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A few cooks from the last week(ish)

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Here are a few cooks from the last week or so, think I managed to cook every day last week but one and have been enjoing it so much!

From simple chicken thighs, to steaks, Shawrma and a "proper" bbq as the missus calls. Even had to bust out the little Weber for some more grill space.

Also had the pleasure of trying out a new toy, the Tempspike from ThermoPro, neat little device, better performance for me than the Meater+ that I had two of and sent back as they just wouldn't work - could only connect if I was stood right next to the bbq.

No real recipe details, I'm afraid but hope you enjoy!











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All look delicious as per usual @pittmab. I wish I was your next door neighbour, leftovers would be incredible😂🤣👍

I especially like how you served the shwarma, I may have to pinch that idea 😜.

I had a week off work a couple of weeks ago but got no cooks in😪. Too busy decorating the small bedroom...looking likely I will get a cook in (or 2) this weekend though👍

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