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  1. just checked your profile and looks great👍 Sorry for the late reply but I clicked the notification, then got distracted and forgot to check at a later date🤔
  2. They turned out pretty good. Although i need more practice rolling them out lol
  3. Here are a couple of pizza pics cooked on the monolith...just to help 'plant the seed' that it was a good buy even though you got it from gumtree hehe😜😂🤣👍 chorizo, pepperoni, red pepper bells and cheese three cheese garlic bread
  4. Looks brilliant Justin....although brilliant is a pretty typical outcome from the dishes you have done in the past!😁🤤
  5. I recently aquired the sauces book from steve Raichlen and tried a couple...fantastic flavours for homemade sauces and marinades etc. I do enjoy making them rather than store bought👍😁
  6. AdamG


  7. Sounds great @Justin, im curious about the thailand sate sticks😁 Some pics of your chicken soup...im assuming your making stock with the leftover chicken? Something I need to try out! @Colin39 you have reminded me I need to do a chilli corn carne (chilli topped with cornbread) soon😋 Im making homemade Italian style pizza in the kamado on Saturday night, so that should be good. Possibly do some ribs on Sunday aswell😎
  8. Great plan!🤣😂🤣🍔
  9. I still have all my vinyls up in the loft but everything else is gone. I dont think I could have just sold them without a new hobby to take their place 😆 You will have D-day (kamado landing/delivery) and judgement day (when the wife see's the bank statement) to look forward to 😂🤣😂 👍
  10. they are a great piece of kit👍. Are you going for the basic or the pro series? I had loads of old dj music equipment collecting dust in the loft....not touched in 2 years and no desire to set them up again. So I sold it all and thats how I got my Monolith. Swapped one hobby for another....the wife wasnt too pleased but after a couple of months she came around after a few meals on it haha🤣😂
  11. I had the exact same idea as you....but so far I have been happy with the standard one that I aint got round to getting one. I still prefer the kj one since it eliminates the chance of the vent opening/shutting when you open the lid (although if you remember to spin the whole top vent so that the 2 screws are inline then the problem is eliminated anyway, its just remembering to do this lol). Had my monolith for 14 months so far and it still looks new on the outside🍻
  12. Yeah there are alot of accessories, I have been picking some up along the way. Good thing about the classic size is most accessories fit different makes and some third party ones are made to fit them aswell
  13. I have a Monolith kamado and its great! There is another post that I went into detail about my experience, thoughts, differences between monolith and kamado joe and what swayed me to get a Monolith in the end👍 Just have a look through, there are some pics aswell. Hope this helps!😁
  14. Sounds like they may have been exposed to some direct glow or contact heat if the ambient temp was too low to scorch em. That will be the reason for the temp fluctuations since they seem to read temps from where its melted aswell🤔 I like to use a piece of stainless steel to 'bridge' them over the edges of the grill to protect them from the rising heat. Never had a problem since😁. I dont use them for temps above 300F/150C anymore, just low and slow mainly. Hopefully this helps👍😎 What is the material of the outer shielding on those new ones? They look pretty good👍
  15. have you tried them in boiling water to see if they are accurate? Can you see any red plastic like substance seeping out of the wires? (need to look really closely at them, especially in the area were the cable passes over the 'rising heat' areas) One of my probes was reading about 50C above the correct temp...I later realised I had fried the food probe cable on the previous cook (which spiked to around 250C). Luckily the pit probe somehow survived the spike😲 Since then I have not had any problems with my other probes👍
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