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  1. hi James, I can recommend https://prosmokebbq.co.uk - I've only bought a couple of things from them but also follow on Instagram. They have some excellent deals on the Masterbuilt and other items and seems approachable and happy to make deals etc Good luck!
  2. Most if not all fruit woods are good for smoking, it will need to be seasoned and bark can be left on.
  3. If you decide to go this route, get a "friend" to register on Thermapen site. They can then send you a referral for which you will get 20% off any purchase the "friend" will then receive 10% commission of the purchase. Brings the Signals & Billows in at under £200
  4. I just picked up a Thermoworks Signals with Billows attachment, has bluetooth and wifi and fitting it to my Char Broil Kamander was a doddle. There's definitely a learning curve involved but no more than learning to control with the vents in the first place.
  5. Just had a brisket point end from Turner & George, was superb. Couple of little onglet steaks too for the freezer.
  6. I'm on bag No.2 of this stuff and it is brilliant. Lovely big chunks, easy to light, clean burning and great smokey flavour. Cooked for over 8 hours on Saturday and hardly used any fuel. Very impressed.
  7. I have a Callow upright smoker for sale, only used a handful of times. Covered and stored indoors when not in use. Collection only from Reading. £40
  8. pittmab


    My name is Ben, new to the forum, I have been bbq and smoking for a couple of years with a decent amount of success. Originally from North Devon, I now live and work in Reading. Father of three and keen beer & bbq fan. Weber 47cm - wish I'd gone for the 57cm on now! Callow premium charcoal smoker - 3rd generation (I think)
  9. Hi all, new to the forum and have just completed a solid 8 hour smoke on the Callow. I picked mine up last year and believe its the 3rd generation. I've only used it a handful of times but have had good success with it every time. For the money it seems to be a pretty good bit of kit. There are some areas where I feel the low price is very evident, namely the door latch and the vents. I was sent a replacement door as after only two uses the door handle came right off. This was good as gave me a chance to line the inside of the door with some self adhesive fire rope as I had thought t
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