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  1. sotv


    Bought the 8" chefs knife and a carving knife in their series. Like the Dutch Oven hope it will be a worthwhile investment in a well made, long life product.
  2. sotv


    A while ago I was recommended to buy zelite knives. The cost was always prohibitive. But put a tracker on them on Amazon and overnight a lot of their knives have dropped £10-40 After a bit of advice, I was originally looking for an all purpose knife that would do, for just general raw meat cutting and vegetable chopping in the home. Was originally thinking of this one but before purchasing, is their a better one in their range for up to £50 than this, for my needs?
  3. No piccies this time I am afraid. But as you say everybody's idea of what a rare steak should be are different. You would definitely class this as rare if it was served to you. Just no flooded plate of blood, just natural juices that the steak and kidneys mopped up perfectly.
  4. Managed to cook a TV chef type steak you see them show off on the cookery programmes, for the first time in my life today, with the afterburner , seared on the outside and the fat just dissolved, couple of mm of cooked meat from the outside, in on each side and the middle still pinky red. But no blood, or red juices oozing out when you cut into it and flooding the plate. I would have been chuffed if that had been served to me in a restaurant. This time I cooked it with the coals still glowing orange and the flames still flickering from them. Used a thick cut rib-eye about 350g and did each side for about 90 seconds, left to stand for 3 minutes and then put it back on for 90 seconds each side and left to stand for a couple of minutes again before devouring, with a mushroom and onion dip and some lamb kidneys. nom nom Duck breast next to try I think, see if I can get that pinky middle you see on the TV and in restaurants with no blood oozing...😀
  5. Currently getting though 4 bags of this supplied direct from Big K and pleased with the quality but would say a sixth of the bag are small pieces ( so use them in a chimney starter). but the big pieces burn consistently and last well. More expensive than your option, but it is restaurant grade and vastly different to the Big K you get in the supermarkets and DIY stores and you can just order a single bag to try.
  6. sotv


    That's a shame, but have been told to buy some Wild Fennel Pollen to use in the filling (very expensive, found it for £15 for 50g) but meant to make a massive difference to the finished flavour, compared to normal fennel you can get in most places. My local butcher reckon about £30 for a whole 5 kg belly and loin attached so it all tots up.But they look so good on the videos I have watched
  7. sotv


    As much as I enjoy rubs and sauces, I have to monitor them now. So will be looking for more food types like these in the future as except for the bacon, it was all fresh ingredients and no extra sugar would have been used and all sorts of things could be added to liven it up, if you like spicy. Although the sausage meat, I would keep as I think the fat from it stops it drying up in the middle, during cooking. . A porchetta on the rotisserie is on my to do list, but they're a family type cook as it is a big piece of meat.
  8. sotv


    Just the turkey breast, found it quite difficult to source a turkey breast, but Asda do them, but they're only slightly bigger than a big chicken breast and just one size and price no variation (also got the duck breast steaks (as skin already removed and you just get the meat) from there,. So butterflied it and stuck it in a small food bag with corners snipped off and flattened it. As the turkey breast is on the outside and I needed the overlap for the 2 other breasts and stuffing to roll it over. Left the other two breasts untouched. Using the clingfilm and leaving it in the fridge overnight, helped it to keep its shape whilst rolling with the bacon weave as well. May try the more readily available Turkey steaks you can get next time. Put 2 of them in a bag and flatten them and see if they hold together even though seperate pieces Sliced up the rest for lunch with pickled onions and crusty bread, still held its flavour 24 hours later and tasted good cold as well. The neighbours were raving about it this morning from the piece I gave them, always nice to get a compliment on what you have cooked.
  9. All down to personal preference. i prefer lumpwood in my bullet smoker as it burns longer and more consistently throughout the cook, but can still spike and when temperature starts to drop off it is easier for the new charcoal to catch and quicker, than when i use briquettes, which are mostly a bed of ash once temperatures drop. But that may be more down to me than what other people find.😀 I have tried many brands and think the CPL Distribution Restaurant Grade Charcoal, I get delivered from coals2u via my local coalman is the most consistent in size and burn as well as best value charcoal I have tried. But always looking out for new affordable ones to try. A basketful of charcoal will usually burn for 5-6 hours for me (depending on weather) before temps start to drop, I know a lot of people can get a little longer with briquettes though. A few manufacturers of lumpwood whether restaurant or ordinary lumpwood don't always supply the fist sized chunks I prefer in the bag and you end up with a bag of smashed bits, that are disappointing and hard to work with. So if buying from a store, I always feel the bag, to try to get an idea of contents. Not possible with online purchases of course.I save the smaller bits for the chimney starter and keep the bigger pieces for the actual basket and cook. I look to spend between £1 - £1.50 per kg for my restaurant grade charcoal A few manufacturers are pushing low moisture lumpwood charcoal as burning longer and hotter than standard lumpwood at the moment. Whether this is true or a marketing ploy to sell you less quantity at a higher price, unsure yet. We don't seem to have any local small charcoal manufacturers in my county I live in. But there are a lot of local small charcoal manufacturers out there that have their own kiln and sell to the public directly and are meant to produce some very good lumpwood to try. Worth a google to see if you have one.
  10. sotv


    Turned out really nice and tasty, the different meats were cooked and still juicy at an internal temp of 165F the bacon tasted smoky and melted in the mouth (would use rindless next time as the rind on a few slices didn't soften up completely, like it normally does) and the stuffing worked really well. Took a little over 6 hours cooked at 225F to reach an internal temp in the middle of 165F would estimate you would get at least 10-12 slices from this one piece costed it up at approx £10 for a piece like this and would comfortably feed 4 people. Will definitely do this again and try a few different filling to go with the meat and stuffing. I know things like chorizo slices cook well in these type of fatties and imparts some nice oils and flavours when cooked slowly into the meats and would add a bit of spice and colour to the finished product, maybe even cranberries? and pit beans on the side I would imagine cooking this at a higher temperature, would cook it in half the time, just as well, but lo&slo lets the bacon oils soak through to the meat at the lower temperature and keeps it soft, I find? Here are some photos Wrapped in the bacon weave before putting in the smoker Apologies cut in half before realising I should take a photo
  11. Seeing as i am the one who seems to have derailed this thread the most (sorry) and to get this one back on topic. I have created a lumpwood thread, that you can move my posts and any other posts you feel belong there to it.
  12. A thread to discuss any questions about Lumpwood charcoal, the different types, makes, burning time or deals you may have found etc
  13. sotv


    Smoking this tomorrow, some prep done this evening, photos included Made the stuffing consisting of fried onions, mushroom, Cumberland sausage meat mixed with breadcrumbs once cooled, which is then layered between each piece of Turkey, Chicken and Duck breast Rolled up the meat and stuffing into a large sausage shape with clingfilm and will leave in the fridge overnight Will do a 9 x 9 bacon weave in the morning and cook for approx 6 hours at 225F . Will add further photos tomorrow.
  14. As we have both ordered some, may get them to quicken the re-stocking up?
  15. I have a few cherry rub rub recipes that I have bookmarked in the past, but never got round to trying yet, and they all call for Kool-Aid Unsweetened Cherry Drink Mix I am only linking it as it is a good picture of what is used, you can get them from elsewhere if you decided to try it, by searching, google.amazon, ebay etc. Can't help with the pecan side but I am sure you could add ground/blitzed pecans to the rub if necessary? This is a straight cherry rub recipe I had bookmarked, but others out there using the kool-aid also.
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