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  1. Looks great! Strange how I was thinking about lemon pepper chicken last week (because I aint had it for a long time) and was in the mood for some. May have to try this👍 By the way...leftovers this way please next time😁🍻
  2. Welcome to the forum!👍
  3. I was looking through the Project Smoke book and noticed one of the recipes says to cold smoke the burgers with hay for less than 5 minutes (while grill is heating up), then cook them as normal. This got me thinking....🤔🤕 Would it be safe or high risk to cold smoke burgers with smoking dust for an hour or so and then cook later on in the day? I have absolutely no knowledge on cold smoking and would rather get expert advice if its possible, a definite No or even if its worth the effort before looking into it. Thanks in advance👍
  4. Thanks Justin👍
  5. AdamG

    Steak & Mushroom Pie

    Now thats what I call a pie!🤤👍
  6. Can we have some pics of this once its finished?👍
  7. Decided to give some beef short ribs a slow cooking for roughly 5 hours. Seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and then smoked with whiskey oak chunks. Normally I dont use a temp controller for a 'short' cook but needed to nip out so I thought better not tempt fate lol. Even though beef ribs would typically be too fatty for my liking, they still turned out absolutely delicious.
  8. Dropping the food down the side is a pain, something I tend to do quite often🤔 I like to alternate between low temp cooks and high temp cooks. The high temp cooks clean off the residue on the top vent quite nicely👍 Pizza is a nice side effect that I get when I do a big clean haha
  9. Same here with the shed load of charcoal😂 I dare not show the mrs the shed, cant see the floor with all the bags! haha😜
  10. @wolfylee The grates might be easier to install while its hot and expanded a little👍
  11. I think the best way of splitting the thread up is to just simply start a new post when the subject changes and make sure the title is relevant and the search function will do the rest👍 If its specific equipment for the Aldi Kamado just note it in the title. Cooks in a generic section since brand/equipment dont really matter. Just my suggestions😁 (i dont mind that this post has gone on for so long by the way haha)🍻
  12. Welcome to the forum Pseudo, Runcorn based here. Lots of great info here👍
  13. Welcome to the forum Mark👍
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