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  1. Apologies for the delay in responding... Just seen this now. Its from South Africa and called "Sekelbos" https://www.braaiwooduk.com/product/sekelbos-braai-wood/ Got it from here: https://www.braaiwooduk.com/
  2. Welcome John New user to the forum and also spoking! Hope you find everyhtingyou need here!
  3. So, this arrived today 100KG of South African Wood.. Just wondered how many of you use wood for BBQ`s ect rather than charcoal! I have not found a good hard wood that is easily available in the UK that results in good coals for a BBQ. Ill be doing a "Potjie" on the fire tonight as the temperature has dropped, but will be outside witha beer next to a fire Bliss!!
  4. SafferUK

    unnamed (3).jpg

    Sure you all enjoyed the lovely weather yesterday!
  5. You can bet that Ill be joining Hopefully one will materilise soon! Will be there!
  6. Awesome! Im sure we will meet up in the future for a catch up over a cold one and a burning fire!
  7. Thanks Just starting to scratch the surface! Looks like a great forum to find!
  8. WOW never seen this before! Please tell me more! Does it just create coals?.
  9. Thanks Justin Weather is great so lookign forward to burnbing some meat on coals this weekend! Got some Beef Short ribs for Friday and then Leg Of Lamb for sunday... Definatley will be doing somethign on Saturday as well! Keep Safe!
  10. Hi SM. Nice one! Glad to know there is somebody close! Im In Shirland. Where abouts are you? Rgds Leon
  11. Hi All, Originally from South Africa but now find myself in the beautiful amber valley in Derbyshire. Long time Braai (BBQ) lover and recently moved into smoking both on my Webber and also purchased a Traeger pellet smoker. Speak soon. Rgds Leon
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