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  1. on my old grill Lumpwood was absolutely useless for me. it would just burn so hot and fast and I had zero control compared to briquettes. On my kamado I use lumpwood and have no problems controlling it, even with the same brands (and the same bag!). My old grill was a real cheap amd knackered one with plenty of airholes, 2 hours burn i would get on average out of briquettes👎 I put it down to how airtight your grill is. Briquettes are compressed and will burn more consistently. Lumpwood is greedy and will burn as hot and as fast as it possibly can so you need to basically drip feed it oxygen. The amount of oxygen you give it will set the maximum amount it can consume, which then sets your maximum temp. I would say both are as good as each other though👍
  2. I had a similar experience handyjayes on that forum, I put it down to the website having alot of members and activity, that some posts just get 'lost' amoungst the other posts and are easily missed. Smokin Monkey also does a great job of welcoming the new members and giving guidance to getting started. Other members like Wade, Ice and Justin to name a few always take the time to post a warm welcome....which makes it feel like a much warmer welcome than from the kamado guru forum by comparison.
  3. That looks really good! Puts what I have at the moment to shame....and looks like a solid contender to beat the EBC charcoal👍 thanks for the pic😁
  4. That was fast! you will have to take a pic of the chunks
  5. AdamG

    Today’s cook

    looks good! especially in the wind.
  6. i thought there was a slight flavour difference when I tasted it. I thought it was just me lol
  7. yeah it came out great. It was mostly the flat part of the brisket although there was a bit of the point. The point was super tender😎
  8. I like to save the biggest bits for pizza and high heat cooks. Also if im getting to the bottom of a bag then I may put some at the bottom to help keep the airflow holes from being blocked by small pieces and ash
  9. That makes perfect sense! thank you very much
  10. I managed to cook a Beef Brisket low and slow with good results! I put the brisket in the kamado last night (saturday) at 8:30pm once I got it stable at 225F. wrapped at 12pm. A little earlier than I wanted...but didnt want to stop up any later. Temps started to drop at 8am this morning due to ash build up....cleaned it out and topped it up quickly. Took it out at 2pm with an internal temp of 192F, wrapped and rested for 2 hours. It took just over 17 hours but happy with the results The smokey flavour was a little more subtle than I expected but Im still learning in that area Thanks Adam
  11. AdamG

    My new arrival

    what time do you want us round?
  12. AdamG

    My new arrival

    Is it you who has cursed us with rain? only joking That is a beauty! Look forward to seeing some of your cooks
  13. I would not mind joining in aswell
  14. Don't forget the beer👍🤣😂
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