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  1. I bought a second hand Bradley digital. Wasn't a real bargain as I had to replace a few parts that had rusted through. This was my first ever smoke, and Kielbasa seemed a simple recipe, plus I have the sausage making gear. Recipe was simply, shoulder pork, small bit of beef (abt 15%), salt, black pepper, Cure#1, marjoram, Garlic powder, sugar. I will vary the recipe next time. I made 1.8Kg after cooking. Basically 4 hours smoking, starting 130F, raising 20F every hour. Then poached in water at 165F for 40 mins. However, I found this still did not raise the IT to 165F, so increas
  2. Well finally got the Bradley up and running. Tried a Keilbasa recipe as it was fairly simple. All done and now in the fridge. Will vac pac and freeze most of it tomorrow. Did 2kg as its all the pork I had in the freezer. Anyway, it turned out very well. Very slightly too much pepper if anything. So made a note for next time. So I'm pleased I managed it. Not sure its going to last me very long! Ele.
  3. <Newbie Hat=ON> Wow, I would have thought the smoker wouldn't have got hot enough to Crisp up a Pork rind. Or did you put it in the oven afterwards? Ele.
  4. Damn.. Just been to Bookers to top up!! Oh well, next time I go I will give them a try out. Usually make my own burgers from bookers meat. Boat missed again! Ele.
  5. Todays daft question! I just liberated a few logs from a neighbours skip. He says they are edible Plum tree. Am I correct in assuming they are good for smoking. I wouldn't turn down free wood. Also I would have thought it needs to season before using, and should I strip off the bark, or leave it on? TIA Ele.
  6. Ice, thanks. Similar to Pad Beef from Bookers, used that before and excellent in a slow cooker. Again all meat very little fat. Ele.
  7. I got a whole Shoulder 4.4kgs for the sausages. Saw the Beef Rump tails, and not had them before so got some to try out. OK, so what do you do with yours? recipe / instructions please, as it might save me some time and effort, or wasted meat. Yes was £31 for 4kgs. £7.49 /Kg Can still use the beef for sausages though. Just a bit expensive! Ele.
  8. Just cut up and vac packed 11kg of meat for the freezer. More sausages on the way. Thinking of smoking some sausages this time as didn't have a smoker before! Got some nice Beef Rump Ends from Bookers. See how they turn out too. Not a lot cheaper than Tesco, but comes in big lumps, and usually pretty good quality. Inkbird IBT-2X turned up this morning. so another item to throw in my box of bits. Also realised I can use my old ammunition can for storing Bradley bisquettes, as its airtight. Haven't used it for 20 years, and kept it just in case it would be useful. Now it is.
  9. I have a 6ft one of these. Our radio club have several and they get some serious use and heavy radio gear put on them. I'm impressed with mine. On sale many places usually £30 or there abouts. Plastic construction with metal legs, very strong. Happy with mine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123730313943 Ele.
  10. Thanks, I will see what he says. Ele.
  11. Bradley pucks run for 20 mins, and cost a minimum of 33p each, and up to 50p each, so £1 or more per hour smoke as a minimum. I'm just your typical tightarse!! I'm retired so time is available. Electric plane and some starch, a bit of pipe and a vlamp to compress them. The theory is good and proved, its the cost or quality of the wood thats the problem.
  12. I'm just starting out with a second hand Bradley. The pucks are expensive and I hope to make my own. I have been looking at sawdust online and have since been warned off as a lot comes from furniture makers, and could possibly contain MDF or other woods. So today, I thought what about a whiskey barrel and then shave it down with an electric plane. Its an idea... What does the team think? Ele.
  13. Ah its that time of the year. A mate gave me a lot of apples, so turned some into cider 30Litres, and froze some, and trying to eat thru the rest! Cambridge based here, so joined the East Anglia section. All a bit difficult with the CV19 at the moment. I need to keep well out the way of other people as I am an Old Fart with those "other" problems they mention with CV19. Hopefully this will all resolve itself, but will take a couple of years etc, as not much will change until they have a safe and effective vaccine. When you say Turbo Cider, do you mean you use Turbo yeast? I
  14. I was looking for 10Kgs or more. Will be making Bradley Pucks. Ele.
  15. Justin, Good point, I hadn't thought about MDF. I suppose that a tree surgeon might be a better option. But then seasoning it and turning it into sawdust will take time and effort. Buying small bags is really expensive too. I will keep searching. But if anyone hears anything, then please let me know. Ele.
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