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    Steak & Mushroom Pie

    Now thats what I call a pie!🤤👍
  2. Can we have some pics of this once its finished?👍
  3. Decided to give some beef short ribs a slow cooking for roughly 5 hours. Seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and then smoked with whiskey oak chunks. Normally I dont use a temp controller for a 'short' cook but needed to nip out so I thought better not tempt fate lol. Even though beef ribs would typically be too fatty for my liking, they still turned out absolutely delicious.
  4. Dropping the food down the side is a pain, something I tend to do quite often🤔 I like to alternate between low temp cooks and high temp cooks. The high temp cooks clean off the residue on the top vent quite nicely👍 Pizza is a nice side effect that I get when I do a big clean haha
  5. Same here with the shed load of charcoal😂 I dare not show the mrs the shed, cant see the floor with all the bags! haha😜
  6. @wolfylee The grates might be easier to install while its hot and expanded a little👍
  7. I think the best way of splitting the thread up is to just simply start a new post when the subject changes and make sure the title is relevant and the search function will do the rest👍 If its specific equipment for the Aldi Kamado just note it in the title. Cooks in a generic section since brand/equipment dont really matter. Just my suggestions😁 (i dont mind that this post has gone on for so long by the way haha)🍻
  8. Welcome to the forum Pseudo, Runcorn based here. Lots of great info here👍
  9. Welcome to the forum Mark👍
  10. Welcome to the forum👍 There is an Aldi Kamado post that is hugely popular and it has alot of new users getting one themselves. It is also filled with some great tips and advice on various subjects regarding the Aldi Kamado🍻
  11. I once heard that our weather is one of the most unpredictable in the world. It sometimes seems to me if I'm in work, away or busy then its great. When I'm free and planning on smoking then the clouds come rolling in lol (usually AFTER I have bought the meat). Apparently thunderstorms this weekend then back to sunny on Monday around here😞
  12. At least globaltic are listening👍 Hopefully you get the problem sorted
  13. That is a really long time. Mine normally takes 2-4mins depending on the brand however the longest was only about 6 minutes. Is there any dampness in the bottom of the bag? Not sure why it would take that long to light.
  14. how long does it take to light with the looflighter?
  15. I have a Monolighter (pretty much the same as a looflighter) and I have found some brands take quite a bit longer than others to light. Some brands i have had to give and extra blast since the 1st try was not sufficient. My guess is its just down to the type of wood used and how dense it is🤔. I have not used globatic charcoal before sorry so I cant comment on that particular brand.
  16. I used to have a cheapo offset and I found briquettes far superior to lumpwood for temp control and burn time. All the times i tried different brands of lumpwood it would just burn as hot as it could and then fizzle out quickly. I currently use a kamado with lumpwood now and get great control with it. The big difference is now I control ALL the air entering the vent since its airtight. My old grill was not air tight at all and lumpwood would just suck fresh air in through the gaps, even if the vent itself was shut. I agree with what Dutchy and Danielson23uk said about using briquettes instead. My previous experience tells me that its your bbq that has a big influence to wether it should use briquettes or lumpwood.
  17. I have a similar situation when we have plenty of people around + different cooking temps for different foods + not enough grill space to do everything. This in itself can be a challenge to decide what first and how, but the more experience I get the better im able to cope...and the more efficient I become (still a long way to go). Last time I decided to use the hotplate I have had in the loft for a few years so i could keep food warm outside, this worked extremely well as I was able to get quite a few veggies done before time to eat, and then focus else where. It also allowed me to take my time and not panic....which made me more organised and efficient. I usually plan exactly what order i will cook in, plan on how I will change cooking configurations and plan to get food served 30-60 mins early. A cool box allows your low and slow to finish quite abit earlier, allowing time to crank the heat up(since time seems to run away). if im doing a low n slow cook (or a roast) indirectly then i like to choose sides that can be cooked at the same time and just added later into the cook. I try to get a nice choice of food served at the same time before changing to direct. Your suggestion of having 2 grills is something that I am considering myself. 2 grills at different temps would certainly be a great team.
  18. Looks great! and all of a sudden your chopping board now looks like a small cheese board🍻😂
  19. Thanks for that! Good to know for the future.👍🍻
  20. What does it measure at its longest points, were the rod goes through?
  21. That looks like a great piece of kit! Never thought of getting anything like that before on a rotisserie. Does it just slide over the standard rotisserie bar? edit: Yeah I read it again and see the answer is already there doh!🤦‍♂️
  22. Welcome to the forum Mark👍
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