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  1. Dick Bee

    Duck breast

    Sorry to take so long to reply, we've been away! I don't have cherry, but I'll get some and try it. I'm always glad to get recommendations from more experienced folk.
  2. Dick Bee

    Duck breast

    Update! The duck breasts got four hours due to unforseen circumstances. I seared them in the pan, then 15 mins in oven at 200c. Though I say so myself, delicious!
  3. Dick Bee

    Duck breast

    Thanks Smokin Monkey. Wade's brine mix was 6litres water and 316 grams of salt, (plus sugar and nitrite). The recipe I followed called for 1.5 litres water and 400gms salt! Little wonder the result was salty then! Wade's of course was hot smoked, and I'm cold smoking mine with the intention of pan frying it. I'll try it later, too late to brine now. For the future though I'll try Wade's brine for sure.
  4. Dick Bee

    Duck breast

    That's interesting. If mine's not too good today I'll play around with brines and brining and smoking times myself. I've got mine in at the moment, I'm going for three hours with hickory dust in the ProQ maze.
  5. Dick Bee

    Duck breast

    I followed a recipe for cold smoked duck breast a coup!e of weeks ago, which called for 3hrs brining. Basically we had very expensive and salty bacon for dinner. Mrs B didn't finish hers. We cou!d'nt even give it to the dog with that much salt! I'm going to cold smoke a couple more today with no brining at all, intending to cook it straight away. Does that sound reasonable?
  6. Dick Bee

    Cold Smoke

    Don 't worry, I will Justin.
  7. Dick Bee

    Cold Smoke

    Indeed, and very nice it is too! Mine is now vacuum packed and in the fridge for a few weeks. We still have one of yours unopened. Won't stay that way for long!
  8. Dick Bee

    Cold Smoke

    This afternoon's cheese without billowing smoke looks ok! Time will tell! Duck breasts brining.
  9. There you go. It takes two 30lb honey buckets. Ext dimensions 395 x 740 approx.
  10. Dick Bee

    Cold Smoke

    As I'm finding out! You live and learn, though I haven't actually ruined anything yet apart from my first lot of cheese which got too hot and melted!
  11. Thanks Wade. I've got the ProQ one, it's smoking as I type! Doing some cheese. I'm planning Duck breast tomorrow!
  12. Justin, sounds much the same then. They probably all come out of the same factory in China.
  13. Dick Bee

    Cold Smoke

    OK, my ProQ should be fine then. I'll give it a try this afternoon. Obviously I've been overdoing it. I'm not renowned for my subtlety at the best of times 😁
  14. AMNPS? WSM? I keep seeing these, pardon my ignorance please, but I can't figure them out!
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