 1.2 - 1.4Kg for myself and family. If it tastes as good as the brine and rub smell, it will be gorgeous, I am sure. The house smells of Christmas, with the brine and rub being mixed and boiled. 😀
  2. Just bought a rechargeable headlamp on an Amazon lightning deal £8.49 with free prime delivery (valid till midnight tonight). Hopefully help with these dark nights and trudging up the garden to see how it is going.
  3. Thanks for the reply, always think of one more question you should have asked. Family members have also asked for a couple also, so going to do 3 pieces, what sort of time for cold smoking do you suggest for 3 x 1.5 kg pieces in a bullet smoker all done together, with a ProQ cold smoke generator.
  4. Missed this, will give it ago for boxing day I think. If I was to start this next week, once cured and smoked, it would still keep in the fridge till boxing day if I vacpac it? Or best left another couple of weeks before starting.
  5. I like Silver Birch wood dust to smoke all my meats, cheeses and salmon and find it quite mild and a less bitter in finished smoke flavour compared to some other woods. So I now increase the smoke times I would do with say with oak by up to 25% to get a good balance of flavour for my and families tastes.
  6. Nice idea and a bit of fun on the day, whilst everyone is waiting for their stuff to cook. I know you are going to publish a full set of rules nearer the time, but is marinating the steak first allowed?
  7. Got few things planned, going to do a Smoked Salmon and Spinah Terrine for starters, using some home smoked cold salmon and possibly some hot smoked salmon for the filling, but maybe easier just to buy the hot smoked from the supermarket for the quantity needed. A selection of hard cheeses for the cheese platter to finish and eat over xmas. Also may try some nuts over xmas, if I can find a mixed selection of shelled nuts that haven't already been salted first. Tempted to do a green ham for boxing day, but as never done one before from raw, bit apprehensive and may resort to my trusted Christmas Ham recipe which is easier to do. Anyone else got any plans?
  8. Thanks for the advice. Stuck it on now, not meant to go higher than 8c today and hopefully the same Sunday. Should get 20-24 hours of dry weather so hopefully all will be good. Looks like it might be a hard frost tonight, so decided against running it through the night.
  9. I have had issues as well, but getting there. I have an old version of the ProQ at the moment and found the cake adaptor slips and needs re-tightening quite often. Looking to replace mine with another bullet smoker of some description and will be looking to buy one that allows the daisy wheel to be removed by undoing a nut rather than the rivet on mine currently. Which I am hoping is the cause of the slipping, as I haven't removed the daisy wheel on mine. Have you removed or is the daisy wheel easily removed on your Basso? After a lot of trial and error, found different types of charcoal do work, some better than others, especially with regards to outside temperature. Found the ProQ cocoshell work best for me overall, in all conditions but lumpwood works well in warmer outside temperatures also. If a warm day I tend to light on the opposite side of the smartfire. If colder I leave a hole in the centre of a full basket of charcoal and pouring half a lit chimney of white coals into the hole. and a few unlit ones on top of it, I find that works better for me with lumpwood or generally colder outside conditions. If some unlit or half used coals remain after a cook, i tend to use them in my next cook as starter coals for my chimney. That 2nd chart looks good and hopefully you will get many more of them, in your coming cooks. I noticed a slight difference with my pit and meat probes, but 10F difference isn't huge, in your case when it comes to pit temps if it is. But it maybe the shorter pit probe is being affected by steam/moisture from the water than the longer pit probes when you tested them perhaps? If you are convinced the probe is running 10F hotter than it actually is, you can always set the temp for 235F to get a 225F cook for example
  10. I have a couple of slabs of bacon ready to cold smoke. Forecast to go below zero and a frost tonight. Is it ok to smoke when temp goes below freezing. So many few dry nights forecast for the coming days and weeks. Need to take advantage of a dry 24 hours where possible at the moment, if ok to do so.
  11. sotv

    Christmas ham.

    I have this xmas ham recipe to fall back on, that I posted earlier. But would love to make one from raw this xmas. Plenty of recipes out there to try. What I have a problem is what sort of bucket size in litres would I need to brine say a 3kg pork leg in. Limited space in fridge so keeping it to a correct sized bucket rather than an oversized one would make it more practical for me. Even if I could find a deep rectangular one for the size would be even better. Anyone any ideas on size needed and where to get plastic bags and size suitable for the meat and brine also? If anyone has any practical experience of this.
  12. sotv

    Maldon 2020

    Please don't take this to a message thread. This is an interesting topic to follow for outsiders, from a seedling of an idea to hopefully a team competing at Maldon.
  13. sotv

    Beef cheeks

    Tesco and Waitrose sell these kits online would need to check your local store if they stock them
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