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  1. Ok I may be over thinking things and going to far so please bear with me. I'm used to slow cooking pulled pork, smoking and roasting and usually just put my rub on and let the BBQ do the rest. I've just bought myself a rotisserie and want to try something different with pork. Firstly what cut off pork? I'm thinking shoulder. Secondly inject or not inject? I've heard it's better not to as it can make the meat appear greasy. Finally brine or not brine, but I still want to ensure I still get reasonable cracking? Any tips advice would be most welcome
  2. The total smoking time for these ribs was roughly 10 hours. They were worth the wait though 😉
  3. Hi guys does anyone have issues with the wsm running hot? Previously over past 4 years i have always run with water in the pan and struggled to get higher temperatures. I decided to seal the lid with fire rope and fire cement, and sealed the front door which now works perfectly as no smoke escapes from those places any more. I also moved away from water and filled out with sand. I can now get the higher temps but to maintain 245f I'm having to have all vents basically fully closed! Obviously fire needs oxygen so it's got to be getting in somewhere. I'm guessing it's th
  4. I get the webber mesquite chunks from a bbq shop in framlingham called the cook shop. You can probably buy better priced chunks from other suppliers online. I think the Webber ones are about £6 a bag and it's not a very big bag. I think it is an American wood so it's not grown natively in the UK. You won't need much though as it's quite a strong wood. I used 5 medium sized chunks.
  5. Couple of days ago i did beef short ribs on my WSM. Only rub I use on them is a basic salt and pepper. Here's what I did https://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/topic/2823-beef-short-ribs-on-e-wsm/ Pork ribs on my view should always be sweet, sticky and spicy. The good thing with cooking is you can do what ever you like the taste of lol.
  6. Thought I would give my experience on my wsm set up. Changing from water to sand, enabled me to get much hotter temperatures. Once the sand had dried out (the sand was moist to begin with) it was easy to control and gave me options of higher temps. I also sealed the door with flat fire tape and also the lid with normal fire rope. No more smoke escaping around them yayyyy. It's only taken me 6 years to give this a go and I wish I had done it sooner!! I may be tempted into getting a blower at some point to give that a try.
  7. Cheers buddy. I managed to get some from Tesco. The kids are happy they have the rest to play with. I am going to get the bbq as hot as possible before using incase there is anything that may taint the taste. Is there an issue if the sand does bake hard or do you need to brake it up for a reason? Cheers Steve
  8. Hi guys I'm going to have a go with putting sand in the diffuser today. I'm seeking advice from someone who has already done this with their wsm. 1 is any play pit sand ok to use? 2 how much do you put in? 3 When cooking do you put anything over the sand to catch drippings?
  9. Here is the link for the crispy pesto potatoe salad with bacon 😀 https://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/topic/2836-crispy-pesto-potatoe-salad-with-bacon/
  10. Here is a different take on potatoe salad. You can cook this on a griddle on the bbq for extra flavor and it's a great way to use up any bacon ends! Ingredients 1kg new potatoes with skin left on. 1 red pepper chopped 1 yellow pepper chopped Salt and pepper to taste PESTO 50g of fresh basil leaves (approx 2 bags from supermarket) 1 large smoked garlic clove 150g smoked bacon (chopped and cooked) 2.5 tbsp mayonnaise 2 tsp aspall organic cyder vinegar 0.5 tsp sea salt flakes 1tsp smoked paprika Firstly finely chop the ga
  11. Welcome Tony. Plenty of really useful information on this forum. I have only recently joined and love the site. I'm sure some of the more regular guys will be able to answer your specific curing questions 👍
  12. Agree wholeheartedly. We have a Panasonic sd zb2512. We had a cheap bread maker which we only used to make pizza dough, as the bread was crap. Eventually it died and I saw the reviews for the Panasonic. I was in two minds in buying it because of the cost, but I'm glad I did! The bread is amazing and we use it every day, on the French bread setting. We get our flour in 25kg sacks for about £21.
  13. It is really worth it as it gives a nice kick at the end. I just noticed in the recipe above i put 3tsp!! It should say 1.5 tsp as 3 is what I used for double the amount LOL.. Think i will edit it quickly.
  14. Welcome to the forum. I'm Steve and new myself
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