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  1. Not up to Portugese quality, but still super tasty. British Sardines, gutted and cleaned by myself, marinated for 45 minutes and grilled just over 5 minutes each side at 425F, served with some grilled olive oil bread.
  2. Seems to be a price increase of £20 over the last 2 years, had a name change and a different thermometer by the looks of it, otherwise specs seem the same. Still good value with the price increase though? Grillmeister Mini Kamado Barbecue Fire up your grilling game with this ceramic barbecue in a traditional Japanese style known for its versatility and exceptional flavour – perfect for barbecue connoisseurs Great for smoking, baking, grilling and high-temperature cooking Inner grill bowl and fire bowl inserts made from high-quality ceramic which retains the heat
  3. Yes if cooking it as an individual dish, I would most likely use it in the oven, but i have an upright spike that I cook Tacos Al Pastor or Shawarma regularly on my grill and only use half of the grill to do that. So if I'm doing that and I have guests round use the other half for a Tagine, Smoking the lamb or chicken separately on Smokeboost first, then cooking it as normal in the tagine alongside the spike on the grill, to offer a bit of choice to everyone as tortillas or flatbreads will be served with the spike dish also. My only concern is the spike needs to be done at around 400F (c
  4. Can only speak for myself and the device I own, previously used to cold smoke in my ProQ Frontier before buying this cold smoking cabinet. I thought it was great I could get 12-14 hours out of the maze using the frontier and was generally happy with the results. But since buying this ProQ cabinet although the maze only lasts 5-6 hours, the quality of the smoke and flavour left on the meat is in a different league to what the Frontier produced with it. I put it down to better airflow amongst other things for the improvement and I'm much, much happier with the finished results even if it ta
  5. Thanks for the reply Ice, do you know how much you paid for yours? If £45 seems a fair price, think I'll pull the trigger on the Napoleon one I found. Did you find much liquid came out the top or do you cover the hole?, just wondering if putting it in drip tray during cooking is worthwhile to save any possible mess, if it does.
  6. Thinking about investing in a Tagine for my Pellet Grill. Ruled out the ceramic based ones and looking at one with a cast iron base with a ceramic cone as I think it would be better suited for a grill and could still be used in an oven indoors. Item dimensions are L x W x H 27 x 27 x 21 centimetres, I realise liquid is a factor, but how many could I expect to feed with something this size Anyone any experience of doing this sort of cooking outdoors and is it a worthwhile investment? as looking at just shy of £45 for this one by Napoleon. But I've always enjoyed it as a meal at restaurants
  7. I know what you mean 4042 worked flawlessly for me, got to go with it and trust them. Fingers crossed it's a step forward and not a step back
  8. Sympathies Brian, horrible pain and discomfort from that, hope it corrects itself soon.
  9. Got the impression, it's a decent little accessory for Gas Grills or camp fires etc.
  10. New Firmware out 4054 for it. Seems to be mainly for Smokeboost from Webers description. Got a couple of racks of ribs on at the moment, put Smokeboost on for just over an hour, worked fine, when set 250F temp after Smokeboost showed it had been running at 180F Overall I though my startup seemed a little slower, but machine sounded much quieter fan wise (not tested at 600F yet). I got the impression there was more visible smoke out the back of the machine on Smokeboost since this update. Will update if any problems at end of cook, fingers crossed it works ok.
  11. Seen it on Amazon for £17.32 delivered, looks an interesting little contraption for the price to sit on top of your grill or campfire to cook meats, fish or vegetables. Anyone any experience of it as for the price it seems useful? Their product description Creates rotisserie style food without the mess; Smokes, Roasts and Steams Requires no added salts, fats, or oil to produce juicy, delicious results Cooks quickly, evenly and without moisture loss Includes bonus rack to cook delicate foods such as fish and vegetables Durable, porcelain-coated steel finish; dishwa
  12. Thanks for that Wade they look ideal, my local one doesn't have any stock, so will get them delivered. I was expecting you to say 2 or 3 bags for each one. Think I'll get 4 of them to 2 for pellets and 2 for charcoal and see if that is enough
  13. Thanks Wade, look good How many unopened 10kg bags of pellets can you get in them?
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