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  1. Cooking Capacity: 150 lbs. pork butts, 120 lbs. brisket, 90 lbs. ribs, or 30 chickens per load that smoker is a beast ..:)
  2. ?? what bbq holds 3 or more 21's? thats the trays shes using ..lol kitchen term .. i can get 20 in each of my work ovens ..
  3. yep got a great pasting table from b&q when i was doing the house will make a great 8 seater table for the bbq ..
  4. just keep it rona will be over soon .. it's more a political /control issue atm .. by next summer it will be forgotten ..
  5. lol to be fair it was so easy to control .. the thicker metal was awesome 10 hr's cook for the ribs best i've done .. and use so little fuel .. for £600 it's a hell of a smoker .. when work slows down will be getting it on again but 55hr weeks just not had time ..
  6. just not had time renovating the new house... tue-wed will have a 2kg rib going happy days :)
  7. well it's done and sitting round the other house still wrapped up .. we move in on the 14th .. so bbq on the 15th .. he's done a great job on it .. heavy as feck
  8. look him up on facebook ..
  9. flearider

    Short ribs

    no grits on there ? rough cornflour .. bit of milk or water fried on a skillet loads of fat for taste
  10. just chuck it on the garden .. ash is great for plants ..
  11. dont get me wrong it was just the short ribs the 3's .. i ordered £90 worth of meat and the rest was spot on .. really enjoyed it .. and they did sort out the ribs so great customer service ..
  12. so did tandoori chicken and chilli and garlic wings on the smoker .. then burgers and koftas and ribeye and veg on the grill was mine and the daughters birthday .. so way to much beer and rum ..lol stay safe all
  13. make him your new best friend ... they look very nice .. does he do online orders ...lol
  14. nowt wrong with a thigh or two in your mouth ..
  15. just get one and throw a tarp over it .. or build a little shed for both that will eventually grow to encompass most of your back garden ..lol
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