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  1. This website may or may not be useful to use, I used it for Strong Flour for Bread Making and helped me work with the Protein content of the flour for the UK Equivalents of US Flour in recipes. This page list the protein content of US All Purpose Flour as 10-11.5% whereas UK Plain Flour is usually <10% Couple of examples here from Morrisons for different Flours they sell if you look at the Nutrition Values listed for them Homepride Plain Flour 9.73g per 100g Morrisons Organic Plain Flour 11.8g per 100g Not saying buy the Morrisons one, just look online at the different flours or the side of the bag in the shop and if you see the protein value in the 10-11.5 range you will be getting closer to American all purpose flour.
  2. New firmware update just released. Version 4035 meant to improve shutdown procedure
  3. Had my first E3 Flame Out whilst using Smokeboost happen today. Going to keep an eye on it, as in States, this is what they are mostly sending the new augur out for. First time happened to me since owning it in February, so hopefully a one off, but will keep an eye on it. You will have to update us what the fitting of it is like and any benefit. Info been out for a few week now, but only showing in the States at the moment. Although Front table looks useful. The extra side table with the built in storage for the chopping board, will probably be my first purchase. Closely followed by the Pellet Storage bag. Also for the past 2 weeks and for another week they are offering $200 of both models in the States for the big holiday they've just had. Whether they will offer that sort of discount here in the coming months remains to be seen. But it certainly seems to have been popular in the States bring the EX4 down to $799 and the EX6 to $999 obviously that doesn't equate to UK prices but a similar reduction in price over here, would certainly attract a few more people to consider purchasing one over here as well. As the new firmware update they did in May has made this a much more stable and reliable machine overall.
  4. My local Bookers didn't have any in yesterday, so picked these up from a butcher close by that I haven't used before. Couldn't believe it £4 a kg and he cut it off fresh off the carcass for me. Only needed it for 2 people so he offered me the 6 bones cut in half or 3 long bones for the 2 kg I asked for. Went with the 6 half cut length wise as wanted to judge how many I could fit on my Pellet grill for the future. Proof will be in the eating, but they look pretty meaty to at and a very decent price. He said he was happy to cut me St Louis Ribs to my preference if I bring in a picture of what I want, so long as he has a pig carcass on the day as well. 6 still looked too much for the 2 of us today, so after trimming it down I have put 4 of them onto cook.
  5. May or may not be of interest to you? A guy I subscribe to on Youtube has just completed a Santa Maria Grill upgrade. Some interesting ideas in there. There is a total of 3 video's in the Project series, this is the final one, easy to find the other 2 if any use to you. Also some cooks he has done on them in others as well
  6. Like Ice I have Zelite Knives as well, 1 x 12 inch Carving knife and a couple of different size chef knives along with a pairing knife. Looking to add their boning knife to my collection soon. Bought a leather chefs knife roll with a large pocket in the side that holds most of my bbq stuff, spatulas, tongs, brushes, mops. Really handy and a lot safer than keeping the knives in a drawer, as they're so sharp.
  7. Need to be careful with fresh pineapple or juice in a marinade, as the enzymes in it can start dissolving the meat after 3-4 hours and you can end up with just a meaty mush, if left overnight.
  8. I have been ideally looking for a Cast Iron Mini Meat Loaf Pan (not the muffin ones), but can't find them anywhere in the UK. Amazon sell non stick steel ones like this but unsure if they're suitable. Doesn't say anything about Teflon. But I am sure I have read some non-stick stuff is unsuitable for Grills?
  9. If you sign up to the newsletter, you get £15 of your first £50 order. I usually cook individual ribs, this was the first rack I did and I expected 10-12 hours (and it was only just over 2kg in weight) I waited till the probe sank into it like butter, it is a thing and very noticeable when it reaches that stage. The probe read 203F but I was more interested on that probe sinking into the meat more than the temp tbh. I took them to my Dad's for Father's day so they were wrapped in foil for 90 minutes in a cool box, during transport. But would only leave it for 30 minutes next time as they dried out a little bit during the 90 minutes
  10. If you haven't got your ribs yet. Tom Hixson are doing this rib offer as part of their daily deals up to the 4th July. If that helps. I did a rack of 4 plate ribs last week, and they took close to 12 hours unwrapped at 240F though
  11. sotv

    Bacon video.

    Thought of you the other day, when I came across this recipe for a Bacon Sausage using your meat grinder. Bet using some homemade bacon would go well in this?
  12. Looking to get some Sodium Citrate to try out, do you know if Trisodium Citrate is the same thing with a different name or are they actually different products?
  13. It was Ok meat wise, turned out how it should, I went for to much pepper on mine and it spoilt it, for my tastes tbh. I have had much better success with a chuck roast cut to my size by the butcher. Comes from above the brisket, but tastes just as nice and does good burnt ends as well and goes well in bun hot or cold.
  14. Hi and Welcome @sub333 has done one. topic here I think @Phlashster did one as well? I have only done the point end as it was easier to manage on it., than trying a full one
  15. There is an Estonian based company Ecowood, with its UK headquarters, literally 2 miles up the road from me and although showing out of stock, do lumpwood charcoal as well. If you google EcowoodBBQ it shows their UK address as by Drayton Manor Park I have tried ringing them a few times about some of their other products, but whether it is due to covid or something else can't get an answer when I have tried over the past few months?
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