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1st Midland Tailgate Weekend on 4th - 6th June 2021.


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Under the current Covid restrictions, it seems likely that outdoor events and festivals will be allowed again from May....so with this in mind, a decision has been made with Admin to start the ball rolling and hopefully it will be held this year.

We are in talks with the same site that we were going to use last year. We can't make an official booking until 15th March as they're closed to general public, due to  current Covid restrictions, but come 15th March they can take official bookings but we are pencilled in from now, in the same designated area on the site that we asked for on our visit last time.   A £10 refundable deposit per pitch via Paypal (info below)  will be required from 31st March.

All booking must be made through the forum, not the site, and because of the limit of 30 it will be first come, first served, this seems the fairest way.

Additional info £5 deposit (refundable) for Barrier gates (Pay it on arrival), £5 deposit for electric top-up card and topped up as necessary any amount left on card is refunded on departure.


All tents and pitches paid for in cash on arrival, no cards.


The 1st Midland Tailgate Weekend will take place on 4th - 6th June 2021.

The venue will be Marsten Caravan & Camping Park


Kingsbury Rd
Sutton Coldfield
B76 0DP
United Kingdom
The will be a Fridge Trailer on site for all to use and put meat.
This will be a free and easy weekend, where like minded folk meet and BBQ. You can either Cook on your own pitch or cook on the main cooking pitch.

We aim to eat as a group at approximately 17.30.

Great weekend to get together and enjoy a beer, chat BBQ and eat some great food.


Caravan, Motorhome, Trailer Tent Pitch Rate 

1 Adult                        £14.00

2 Adults                        £18.00

Family, 1 or 2 Adults + 2 Under 13        £18.00


Tent per night up to 4 Persons 

1 Adult                        £14.00

2 Adults                        £16.00

Family, 1 or 2 Adults + 2 Under 13        £16.00


Pup Tent

1 Adult                        £12.00

2 Adults                        £14.00


Additional Charges per night

Adult                            £4.00

Child (under 13)                     £2.00

Gazebo                         £2.00


£4.00 token for washing machine....£3.00 token tumble drier

Pup Tents with Caravans charged at Tent rates.

Awning Small £1.00, Large £2.00 per night

No charge for toilets or showers.

"No indication of any price increases expected yet."


A £10 refundable deposit per pitch via Paypal please send to...... phoenix-ref@hotmail.co.uk



We would like to keep this thread neat & tidy so it will be kept to

  1. Comments relating to bookings & attendance.
  2. Any questions or comments in general about the actual event itself you may have
  3. Any further updates that need posting regarding the event or Government advice

This Tailgate will be run to all relevant government guidelines for the particular time of this event and any comments that you wish to make about Tailgates or public events in "General Terms" can be discussed in the dedicated Will We Ever Tailgate Again???  so as not to derail this thread for this particular event. Thanks for your co-operation.

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Giving this a little bump as a reminder to people who may be interested.

There is only a small window between May 17th When step 3 is confirmed and comes into play, where if it does up to 30 people can meet outdoors and when this event will be held on June 4-6th. 

Due to the organisation that will be needed for this event we will need to know if there is sufficient interest to hold this event at least a week before the proposed date of the tailgate. So if interested, but not 100% sure, please still express your interest on attending in this thread, as early as possible even if you change your mind nearer the time.

If there isn't enough interest then we will probably look to hold this event next year.

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We've been over to our caravan this weekend, the sites are now open, I'm sure everyone knows that..😉.  There were a few small groups of folks, that had decided to meet up for the first time in a year.

The only thought I've had is...this 30 folks in a group rule says it's for weddings, funeral's & christenings,  no mention of tailgates..😆.



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17th May mate will clear  it up. U think we will be fine to go ahead, it outside and camping after all.


Before then I am doing dog walkers tailgate  in the park outside my house on the 23rd.  Got lots of interest already, just waiting on weather forecast

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12 hours ago, Elecrafter said:

We are interested, but don't have any BBQ kit to take. Is there a communal pit / fire etc?



It's a easy come, easy go sort of weekend mate, if it does get sorted over the next few weeks it could be a enjoyable weekend.  There's no communal pit / fire etc?  but we always say not to worry if it's your first time. Some kit maybe about for you to use, what would you feel easy with??...even buy a small cheap kettle just to have something to cook on?? do you camp?? ...we do have a little time to get things into gear and put this tailgate on the map..


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Reading the news headlines this morning says that Boris Johnson will announce today, from the 17th may we will be able to "Meet outdoors in groups up to 30".

I can't see any reasons to stop us holding a get together....the event is all outside, even sat under a gazebo it's all open??. ...so who is up for the first tailgate in a year??? you'll need to let us know ASAP...so lets get this on..



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On 5/10/2021 at 1:10 PM, Smokin Monkey said:

Smokin Monkey x 2

Icefever x 2

Justin x 1


Ryan x 1 

Matt x 1

Tom x 1

Matt & Ryan might possibly do a live Pod Cast for The BBQ Talk Show on the Friday night!


Matt can't do the dates now unfortunately. I im and so is rayn Saturday day/night only,we are both kipping in the car 🤣

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On 5/10/2021 at 8:37 PM, Icefever said:

I've spoken to the campsite and we have a green light....so come on lets have some members join in for what should be a great weekend.



I really wish I could join, never been to a tailgate before

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