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  1. Looks good. Ive done Kielbasa a couple of times, both came out good. not much of it left in the freezer! Ele.
  2. I'll second that. A mate (not on any of these forums) put me on to them. He runs an artisan sausage business as a hobby thing. He is an Theoretic Physics man and teaches. I've used the Weschenfelder Haggis kit and it turned out really well. Down to my last Haggis out of the 7 I got from a single Pluck. Ele.
  3. Welcome, Wait until you have done cold smoked Salmon, and cheese, and...... You wont know what hit you! Ele.
  4. Don't bin your fridge! Put a single tube greenhouse heater in it, put a PID on that and turn the whole fridge into a temp controlled Fermenting cupboard. Make some BEER or Cider to go with that Bacon! Its a good insulated box, and not to be wasted! Ele.
  5. I have a couple of my barrel staves leant up against the radiator in the house drying out, and I keep my shavings in a sealed ammo can. Seems to work for me. The technicals of Fire is relatively simple. Its a Triangle, and each side is, Air/ Oxygen, then Fuel, and the third side is Heat. You take away anyone of those side and the triangle collapses and you don't have a fire. I learned that on a course at HMS Raleigh in the 70's where we learned how to put out a diesel fire with just a water extinguisher. Everyone these days says it cant be done! I think I would not want to try it in real
  6. I used to use "Swimming Pool Filter Sand" which I got from an aggregate merchant, was cheaper than B&Q etc. Owner retired and business went downhill and eventually bust! Ele.
  7. I have seen this sort of thing before. They probably don't have any in stock, so they put a daft price on it to deter actual sales, thus retaining their advert / listing without making any sales. Then the just alter the price when they have stock ready to sell. Its an old trick. I think it also saves them recurring listing fees. Ele.
  8. Shortly I will be doing the Tempco 900w heater upgrade to my Bradley digi. I have noticed that many people do not insulate the power terminals leaving them open to be touched which is downright dangerous. So I have taken the plunge and bought some. Trouble is they come in packs of 10 and are not cheap. I only need two igloos and two caps. Leaving me with 4 sets of spares. The whole lot cost me £70, so if anyone wants a set to make their Tempco heater safe please PM me. They have the correct 10-32 thread for the Tempco terminal bolts. One set of two insulators and two caps will
  9. Elecrafter

    Alreet all

    Welcome Sean. I'm new here too. Just done my second smoke. 14 hours of Salmon, and damn its good. So get going and smoke some of your sausages! Then try something else. I make sausages too, only just started this year due to lockdown. Made some smoked Kielbasa last week and that turned out well. Have fun and enjoy your results. Ele.
  10. I have a picture of my mates barcode on my phone, just offer it up to the scanner on the way in and use their hand held gun to scan the goods. He is a small one man consultancy, so is a low buyer. I help keep his account active! Toilet rolls, kitchen roll, dishwasher tablets are the star buys. Along with large tins of anchovies! Some things are cheaper in Tesco, so you need to watch the prices. Only rule is I pay for everything I get, namely not to bill him for my goods!! Ele.
  11. Yet another update! I'm Cold Smoking Salmon and I've been bugged by 90F+ temperatures (in the smoker), so I ditched the pucks, and used a snail smoker. Whilst it dropped the temperature in the top of the cabinet to 70F, it keeps going out every 15-20mins. So now its dark, I have reverted to the Bradly Pucks. However I had a brainwave and pointed the fan I was removing the smoke from the garage at the Aluminium pipe from the smoker box to the cabinet. Within a few minutes the 90F+ had dropped to 80F, and has now settled out at a respectable 75F, which is great. I don't know why I didn't th
  12. Hi, Welcome, I'm a newbie, hoping to learn. Ele.
  13. I don't see why not. Mine had a medium charring on the inside and was in very good condition. Smelt good, but is a little damp for burning in the smoker. | suppose it depends on what you find out there. This chap has an industrial unit out on a farm, and had 50+ that I could see in the pile mine came from. It just depends on what people have. Mostly they are cutting them in half for garden planters (what a waste!). You would need to find a half decent one if you were going to store anything in it. Also they are quite big 800mm tall and 600mm at the widest. That's a lot of sherry! Trouble is ne
  14. I just looked on Facebook with a mileage limit, found mine 12 miles away. There seem to be plenty of places selling them. Certainly worth a look. It was still sealed up with sacking and wooden bungs in it. Quite a decent barrel, and certainly worth the money. Its making my electric plane grunt! Ele.
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