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  1. Am I ok to post/ advertise in my Facebook group to see if anyone isms interested?
  2. They are normally around 18.5 inches this the first batch to this year were able to fit the 20" YNNI divide and conquer. So they are on the bigger side of AK's i hope this makes sense.
  3. Matt can't do the dates now unfortunately. I im and so is rayn Saturday day/night only,we are both kipping in the car 🀣
  4. About what you said above. 3 fire lighters and wind mate is the problem. Did you see Fridays video on keeping notes? This is a cook to learn from and why notes can be so important.
  5. I normally go would go 1 row for maintaining this sort of temperature i suspect wind was your enemy this week. Also some charcoals are harder to keep the temperature down too. What charcoal are you using?
  6. It's video time again this week is hot and fast pulled pork. Rubbed in the bbq rub wizards (the rusty bbq co) cherry cola rib and wing dust. To say this was good is an understatement. https://youtu.be/Slk9L4FW5vk πŸ‘†πŸ‘†check it out here πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
  7. Spatchcock chicken is easy and forgiving
  8. 80mins is about right for a whole chicken. Chuck a wood chuck in next time to up your flavour. How crisp was your skin? This will help you go a little hotter if it wasn't crispy. Keep you probe as close to the food as possible the gap around the edge does get hotter as its the only way for the hot air to get through. Spatchcock is quicker and you can cook directly too so much more flavour.
  9. πŸ‘πŸ» just enjoy your self
  10. Presuming you have a thermometer? Every joint is different and timings are size dependent. You will most probably hit a stall around 60c you can double wrap in foil to push through it quicker. Get it on as early as you can its easier to to keep hot if it Finnishs early compared to waiting for hours and hours if it takes longer.
  11. Start with something simple like a spatchcock chicken
  12. If you get it too hot its a bugger to cool back down. Bring up slowly start shutting vent about 40c low then your desired temp
  13. Don't use the washers is the trick if I remember rightly
  14. Just keep checking mate @paul6057
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