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  1. CWC

    Pro Smoke

    Yes they are expensive but have stuff you might not find anywhere else
  2. CWC


    What I did was I tuned the fire basket upside down and put the vortex on that with 1 stacker, this leaves a good gap from the top of the vortex to the grill . The hottest it got was 500f this will never damage a rack
  3. My new ProQ got pretty well seasoned after a couple of cooks, also it stopped leaking smoke from the stacker joint. but I did give it a burn with some crap small bits of charcoal first just to clean it up, but tbh don't think it was needed
  4. CWC

    Beef Ribs Today

    done and now eaten
  5. CWC

    Beef Ribs Today

    3.5 hours in to wrap or not is my question
  6. CWC

    Beef Ribs Today

    do you wrap or leave them as they are?
  7. CWC

    Beef Ribs Today

    I'm running at about 120 ish
  8. CWC

    Beef Ribs Today

    Not got a clue what I'm doing, but got Jacobs Ladder from Davidsons on the ProQ bloody temps all over the place as it is raining on and off, but sure it will be ok in the end
  9. CWC


    I did make a batch of this one in the link great on pulled pork https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivBXO4CShn8&t=71s
  10. CWC


    All I did was but some buffalo rub on no marinade I just brushed them with some Glazed and confused sauce when they came off the bbq, I think it gives a better skin that way
  11. CWC


    Yes I do sauce after, seems to keep the skin crispy that way. Those wings were from Morrisons pretty cheap but not that big
  12. CWC

    25 kg Flour

    We get our flour from a place near us Claybrook Water Mill, she kept her regular customers supplied though the shortages a couple of months ago
  13. CWC


    Just a few wings for tea on the ProQ Frontier with a vortex
  14. CWC

    Butcher paper

    Back in stock mid June https://prosmokebbq.co.uk/collections/bbq/products/pink-butcher-paper?variant=37462877198
  15. CWC


    This all may sound very odd but what does Brisket taste like as never had any smoked, all I know about it is my mother used to boil it with carrots and onions and it smelt horrid cooking and tasted even worse. Just asking
  16. I love A&O stuff but it does workout very expensive
  17. I'm going to have a go at this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivBXO4CShn8
  18. Now my pre ordered Frontier has turned up I have for sale my Ranger only been used no more than 10 times at most comes complete with the cover I'm looking for £200 for it collect only from LE80NP Thanks David
  19. CWC

    Jerk Chicken

    Never made it on Bbq but had it a lot on a beach in St Lucia cooked on a pit filled with old pallet wood, best food ever. a full chicken a day between 2 with beer, good times
  20. I have the opposite problem I seem to struggle to get above 225 a lot of the time with all the vents open, with a small amount of water in the pan using Big K restaurant grade. It seems to have a mind of it's own some days lol
  21. Looks yummy to me
  22. CWC

    Tin Foil

    I have ordered some Kirkland from Ebay cheaper than Amazon
  23. I have the same one seems good for the money
  24. CWC

    Beer Can Chicken

    Well I can say it was dam good made it into some wraps with a bit of hot sauce that was on offer at our local Coop for 1.50 and it was not to bad at all. on a side not the Dura coal did ok still buring strong after 5 hours
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