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  1. Do you remember the weight and approx size of it? thinking of ordering one from Costco for Boxing Day (4-5kg) supplied by the same company you got yours from. Just unsure if the length will fit in my cooker and if it would be better to order 2 smaller ones to cook side by side. I'm used to Porchetta being pork loin wrapped in a pork belly with lemon/herb stuffing. But this Taste Tradition's one seems to be a boned and rolled suckling pig, which sounds lovely if so?
  2. Bought a whole piece of skirt steak today, after trimming it down left with 3 good steaks and a good selection for fajitas at a future date. Cooked it with Lambs Kidneys and Stuffed mushrooms, skirt and hanger have got to be my favourite 2 pieces of steak and they cook so well and so tender on the Smokefire
  3. First time doing pulled lamb, very nice. Took just over 9 hours (Smokeboost for 2 hours and 240F for the rest) coated in Jess Pryles Hardcore Carnivore. Wrapped in foil with a cup of lamb broth for final 2 hours and 45 minute rest. Half a shoulder (1.25kg) probably reduced weight and size by a quarter after trimming but enough meat to serve 3-4 people still. Served with Steamed Bao Buns (Boiling Water, 10 minutes on the Weber Wok at 425F) and spring onions and garlic mayo
  4. Sirloin Steak and Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. The feta & cheddar cheese got a bit lively down the sides, but will try & find some deeper Portobello ones next time. They're a really tasty side done on the pellet grill with a hint of smokiness to them
  5. Used the Weber Elevations Tiered Grilling System, marinated the chicken thighs for 6 hours and Boiled the rice and left to cool for 6 hours also before scrambling 3 eggs and reheating the rice for just under 10 minutes to make the fried rice
  6. Don't think Masterbuilt make dedicated Pellet Smokers anymore? (for a couple of years at least) https://www.masterbuilt.com/ seem to be just Gravity Fed or Digital Smokers now on their website as well
  7. sotv

    Steak & Mushroom Pie

    Had my first go at Steak & Mushroom Pie outdoors & turned out really tasty. Used a 21 day dry aged piece of shoulder steak, done lo&slo for 90 minutes on the smoker. then diced and browned it in a dutch oven skillet, then some carrots and shallots in the juices, added the beef broth, seasoned and put the lid on and did that 130 C in the cooker for 4 hours (as lid on dutch oven, no point doing on the pellet grill and wasting pellets for 4 hours). Fried some bacon & mushroom combined with the meat and veg and poured it into a pie dish and added a pastry lid coated in a egg wash and then did on the smoker for 45 minutes. Will use shop bought puff pastry next time and hopefully get a fluffy pastry. But it tasted really good, slightly smoky steak and pastry add something to the taste.
  8. Have a nice time, was in Exmouth for 5 days a few weeks ago, eat at Mickey's on the seafront in Exmouth and went to my favourite restaurant The Crab Shack in Teignmouth had great seafood at both. Love Brixham, the fish straight from the boats into the fishmongers at the side of the harbour and some of the restaurants are fabulous alongside the harbour. Enjoy
  9. Quite a few people struggle with seafood unfortunately, either for health or just don't like them reasons. Luckily doesn't affect me and shellfish and fish cook so well on the bbq/grill, probably my favourite group of food to cook outdoors
  10. Sorry to hear that Ice, hopefully you'll still get some sort of break down there still?
  11. Did a roast chicken with roast potatoes on the GBS Poultry RoasterFilled the juice container it sat on with apple juice and a couple of sage leaves and filled the cavity with a whole onion and lemon, to stop the steam escaping. Not exactly lady like sat on it Grilled it at 410F for 1hr 45 minutes and added some par boiled potatoes 15 minutes into the cook to cook alongside it and let the chicken fat drop onto them to add flavour to them. Whilst the chicken rested for 15 minutes turned it up to 500F to finish the spuds off and added a couple of sweetcorn cobs on as well All in all nice device the chicken skin comes out reasonably crispy and the roast potatoes are heavenly with the chicken fat and a little smoky taste to them, those were 3 large potatoes but could easily quadruple that amount or add some roasted vegetable to cook alongside it
  12. Really liking this, comes supplied with a Cast Iron Wok, One of their Grilling baskets for Steaming (can be used separately for Vegetables, Meats and Fish directly on the grill) and an Aluminium lid. Did a season on the Wok and it comes clean with a litlle soap and water as expected. Simple Duck Stir Fry First Tried Mussels In White Wine & Saffron next This thing is huge, that was 2kg of Mussels, which is quite a quantity. Can see getting quite a bit of use out of this in the future and was a bargain at half price of £45
  13. Did you not get the stand it sits on with yours to raise it off the ground? I have one (sitting on equivalent of coloured concrete slabs) and has shown no sign of damage from heat from it, sitting on that?
  14. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HEYVS2O? The Hickory ones are £26.92 as well I've ordered a bag of each earlier this morning. Bit more dustier than the Weber but had no problems running through the Augur on my Smokefire from the previous ones I've ordered
  15. sotv

    Baked Sea Bass

    Did baked Sea Bass (Covered it in 8 Egg Whites (whisked to like meringue) added 4 cups of Sea Salt to it and put a layer on the bottom added the two fish (gutted, head off and fins offs) put slices of lemon and thyme sprigs inside belly and then covered with another layer of the egg whites and salt. Baked for 30 mins at 500F (IT of 145 on the fish). Left to rest for 10 minutes. Grilled some cherry tomatoes, fried off some par boiled New Potatoes with 50/50 crab meat and in a seperate skillet fried off some pancetta bacon and then added some par boiled dwarf beans and broad beans to fry off for a further 3 minutes, with some grilled cherry tomatoes Kept mine as a whole fish on the plate, cut my wife's up off the bone. Super tasty as fresh off the boat at Brixham, Devon yesterday along with the crab meat so super fresh.
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