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Inkbird or ThermoPro.


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We have a couple of meat thermometers that we've used in the kitchen for a long time, as they may not be that accurate these days...I think it's time to take a step up the ladder.

We're in the market for a digital one but not sure which to choose,  I know the "inkbird" name from my brewing hobby.  I have a couple of fermentation fridges that are run via pid.

Last weekend when we did the gammon and fattie we only had the one probe to use and it was a bit of a PITA.  ?


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It really depends on the model you go for.

The IBT-2X (£20) will do the job however the information on the unit itself is limited. I have one and use it but it isn't my favourite. The Bluetooth app gives you more information but it has a limited range.

The Inkbird IRF-2S (£45) has a dedicated remote unit that has a range of ~300 m. This is similar to thermometers like the Maverick ET-732/733 (£45/£55) which I have used for many years and have been very pleased with.

The Thermopro TP20 (£35) is also an ET-732/33 like thermometer however the range of the remote is less - ~100m. This is still a good distance

My go-to thermometer is now the Smoke Wireless Thermometer from ETI - though it is a little more expensive (£78) it is easy to use and configure and has nice nice loud alarms. 

Whichever one you buy will do the job so it is really dependent on how much you want to pay...

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3 hours ago, flearider said:

just ordered the Inkbird IRF-2S Wireless Cooking Food Thermometer .. it's the running in and out of the house every 30 mins ..lol 

for £40 why not  :)


I have the same one seems good for the money 

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